Practical Stuff and Useful Ideas: Updated 10-7, pm lots more to post.

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shooters wheel

How to make injectable Lidocaine HCL The supplies required are available OTC.

Essential Skills: Cornerstones of an Effective NPT Got Tribe(?): Your half way there. Excellent ground game insights.

The Patrol Might be the finest piece on Patrolling your area of operations, aka neighborhood, written. Down and dirty. 9 Chapters. As they say, this will be in the final exam.

Magnetic Declination Map of North America For pin point land nav you need to know the magnetic offset between true & magnetic north. Particularly helpful if your making a cold bore shot to a destination you have never traversed using a geological survey map. Its the little details that can kill you.


Potato’s growing in a horizontal slat crate, using straw, compost, pro mix, peat moss, and some earth etc. Taters come out very clean and well shaped. Sometimes you can get baby head size beauties.

Speaking of food, Starving’ Larry has begun an excellent essay on feeding groups of people, the in’s and outs of keeping everyone fed and happy: Beyond Storing Up Beans and Rice-How to Safely Feed Groups of People Under Less Than ideal Conditions Larry put a lot of work into this and offers it free. Thank you Larry!

Transcript of Articles of Confederation (1777) There needs to be something for “after”. This was working quite well. Lit of good stuff here.

Things to Remember When You Are Face to Face With Evil :The Whole Armor of God

Heresy: An Introduction to Combat Riflecraft

Notes on Setting Up the Modern Fighting Rifle

Infectious Disease in the TEOTWAWKI World- Part 3, by Militant Medic How Do Antibiotics Work? Even the smallest injury can kill you like a bullet.

Ash lye leaching barrel filter

You need Lye to make soap from animal fat. Use best hardwood ashes from your stove.

Milliradian Reticle Primer Good stuff.

Versatility For The Win Word

Meeting The MissionWord

On Being “That Guy” Word. This is what Tribe is in our world. If your doing this you are prepared for not being prepared, at the least. It is easier and far more rewarding than it can be imagined to be.



Everyone needs an Ol’ handy fish on a bicycle


Bracken: Night Fighting 101 From the best. Own the night as true warriors have since time began.

Holistic Tactical Preparedness MVT. Its the whole package that makes it what it is. Question is how. This is the how.

Combat Safety: The Importance of ‘Short Bounds’

Gear: Patrol Packs & Sustainment Loads

The Conflation of Shooting and Tactics

WASP How one man can disrupt an entire government. One of Eric Frank Russell’s masterpieces on resistance.

Plastic Surgery for Nonsurgeons Fantastic pencil line drawings of a myriad of surgical operations, explained in layman’s terms. Entirely unique workbook for surgery techniques. From suturing a cut to removing an appendix. You have to know this stuff, its on the exam.


An example of a stump Anvil. These babies work very well regardless of their diminutive size. They can be home shop made from larger pieces of alloy steel, forged from say an axle shaft to trunnion comes off a Cat D11 dozer, or a link pin from a drag line or electric shovel, a box car axle shaft. You can used a round and upset forge it to spread out the face, add a horn, an block for your pritchell or hardy hole.  Harden and temper it in your forge, add a tool steel face by silver brazing it in your forge and lots of flux. Thru history, many weapon smiths have used a basic stump anvil not unlike this one. You can fabricate your own fullering block for sword smithing, which is connected via dogs & wedges. Suggest 150 pounds minimum in weight to provide the rebound and soak up the blows from your hammering.

You can weld on horns, saddles, upset blocks. Build one from scrap metal around your shop or at the scrap dealer. I built one from an 8 inch round, its floor to my hammer height, I hard faced the face with hi grade alloy facing/build up stick rod. Cost $25 for the round, and the hard facing rod was a free pickup in a dumpster dive behind a metal fab shop. Weighs 400+ lbs. Most fab shops throw out a great collection of materiel, I just ask if its OK to dumpster dive, most shops will be glad to give you materiel they can’t use because of its size or shape. A couple six packs of favorite beer and or a pizza or two works wonders. Everyone likes barter. I’m planning on using it for the anvil on a leaf spring “Junkyard Power Hammer”…



Two examples of the Lost Creek Forge WV Junkyard Spring Hammer. These guys sell the plans for $20, the idea is to build one using what you have for parts and materials. The basic geometry remains similar, you adapt your “Junk” to the design. There’s unlimited ways to build them. And they sell for 2-4 grand on auction sites, build your first one, sell it, upgrade to an improved design, from learning curve of 1st build.




…Don’t Waste Nuthin’


Excellent design for growing Potato’s, or compost system for your garden. Paint the boards with white Hvy Dty Alkylid Barn or Deck Oil paint.


How to find your way at night without a compass.


You need to understand this if your building your Off Grid stand alone energy System.


AR10 Trigger Group/Selector Dimensions. (Hint: Same trigger group dimensions as the AR15, just the entire group is positioned different on the AR10)



EMP nuclear device detonation map. Don’t worry about megaton yield. Whoever sets off an EMP device will compensate by either using multiple devices or blast location moved to where the most EMP effects are attained. Either way, its Mad Max time.

25 Meter Zeroing Target-M4

This is for a M4 Carbine with a 14.5 inch barrel using an M16 A2 rear sight. Adjust your setup accordingly.


Made one for my wife. Used $11 stainless steel pots from Walmart and 304 SST perforated stock from McMaster Carr supply. They sell it in 1ft square and up cut sheet stock. Form your cones and baskets using poster board templates. Easy way to get your pieces right the first time. Save the templates they come in handy down the road. I have a large folder of hundreds from over the years.

concrete-block-maker This is a Rube Goldberg contraption if you ever seen one. I remember a guy in Maine had one back in the early 60’s. Thing is they work, each has its own personality, like all such “automated” devices, you have to build it to figure out how to make it function correctly. Seriously. Used to build food processing equipment, from hot dog wrapping to lipstick extruders, nothing works till you get it running and modify it to run right. One time we built a dipped chocolates packaging machine, you know those brown plastic tray’s they come in? Took us 6 months to get the darn thing to fill all the pockets. The simpler one of those machines are the more complex they seem. With concrete blocks close to or over $3 bucks, plus freight, this looks cost effective.



Small Unit Infantry Tactics: Patrolling


Fire Observation Sectors


One representation of how to guard your AO roads or lines of drift


All of Col. Cooper’s concepts are improving with age.




So too are Col. John Boyd’s ideas of his OODA Loop.

The basics of small infantry combat, mindset, and techniques are absolutes, like the laws of  Physics, E=MC squared






7.62 NATO Zero’s

12 ga steel dowel penetrator with delrin sabot

Poor Man’s Armor Piercing Round

12Ga Shell, Delrin Sabot & Hardened Drill Rod Dowel Pin


A most handy device for holding any number of items that take 3 or more hands to work.

Can be modified in numerous fashions. Fabricated from steel, different changeable jaws, etc.

Walipini Walipini? An underground greenhouse, faced south, on a hill side, used by numerous peoples. With modern materiel’s a proven system for food production thru the winter months.walipini-face south


Nothing is free in this life…


What to do with dirty stinking commies since they are so fond of other peoples free shit.

Give a commie a ride and he rides free for a day, throw one out of a helicopter and he flies free for the rest of his life.



Easy to fabricate using round, square, flat or formed steel. Work like a charm, burn easy to gather fuel like a champ. Make them small BO Bag size, or large for patio barbecue. I welded one up backpack size using scrap Titanium sheet stock. Lite as a potato chip. Fantastic device, no need to carry your fuel or run out. Half decent light source for your immediate bivouac area, save your batteries, you can save your ax and saw for larger wood craft needs. Make a fold up shelf at the fuel door helps hold longer lengths of fuel.

Beef Cuts Color

You can cape out a beef on the ground using its hide as a sanitary surface, working it off on each side equally. Saw down the center of the spine. 5th to 7th rib down from the neck, cut off the Chuck, less ribs =’s more rib steaks or roast. The Plate is your corned beef, or pastrami, plus the flank, (beef bacon), how long to leave the ribs depends on how much meat & bone you want for your rib, loin, and sirloin steaks/roasts. The whole Round, the beef version of a Ham, is called a Captain’s Round, or Steamship Round, absolutely fantastic roasted whole on a slow turning spit over hardwood charcoal/smoke green wood. Use a pig roaster if you have one. You can carve off the outer “bark” crispy layer as the Round cooks, carving down to very rare, its a great piece of meat for a large gathering. From a 24 month feeder beef, it takes 1-2 hours over a good hot fire to have your first servings. You can baste the Round, inject it, spray with beer, wine, or water to cool down the flames from the beef fat drippings. Very tender results with a minimum of work. Once you roast a Steamship Round you will be looking for excuses to roast another.

Aging and tenderizings meats Good Reference Manual

80 Percent Drill Print for AR15 lower receivers.


fallout pattern

Assumed nuclear fallout patterns. Reference for volcanic eruptions ash patterns too I’d assume. I’ve looked at a few of these maps, they are not all similar. Seasonal changes effect wind patterns. But it is an interesting thing worth considering further research.


Swap Metallic Sight for Scope, they are assbackwards.

First and Second Focal Plane in Rifle Scopes for Dummies Little details can make big differences. The unknowns, unknown unknowns, can really mess your day up.

2x2x3 Potatoe Box.jpg

Watering correctly is the trick here. You can used tires also. I cut the sidewalls off with enough offset left so the tires stack securely. I probably didn’t do things right, tires didn’t work as well as the slat vertical box style tater growers do. I found the box is better producing. Getting sufficient water down to the bottom of the box where the soil stays moist is important. Use growing medium that doesn’t pack down, looser the better for water and tuber size/shape. I never got 100 lbs, more like 25lbs, might be doing something wrong here too, but they produce excellent potatoes. Red taters seem to grow better than Kennebecks. I found using straw bales I pissed on over the winter makes great ingredients for the growing medium. We made a mix using compost, peat moss, and pro-mix, at ratios that provide a nice fluffy medium. We are building a 4 season grow tunnel for next year. Thinking smaller versions for tomatoes, cukes, squash, beets, onions etc. In the cold months use the tunnel to grow cool/cold weather loving vegetables. lettuce, spinach, turnip greens, peas, swiss chard, chinese cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli. Easy to move around and arrange. I’m going away from a large garden, trying to reduce labor and time, spread out the crops instead of everything coming in over a month or so rush. See if we can grow a few things, eat and can/preserve the crop, start others, spread our crops out over 8 to hopefully 10 months. And have fresh green food to eat almost the entire year.




walipini-face south

Excavate a south facing grade, traditionally looks like there is a set of steps or ramp on the ends for access. Use black plastic pickle barrels filled with water to soak up infrared energy during sunlight hours for differential heating at night and colder periods.



Lots more to add…


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