Bruce Ohr Hearing Unrolled Thread: One of the members of the hearing hotmic mumbled: “no one survives from this”

Maybe we are getting some where here, the crack in the armor of the cabal and its palace coup attempt. If its a true account it may not be long before the entire cabal goes Total Retard. If its true and there are actors within government who have the power and use it to arrest, try & prosecute these co-conspirators, all hell breaks out. There will be no purpose in putting on a fake front, the entire group from the fake media to the lowest gofer are implicated, have nothing to loose.

Hopefully those who have been fired and or have had their political influence adequately diminished, are the ones deemed as dangerous enough to warrant limiting their abilities to cause trouble, like Brennen Yates and Comey, probably a few others also.

Another dynamic is the ol’ rats jumping ship syndrome. Once a key actor rats everyone out its a stampede to see who can rat next and cut plea deals. This was always a possibility. It is a wonder it didn’t come to pass already.


In any case see for yourself below.

This is a total copy & paste from Bruce Ohr Hearing Part I, and Bruce Ohr Hearing Part II of a published unrolled thread of what appears to be a member of the audience or hearing member present in real time leaking various highlights of the swamp hearing into FBI/DOJ conspiracy to overthrow or Impeach the duly elected US President Trump.

I know a lot of people have not heard of or read the Unrolled Thread App site. Lot of interesting reading. But here is these two unrolled Anon posts, if they aren’t a con or fabricated out of thin air, these revelations by Bruce Ohr just about all but puts the entire Clinton and Obama regimes on the gallows for treason and a myriad of high crimes.

We can only hope. At this time. It is not another shiny object and distraction to quell the rising tide of cold anger which has had enough of this entire deep state and their seeming unlimited ability to literally get away with murder, treason, conspiracy to overthrow America and get rich while doing it.


As they say, read the whole thing:

ATTRIBUTION BY: @gregrubini LEAKS from DOJ Bruce Ohr hearing – (of Aug 28)

Parts I & II


Part 1 of 2 parts of leaked Bruce Ohr testimony:

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Thread by @GregRubini: “1. LEAKS from DOJ Bruce Ohr hearing – (of Aug 28) Stunning revelations from someone who was actually in the room, during the closed doors se […]”

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1. LEAKS from DOJ Bruce Ohr hearing – (of Aug 28)

Stunning revelations from someone who was actually in the room, during the closed doors session.

“Because it will implicate Obama.”
“They all know but are dancing around that fact.”

2. “DOJ Bruce Ohr is spilling everything and naming names, dates, places.
Cutting a deal to save his beautiful wife, Nelly.

Ohr is admitting that they conspired to lie to the FISA judges to spy on candidate Donald Trump and secretly subvert and impeach President Trump”

3. “This implicates conspirators with collusion with foreign nationals in the UK / Australia, including Russia intel assets tied to the Kremlin government.”
4. “The upper echelons of the DOJ, FBI, CIA were working in tandem at the behest of the Obama Administration in effort to tamper and meddle in the 2016 US Presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton.”
5. “Several US national news organizations are implicated with laundering falsified allegations to bolster credibility for the renewals of the FISA applications.”
6. One of the members in the hearing hotmic mumbled:
“no one survives from this”.
7. Bruce Ohr confirmed that Comey traveled to the UK
(to meet with GCHQ, MI6, Hakluyt, Halper?) to spy on Donald Trump

Comey traveled to the UK with two Obama White House officials.
(one could be Susan Rice, National Security Advisor)

8. Bruce Ohr confirmed that he had several interviews with IG Horowitz and Huber, separate from his wife.
9. DOJ Bruce Ohr loathes President Trump
10. Bruce Ohr said that FBI counter-intel chief Priestap threw Strzok under the bus. Working outside of the chain command with higher ups and an unnamed third agency.

John Brennan?

11. Anon says: “Because it will implicate Obama”

Source replies: “They all know but are dancing around that fact.”

“The Republican Reps. are getting things written on the records (transcripts, official documents that can be used in Court) to get to that point.”

12. Note: the LEAK was being typed LIVE – during the hearing.
We have very good reasons to affirm it is authentic.

More to come. To be continued…

13. Bruce Ohr reveals that the whole thing goes well beyond the Christopher Steele fake dossier and the FISA application.

Also the New York Times and the Washington Post are heavily implicated.

14. Bruce Ohr was asked if his wife Nellie Ohr currently works for the US Government.

Ohr answers “Yes”.

But at the behest of his attorneys he is instructed not to mention for which Agency Nellie Ohr works.

15. Source: “Seems Bruce Ohr is ganging up against James Comey (former FBI Director under Obama), rather than Andrew McCabe.”

“Interesting” he adds

note: both former FBI Director James Comey and Andrew McCabe have been fired from the FBI, and are under criminal investigation.

16. Bruce Ohr names Loretta Lynch.

(Not clear in reference to which subject)

17. Congress in Recess. Lunchtime.
18. Source says that “They” (the Democrat Representatives) are seriously afraid of Bruce Ohr and his revelations.
19. Bruce Ohr said he has had dinner with Robert Mueller several times.
They discussed about President Trump once, briefly.
20. Now the questions get back to the FISA application.

Bruce Ohr hinted that one of the Judges was in on it or had full knowledge.

Damning! I always suspected that.
Is the Judge in question Rosemary Collier or Rudolph Contreras?

21. Anon comments: “That explains the deafening silence from the FISA Judges”

Source replies: “Well they only mentioned one of them thus far, not named though.”

22. “Everybody was paid including his wife Nellie, Bruce Ohr said.”
23. Source: “Bruce Ohr saying that he regrets being led by Steele.
Ohr got played.”

“Interesting that it was Ohr bosses that encouraged the relationship.”

Note: which means Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch ?

24. “Ohr really screwed up. I guess the wife had the pants in the operation/relationship.”
25. Sally Yates (DOJ) is named by Bruce Ohr.

“She’s royally screwed. Flynn should be happy.”

26. The Source says that Bruce Ohr mentioned three times the British spy Stephan Halper.
“Contract work was his exact wording.”

Bruce Ohr said that the data of the Fusion GPS servers have been handed over to White House.

They are screwed.

27. the British spy Stephan Halper is a good friend of former CIA Director John Brennan, by the way, and connected with the UK private Intelligence agency Hakluyt

photo of John Brennan at Hakluyt New York office:

28. close up of John Brennan at Hakluyt New York office:
29. More to come. To be continued.

now preparing Part 2, which will be online in 2 hours (around 5pm Eastern Time)

In the meantime, I want to thank @ZoltanneUSA – she found the original jpg first,
and together we spent many hours to verify the authenticity of the information

30. here you have Part 2 of the “LEAKS from Bruce Ohr hearing”:

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Part 2:
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Thread by @GregRubini: “1. LEAKS from Bruce Ohr hearing – from Aug 28 – PART 2 Stunning revelations from someone who was actually in the room during the closed door […]” #BruceOhr

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1. LEAKS from Bruce Ohr hearing – from Aug 28 – PART 2
Stunning revelations from someone who was actually in the room
during the closed doors Session

[THREAD – Part 2]

“no one survives from this”


2. Source: “the Intelligence Services of UK and Australia are heavily involved. Not officially sanctioned.”

The Intelligence Services of UK are GCHQ and MI6
FVEY – Five Eyes

Source: “Well the horse’s mouth has confirmed on the record.”

3. Anon says: “The Head of GCHQ resigned immediately after Trump was elected. Steele dossier etc.”

and “The BBC tow the same lines as CNN and other Fake News outlets”

which is TRUE.

4. Source: “Bruce Ohr basically admitted that they intentionally omitted important information in Trump’s Presidential Daily Briefings”
5. “Lisa Page cut a deal with the investigators. FYI. Peter Strzok obviously did not.”
6. “Ohr thus far is Page 2.0. Someone’s phone ringer went off.”

This means that our Source was present also during the closed doors hearing of Lisa Page.

7. Therefore, we see that Bruce Ohr was 100% cooperative with the Reps’ questions,

And from the above post we can infer that also Lisa Page was a “cooperative witness”.

8. On the contrary, those who have watched the hearing of CREEPY Peter Strzok, he did not cooperate at all.

Strzok lied all the time.

9. Source: “Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr contradicted each other on some key aspects. Guess Lisa Page is coming back.”
10. Source says: “Shocking that they allowed Bruce Ohr to speak this much. Well most of his bosses are gone.”

Bruce Ohr’s bosses were DOJ Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates.

Both fired at the beginning of the Trump Administration.

11. Source: “Bruce Ohr named a lot of people.”

Let’s recap.

Ohr named: James Comey, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Steele, Stephan Halper…

and John McCain.

12. Plus, Ohr named:

Fusion GPS, one FISA Judge (unnamed), UK GCHQ, MI6,
Ohr also hinted at John Brennan, the CIA, and named the New York Times, Washington Post

13. #BruceOhr also talked about interviews he had with IG Michael Horowitz and Utah US Attorney John Huber,

And several dinners with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

I’m certain @RudyGiuliani knows it…

The END (almost…)
This was Part 2 of the “LEAKS from Bruce Ohr hearing” THREAD

I hope you enjoyed…
Intelligent comments and furthe hints will be appreciated.

for your reference, Part 1 of the THREAD is here:

I want to thank the Anonymous Source for the extremely valuable information he let through – we have the right to know!

and, again, I want to thank @ZoltanneUSA

“no one survives from this”

17. Additional information:

At the closed doors hearing of Bruce Ohr in front of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees 7 Republican Representatives were present.

18. They were:

– Jim Jordan
– Trey Gowdy
– Matt Gaetz
– John Ratcliffe
– Mark Meadows
– Darrell Issa
– Andy Biggs

19. What is the most stunning thing about it?
20. You surely remember how vocal and effective Trey Gowdy was at the public hearing of FIRED and CREEPY Peter Strzok.

and how aggressive and sarcastic Trey Gowdy was towards Peter Strzok…

21. The most stunning thing (noone noticed) is that
we DID NOT HEAR A PEEP from @TGowdySC , after the Bruce Ohr hearing.

not one word.

22. After the Bruce Ohr hearing, we heard comments from John Ratcliffe,
Mark Meadows, Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan.

but nothing from Trey Gowdy.

Isn’t it WEIRD ?

It surely is.
But noone noticed.

23. and about Jim Jordan?

an Anon wrote: “How was Jim Jordan?”

Source replied: “Calm.”

24. Jim Jordan “CALM” ???

isn’t it WEIRD?

also @Jim_Jordan was very tough and aggressive towards Peter Strzok, during the Strzok hearing, and very effective.

25. So why, instead, was Jordan “CALM” at the Bruce Ohr hearing?

Think about it…

26. perhaps because Jordan KNEW that they finally had the chickens hatched?

The chickens being James Comey (FBI), Loretta Lynch (DOJ), Sally Yates (DOJ), Andrew McCabe (FBI)…

and John Brennan (CIA)

27. James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Yates, Brennan are the “2nd Line”,

which ultimately leads to…

Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.

they are ALL screwed.

28. Yesterday President Trump wrote this tweet:


I’m certain it is referred to Bruce Ohr’s testimony.
Trump has it.


Yes, Sir.

below is my reply to President Trump:

30. Let’s go back to Jim Jordan.

Jim Jordan “CALM”…
like a cat licking its lips ?

we have this interview of Jim Jordan on Fox News:

31. please notice at 0’15” what Jim Jordan said:

“We are not allowed to go into all the details, before the transcript goes public”

32. we have this very interesting
and revealing interview of Rep. Ratcliffe on Fox News:

note: Ratcliffe is a former Federal Prosecutor

33. at 9’30” Rep. Ratcliffe names US Attorney John Huber:

34. remember this, about US Attorney John Huber:

Source: “Bruce Ohr confirmed that he had several interviews with IG Michael Horowitz and US Attorney John Huber, separate from his wife.”

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