Trolls & Gamma’s, and The Paid Agent Provocateur Kind

Never too late to learn about your avowed enemies, and mercenary trolls are particularly important to understand.

If you spent anytime reading or commenting on FreeFor blogs and various blogs of The New Right(‘s) you’ve seen them, probably been the target of their tactics, ones who are very accomplished at disrupting the comment thread, spreading doubt, discontent, adhomenim attacks, or baiting commenters into every sort of sordid behavior, making aggressive remarks at less than fearless commenters in order to stymie further discussion of a subject, the list is long. We all have witnessed them pounce, tag team, and control the narrative of a thread.

Vox Day has written and posted a number of succinct pieces on various trolling. They are difficult to describe, their tactics are cunning and manipulative, Vox puts many aspects of how he deals with them into proper context and are instructional as to creating suitable defense against these insidious creatures. Trolls Indeed.

One last note. There’s a whole collection of another kind of troll, a particularly hideous kind of troll, we mostly call them politicians, our “elected representatives”, if there’s a collectives of trolls, these detestable vermin and traitors constitute a particularly disgusting group of them. Paid for by our hard earned extortionary funds aka taxes and who betray us at every turn. I hope this frosts your arse as it does mine.

Now that the thought police have jumped the shark due to The God Emperor’s ascendence, from the .fed bottomless well of funds, to corporate funded and sponsored   tyranny and censorship, its a whole new game. With the fig leaf of illusion of legitimacy of using weaponized federal agency’s and funds no longer holding them back,  interesting to see how much “other peoples money” the dirty stinking commies and their amerikan neo-bolsheviks can consume with their private business convergence before the well dries up.

Remember, trolls keep hammering away, its what they do. At some point open hunting season is declared by default. Lets hope they get the rich rewards they so thoroughly deserve. Safe to contend we are all fed up with the sonsofabitchez.

How many are stay behind enemy lines .fed employed apparatchiks of the deep state and the red diaper baby regime would be instructional. Be a shame they loose those nice juicy fed paychecks and bennies. One can hope Mr. Trump and his trusted bloodhounds discovers who they are and shit cans them like the 1200 plus blood sucking extremists infecting & gone from the weaponized EPA. After all, destroying the deep state, the bottom line on draining the swamp, changing the whole political structure of the statist quo, involves money. Follow The Money. Follow the money and you find the crux and target of the problem. Trump is particularly experienced and equipped at this. Being a self made highly successful business man its second nature, these scumbags and scalawags don’t know whats hit them or is coming. They have spent careers as the protected class, where every Chief Executive in living history hasn’t dared upset the gravy train. And regarding money saved, every bit helps more than ever. That pig trough is worth trillions. Yes you read that right. Just the money sucked down the neo-con drain of funding the maintaining the 38th Parralell in Korea is in the trillion range a year when you account for all associated funding. That in its own way, a whole other kind of Troll, a big old Troll best left to be fed by the Korean’s. And now you know how Trump Troll’s the Trolls. Follow The Money. One mandate Trump ordered as the chief executive, is an unheard of full accounting down to the decimal point from every administrative and regulatory agency that exists. Its the ultimate Alt-Troll. Math don’t lie. Figures don’t lie, liars figure, and all it takes is basic forensic accounting, and you find the pork feeding at the trough. In this case the Troll’s at the trough. Thats double tasking Trump style. de-weaponize and save money doing it.

At last count I’ve seen in late 2008, there where estimated by a qualifiable whistle blower account over 1200 fed paid agent provocateurs employed specifically for comment thread disruption and counter phsyops. In one known department. They are probably hidden every sort of dark dank corners of the swamp.

Then there’s the psyco troll, useful idiots in the digital age.

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This post would not be complete without a reminder where the ultimate ends Trolls contribute to.

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