Critical Thinking Time: An Impending Civil War

Good ol’ Karl Denninger has a word to say about the class war and serious crimes, treason, and malice of the you know what’s.   An Impending Shooting Civil War which Matt Bracken has noted and posted on Gab and WRSA, for a particularly cogent comment made on Mr. Denninger’s Market Ticker:


here’s the link if it doesn’t imbiggen or is too fuzzy to read:

here’s the link for Karl’s blog post ‘An Impending Civil War‘

Its giving all the signs of a Class War, at least the intent of the cultural marxists is class warfare.


Al Benson jr of Revised History blog wrote a dandy about another civil war and it’s effects on America relating to today: “That Which Has Been Is That Which Shall Be”


Speaking of Matt Bracken, if you ain’t been over to Matt’s Essays and Links: Enemies Foreign and Domestic blog your missing out on some great stuff.  A slew of dystopian short stories, intelligence, gear and combat techniques tricks or wisdoms.


Stay away from crowds as Ol’ Remus warns, keep your ear to the ground, your rifles handy, in fact, don’t go any place without a weapon, and if you can not go there with a weapon, by every means possible, don’t go there, it is where and when you will find out Murphy’s Law is a merciless bitch. Don’t be a defenseless dead unarmed American.

And buy boolits. Lots of boolits. Look at your ammo, and double it. You don’t have enough boolits for what they are trying to start.

In a small firefight, say your two man patrol is ambushed, if you have enough combat skill or luck to live through the immediate effects of the engagement you can go thru your 330 rd basic combat load of ready 30rd magazines in 10 minutes and less. Using semi auto carbines. Thats 10 30 round magazines in pouches hanging on your combat rig, and 1 30 rd mag in your rifle.

What if you get ambushed, or you set up a hasty ambush, and somehow it turns into a running battle thru the brush, say it last 30 minutes, 330 rounds is not going to last very long, if you survive long enough to run out or can disconnect from the fight.

If your serious you should have two 30 rd mags in a Matt Bracken’s nifty DIY V duplex mag set up, that 60 round duplex can be the difference between living or dying. Under stress how long are you out of the fight, not putting rounds on the enemy killing him or fucking up HIS aim? Fumbling for a mag, rounds chewing through you cover, 3 guns trying to end your threat? Think about it. With Matt’s V Duplex you push your mag release, mag out of well, move the Duplex 3 inches to the right, slam it home hit your bolt release and fire. It really works. I ran this at Max Velocity’s small unit infantry tactics course, and the speed of reload advantage is mind blowing.

Properly if you take your family tribe and AO security seriously, you want a couple 5 pouch late model bandoleers with ammo on 10rd stripper clips, on you, and a cache, or 6 ion tactical locations stashed around your AO that you can hit to replenish your combat load out. Don’t forget some water, some high energy munchies, and an extra carbine or other back up weapon in one of them in case your primary combat rifle shits the bed, or is damaged in combat. You can put anything in a cache you may really need. It hurts nothing if its not used.

“Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it.”

I’m not bullshitting around here. These people are plum fucking crazy. They are working themselves up like whirling dervishes, berserkers. Not that I or any of us should fear them, quite the contrary, they still are fucking fruit loops who have no concept of unintended consequences, brain washed dupes. And very dangerous, and to be taken serious as a heart attack.

Gonna be a lot of dead people who scoffed at the idea its either you or dead commies stacked up like cord wood at the road block into your AO. They have so much Normalcy bias they can’t put themselves in such a all to possible scenerio.

Far as they are concerned, the only good white christian cis right orientated American Man is a dead one. And thats goes for his offspring and racist matriarchy wife too. Thats definitely a two way street. There’s nothing stopping them from driving up any old road or your driveway, jumping out and slaughtering your wife and kids, throw a militia cocktail thru a window, and scoot ten miles to the next farm or home. All while your at the store, down back cutting cord wood, over to your neighbors lending a hand with haying or mending fence line. Oldest marauder trick going, goes back to cavemen time. They only need to get lucky once. We got to be lucky 24/7/365.




2 thoughts on “Critical Thinking Time: An Impending Civil War

    • As you say Al, in examining events and the truth honestly without reservation, provides evidence chances are good its possible. If history is any guide for sure.
      Remains to be seen a neo-bolshevik like horde develops in suitable numbers and a complicit government sanctions, arms, and supports such kill the Kulak style of class/culture genocide.

      Deposing President Trump would certainly harbinger an acceleration of such efforts. Pelosi and Schumer’s efforts at disarmament both at the city, state, and federal level since they gained a majority via margin of vote fraud in the House is a glaring example of what to expect after Trump. Also, time is a huge factor. Time is growing short here for our enemy. The “Great Fuck You” which created President Trump, remember no small electorate elected Trump as their murder weapon, and subsequent dismantling of the weaponized centralism of the executive agencies, has decimated tens of decades of work, untold riches and generations of dedicated actors involved in destruction of America.

      I have no doubt there are elements within the usurpation who think deeply along these ideological lines above.
      Of course, it is an imperative to keep in mind, the ideological underpinning of the politics and agenda here, are essentially just another faction of the organized crime syndicate they now call the one world order. Its racketeering on global scale, the king pins, crime families, an enormous money laundering operation aka the central banksters and their loan sharking and protection money skimming operations. Even down to “made men” for example Mueller, Comey, Holder, captains and LT’s like Jarret, Cass Sustein, R. Emanual, right down to hit squads such as the infamous blood thirsty FBI “hostage rescue teams” who put the hit on Randy Weaver’s wife and boy, incinerated 76 woman and children at Waco, murdered LeVoy Finnicum during the Burn’s Oregon resistance, in all likelihood killed Andrew Brietbart and Seth Rich, along with those who are referred to the 1200 plus Clinton Dead. Then there are the low level badged armed leg breakers of the armed and dangerous militarized agencies, from the Dept of Education to the BLM. And their collusions in implementing the Fusion Centers at States level, plus the combat level arming of our local police departments with cast off hand me down war materiel and weapons.
      To these actors and their managers, we are nails, they the hammers.

      We can go back to Bill Ayer’s his wife Bernadine Dorne. Both deeply active within the ranks of the intelligentsia. Remember, as Dorne as “community organizer” in the palestinian operatives bording of Israeli gunboats during the early Obama regime. How Ayer’s sponsored Obama through his “internship” as a red diaper baby political agent, after all it was basically Ayer’s and Barry themselves who where the entirety of personal running the Annenburg Foundation and its money laundering and promoting and recruiting suitabledisaffected inner-city black supremecists.
      Always keep in mind, the “unsecured spaces” of rural agrarian, and mineral energy rich low populated flyover nation, is a prime objective, to be depopulated and preserved for the property and enrichment of their thousand year riech of the globalists.
      Then of course, there is Ayer’s manifesto, in which he proscribes liquidation of 25 million American’s in order to reduce the population to levels where he and his ilk would be able to manage totalitarian rule. That was the early 60’s. I be willing to estimate that strategy now would require at the least, the 65 million who voted for the god emperor.
      No doubt, Mr. Trump and America who supports their president, can not be permitted to remain unfettered at the least, and killed outright, as is probably seen as a marxian’s “final solution”.

      Worst case here as I know it:
      The prudent prepare themselves for the worse, have faith in the best, and act accordingly. Which as events prove out minute by minute, reading the hidden messaging and between the lines, in recent cases for sure, the voices of overt unmistakable proclamations, of the 5th columns media blather and academia’s brain washing/programming of our youth, such prepatory prudence, of hearts and minds alignment across the dirt people’s plurality, is regarded as the utmost danger. Hence all the agitprop and false narratives regarding all and any who stand proud of their Christian White Western culture and heritage, are denounced out of hand as racists, fascist bigots, racial supremecists, uncouth, deplorable knuckle dragging trailer trash. You name it they create the pejoratives and present a media narrative or better yet a false flag crisis as a means in which to wrap with the whole cloth of fake narrative and meme.

      As you know all so very well Al. And have unlighted myself to on many occasions, it being something which must be at all costs soon enough here, crushed culturally, politically, philosophically and historically. Eradicated. Any evidence there of memory holed and bleach bit’d from the collective dialectik.

      Such defiance, this inherent natural audacity, the crux of such motive power to prepare for, to resist such tyranny, to survive this tribulation saving what needs saving, protecting what must be protected, is the only true existential threat to these usurpers.
      That may be striking, as how could dirt people ever be a lethal threat to such a Gordian Knot of collective evil?
      The answer lies within grass roots open source, leaderless insurgency, the character of which being uniquely American, Christian Western culture born, is the indomitable thing.
      The Yellow Vests, of course being uniquely, and wonderfully romantic, refreshingly festive yet seriously, indomitably French resistance in character, portends a myriad of insights into how American 4th Generation warfare will be waged.

      Probably many would disagree with my personal observation, but the revisionists so desperate to erase all symbols of Southern courage and bravery, this great idea of True Liberty, that great God fearing agrarian provincial soveriegn natural desire for secession and Liberty, in all its forms, down to the people themselves, at this stage smacks of desperation of stopping what is rising from its roots.
      It is the lateness of such efforts: they are out of time to the stage in which the cultural marxist’s optimally should have reached by now.
      The cause of that appears to me to be the growth of “The Honorable Resistance” and its defiance. A Legion yet to recognize it is one, in the inevitable Zeitgeist such a plurality attains at that profound paradigm in time as such a things birth. Prohibiting that “gestalt” is of paramount importance.
      The color revolution on 11-8-16 was not supposed to be possible either. That 65 million dirt people operating below the ruling class radar completely outfoxed and bypassed all the cultural and political gate keeping meant to thwart any leaderless rebellion of such magnitude.

      The truth they missed this, or ignored the signs of such a thing developing, speaks volumes as to how truly they are, take your pick, blinded by their hubris, self deceived by their perceived legitimacy of rule of men, unprepared to appreciate and or fail to recognized how 4th G war is waged, or there exists fundamental conflict within causing much distracting turmoil.

      Again we have the Yellow Vests to see the truth of that as corroborating example of grass roots open source resistance. Macron and his fellow Brussel’s central bankster tyrants are in a tail spin with no way out, except employment of violent deadly repression of the resistance, and if the French dirt people remain true to secession from Brussel’s tyranny, the use of violent force, which in that event will only serve to fortify the resolve of the insurgency, cause it to spread across the European Union, and thus Brussel’s faces a continent spanning withdrawal of consent creating crisis of legitimacy, not unlike the growing crisis the so called “deep state” and its swamp faction are facing here.

      So you got to in common sense prudence, ask yourself what big guns are the usurpers going to bring out to combat and attempt to crush resistance to them?
      Im saying these are people who are as evil as evil gets. Their greed and lust for power drives them. They are not going to simply surrender and walk away from privilege and power, give up their spoils because Deplorable’s are resisting their self anointed lordships.

      It is apparent they do not have the physical numbers of radical physically capable cadre to wage counter insurgency against the honorable resistance. That can change relatively quickly. One of the first things President Trump accomplished is the elimination of a large percentage of latin American criminal gangs such as MS13 and drug cartel operations on American soil, and has invested in a constant effort at limiting their return to gang size operations. These are who I believe have deliberately been immigrated as a suitable base for building the so called “civilian police force” Obama signaled was to be created under the camouflage of his disaffected brown skin only membership in Organizing for America. Of which in its early form I personally experienced, as a trio in an unmarked government van, where sent to intimidate me in 2009 at my home in WV due to the things I was writing as a citizen journalist beginning in 2006 about the Usurper Barry and his red diaper baby co-cultural marxists. I expect if things devolve further, they will be back as American’s such as ourselves are surely on a list because of our efforts to tell forbidden truths and proscribed history, our like can not be tolerated.
      All the more reason to never surrender my Brother.


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