September, 29 Link Post

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” — Frederick Douglass, August 4, 1857.


Albert Einstein is quoted thus: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Start off with two from The Vulgar Curmudgeon

Follow Me Down A Rabbit Hole Phil’s excellent observation on Qanons revelation off the true Manchurian Candidate traitor par excellence, he who shall not be named.

Taking Out The Trash Oh yeah, indeed! Complete with portraits of our favorite psychopaths of the deep state.

Another excellent post by The Zman: Letter To The CivNats Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey Normie’s. Your what’s for White Genocide.

‘FATHER OF THE WEB’ REVEALS PLAN TO TAKE BACK INTERNET FROM BIG TECH’S CENTRALIZED CONTROL Digital 4th Generation war. Open source insurgency. Nothing could be better than tearing the grip of the corporate behemoths on the levers of unbridled tyrannical digital powers. They are bedfellows in the efforts of centralized powers over the WWW of the deep state. Each having capabilities the other lacks, in co-operation  they have all but laid the foundation of totalitarian control of the internet. It really didn’t take that long either. What man makey man breakey. Looks revolutionary to me, if anything insurgent can be so named. The monetary costs for the behemoths, to counter-insurgency this open source insurgency very well could be prohibitive, unless they go full 1984 retard. The rules are the same in 4th Generation War no matter its battle space, wether in Meat/Space or Digital Domain, there are no rules now. I see the pushback, as it begins with digital tech and software Guerrilla’s in a leaderless resistance, IT IS after all, open source insurgency, popping up sniping at the behemoths, and immediately backing off to live to pop up in another spot again, and again. Death To Web Tyranny by a thousand cuts. 

There’s some really ingenious talented creative software warriors out there. It is a no brainer as they have created kernel programs for Linuk and other platforms they left just incase backdoors or other stay behind fail safes. Never mind they are intimately familiar with the underlying technology. In an uninhibited no rules environment of resistance the capabilities to undermine the behemoths very well could be covertly waiting to be triggered.

When the corporate/deep state crony conspiracy to control the internet, hence controlling the message began, they changed the rules where they have declared openly criminals of the State, everyone with a free mind to speak what they wish, search freely, look upon what they care to without violating proscribed thought control, create alt platforms, undesirables, political enemies of the corporate/state monopoly, we have all become criminals now. They will change the rules to fit what is proscribed. A most convenient position to find oneself in for the State’s monopoly of power. Or so they surmise. Thats another change in the rules, and by doing so they have outlawed everything and potentially everyone, thus making anything you do in defiance of digital tyranny legal & legitimate beyond compare.

Justin From Canada Calls Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador For Help With Trump on NAFTA… Castro’s bastard spawn from the north’s desperation to co-opt the bi-lateral trade agreement between Mexico & The USofA and stop what the little commie prick and his cabinet of SJW losers thought would never happen…because social justice/diversity or something. Too late motherfuckers. Now you get to lay in the 1 world order shit stained bed you made.

How Executive Order 6102 Doomed America Why the Supreme Court doesn’t matter, or what could a constructive constitutionalist majority on the court possibly do to redress its past conspiracies to deny the will of us people since 1933 when it green lighted and rubber stamped the cold calculated strip mining and transfer of our intrinsic wealth and happiness? Sure it sounds great Kavanaugh is appointed, he strikes me as a real good guy, but what we need is a nuke to eradicate the swamp and its hideous environs.

IP Address of Person Who Doxxed GOP Senators Points to Maxine Waters’s Office Good to see these fuckers turn on each other, here’s to them self destructing, like bubonic infected rats on a burning sinking ship called their majesty’s scow The Swamp. They get a head of steam trying to doxx each other, and as the mob is very fickle, they will incriminate themselves while their power structure spins down the crapper. Might be some good comes out of political cannabalism.

Millissa Milano Bagged Setting Up An Attempt To get To Kavanaugh And Assault, or Even Murder Him Security had them pegged and under surveillance. They where using Twitter to communicate, Milano taking pics and preparing for her role as a distraction while other marxists tools rushed Kavanaugh. This is an unrolled thread, it probably won’t last long, might have to go to archived sources, as they had already around midnight memory holed Milano’s tweets.

“The Notorious Pill Mill:” Just One Doctor Wrote 335,000 Painkiller Prescriptions  Believe you me, being a West by God Virginian and witnessing first hand the destruction of people and its effects on our wonderful down to earth grass roots family/tribal culture, which we will survive and thus become ever more charitable, learn The Lords humility, and be stronger for it, this is an act of war waged with absolute malice and forethought. It is White Genocide Writ Large in living color. Only the globalists and their cultural marxist psychopaths could dream up and implement such a terrible thing. You have to be an animal, read not human to inflict the misery and death this opiate strategy of cultural destruction on people. I say lets hunt the fuckers down behind this. Give them a thirteen knot necktie. Vengeance is thine. Eye For An Eye Tooth For Tooth.

OBAMA AND ALEXANDER SOROS FORM SHADOW GOVERNMENT “Exclusive report by Leo Zagami details a secret meeting between Alexander Soros and Obama in preparation to take out Trump.” (InfoWars Video) Show Goolag they can’t stop the  message, support Alex Jones by visiting InfoWars every day. Goolag is watching you can be sure serious as a heart attack. Give the sonofabitch traitors the BFYTW.


Ryan Bundy for Nevada Governor: Taking Nevada Back For The People Can’t tie down good people. Another deep state rabbit hole: After all these great Ranchers went thru at the hands of the weaponized in cahoots with the Clinton crime syndicate, Mueller & Comey included, BLM and the Clinton’s private FBI contract hit team who executed LeVoy Finnicum, together in the Uranium 1 “deal” to sell a quarter of our known Uranium deposits to Russian interests. Collusion with Russian’s much? Ryan Bundy is made of the right stuff. Bravo!

GOOGLE CAUGHT LYING TO SENATE ABOUT CHINESE-STYLE CENSORSHIP SEARCH ENGINE Can you say Dry Run? These corporate traitors and domestic enemies think they have been specially anointed to decide what is best for us. Cultural marxist scum. Kiss. My. Ass.

GOOGLE’S COMMUNIST SEARCH ENGINE REVEALED Companion piece to above. Coming to a smart phone and PC near you. Actually it already has in pieces, now they are fine tuning it in a beta project. These assholes are serious. They believe they have moral superiority to impose in every facet of the sphere of our lives. They are the corporate/cronyism version of the old Soviet Nomenklaturer Class who did control every facet of the Russian peoples lives. Call them Neo Amerikan Nomenklaturer, associates of the Amerikan Neo Bolsheviks and the yellow journalist 5th column fake media, Amerikan Neo Pravda. See, circular history. Not exactly the same yet the cycle of marxism is unmistakable in its inherent feature known as doubling down. They can’t do anything else. They offer nothing but lies misery and in the end Genocide. They got nothing else.

Human Trafficking Arrests Surge Under Trump The God Emperor following through on another of his promises of stopping human trafficking and child sex slavery. Fucking Outstanding. If Trump did nothing else but go after these scumbags it would be remarkable beyond history of the last 50 years and more. I’ve said since Pizzagate first reared its child trafficking medusa head, Pizzagate will be the downfall of the entire scope of the political and bankster family class. These scum who are so heinous, so injured to the evil and death they employ as instruments of their raw naked power, using kidnapped children and babies to satisfy their sexual deviations, along with the rumor of snuff films when these children are used up, then its off to Planned Parenthood’s organ legging chop shops where billions are raked in. More Genocide folks and gentle readers. Its the end game. Genocide enough White and Black Christian American’s in order to obtain population levels and racial makeup to be of manageable size, whilst eradicating out the very idea of God’s Sovereign peoples ultimate legitimacy and natural primal rights. This Is Not Hyperbole. It is established Ideology of record. The Human Extinction Movement.

Vox Day: The God-Emperor at the UN Too good not to post the list part of the piece in entirety. But do read the whole thing:

1. Listen up, bitches
2. I pretty much already covered all this shit last year, but I guess it bears repeating
3. Check it out, I’ve been on a roll
4. My administration is better than all the other presidential administrations the US has ever had. I’ve made these last two years my bitch
5. Why’s everybody laughing at me?
6. Not to brag or anything but I basically saved the entire economy. Even minorities have jobs now.
7. Taxation is theft and we’re building The Wall
8. You thought our military was fucking hardcore before? Sheeet, wait until you see them now that we’re actually paying them
9. Thanks to me, AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!
10. America First
11. Globalism is shit
12. Cultures are distinct, so act your culture
13. America likes to declare independence. We’re gonna declare independence from the rest of you globalist sons of bitches
14. Do you, boo
15. Let us do us
16. So I just got back from a world tour and everybody who matters likes me
17. I even got the Norks to chill the fuck out
18. No shit, there I was: Staring Rocket Man in the face
19. It’s alright though, I smoothed it out
20. Dude’s getting rid of his nukes and giving us back our dead bodies we’ve been wanting back
21. Not too shabby, Li’l Kim. (Don’t fuck this up)
22. Everybody who helped out with that is cool in my book. It was pretty much the greatest peace talk ever talked. Just sayin’
23. Shout out to Real Korea, Japan, and China

24. Oh, and I’m fixing the Middle East, too
25. I put most of the countries there to work fucking over Iran and ISIS
26. They’re spending money to help with Syria and Yemen, too. Ya hear that Iran? We can outspend your fucking Obama money
27. But, I don’t really want to get involved
28. Except when I do, so I’ve been delegating to the less fucked-up sand countries
30. Syria’s a damn shitshow. But so help me, if I see one more chemical weapon attack…
31. Glad to see Jordan is taking in refugees from Syria. Better you than me, Abdullah
32. But seriously, it’s a lot better than flying them all the way over here. RIGHT, EUROPE?
33. Iran’s trying to get away with its involvement? YOU THOUGHT!
34. Fuck you, Iran! I know what you’ve been up to, you garbage-ass regime! All you do is ruin everything else for everyone else, you miserable sons of bitches!
35. Seriously, even your own citizens are sick of your shit, Iran! Where’d all that Obama money go, eh Iran? Terrorism? Yeah, I’m sure your people are just THRILLED about that! 0/10 all around, Iran
36. The Iran Deal was shit, and everybody knows it
37. We basically funded their military dictatorship, nuclear weapons programs, and terrorism. Thanks, Obama
38. -But then I came to tooown- and let Iran know who’s boss. DEAL’S OFF, BITCHES!
39. Like, seriously, who the fuck thought letting Iran have nukes was a good idea?
40. Everybody point and laugh at Iran’s government. Their people are cool, though. #IranProtests
41. Jerusalem? More like Jew-rusalem, amirite?
42. Let’s clear some shit up about the Israel conflict, alright? Israel has a right to exist.
43. Fuck what you used to do, we’re being pragmatic, here.
44. You ain’t gonna take advantage of the US anymore, you freeloaders.
45. I’m sick of all this “made in China” crap
46. We buy all their shit and they don’t buy all of our stuff and they do all that skeezy, nerdy, accountant stuff to take advantage of us
47. No more, I say!
48. So I made some great deals with Mexico and Real Korea. Expect yuge discounts on taco bowls and Samsung phones
49. The WTO is a fucking joke.
50. China took all our manufacturing jobs
52. Would you like some tariffs with your rice?
53. America First
54. The UN Human Rights Council is a fucking joke, too
55. Y’all wouldn’t listen to Nikki Haley when she told you that
56. So deuces, we out
57. Same with your International Criminal Court. It’s all bullshit
58. You have no power, here, G̶a̶n̶d̶a̶l̶f̶ ICC
59. Everyone should leave the EU. Run your own damn countries
60. America’s killin’ it in the energy industry
61. We have so much energy to sell
62. Those other oil-producing countries will rip you off and that makes me angry
63. Seriously, it’s a scam. They’re like the Comcast of countries. Stop falling for it.
64. Poland is way smarter than Germany
65. Men of the West! Protect yourselves from foreign influence!
66. The Monroe Doctrine is back and better than ever!
67. Now about those Mexican immigrants, they’re being trafficked. Lame
68. It’s all the street gangs and cartels. Getting rid of them, and building The Wall, are the only ways to fix things
69. Your country, your immigration rules. Our country, our immigration rules. Fuck that “global citizen” malarkey
70. Make Your Countries Great Again
72. Venezuela used to be great, but then along came socialism. Now it sucks.
73. Socialism and Communism have never worked, never will work, and only ever result in tragedy. It’s the Goddamn worst
74. We’re making Venezuela great again by hitting Maduro and his entourage in the pocket books. We were able to identify their pocketbooks because they’re THE ONLY ONES IN THE COUNTRY WHO HAVE THEM
75. The UN tries, we’ll give you that
76. But the US is still better at charity. Seriously, we give and give and nobody ever returns the favor. So we’re gonna be a lot more stingy with our wallets until the entire world stops taking us for a ride
77. So we’re only going to give money to the cool kids. And we’re not going to protect you guys, either. Time for you to buy your own militaries
78. The UN could be cool if it just changed everything about it
79. And we’re only going to pay for the stuff we like, now, too
80. Start pulling your own weight, you damned freeloaders
81. The UN is good in concept, terrible in execution
82. Every country has something to contribute
83. India’s doing great
84. Saudi Arabia’s shaping up
85. Israel’s still here, bitch!
86. Poland’s had enough of your shit, EU
87. All cool things, if I do say so myself
88. Distinct borders and cultures make the world a better place
89. Things just work out better with cultural homogeneity
90. America’s gotta America
91. America, FUCK YEAH!
92. Love your country like Americans love America
93. Patriotism: It’s what’s for dinner
94. Shhhh. Don’t fight it. Just let it happen
95. In order to make it work though, YOU NEED A BORDER AND SOVEREIGNTY
96. You’ll do better, the world will do better. Everybody wins
98. Well, time to hit the ol’ dusty trail
99. You’ve been a great crowd. Thank you

Confucius said “If you want to make a stand help others make a stand”


A Rotten Elite No link fest is complete without a masterpiece from The Zman, inventor of the dirt people and the cloud people. Zman is on this incredible roll, his critical thinking is creating more critical thinking, creating more. It isn’t going to end or drop off anytime soon. Zman gets better with every paragraph. Amazing how creative and productive it is.

The White Nationalist Manifesto Greg Johnson Review from the excellent Counter-Currents Publishing Don’t be afraid of the book, you will be falling for the relentless agitprop and lies of the cultural marxists, being White is great. The White Christian Greco/Roman culture of the west is what brought the world Liberty. And all that Liberty creates and enables, it changed the world in ways never witnessed in 5000 years of recorded history. White Nationalism is your culture preserved for what it is, not what our enemies tell us it is, they can pound sand, we don’t care any longer. Like Vox Day said about Alt-Right: It’s inevitable. Alt-Right has rapidly evolved because it is the only Right that fights. White Nationalism is part of the Zeitgeist. White Nationalism is what built America to begin with. It is appropriate in the most ultimate way possible White Nationalism is what creates the next stage in our legacy as natural born American’s, bring us into a new age of prosperity and happiness. Nothing really exists to be ashamed of in this being White Men of The West, that is all double think designed to sow doubt and discontent. Join The Honorable Resistance.Cultural Marxists make a big mistake, they believe they have special privilege to shape the cultural battlefield, it is the way of how they rule people, but once they have robbed a culture of everything visible and symbolic, that culture is no longer in their power – it is free again.

American Pravda: Our Deadly World of Post-War Politics: The Plot To Assasinate General Patton Past is prologue. The circular feature of history involving marxian cause and effect is on a loop, until the loop is smashed.
DHS proposes new rule to ensure immigrant self-sufficiency If that ain’t trigger words for the leftists and their precious snowflakes! Self Sufficiency. Self Determination. Individualism. Perseverance. And above all, Prudence: what made America, what is MAGA. Existential precepts, ideas, and actions for the deep state and all its associations, dangerous things proscribed by the gate keepers, marxian apostasy! Kill, Genocide all who violate the thought policing created to rid us of such dangerous ideas. To The Goolag! for you white cis fascists you.
Killswitch the Linux Code of Conduct Convergence and its cancerous Code of Conduct. The SJW’s converge the Linux open source kernel. All your software belong to us. Warning about Cancer Coraline and xir Codes of Conduct.
And they used obama regime presidential executive privilege to not just bypass FISA Court, they completely avoided using the FISA Court and instead issued by executive fiat diktat where the palace coup plotters their own warrant in order to both create the needed narrative/evidence to later go to the FISA court if they could not take out Trump before his swearing in, and required a whole fabricated from whole cloth fake Russian/Trump election rigging collusion narrative. How could they loose? These clowns had everything in the bag. Two sets of books with these clowns is like running your own State department server out of your bathroom. Heh!
Early Boomer Anthems: 16 Tons  Do RTWT, a wonderful iconic visit to a world that seems so far away for now, and very dear to so many hearts like only words and a melody can:
Mark Steyn — SteynOnline   Sixteen Tons was huge in its day, in a way that the fragmented and shriveled Hot One Hundred of today can barely imagine. Tennessee Ernie Ford’s version was released on October 17th 1955. Nine days later, it had sold 400,000 copies. By November 10th, it had sold another 600,000 to become the fastest-selling million-seller in pop history, a record it retains to this day. By December 15th, it had sold two million. It was Number One for seven weeks before being displaced by Dean Martin’s “Memories Are Made Of This”. Who’d have thought there was so much gravy in a singalong about the unrelenting grinding misery of coal mining?

… Written almost a decade before Tennessee Ernie Ford struck gold with it, “Sixteen Tons” was the work of Merle Travis. .. On one night in August 1946, Merle Travis sat down and wrote three “folk” songs about Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, where his father had worked in the mines. One of those songs was “Sixteen Tons”…..”

Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson From circa 1841, the superb National Center for Public Policy Historical Documents Library. My ancestor. I think I got a little bit of great great great grandpa’s indomitable never say die BFYTW grit. I’m very proud to say. Also got to read some family heirloom writings, I was about 10 years old. Lot of what RWE wrote was beyond my mind, yet certain things stuck in my memory, and later made a whole lot of sense. My Grandpa held high reverence to the heirloom works. Pop passed 4 years later, never found who made off with his works.

Returning Power To The People From the lovely indomitable tireless Ms Judi McLeod of her wholesome patriotic Canada Free Press.

Big Green, Inc.’s assault on the coal industry Another from CFP. Just follow the money. Follow the money with the entire lot of quislings traitors and scalawags, its always about the money. (And Guns. Can’t forget our guns. Its always about money, but it all comes down to guns in the end. But thats for another article)


This Is Our Home From TL Davis, a tireless indomitable Patriot, Constitutionalist, Honorable resistance member, and author in his own right. My Hero:

“It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

Let them restore it to find refuge from us.” 

– TL Davis

Of course, there is a risk, but only from a tyrannical and oppressive government bent on the absolute destruction of a free society. -TL Davis

America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution Lets go back in time, another country another place, with Professor Angelo Cordevilla’s masterpiece. It holds up better with time, if not even better than anyone could imagine, even Prof Codevilla, maybe, because his later pieces on the subject of redress and revolution don’t top this. In my humble personal perspective. But thats for you to decide. Very good, written with a certain grace.


A couple of historical documents I believe are very germane to our time, where understanding the context of historical recording of these important founding works and what they teach us is as or higher acme than present history being made, because past as prologue teaches us if we listen to its calls. Foremost is author David E. Vandercoy’s, Valparaiso University Law Review, History of The Second Amendment. 

It is most instructional how the never ending tyranny of disarmament unlike our weapons through history, the primal right in such property and their intended purposes has not deviated through key turnings, nor circumstances seen or not, nor governments or not. It is why such natural rights are natural, they are timeless, nothing changes the truth of our arms and why we need them. I have posted this numerous times on this blog. Nothing is as important to us dirt people as the truth of ourselves, and our arms, the bearing of such instruments as the Rifle. The English Long Bow, then the Rifle changed everything, tipped the entire equation of tyranny verses Freemen on its head. The echos of this turning ripple down to this very moment and for sure beyond. It is the tyrants great dilemma, and if anything is true this dilemma is if anything more of a pain in the ass in those who presume to make us slaves serfs or dead men than our modern combat rifles. What they call our “Assault Rifles”. For good reason. It is our “assault rifles” that they fear we will use to assault them for the terrible things they do to us:









ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION 1777 This is the Compact Theory. The none centralized Confederation of 13 individual sovereign Nation States, who banded together to make a compact for the purposes of strength more than the sum of its individual small Nations, for treaty on trade, cross border access, specie and other monetary forms of trade instruments, common defense against enemies foreign or domestically originating. Its pretty complex, but these people had it fairly well figured out. Centralized power was the one thing the absence of was of paramount importance. The call for representatives to gather in Philadelphia to hash out a number of adjustments fixes and modifications in the Compact, who as far as it is known, much to their honor and consternation, a document of centralized federal tyranny of administrative raw naked unchecked power was presented for “ratification”, thus Gary North’s masterpiece outlier, Conspiracy in Philadelphia, was born. You and I know it as the purely indomitable statesman Patrick Henry’s timeless sublime observation, “I smell a Rat”, Franklin’s characteristic quip, “A Republic, if you can keep it”, and I think it was Jefferson whose observation about power given today, promised to be return at a later date, was all but an impossible promise, lend much credence to the foreseen and cunningly disguised federalism, an instrument of untouchable administrative, executive, judicial, and regulatory unaccountable power, we just so happen to have today called the deep state or permanent shadow state within a state, and last but not least the long unbroken line of plausible deniability and treason from at least Lincoln and his Marxist’s usurpation right down to today we call correctly The Swamp.

The 13 Nation States had a real serious good thing going. It had high promise. A check and balance of each State’s will of it’s people’s close connection and access to its government and it’s agents/representatives, provided freedom and liberty, self determinism, prosperity and its happiness we dream of under creeping all but unaccountable totalitarian centralized federalist power today.n-fed-tyranny-if-no-federal-government

The FUSA is too large. The various States governments being denied their instruments of sovereign character, the carrot and stick federal dollar opiate, and regulatory over reach, never mind the triple down corruption and Neo-Nomenklaturer class crony capitalism Sarah Palin went to war on in Alaska as Governor, which she warned us was of paramount importance of eradicating before any positive change of government never mind smaller government could be redressed and come about of first things to be accomplished, was in many ways MAGA on the state grass roots level.

This state of affairs, no pun intended can’t go on. The transfer of the low hanging fruit of our intrinsic wealth is run out, a middle class prosperity, so critical to the happiness and wealth of the Republics viability squeezed like a rock for its lifeblood by the “elites”, whose are neither, the industrial base, its productivity and invention, the audacity of the industrious character of such a peoples wealth & well being, all of this, has to be gone. And the only way that comes to fruition again is the vulture class and the deep state has to go. There is no way around this but through. By rights, ridding our selves of this unholy alliance of thieves grifters and traitors, the collapse of its power, presages the collapse of all the other actors and their agendas, for they are co-conspirators, all interconnected, the unimaginable wealth of a Nation is waiting to be released from these leeches sucking the blood out of the wealth creation that begins and only originates in from the fruits of our individual labors, by the sweat of our brows and the elbow grease of our industriousness, from our creative efforts. It is our by all that is right. Our wealth belongs to us. We are not serfs, slaves, cash cows or indentured servants. No more. This shit’s going to end one way or another. The cabal can squawk all it wants, it can go fuck a flying’ rollin’ donut. There’s at the least 65 million of us so called Deplorable’s who have stated in no uncertain terms we are done with this for shit ruling class bullshit. We gave you assholes our peaceful withdrawal of our Consent. You can ignore us all you want, despise us, call us your smug petty names and hurl your wore out insults. We. Don’t. Care. If you persist, we will wave our “assault weapons” in you tyrants faces. Don’t make us take out our rifles and fire them in anger, a cold merciless anger. 65 million who said because fuck you thats why. We are people who absolutely do not raise our rifles for frivolous causes. Do you understand the implied promise here, it is not a threat. It is more fair warning than you have afforded us in your lust for raw naked power and your instruments of imposing it on us.

Because it doesn’t have to be this way.

Because I know you are reading this.

Because I am legion.

We are a true plurality. We have tolerated you longer than you deserve to be so. Far far past the point where you have ignored and crapped on us, who we are, and rubbed our honor and principles in it. And as plurality’s so legitimate in its causes and its precepts of natural sovereign rights, you have pushed us to the threshold of a retribution you will not survive. Thats as certain as the sun rises.



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