Sharpening Philosophical Hatchets

Aesop wrote a good one: Es Kommt in light of the more so every day demographic who see’s class war coming if nothing stands in its way.

His piece got me thinking…

warrior-in-a-garden“Order out of chaos”, or more precise, ordered chaos creates conditions where you can create a new order.
This is what we are witnessing now. Its a political/cultural logarithmic incline, where you either attain the intended goals eventually along the slope, or you reach the pinnacle of your ordered chaos in the most extreme sense, which is so extreme to the old order, the old order is overcome and collapses and you take power. The entire means justifies the ends you attain.
This is the path we have been on.
How many disruptive and existential black swans, or grand black swan takes place along the slope is the unknown, and the unknown unknowns.
There is a fragile factor to the slope of chaos. The higher the slope the more fragile it is from outside action or effects. The black swans only have to be unintended consequences once. So we are now seeing the beginning of increasing radicalism elements. With each upgrade there is less limitations on radicalism. Pretty soon nothing is limited by anything but the ability of the radicals themselves to radicalize something. At some point everything is eclipsed by radicalism. Thats the point of the most dangerous unintended consequences. What those consequences are is not determinable, only the possibilities of X causing such and such Y(‘s).
Past is prologue. Marxian history has a certain circular feature. Those who ignore this absolute truth about history take the dirt nap first. All that is the only sure thing. From that one can postulate the most probable future possible histories. From that one can create defenses, or offenses, for the most likely futures. Its all we as mortals of flyover land can do.
Like the man said, more time to sharpen hatchets, buy more ammo, create more tribe, keep your ear to the ground. On that last note, it is increasingly important to be aware of the mother of all shark jumps. Which is the most influential dynamic, because knowing the most radical cause is to understand its radical effects to one degree or other. The art here in a world of weaponized everything, identity tactics involving everyone, is to be cognizant of the final event that causes the future we are trying to determine for what it is.
Nobody who is preparing for the Big One in their right mind doesn’t include as essential preps the learned knowledge base needed to understand when its time TWAWKI has passed into history and a totally new age beginsdws-xaqvwaa7wi9






I have absolutely no idea what that is, only that the past proves the future. That seeking Truth is everything. Thats two fronts you can count as both being pro-active and waging war of hearts and minds on the personal level and within your most trusted family and tribe. Its all most of us can do short of personal Crusade, or one of us comes forth as a Captain, a great leader of Men of The West. Regardless, it all begins with each of us, before there is an all of u, or at least a true plurality of determined people who know serious as a heart attack they are indeed a plurality. Very important thing there. Its in one sense, or maybe the only thing standing in the way of winning.

Protesters gather at the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, Nevada

The Pole’s understand Solidarity. The Colonial’s who stuck it out understood solidarity. The South understands that Solidarity is everything or The South is nothing. And that Solidarity is a minority that roars, that once the heart and mind is committed unconditionally to Solidarity, to The Plurality, the honorable resistance obtains power unlike any, and only a plurality of the determined, the indomitable has this power, not the individual, nor anything else, and like true Love, this power of Consent can not be taken, it only can be given. Thats the power. No tyrant can take it from a man. It can never be coerced, even at threat of imminent death, the man, thus the plurality under threat of elimination, still has choice, to give or withdraw Consent, and build into this dynamic, it is withdrawal of Consent that is the natural state of the man and the plurality. So you see the tyrants dilemma. The tyrant has to either gulag the plurality or liquidate it, kill them all to the last man


I believe this is the lesson, the takeaway of the war of northern aggression. The South, as noble, high and good and proper its intentions in fighting for their self determinations, liberty and natural right to secession from The State, the leadership of The South was not a plurality of the people of The South. They did not fight the one way a determined plurality of people would, though we did see various 4th Generation War orientated officers and their particular warriors fight like a plurality who where successful all outside their humble size and resources. That said, an army, of yes I’ll dare say it, with pride and as a possible way many of us dirt people will fight, of Leaderless Resistance, as a sum of its sister leaderless resistance’s, I’m assuming more than one leaderless resistance “cell’s” here , (I don’t know what the proper description is for more than one body of leaderless resistance groups. “Cell’s” sounds too commie to me), possess certain characteristics vastly separate from an organized scale of leadership resistance based on political/military standards. One of these are an inability of FreeFor to be negotiated in whole with. They are nebulous, have no “command structure” to negotiate with, or as in the case of The South’s General’s and politic’s, and want to make it crystal clear this is not a negative declaration on the honor and integrity of The Souths leadership, it is that just, The South should have fought the north on its own terms of small battle groups of 4th Generation war warriors, or a very high number of men fought 4th Gen style war, with a relatively small 1st gen war army employed as stalking horses, used as blocking forces or to draw the North’s military off of key objectives while its guerrilla forces waged behind enemy line war.sessesion-crazy-idea-its-a-crazy-idea-hows-it-working-4-u-otherwise And that very well could be the only way in a shooting Class/Race War FreeFor can win against the marxist cabal and it’s horde of cannon fodder. Its got to be organic grass roots all the way. Lots of leaderless resistance, with support of the country side. The marxists leadership I’m beginning to suspect can not get caught in a long protracted anti-insurgency war. It has not the resources under such a scenario, it doesn’t at least yet possess the literal manpower required to control the vast land of North America. Though I can imagine Chi-Coms chomping at the bit to be “invited” as “peace keeping forces”, as Matt Bracken and Max Velocity has written of in their great tac teaching future destopian history novels.


Its interesting also to note, on WRSA each time the commentary scrum turned to discussion of Leaderless Resistance, out of the woodwork, like discussion of the 12 banking families and Rothchild’s wealth/influence history, the denouncing of LR insurgency was ferocious in its attempts to discredit in detail its possibilities as a viable form of resistance wholly suitable to the character, norms, and will of American spirit. Some denouncement came from 1st Gen war doctrine influenced veteran’s who I can sympathize with but can’t qualify their notions such a form of guerrilla war is possible without Big Green command and supply structure. I get that, you have to go with what you know best. But most of us dirt people future G are not militarily indoctrinated, it doesn’t work for us, we are a totally different critter. I’m not saying one is right and other is wrong, I’m saying the two can never be reconciled with each other in current military doctrine. The US military does not fight that way, leaderless resistance. But we do, even my writing this proves my argument, and believe you me I’m writing this exactly because I’m resisting in an unorganized way and fighting for hearts and minds, my own too, as a gestalt, a zeitgeist if you will 4th generation style…

we-are-here-2-retake-everything-alt-right-hard-right-dissident-right And what more can a Man do in the times that come to us? I don’t want to fight, possibly leave my family and tribe to be killed or imprisoned in some neo-bolshevik Goolag while I’m out fighting LR war, but I’ll have to, if for no other reason I’m not going to have some other guy fight and possibly die to protect my life and liberty. Thats how we are in the mess we are in in part today.
For me and I can tell many others of great Character and Patriotism, we write, wag wag wag the tongue, for noble reasons, for common sense reasons. It does not, in any sense of the proclaimed, bestow cowardliness or absence of duty honor family tribe community county state country on us. At worst we are guilty of omission and NOT commission. The resistance is futile crowd disgusts me more than my enemies, for there is nothing worse to me as a man who is embarrassed by my sense of Patriotism and Liberty. Go away you dirty stinking troll, back under the slimy quisling rock you slithered out from.
You can not win if you begin thinking you can not win. How obvious is that and the RIF crowd? Who needs enemies when you got droves of Resistance Is Futile surrender monkeys?
I want to be the best warrior I can be. Writing about Liberty, 4thG war, the politics of resistance of the day is in part philosophical. The Philosopher’s of our Gecco/Roman Western History, The Stoics, they lead by example, they considered military training, Worriorship, the crafts of weapons handling, strategy, tactics, military history, as all essential components of being a Stoic. So I look around at, read all sorts of philosophical screeds, comments, I look for the warrior traits in my betters writing, remarks and insights, and I am strengthened, fortified. I go to Max’s school of tactics of war, and each time I am empowered, the best weapon of all, my brain. I read Matt’s novels and I’m blown away by the messages, treasures of incomparable wealth, insights into the art of 4th G war, because that is where I can only think with confidence we are heading. But also from all these myriad sources and their myriad insight and knowledge, I am empowered, and my Combat Rifle becomes that much more deadly, and accurate…

“Sharpening Philosophical Hatchets”


Highly recommend, straight up talk, serious as a heart attack dialog goodness.

Jump to 3:30

Matt Bracken: Word    Courtesy Western Rifle Shooters Association

Excellent Matt Bracken on Info Wars.

The Zman has a bit of critical history thinking here: The Revolutionary Mind ranks up there with his best.


It won’t be easy. It will take relentless will, focus.

We where always going to have to fight our way out of this.










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