On Trump Color Revolutions Deep State Treason & Legislative Judicial Marxist Diktat


Considering the marxists desperation in keeping Mr. Kavanaugh from being appointed as an associate justice to the Supreme Court, there’s more here than meets the eye. I believe the lefts tool of judicial radical activism is under attack from two directions. The well known efforts to keep Mr. Trump from fulfilling his promise to remove activist judges throughout the federal courts at every level, replacing these traitors to the people,  with constructive constitutionalists. A most worthy goal, (though I personally have serious reasons where the long run aspects are not to be positive, the Constitutional Administrative Centralism of the US Gov is the underlying issue, because exactly the USC is a document, excluding the original Amendments, of administrative/regulatory tyranny the proof of which in the extreme is the treason and existence of “deep state” actors powerful enough to plan and carry through with a conspiracy of a palace coup and subsequent nullification of 65 million American’s will. That this must ultimately be the issue which is addressed, is THE issue of our times. Without resolving this centuries long adversarial conflict between the peoples Liberty and the federal government’s insatiable thirst for ever greater power over the sphere’s of the peoples lives, and imposing itself as a consequence upon every facet in that sphere of our activities and self determinations. regardless, it is something which will be changed over time, or very suddenly due to a variety of black swan effects and consequences of those whose designs involve absolute power. Lord Acton’s axiom regarding those who seek power are only satiated upon gathering absolute raw naked unlimited power. This last is the ultimate outcome if the administrative tyranny of The State is not stopped, then removed from the equation of limited republican form of government of for and by the people themselves, and only then due to smaller individual separately sovereign Nation States co-operating within a compact such as the Colonials and their 13 former colonies Confederation organized and functioning quite well before the conspiracy in Philadelphia was forced down the throats of unprepared ignorant of such an agenda, representatives sent to Philly to work out a number of issues of the Compact of States. Believe you me, small sovereign self determining people of small nation states is a centuries old tried and true well proven system of self governance. So well in fact, the globalist’s European Union is an attempt to kill Nationalism and culture, heritage and legacy of these unique individual Nation States and their history, in order to rule over all the peoples of the European Continent, without accountability or responsible to the people’s of Europe will.) Any of this strike a cord? Tyranny IS Tyranny As Tyranny does.

But I digress. As stated above a most worthy goal if we are to keep and hold our culture and history sacred and sacrosanct. Replacing the leftist’s tools in the federal courts is the hammer. Attending to the corruption and treason of the individual 50 states Supreme Courts and the States Attorneys General Offices is the anvil.


I think it is either incredibly serendipitous or not coincidence there exist widespread expose’ of corruption and conspiracy in the various states Supreme Courts. WV and Indiana the most recent events of raw naked corruption and derelict of duty of the state level courts. The infection has spread throughout the fed and state judicial systems, it is an existential type of issue, where one judge has the political power to overturn any referendum or mandate, redress or defiance of the people. A most disgusting foul example was California’s referendum on gay marriage. 70% of the people of Cal. voted against gay marriage, and in one fell swoop of judicial extremism, Treason!, one state judge nullified the peoples will. Nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. in the USC or any government governing document, States Constitution, grants no one or any entity of such betrayal and treason.

That Mr. Trump pointed it out in total self proposed promise, he would attend to the issue of the leftists instrument known as judicial legislative fiat. Diktat pure and simple, Literally the system of unlimited power the old Soviet Communist Nomenklaturer employed to reign uninhabited power over the lives and will of the people. That Mr. Trump took this on essentially unasked by the 65 million people who support and voted for him speaks straight to the power of the truth of his integrity, to actually undertake such an almost previous God Emperor Trump era task resoundingly qualifies President Trump as a true champion of less government, of ending this gross dereliction of duty and oath, through admirable astounding application of the Rule of Law to rid us of power by rule of men changes everything. If for no other reason the intrusion tyranny into every facet of the sphere of our lives and activities.

This is incredible mind bending action. What is even more profound, in absolute terms has President Trump and those he has specifically chosen and tasked to carry out Trump’s mandates, ever violated the idea and practice, the intent of rule of law. The simple brilliance here is while Trump and his “White Hats” are doctrinally adhering to the law in all its actions, that everyone outside this circle of administration, plus the agenda, along with the instruments of corruption and treason of actors bent on destroying America, where everything these actors do is in every sense, even down too their very existence as actors within government, are violating the law, the rule of said man made laws, and the intent/ideas of the rule of law, they have Zero leverage, political or otherwise to stop MAGA in all its forms.


It stands to reason, these actors above, the whole lot of them are slippery cunning corrupt-crats, they live breath eat sleep corruption, corruption is their environment. They know all the loopholes, back doors, escape hatches, and leverage/influence racket, to a T. For Trump and his White Hats to nab these crooks and traitors, nothing can be left to chance. Evert i dotted, every T crossed, even when a remedy, rule, or law is clouded in uncertainty to its viability and legitimacy, backing off and or finding more viable pertinent alternatives , even at the risk of time and circumstances, the valor and value of keeping on the straight and steady, is The Only Way, short of violent revolution to get these actors. You have to nail the sonofabitches down so hard they can’t breath if your going to be successful. And that right there is what appears on first blush to be a failure of carrying out promises and sworn oaths of duty. Looks are extremely deceiving in this case. A complicit co-conspirator yellow journalism media camouflages the accomplishments of The God Emperor and his Court. These cloud the facts, eclipse the truth, hide the realities.

As time passes I’m cognizant more and more every day profound action and accomplishments are taking place. The best tool for finding the truth and facts is to completely tune out the yellow journalism of the 5th column. Treat the legacy media as if it does not exist. Wash bit from your mind and removing its insidious influence from my perspective. It is then that the obvious and previous unknowns are evident, the truth easily separated from the chaff, spin, and propaganda. The nitty gritty of truth is easily obtained.

Deserving recognition is Trump himself, and his appointments share a common trait in that they are squeaky clean. The flea circus of people remote or of past association outside Trump’s trusted associates not included, there is an unprecedented lack or controversy regarding their bona fides, as appointees they all share impeccable reputations for honesty and moral stature. They have a unique ability to get the delegated chores and mission accomplished. 2000 plus EPA employees gone or fired? Who ever heard of such a thing? Not me. Destroying the money laundering agency called HUD. Kaput! How about asking for a budget of $nothing. A big fat $zero. Returning millions of acres back to the states, ordering the release and closure of federal kangaroo courts weaponized specifically to rid the West of Ranchers and other large land holders/users. Un-weaponizing hideous regulatory hives of violent extortion such as the BLM, firing the blood thirsty armed badged leg breakers involved in stealing land for the elites pleasure and profit in such racketeering as Uranium 1, who Mueller and Rosenstien where involved in walking it through the system to assure its happening. Informing the Dravo’s globalist blood suckers America and her people are not subjects of their one world order trans-globalist agenda. Firing Sally Yates on the spot. Canning Comey with his defenses and bugout plans down. Stating “It doesn’t matter what you say your illegal” to the radical elements of the cabal’s alien invasion. So much more Winning than this brief list, to point out something very interesting: Trump looks like a man who knows a lot, knows where the skeletons are. A ruthless captain of the people who has so much dirty intelligence, no one under investigation has anything of value to trade for saving their bacon. It’s said the truth of everything is so vast, it eclipses history. That a component of what we see happening is really the action of feeding exposing the truth, feeding out the evil of it all in bite size pieces so the people can digest and accept the truth of things without overloading peoples beliefs and accepted norms.


Trump’s executive order to release certain previously heavily redacted documentation involving the DOJ and FBI’s participation in the palace coup attempt is as important in its  being ordered released without redaction, as whats contained in the documents themselves. And if they where suitable to be provided to the yellow media un-redacted, why are they called out as dangerous to national security released to the people un-redacted ? Mmmm? Dangerous to the security of the deep state much?

Trump is gaslighting the cabal. Plain and simple. He is teasing and mind jobbing the elites, exposing the swamp, in such a manner it will end up draining itself thru its illegitimacy, its system of plausible deniability requires so much energy and resources, as events unfold proving the swamps irrelevancy and uselessness, it is ranging closer to its sole activity of surviving its own crisis of legitimacy. When out reaches that stage its done, Toast.

They can’t stop President Trump as it is. There is no “Blue Wave”. Traditional politics as usual, real politik has no power anymore. They can’t go back to the good old days either, if they where to pull some mother of all shark jumps out their arses, they can’t go back. We passed that threshold when they tried to politically assassinate Mr. Trump and got caught for it. That is a coup, a coup is a coup, whether it succeeds or especially doesn’t. The yellow commie media along with its corporate tyrants can gas light shadow ban and exclude all news or info existential to it, sensor 65 million American’s, its too late for them. The Honorable Resistance called MAGA is out of the bottle, its grown from its grass roots origins into an insurgency nothing can contain or stop.


Looks pretty good the rats are on the verge of ratting each other out. Rosenstien’s alleged attempt at faking an Article 25 smells like ass saving and under the bus time. He’s been designated scapegoat if I’m not mistaken. I think too, Trump and all have been playing their long game in the sense they are slow walking critical things, in order to flush certain actors out along with causing the rats to jump as heir precious ship of deep state is burning. Once one turns states evidence the rest will either flee to non extradition States or line up to play who has the best secret to tell. Or take their lumps. There are no other choices, they managed that themselves. The law of unintended consequences is a hard cold bitch.

Their only way out of the unmitigated disaster they created would be to JFK President Trump. It would also cause more and larger problems than it would solve. If there is one thing to cause an uprising and revolt of the dirt people, killing Trump is most definitely it.



We will see pretty soon as it is a no brainer its about to get real sporty. November is the pivotal point in time. The leftists and statists are not going to win any majority, and as they come to this conclusion via real time events, it finally sinks in they are finished as a power entity for all extents. These psychopaths and deranged idiots can not accept defeat, its that simple. Think Trump Derangement syndrome is mass insanity? Brothers & Sisters are we in for a spectacle. $10 bucks says they burn down their urban hives, raze them to the ground. Ferguson Ms on crank. The only rules are there are no rules. They are TSHTF. Trump Wins again, he can declare outright Martial Law where its most effective, Martial Law gives Trump the power to build the wall, close the borders completely, stop the drug runners completely, drain the swamp, eliminate the deep state, arrest and try all the corrupt traitor Judges on sedition and assisting the domestic enemies, in detail, and like President Ike, round the alien invasion of 22 million and send them all back. We are already under a declared state of practically covert Martial Law, under the name of National Emergency since 911. Not to mention President Trump’s relationship of respect, allying with the US Military, who I’d say has his back pretty good.

Crazy as it sounds on the face of it, Martial Law used to redress the treason and tyranny, the corruption in government that has a strangle hold on itself, securing borders, eliminating alien enemies, hunting down the fabian socialist behind the agenda of destruction of America, really a multitude of things needing redressing, not a whole difference at this stage of turmoil than what Trump is doing the traditional way. There’s a myriad of enemies afoot. They infest everything. They got to got rid of. They are existential to America as founded.



(above created by Williambanzi7)





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