The Power To Hurt




The strategy, the agenda ultimately, their hourly tactics, of the cultural marxist’s can be summed up at all levels regarding their activities thusly:

The power to hurt – the sheer un-acquisitive, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief—is a kind of bargaining power, not easy to use but used often.

       Thomas C. Schelling Arms and Influence

Thomas Schelling’s admonition concerning the power to hurt encapsulates the concept of coercion in its basest form. It is power which is suitable quite well to scaling up or down as the situation and intended results demand. Providing cultural and political flexibility in no uncertain terms.

All this comes because of one fact, other than the most basic pushback from political class adversaries, and a public which is deliberately inhibited to obtain redress through lawful peaceful political means due to a systemic use of gerrymander, judicial activism, rampant vote fraud and vote rigging, a wholly complicit 5th column yellow journalistic media, black mail, every sort of assault, and effective narrative, propaganda or agitprop/meme.

They have operated for many decades openly without consequence, never suffering repercussions persecution or the consequences of their actions, tactics and agenda. Not once in living memory has any of these actor’s faced punitive action, beyond an occasional loss of an elected or unelected position or station within the governmental infrastructure they have invested themselves.

The advent of a color revolution on 11-8-16, the monumental loss of the next in line usurper, the phenomenal unseen rise of a determined plurality though long bereft of courage, an unprecedented election of a political outsider, the profound scale of withdrawal of support for the political class at every level, massive loss of usurped laundered federal money with wholesale subsequent loss of various weaponized regulatory and administrative agencies,  a political opposition majority in congress and the White House, has rocked the neo-bolsheviks back on their heels, leaving them desperate, to outsource in the corporate and NGO communities alternative sources of money, political power/resources to carry on their “long march”.

November 2018 is a particularly important date, it has been two entire years of non stop efforts to pull a palace coup in order to oust the duly elected President, along with nullify the audacity of the will of 65 million people. 

Convergence long with weaponizing the social media platforms in order to shut down decent, out right rejection of the cultural marxists by a very large plurality of American’s, has only solidified the withdrawal of consent of the people. Seen as petty, wholesale stupidity, ridiculous to an extreme, the thought policing of these corporate monopolies has not been lost on anybody with a care, nor who have invested and entrusted these mega corps with their most personal day to day activities, taking that trust and violating all norms of social and particularly cultural political beliefs through censorship or outright banning of individuals because their thoughts and beliefs are no longer proscribed permitted thinking. It is beyond categorically into astronomically idiocy, the sensor’s given unlimited power to shadow ban, assign punitive punishments, or out right banishment, have true to form taken to the axiom power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, resulting in a pogrom of finding the tiniest obscure infraction of “rules” nobody has ever been made aware of to justify metting out punishment, from scrolling too quickly through your posts to opening a message you have no idea of its contents, which being proscribed thinking, you too are swept up in the dragnet inquisitions searching for Nazi’s and Fascist’s, called social media.

So much for that tolerance and diversity of the left.

The object of running through all this well known marxian bullshit, no other words fits the definition of the extremes underway and promised as only cultural marxist can double down on, is these clowns have had nothing but a cake walk. There has been almost Zero pushback directly upon these actors. It is a great tell, that loosing, and loosing critical resources, such as judicial activism as evident the last couple weeks, is something they are ill equipped to deal with. In simplest terms they both at the same time take the America they so despise for granted it is a push over once they show us all how terrible its neo-bolshevism in action is, and, have nothing other than “The power to hurt – the sheer unacquisitive, unproductive power to destroy things that somebody treasures, to inflict pain and grief…”

Regardless of what to name the “war” underway, it is still and will always be a war of hearts and minds. If anything the leftists made it personal. They are determined to taunt and tease out the worst of us, for they see their enemy as they see themselves, base, bigoted in the extreme, motivated by hate, and in particular envy, that their enemy is at best, extremist in its belief system’s, its religious activities, its politics are totalitarian in as it limits unlimited perversity and wonton disregard for tolerance, most of all, it  always projects onto others what it is guilty of being. This is the grand tell of all marxists.

The problem they face, something they have never managed to corrupt, hurt or destroy is the simple good natured sense of live and let live of the vast plurality of America it so hates with the passion of Satan. That has to do with the singular issue of our time: Prudence. One side has an abundance of prudence and tolerance. The other lacks both in entirety. You cant get more opposite than that in a society. One side see’s itself as tolerating in all things because to tolerate for the sake of better judgement is prudence, which is a virtue, both of which are anathema to everything the other side declares it stands for.

Normies-Allies-and tinvowoot-per-Pooh

Prudence like patience, and tolerance is not an indication of weakness or unwillingness to fight back, if anything it is the virtue of Warriors, who never take action for light or trivial matters, but have patience to see where this is all going, and when the time to fight comes, it is so recognizable there are no doubts remaining as to the legitimacy and just nature of fighting back.

The leftists have no idea of what they are messing with. They have had an easy run for a very long time, they are barn blind to all else but their monumental hubris. Spoiled. They behave like spoiled brats who don’t get their way. The last two weeks is all the proof required. And they keep doubling down. A display even the worst Cucks and RINO’s are abhorred of. Temper tantrums of an entire political class. Oh Yeah, like we are really impressed now and will vote them all right back in power to save us from ourselves. Already they are past the point of chance of winning whatever it is they have for an end game, they do not have the institutional or tribal knowledge how to deal effectively with loss, their political remedies involve doubling down no matter how much it fails, just double down till something changes. Its the strategy and tactics of something that offers nothing but more of the same, or worse, and that is an absolute.

Now they are all talking smack across the social media platforms they have scrubbed of any respected fearless member of the Right. How they are going to run an insurgency war, sneaking around in their black mall ninja suits and lay waste to the vast nation of flyover country by night, and blend in by day.

I’m of no doubt they would get a few licks in, just because these things at first have the element of surprize, as they will go for the low hanging fruit, and in no short time will be hunted down and exterminated as the vile vermin they are. Nobody will ever know what became of them. Their follow on insurgents will suffer the same fate. They are talking about actually taking and holding territory. That presumes a very large logistics tail, or the unwavering support of the countryside. I don’t know what countryside they are talking about, because it don’t exist where I reside. Any outsiders stick out like sore thumbs. You can’t disguise yourself because you don’t have the legacy characteristics of the native communities right down to how you wear clothes and the way you look like a stranger in a strange land.

Regardless, people out in flyover nation are utterly attuned to their environment, even the smallest foreign indication of being an outsider fixes you as such. The rural grapevine has no equal in speed in spreading news, and most have a life long intimacy with the terrain and their area of operations, radar if you will, nothing is capable of deceiving. 

And still, we are not talking about active open fighting with the neo-bolsheviks, only limited reaction and defense. 

Almost to a man where I live, and our Women too, are more than ready to go at it with these fools, the more the better, time to kill them all that come is a common held philosophy. No mercy. No limits when they come. People just had enough of this shit. Time to get it over with and get back to having a good quiet respectful life. 




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