This Is Not Not Difficult, Not For Us Dirt People…

This Is Not Difficult:

#1 They Have To Go Back.

#2 Build The Wall.

#3 See Rule #1 & #2

(agitprop courtesy WRSA)

This is the strategy of Genocide. Alien Invasion through history leads to war. Either war against foreign enemies or domestic, war of class or race warfare internally. It is for all intents and purposes an iron clad law. No culture can survive its dilution unless said culture fights. We have reached the decision gestalt. There is no getting away from this reality of Genocide through deliberate importation of alien invaders. These invaders are not people in the normal sense. They have zero fidelity, zero vested interest, zero cause or reason to assimilate into our culture and way of life.

There is in no uncertain terms only one way in which these alien invaders have come into our country, have been given every escape clause, escape hatch, to remain or return upon deportation. Even provided lesser accountability and every “mercy” by the judicial system, for their crime of invasion, AND their crimes inside our borders.

The ONLY way this insane situation could have and did come about is in no uncertain terms because traitors within OUR government created these loopholes and escape hatches, for these alien invaders to not only remain but to bring in family, breed like rabbits, acquire unprecedented levels of largess in the form of every kind of welfare, handouts, leniency for their transgressions and utter refusal to not only assimilate, but use their contempt for our culture our ways our rule of law and our generosity as cause to create the optics they are the victims.

If we can not eject or do away with these alien invaders, we are toast as a nation. I’m talking Nationalistic, American’s with our unique own culture, mores, traditions and history unique to us and of comfort, security, happiness and prosperity. These alien invaders are a virus, they spread until every resource of our culture and way of life is absorbed, then they move to another place and repeat their plague. They are hostile beings. They know they are protected by the political class and their fellow actors in on the intended consequences of creating the conditions and enabling the alien invasion.

The reasons the traitors among us desire and act to enable this alien invasion are manifold are entirely self serving. They want us natural born American’s gone. Gone with our natural rights, freedom’s, our Western Christian, Greco/Roman ideas, the precepts such as idea and equality of rule of law, (the only equality which in reality exists), our God given primal freedoms, but what they are after ultimately is our natural culture which is Liberty realized, Liberty lived, Liberty which makes us Sovereign Individuals with the natural right to self determinate, they want us and all that we are gone.

They want our defiance to their lust for totalitarian unaccountable unlimited power gone. We ARE the only threat to them. Alien invaders are nothing to them. They easily isolate themselves from alien invaders once we are liquidated. Not so from us. Then there is the tricky matter of armed American’s, all but impossible thru normal political means to be gotten rid of, and ALWAYS a threat to their power and very existance. The Existential Threat as it is referred to. Yet there is one thing above all others which galls these traitors among us, Our Consent, to be specific, our Withdrawal of Consent. As long as we exist these traitors live and die by our Consent and its withdrawal from them for what they are doing to us.

Rightfully so.

The alien invaders can not be sent back, every last one, and a wall built which is effective, until these traitors among us are eliminated, gone from us. It is fair play now. There is nothing special about these foul betrayers, be they judge, regulatory actor, president, congress swamp dweller, FBI agent, federal prosecutor, corporate sleaze or yellow journalist, the whole lot of them. For they all as individuals and a system of wonton corruption and destruction, to a man, are far worse than their precious alien invaders.

I say they love them some alien invaders so much, lets send them with those alien invaders. Let them mewl and wail, lament the golden fleece they sat their festering greedy traitor arses on. A not better repentance short of hanging till their necks rot from lamp posts along the avenues of the swamp, burn their festering corpses, and flush them down our toilets.


(agitprop courtesy of Brietbart News)

2 thoughts on “This Is Not Not Difficult, Not For Us Dirt People…

    • Yes indeed. They don’t. Interesting too, as you say, as there’s Colonial era thoughts on this, where it is theorized with good intent, our Republic was in its present form as founded, to what it would become in about two centuries, would not last more an 200 years. That it would require abolishing it, by its people, and redressed into another form based on the experience of the original Republic.

      Its too large. Montenesque, Patrick Henry, Jefferson, and Hobb’s, and many others all advocated for small individual Nation State, exactly as they had created the Compact of Confederation, (and as did The Southern ConfederacyLater), with the 13 original Colony’s.
      Vandercoy’s treatise ‘The History of The Second Amendment’ has probably the best dissertation within it regarding the size of States. Seriously fascinating work, brief and to the point. Interesting how history keeps coming back full circle in it. If you read it you will know the usual western hemisphere State’s actors, they haven’t changed much in a thousand years.

      If you like that, this piece will take you to one serious outlier that is not so crazy as it seemed even a few years ago.

      This one is important as it describes what we currently are calling the people who are part of the deep state, how that culture exists and where it came from. Really good piece. By Henry Dampier,


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