The High Altitude Graveyard Of Imperial Hubris By Bill Buppert

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From Zero Gov Bill Huppert ask’s,

“…For those of you who haven’t noticed, socialism is here already and has been the lifeblood of US governance since the middle of the nineteenth century. All of the SJWs, Democratic Socialists and all the other government enthusiasts are late to the party. The only difference between socialism and fascism in practice is the name on the asset seized or controlled. Just because Nabisco and General Electric aren’t US Foods and US General Electric doesn’t mean they aren’t controlled by the government. Fascism uses taxation and regulation to vertically and horizontally control every aspect of a firm’s behavior.

 If you contest this notion, name one single component in the American provision of goods and services in the above-ground economy that isn’t regulated, just one…”

-from The High Altitude Graveyard Of Imperial Hubris By Bill Buppert



12-family-bankster-cartel-genicideI can name one, Me. I’m an American, and I produce many things for our use, and to become as self sufficient as we are capable of being.
I joined The Honorable Resistance, Like many across this country, and we become more Legion every day. If we become a people who are self sufficient, who create “System D”, a local local local orientated culture of self created supply and demand, by even the smallest humble effort, we become independent of the globalist/marxist/statist extortion racket. To be free is to resist.
For years my family and I, and tribe members I am proud to say, have strived to produce as many things we need as possible ourselves. From food to articles of clothing. Electric power independent of the national grid, heat with wood from our land, home raised meat which we cure, make dry, fermented and cased delicacies, a range of metal fabrication/welding/machined products, repair, modification, and invention from our home based shop, from which we trade, barter and sell.

What about all the other stuff, from tires to duct tape? We certainly are that capable in the present to home base produce such items and commodities. But that is literally only a matter of scale. The more the Merrier. The more of us who produce things, create wealth, because that is exactly what labor does, and no other thing, all wealth only comes from someone who did the work to create it. Its one in a myriad of motives the “elites” off shored everything. They can then run a service based economy, thus not have to find workarounds to the sticky problem of a country of industrious hard working hand craft skilled American’s who say WTF Dude? You aren’t going to steal me blind of my wealth motherfucker! A service based economy is something you can’t hold in your hand, weight it, and say “I Built That”, service based economy is intangible when you use plausible deniability to lower its value to the rock bottom scale of price discovery, thus you just devalued the people who did the service, thus you make them wage slaves, to poor, too busy, too tired working 2, three jobs, to pick up their rifles and wave them in the tyrants faces. In fact they are serfs who can not afford to get a gun, thus they are far easier to “ride the rail” to the Goolag and liquidation camps.

The more the merrier. Somebody in The Honorable Resistance has the knowledge and skill, the motive to start a home based tire manufacturing, maybe using the gigaton of used tires, maybe they figure out a new process, or go old school re-tredding used tires, making a 1st rate product. And this tire guy needs help with building the machinery to prep, clean and re-cap tires. See where it goes? Things start to connect. Yet in our modern world, there are no connections. Yeah, tire companies need workers, but its on automated lines designed to reduce labor, creation of personal wealth to the absolute minimum. Or just offshores the whole fucking thing, and fuck you very little, makes millions more with cheap foreign slave labor.

But look at it from home based, THR unfettered economic activity, it completely cuts out the corporate usurpation economy, totally, relying on like self determining industrious Freemen to create more wealth, and as important, keep that wealth circulating among the self reliant thru all sorts of connections. Its a self perpetuating cycle which has an unlimited feature to it. Only limited by peoples audacity and motive power. Bingo!

The beauty of THR is it is an iterative process, where as you become more self reliant and employ “System D’ type economy, you begin to discover and are or motivated in the sense the whole process becomes self supportive increasing your self reliance. All it really requires is some courage to step outside the statist/tyrannical envelop, elbow grease, perseverance and a healthy dose of motive power.
There is historical precedence, an inspiring way of life of our Colonial rebellious ancestor’s who created an entire industry of home based industry. And I may add, a most creative and aesthetic industry it is.
Two examples, one strives to require the industry and art of the Colonial’s and one is a present day example, both are inherently defiant of the State. Both are inherently a withdrawal of Consent by people of the State.

CONTEMPORARY MAKERS Stunning craftwork, a true renaissance in industrial Colonial ingenuity, invention and industry, where form follows function.

The Deliberate Agrarian One Man’s Ruminations About Faith, Family, and Livin’ The Good Life
The Deliberate Agrarian 2.0 One Man’s Ruminations Continue… Glad this guy came back. Fantastic example of ingenuity and industriousness, self reliance, and of The Honorable Resistance.

To be self reliant, it isn’t necessary, currently, a very sublime point, to bear arms and exercise our primal right, but to reject the “Modern World”, to be self reliant, is to resist naturally, therefore if one is disposed, if required and or necessary, violent resistance becomes a matter of legitimacy of the God given right to resist tyranny in all its forms, an extension of the culture of self reliance and determination. Its all resistance. Its why it is reviled by the despicable. Just watch, this missive will be attacked. The ideas here are dangerous, they can cause people to be free, and that can not be permitted. It is outside the proscribed activity of the Statist-Quo and it’s State of its slaves..
It becomes relevant in the process of self reliance, a tribal or community communion of like minded and like acting people, solidarity, a plurality if you will, becomes the natural progression of co-operation in numbers. Iterative, and self increasing in its characteristics within a body of people working towards increasing their self sufficiency, The simplest way to describe it is the more the merrier, and the more powerful such a plurality becomes. Again it is that Motive power & Audacity. Those outside this “demographic” can find it unfathomable, reject it out of fear of the unknown, or because it breeches normalcy bias.
It’s not for everybody. It requires self starting and persevering attitude. A willingness to step outside convention and norms, especially in this age of identity tactics, the natural enemies and little totalitarians among us, who are anathema in every sense to self determining Freemen who are seen as existential threat to ideology dogma and the brain washed useful dupes, the free shit army.
Because it is defiant of all that, it is rejection, thus it rips away the fig leaf, the illusion of legitimacy of the State and its sycophants, causing irrelevancy, a crisis or legitimacy. Very Dangerous. It must be crushed by the jackboot. It can not be permitted to grow and flourish, and anything justifies crushing that defiance. Using any instrument to enforce this raw naked power is deemed legitimate to tyrants.
Freedom in all its forms threatens the entire construct of the hive mind dystopian ideal.

Its not long upon joining The Honorable Resistance one can see clearly the revolutionary state of mind and action such choices are to most of our society. Thats a two way sword in every sense of the matter, by the way.
When the cabal seeks to outlaw all forms of defiance of their power over us they make everything absolutely legitimate as to the whole purpose: Self reliance/determination IS to be resistance, IS to be defiance, Is to be, think, act, live Free.
And the best weapon and tool in this is whats between our ears, everything follows naturally, one is no longer a willing or unwilling subject. And if there is a more dangerous American than that, I’m at a total loss to say.u-want-liberty-do-things





Its not really all that hard.
It comes down to choice.
Get busy being Free or get busy being a slave.
Change your thinking.
If you want Liberty, be willing to do what others won’t.
The moment one has taken action, is the moment Liberty goes from being an idea to something lived.
It is the Act.
All else follows. Its not some secret process or rare goal. Millions, regardless, in fact notwithstanding the traitors to the whole idea of self determining representative small governance, of self determination, the idea in the least the Colonial Patriots wished for was to be left to their own business and devices of Liberty. Unfettered economic activity is #1. With out this Liberty can not be Liberty. It is so integral, it can not be separated, and be called Liberty. The statist dichotomy is the con, the BIG lie, it can be separated from Liberty. Illusions, plausible deniability on cosmic scale, in fact plausible deniability is the prime operating procedure of all the usurpers of all size and station in the hierarchy of the State and its minions. To rob you of any fruits of your labor and happiness, IS the whole idea behind the tyranny and its tyrants breathing down our throats. Follow The Money. You find what it is all about. Raw. Naked. Power.

Time to say NO.

Reject the usurpers.





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