The Fish Rots From The Head Down



A fish rots from the head down. The democratic party is toast. Major sources it has relied on for other peoples money over decades have dried up. Trump has systematically shut down those sources which where essentially money laundering operations dressed up as weaponized regulatory agencies of the federal government. The treasure they have squandered is beyond comprehension. All to destroy us dirt people. We are that important to conquer and liquidate. That a usurper shadow government would go to all this trouble to stop us simple mind our own business live and let live people. We must be some monumental Ogre, rabid dogs, blood thirsty psychopathic mob. Slaver’s responsible for every indentured brown person in human history? Are we really that scary to the leftists? And our guns? Our old fashioned ways, the things we bitterly cling to? Our Bibles and traditions, are they that deplorable? Our bitterness so existential? That we must voluntarily submit to a proscribed white genocide on the grounds we have special privilege?

There’s no going back on this clusterfuck even before the shooting even begins, we are all like the pig, Committed. There is no going back to pre- God Emperor days. Thats not a bad thing. We needed to do house cleaning, maintenance and repair on what the Republic is now, for all this Republic is worth. Major overhaul time. There’s nothing for it but to do so. And if it means chopping the Republic up into more manageable sovereign nation states with some form of unifying center piece which is binding so as to not create 50 crazy quilt states, or many more, all fighting forever between themselves? Well I for one think that could be very possible, all the instruments and historical precedence for reference exists, it would not upset the continuity of the dirt people themselves, in fact if anything it would be a great benefit, a most characteristically suitable state of affairs.

Obviously the great conspiracy of giving us Centralism when all we wanted, all that was fought for, was Liberty, has turned relentlessly to an unmitigated disaster for the dirt people and a boon to the corrupt and connected.


The awesome JJ Sefton on Ace of Ace of Spades Morning Rant put it this way:

“…Q.E.D. On the one hand, more and more young people are being suckered in by the likes of farshimmelt Commie alta-koker Bernie Sandersnista and totally hip Democrat-Socialite Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco. That is a trend that has to be addressed by dealing with the wellspring of the poison, the schools. But at the grassroots level, the media and the schools cannot hide the successes this President’s policies are bringing and have brought in not quite two years, especially in contrast to what the last President’s polices have wrought over the previous eight. It’s tangible, to the extent that formerly solid Democrat constituent groups such as blacks and latinos are fleeing that party because they are directly and tangibly benefitting, and putting that into context of at best being taken for granted, and at worst used as political cannon fodder for well over half a century now.

But the coming of the age of Trump, (which goes hand in hand with the age of Obama), as well as the salutary effect of talk radio, alternate media and the blogosphere – which in point of fact is now mainstream – has exposed the Democrat-Left for who and what they are. Not long after election night 2008, the conventional wisdom was articulated by leftist hack know-nothing John Meacham, to wit “we are all socialists now.” Well, after getting a dose of it with the eight year Obama reign of error, America reacted on election day 2016.

As frightening as the polls about young people may be vis a vis socialism et al, a majority of Americans still reject the policies of the Democrat Left. Rush Limbaugh said this yesterday and it really hit me:”

“Do you realize, folks, 80%, if not more, of the liberal agenda that is governing the culture of this country has not passed in our Congress or legislatures? That’s 80% of the destructive pop culture impulses of the American left have been forced on us by courts – – and that is why, all of this, among many other reasons, is so crucial to the Democrat Party.Because they cannot… Look at gay marriage and all these other things. None of that happened in the United States Congress via legislation. There were periphery bills on it, but most all of this stuff – – including other cultural things – – happened because judges either reject legislation to defeat this stuff or they impose their own political views, like Roe v. Wade was imposed in 1973 on the Supreme Court. And because there have not been actual votes, democratic votes on some of these key seminal issues, we are constantly roiled.

The Democrats do not want votes on these issues because they’ve not gotten to the point where they would win them – – and if you think they would, take a look at the eight years of Obama. What did Obama do, what did he have to do to get his agenda enacted? Congressional action? No. This one was Obamacare, and that required a bunch of trickery, and there wasn’t a single Republican vote for it. Obama got everything he wanted done via executive action and executive order, which is one of the reasons why Trump’s had such ease repealing it.
So a majority of people in this country are forced to live in a culture that they reject and yet has not been voted on.”


Well said!

There’s another dimension to this which Rush is talking about, one many will be reluctant to wrap their heads around, if for no other reason than we have all been so thoroughly conned for so long, there never was a Democrat party constant, legitimate, a plurality capable of electing its members, without immensely wide spread vote rigging and gross gerrymander in all the key precincts of the key electoral states. That all along since at least R.R. was POTUS, the entire process of voting, on the left, has been an operation involving management of margin of vote fraud with a lap dog press to give the cheating an air of legitimacy, of how many fraudulent votes where required to put their respective usurper candidates into office thus granting the party the all critical illusion of legitimacy. In other words the leftist machine required untoward levels of money to run the operation of imaginary electorate along with influence racketeering needed to give the entire vote rigging operation the look of a winning legitimate plurality who votes left.

Didn’t you ever get the unshakable sense something wasn’t right, how they always managed to win by 1-3%? That the fake media narrated the entire voting day with breathless commentary of how close it all is? How something didn’t add up. Like where did all these lefty voters come from when all around you there is no lefty majority of people within the sphere of your life and activity?

On the 3rd of October I posted this comment below on a great thinking man’s comment on “Civil War II”, posted over to American Digest, and so the state of affairs Rush talks about above. Its all connected now, this is the crux of motive power and audacity, and the leftists have lost the war of hearts and minds, through they still got some reprehensible tricks left, their demise is a cleanup operation. A messy dangerous one but they are toast nonetheless.

A wonderful event is taking place, Vox Day calls it “The Zeitgeist”, an inevitable event. What it is is a commonality in thinking across many demographics, that often mentioned awakening, or Red Pilling. There is nothing quite so dangerous to the leftists as this kind of plurality, they have no power over it, they can not bargain with it, shut it up or shut it down, it is that unique thing to American history, its people, when they have had enough of something, a plurality which is unstoppable, it changes what needs changing and there is nothing anyone can do to it that changes its intended course. That is what MAGA is, all these things and more rolled into an indictment of righting wrongs. Its not some clique or fad, its not a movement per-say, its a group swell, it’s The Honorable Resistance.

There’s a reason I read Ace of Spades, its a bell weather of Normie Red Pilling, its the awakening in process, the awakening comes to the Normie commentariat in bite size pieces, the commentariat at Ace of Spades blog has been its critical component since its inception, it was from the start part & parcel of the blog, integral from the start. Very important thing that. So its a kind of cross section of Normie Nation. They even have their own title which the staff defers to. It is an entire culture, rather unlike any blog I know of, except maybe WRSA, for it’s edgy character). From American Digest, Civil War? If It Starts It Will Be Uglier Than Anyone Can Imagine



“I believe in the end America, us as people who believe in what we are as a Republic, in our basic decency, and our great prudence and tolerance, we prevail against evil. I think we surprise everyone, including our selves. We are made of better stuff than our enemies, and just because they have remained unaccountable and essentially untouchable does not make us weak or cowards, we are just people who want to live and let live at heart. Who isn’t like this reading these words?

That same dynamic doesn’t automatically confer on us an inability to fight, fight well, and win. Quite the contrary or I wasn’t born a natural Patriotic American.
And I can say this because I’m not the kind of guy who will let others die for my natural rights, my family, my tribe, my community and my Republic, which still exists at the least in hearts, minds, preserved in history and documents. It does not no longer exist because of revisionists and cultural marxist say it doesn’t. Fuck. You. That the exact opposite exists, always has, but the view of doubt, discontent, of an entirely completely different America exists out there? Ever ask yourself, where does this America exist? Because it don’t where I live. Like Morpheus put it to Neo in The Matrix, “like a splinter in your mind.”

I look around me and see many things, the 1st is within the sphere of my entire life I know not one single cultural marxist. Not one person who poo poo’s MAGA, or what Mr Trump has accomplished and promises. No diversity crap. Certainly not a shred of White Privilege. We are all working people, with bills to pay, taxes to relinquish, kids to feed, houses to pay for, and if we are fortunate a little left over to get something nice for our loved ones to make the struggle all worth it, or we grab our rifles and shake them in the sonofabitches faces who are robbing us blind. There is no one I have even heard of in the circle of my life who intends the destruction of America as we know it. My wife who has a Faceborg page, she has one loony toons cousin who believes Obama should still be president. So in the entire range and scale of both our lives, there is one avowed dirty stinking commie?
I work in the coal mines, it has the most amazing grapevine imaginable. You find out everything. There’s a few thousand coal miners across WV, we have CB radio’s in all surface equipment, Truckers in and out of the coal load outs 24/7, we have company 2 meter radio’s with a fantastic repeater system, in every Boss’s and Superintendents trucks, and usually in every raw and clean coal pile dozers and loaders so there’s always somebody with both radio’s to communicate with everyone, we even have underground radio systems now. The comm’s are like no other along with the HillBilly grapevine. Tramming out on the man trip or riding up the elevator, you get to hear and talk about everything, from home or the latest news, and in 10 years as a coal miner I have never heard of a single guy who was nothing but patriotic and God fearing, and that goes for all the people we all know and discuss outside the mining industry. Zilch. Big Fat Zero. There’s no cultural marxist, at least they ain’t letting on if there are in my AO and in the course of my daily affairs outside my AO.
Now granted WV has a population a little over a million, county I live in, larger than the state of Rhode Island, has 2,400 households. Where are all the fucking commies? Do they live in some isolated enclave? Concentrated in Urban hives? How much a figment of an illusion of power are they? Could they even be noticeable if they didn’t have a strangle hold on the fake media and pass their diktat thru every dishonest corrupt means while not having passed legislation honestly in 7 decades, or more, that gives them an appearance of this majority of the people? Are our “elected representatives” so totally representative of that lie we the dirt people are a minority, that we have beeb seriously hoodwinked by a disguise that they are totally representative of the interests of maintaining that lie so as to retain a place at the table of spoils and power? What other explanation fits? There’s no fucking way they don’t know, at the least whats gone down all this time. Its why the worst of them have held the seats of representation of will of the governed for decades. Its how it works.

I also do not buy into this civil war yet. No Sir. Not till it gets going if it does. I’m saying when the rubber meets the road and antifa our whatever paid goons try starting shit out in dirt people land where I live they are going to disappear never to be seen or heard from again. Only the tree’s will know where they are buried.

Will it get terrible, maybe, but I know no more or less than any of us here, except I know for certain, there ain’t any enemies where I and a lot of others live.
America ain’t a postage stamp country the size of Yugoslavia. Its one fuck of an expansive prosperous honest live and let live majority of people who have amazing tolerance and the gift of Prudence. We are apt to suffer assaults on our character culture race and faith far more than any people on Earth. That in no way confer’s we are easy targets or pushovers, that the dirty fucking stinking commies are gonna waltz into our towns and onto our farms and homesteads and have their genocide go their way. No sir-ree bub. Not me. Not those I know, nor my community, ain’t gonna happen for our part. I make it my business to know, it is a matter of survival in this political fractured age.
And that is all I know 1st hand God’s honest truth. All the rest looks like unadulterated horse shit to me created by bullshit artists from another world to create more doubt, more discontent, more order out of great chaos between people. Its divide and Conquer writ large, the appearance of, in order to keep us too busy to notice the clowns behind the curtain.

One more thing. You can pass blame on the dirt people all you want, but it isn’t us who created the Bankster crime racket and the political class at the table of spoils, nor the fucking 1 world order crap, nor are we bigots or race prejudiced people as portrayed, you can take all that and shove it up your arse. What we are is like any race and culture, it is OUR race and our Culture, we can do with it as we please. We need no permission. If you don’t like it pound sand, because me and a shitload of people like me don’t give a shit what you think or say. We don’t care. You offer worse than nothing.
In the end, as it always is, it is always and nobody else purview, the dirt people are who have ever effected positive change on this world. No one else. Dare you to name any others.

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