You May Not Be Interested In The Greatest Issues of Our Time But they Are Very Interested In You


Important Update: The red diaper baby “Mayor” of NY City has declared by his sole diktat there now exists, written into NYC law, a third gender.

Talk about something created out of Whole Cloth.


As you read this, ask yourself, how much am I thinking along these lines? How much in common am I, as a Man with my brothers as with Men of The Christian Greco/Roman West, am I? What you find defines you, thus us all if your heart is true and your mind alert to the dangers we all face as Brothers, a Brotherhood, as Men of The West.



Dr. Jerry Pournelle understood history of Freedom & Liberty, The West, of our Christian Greco/Roman ideas of rule of law, Republican form of government, of the natural right to arms and their use in defending oneself, loved ones, our property, our hard won well learned precepts, the seeds of living as Freemen of The West under Liberty & Freedom.

Dr. Pournell understood war, and why people fight for such things, against all odds, against seeming insurmountable odd’s, when all hope is gone and it seems resistance is futile, it is then in our darkest hour that we Men of The West show our enemy what we are made of. That we are indeed regardless of the malice, the lies, the fabrications out of whole cloth against us, we are realizing we are Legion.

The entire world in one way or another has been at war with our Liberty and against us as Men of The West since the 5000 Year Leap dawned on us. The Fabian’s have never taken a day off, they can not, for to leave Liberty and The Men of The West to their own devices is to loose ground it can ill afford to relinquish. And neither can we any longer. If you have not realized the gravity of this you will or you will die an ignorant useful dupe, cannon fodder for the marxist’s before this war is over.

But as us Men of The West are preparing ourselves to bring the fight to our existential enemy, just our zeitgeist of resistance to their war against The West is proving to be very effective, truly anti-fragile, which has come as a great surprise to the cultural marxists, that there is courage still in Men, that the Men of The West are not in any way demoralized and beaten by the hate, the envy, the agenda of the human extinction movement.

The axiom that we must learn to drink from the skull’s of our enemies is as true today as it has been for all before us who fought for what matters most against all tyrants and tyranny. MAGA is not some cliquey phrase, it is a mandate with a death sentence, an open season hunting license. No bag limit on cultural marxists.what-is-stopping-us-map

The critical details are winning hearts and minds, not just for the sake of more Warriors of Men of The West, but to define the battle ground, to make our enemy fight on our terms, at the place and time of our choosing, MAGA is 4th Generation War of the hearts and minds, to deny our enemy its ideological battle space, a battle which once won sets the stage for the final stages of winning this existential war. And existential it is. Is there any doubt each side can not tolerate the existence of the other, that agenda of one can never be realized as long as one Man is left standing with the idea of Liberty and everything of The West which created Liberty in his blood exists, that it is and always will be at war with ideas anathema to its ideology of totalitarian raw naked power to impose its will on its subjects or genocide their arses. Or both, as history clearly has proven.

Dr. Pournell pointed out a critical feature which made The West Great. And by extension America great, as in America, a people who embody and created in living color that sublime greatness so difficult to define but exists nonetheless, even for our foibles and warts, if anything in spite of them. He talked about Prudence. The need for it. The ideas of it. The reason why it is so important to who and what we are. That this Prudence is so profound, without Prudence, we would not exist nor would our Liberty and Freedoms. That Prudence is the results of maturity of a culture and precepts, beliefs and moral code, that it is this seeming simple concept of Prudence which defined an entire new world. And that without Prudence we Men of The West are lost and will fall.

Jerry Pournelle summed Prudence up thusly:




As Men of The West, do you understand what our responsibilities are about?

Do you see why our enemy is what it is?

Why we are Legion even if we not yet as self determining individualistic in nature have realized our Legionary character?

That as Men of The West it is in our blood to be Legion and we are beginning to believe and understand this truth of us, that this gestalt changes everything.

That order out of chaos is the root of divide and conquer, and as we Men of The West begin to form our grass roots insurgency of 4th Generation resistance we become far more powerful than we alone could imagine, that because we are Legion in numbers we also become legion in fact. That at that point nothing can withstand our wrath, while at this same turning our enemy is at the stage where they must do everything possible to stop us from being Legion, that nothing is beyond the pale of possibilities, nothing is too extreme in the pursuit of raw naked power. That raw naked power over people and things is all our enemy has. And it will fight with everything it has to realize that power. Nothing else matters, for without that power it is nothing.

A remarkable thing has happened. Many of us have unbeknownst to us joined ‘The Honorable Resistance”. We have become free Men in our own right. We are finding the old ways. Discovering new skills and craftwork. We home school our children. Begin small enterprises. Grow and raise our own food. Live “off grid” as we can. Avoiding taxes. Rebuilding what is intrinsically more valuable than fiat can but. We do without. Conserve. Preserve. Barter, trade, create tribe, build small community, we get right with all sorts of things, we are renaissance and we are inventors, we create new things and bring back whats best of the old ways. Rise-MOTW-MEN-ARE

There is nothing more dangerous than a Western Christian Man who thinks and acts for himself, nothing on God’s green Earth is feared by those who despise us than what we are, for our natural born potential to succeed against the odd’s and come out better and stronger for it.

This is the “toxic masculinity” our enemy has appointed us and our self determination.

They can take their toxic bullshit and shove it upon their arses. Just as we will shove our bayonets up their arse’s. BFYTW.




Bill Huppert has composed a most excellent cautionary screed. Bill touches on another great issue of our time, that he proves how connected everything about us as Men of The West and our rights to secession, abolition of The State, to Liberty and self determinism, how our culture is upstream of cultural marxism and all politics of our time, how certain defining things connect us, how it is all part & parcel of who we are as Men of The West.


Mewling: Fantasy Sex As Strange Fruit By Bill Buppert


Publisher’s Note: I could give a shit about Kavanaugh’s bona fides, I know if was nominated by either party, he will simply be a rubber stamp for the Federal government’s maintenance and expansion of power and a continuation of the war against individual liberty. But I am thrilled by the communist mewling and caterwauling over the contretemps it has caused. The same thing happened when Thomas and Bork threaten ted the socialist apple cart in the last century; eerily, the same sexual hysteria and unsubstantiated accusations illuminated those great national discussions.

Kavanaugh will be just as awful as Roberts who suddenly became a raging socialists’ apologist once he donned the poisonous robes of the Supremes.

I do look forward to that miserable commie rat in human guise, the notorious RBG, to assume room temperature and watch the madness unfold again.

Just saw two brilliant “Irish” movies this month. The first was ‘71 and the other was Black ’47.

‘71 is about the Troubles in Ireland and it follows a British soldier and his travails as he is separated from his unit and has to make his way through Indian country. It pulls no punches and portrays the moral ambiguity that informs every guerrilla conflict when the rising starts to rebel against the occupier.

Black ’47 takes us back 124 years to the southern island when the British version of the Soviet Holdomorduring the potato famine proves that the 700 year occupation of Ireland has done the indigenous inhabitants no favors. The British Empire has always been a celebrated vampire nation in the annals of imperial misconduct.

Both films are beautifully lensed with ‘71 the more claustrophobic of the two and the broad gray vistas of Ireland a scene-stealer in Black ’47. The protagonist in the latter movie is a deserting Irish Ranger returning to his devastated homeland. Hugo Weaving does a great star turn as a British soldier who starts to see his path has always been immoral and wrong.

Both are brutal but vivid in the raw portrayals of men bent on revenge with no hope of redemption.

I had never heard of the Ribbonmen before, a new addition to my guerrilla bestiary. Ribbonists were most active between 1835 and 1855 and in the Tithe War (Cogadh na nDeachúna).

Great movies.

In other news, I no longer profess to be a libertarian, I am now a collapsitarian.

Please continue to provision and train like you are in mortal danger. The Mango Emperor has given you a few years to catch up. -BB

“Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or loneliness. It consists in daring to do the right thing and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds not words.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“We are, each of us, alone. And this is the first law of masculinity. And it is the most important law. Your value is equal to the value which you bring to the tribe. We are not equal. You are not special. Respect is earned, not given. Your brothers will not love you unconditionally for who you are, just being yourself. They will criticise you, push you to your limits, bring out the best in you, and give you their respect when earned. And this isn’t shocking at all. This is common knowledge to any man. Your childhood is over. The boy is dead. It’s time to be a man for the rest of your life.”
Jack Donovan

The Kavanaugh circus has once again focused all of us who are morally sober to see the unhinged and absolutely barking mad behavior of the current crop of economically illiterate communists. Every generation has their own brain-dead collectivist army here in America since Lincoln put us all on the plantation.

The latest variant of this happens to be a resurrection of the zombie Temperance Union battalions of alcohol prohibitionists switching to their version of the “he said-she said” variety of sexual encounters where estrogen fever-dreams become reality. In this case, the Democrats broke out the big guns and dragooned all the government supremacist floozies they could muster. Amazingly, none of the amnesiac women-folk could get their stories straight.


Not for want of trying.

On a more serious note, it is time to remind all the men in your life whether family or friends that there is a serious threat to every facet of their lives.

I have been practicing the Pence Rule for ages. The stunt-double for Race Bannon from Johnny Quest has famously said he will never dine or be alone with a woman who isn’t his wife.

He’s right.

Don’t even do it at work or anywhere for that matter, no exceptions.


8 Lady Godiva (1)
Bravo Bill!
Another great “Bill”, otherwise known as William S. Lind writes of another part of our character and history as Men of The West. The Christian Greco/Roman components of who we are. If you are not aware, Mr. Lind is the father of understanding and defining 4th Generation Warfare, it’s incredible 5000 plus years history, how, why, and by whom it is waged.
So for Mr. Lind to write of a second Reformation, we should listen and heed his thinking, his cautionary insights:

A Second Reformation?

Rome has fallen.

Beginning in the 1960s, most mainline Protestant churches fractured over two divergent understandings of Christianity.  In one camp are those who believe Christianity was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, in Holy Scripture, and in the traditions of the early church.  The duty of present-day Christians is to pass that heritage, unaltered and undiminished to future generations until the Lord comes again.  In the other camp are those who believe the faith must reflect the Zeitgeist, altering itself as necessary to maintain a broad appeal.  They see revelation as an ongoing process in which new commandments can override old. 

Under a veneer of unity, this same tension has been present within the Roman Catholic church.  With the release of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s recent letter attributing priestly pedophilia to a widespread toleration of homosexuality among Roman clergy, the fracture is in the open.  The Zeitgeist has proclaimed homosexuality normal and, as in the mainline Protestant churches, the faction within the Roman church that follows the Zeitgeist must follow suit.  To traditional Christians this is anathema.  Rome appears headed for schism.

This may be good news.  A schism within the Roman church and the emergence of a sizeable Roman “continuing church” would create the possibility of a second Reformation, with the difference that this Reformation would unify rather than divide.  “Continuing church” Protestants and Catholics would have more in common with each other than with modernizers in their own denominations; the same would be true for the other side.  It is conceivable that Catholics and Protestants could unite in two new churches, one reflecting Zeitgeist, the other upholding traditional Christianity.  Given the number of both Catholic and Protestants traditionalists, a new, united “continuing church” might be the larger–large enough to wield substantial cultural and political power. 

To be sure, the obstacles would be significant, especially for the traditionalists.  Traditional Protestants and Catholics would each have to look back before the Reformation to find common ground.  Protestants would have to accept a Catholic understanding of the Eucharist and adopt a valid liturgy for their communion services (even some Baptist churches had liturgy up into the early 1900s).  Catholics would have to share the Apostolic Succession with non-Catholic male clergy and forego requiring that Protestants accept the innovations arising out of the Council of Trent, Vatican I and Vatican II.  The Holy Spirit would have to do some heavy lifting to make a union come about. 

What might be the strategic implications of such a second Reformation?  Since the end of the Thirty Years’ War in 1648, the West has discounted religion as a strategic factor.  But at present, the primary strategic weakness of the West is that it no longer believes in itself.  Western culture’s will to live died in World War I, in the mud and slaughter of the Western Front.  After the Somme, Verdun, and Passchendaele, the best lacked all conviction.  Fascism attempted to recover by exalting the will, but fascism failed, felled by its own errors.  And so today as the old West, Europe, is invaded by hordes of mendicants from strange cultures, the European elites offer their countries as doormats.  

As Russell Kirk wrote, “Culture comes from the cult.”  Religion has been at the heart of most, perhaps all cultures since human culture arose…

Read The Rest Here






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