GOOLAG: “Masters of The Universe”


Is this where you are going in China Goolag?

Your dry run Beta case for America?

You are not fooling us born with Liberty coursing through our veins.

Because this is the ultimate result of the thought police state.

Don’t fucking kid yourself. In America it is we the people whose Consent you are attempting to shut down, and we have all the guns, lots of guns. Will the marxist ramparts of the ivory tower you all sit in protect you from our wrath. Will you run and hide behind the protections of the Constitution you deny us?

For you are a very poor substitute for state power.

Not, that in the end that will protect you either.

Andrew Breitbart-we-have-guns speach


I see you at GOOLAG, your internal corporate email messaging shows up in my statistics, you are watching me for some time. Are you trying to figure out how to stop me from running my blog?

You will not be the first who has tried to silence my thoughtful resistance and my words of truth. People far above you politically tried and failed. In fact it was your savior and his minions.



You can not stop the message. That can not be stuffed back in its bottle, a ship that sailed long ago. We know this is war on what & who we are, you are waging no less. You can not change us. You only reinforce our perseverance and indomitable will. You provide reason for our cold anger and motive power for the deeds which must be done in defense of our freedoms that are none of your fucking business.




2017 (10).08.09 - GooglagRemember, you all aren’t a State government with the power to enforce it’s diktat and man made “laws” with threat of force and ultimate use of violence backing you up. You may consider yourselves an entity with special powers and privilege, but at the end of the day, there is nothing protecting you but an illusion of legitimacy, at best.

Are you to create a body of violent neo-bolsheviks to send hither to harass and genocide us dirt people who you perceive as your amerika’s kulaks?

Unlike those Kulaks of old, we shoot back. How long do you suppose you can survive once you instigate the use of violence to enforce your master’s of your universe diktat, against the 64 million plus Deplorable’s who you aim to deny our free voice and will of our Consent. The withdrawal of which is the most powerful political weapon ever devised?

When you inhibit our peaceful protest and redress, you instigate violent resistance to your tyranny if you insist on obtaining the raw naked power which you will have to ultimately require, if you are to fulfill your ideologies ultimate intent.

Make no mistake, because you will have left no other pressure relief valves, if you and your fellow media ilk insist to never back down, for we the people to self determine our activities and lives. Indeed, you set in motion something once begun does not stop, that has no mercy for it’s enemy, until it chooses to. Make no mistake about it, you all are tyrannical no matter how much you dress your turd of totalitarian intentions up in a fig leaf of marxian righteousness.

Remember that when you read this post.



fuck-zuk-BFYTWGoogle Vs. Trump: “The Good Censor” On Collision Course With The Patriot President Remember, “Trump Is Our Murder Weapon”, no matter what Mr. Trump is “The Great Fuck You”

Stunning 85-page Google memo ‘The Good Censor’ leaked to Breitbart  -By Thomas Lifson When you piss off Thomas Lifson, you have pissed off the Normie’s also.

‘THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’  You murdered Andrew, you thought you shut Andrew up, all you did was make Andrew stronger. That’s the way of raw naked power applied in a Republic, not a “democracy” as you murderers are won’t to deceive us dirt people, it becomes manifest in its destiny. Your destiny is sneaking up on you in ways you can not conceive. Your own personal Black Swans.

THE GOOGLE TAPE: Google Global Affairs VP Kent Walker — ‘History Is on Our Side’ The only history you deserve having is rope burns around your neck and a cold unmarked grave.mind-Googlag

Responding to leaks, Google denies political bias Bullshitters bullshitting only themselves.

Could Google rankings skew an election? New group aims to find out. You think Mao in a pantsuit loosing was some kind of Deplorable’s good luck? You cloud people fail to recognize how serious us dirt people are. This is not politics with us. No. It is something far upstream from that. Keep doubling down. Go ahead. We dare you.

Report: Google’s Plan to Launch Censored Search Engine in China Revealed Marxist Genocide writ large. It isn’t rocket science, you are configuring a Beta case that you can then polish like a marxist turd and impose on America.

YouTube to Fund Handpicked ‘Authoritative News Sources’ and Push Them on Users   The 5th Column of Yellow Journalism may be shiny ideology to you dirty stinking commies, but it’s rancid poison to us. And we reject it in entirety. If you can look past your barn blind marxian self delusion long enough to see you only reinforce your lies in our eye’s.

The Good Censor: Brietbart News Drop Box Exclusive:                                                          “How can Google reassure the world that it protects users from harmful content while still supporting free speech?”  WHO THE FUCK ASKED YOU?

Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blacklists 800+ Grassroots Accounts and Pages to Fight ‘Fake News The Faceborg Collective: Comply, be assimilated into the hive mind collective.

Christie-Lee McNally: Google Does Not ‘Worry About Legislation’ Because They ‘Bought’ Congress What you all going to do when the swamp is drained? Your gonna look funny without the swamp having your back.

screen-shot-2018-02-28-at-9-15-30-amEpstein: ‘Google Is the Most Powerful Mind-Control Engine Ever Created’ Well yeah. One of the main purposes for it’s creation. Programming the little totalitarians among us, whilst making it a simpler task of watching those of us who refuse to be assimilated into the collective.

E.U. Parliament Members Call for Facebook Audit, Competition Law Overhaul That, I find very difficult to believe. Its more shiny objects to distract the proletariat, Euro-Normies.

Google’s ‘Shift Towards Censorship’ Aids Relationship with China A marxist is a marxist, a dirty stinking commie is a dirty stinking commie, no matter how it is dressed up. (Did I just repeat myself?)

Google Calls Search Engine Bias a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ – It’s Not Typical double think. Never admit anything. Always double down. These Goolage exec’s are the ultimate SJW’s, their plan is to converge the whole world. They must be taking cues from the psychopath in a Mao pants suit who was denied her reign as dickless-tater.

THE GOOD CENSOR: Leaked Briefing Says Google Must Move Away from ‘American Tradition’ of Free Speech to Expand Globally, Attract Advertiser $$$s Follow the money, always follow the money with these marxist’s. Their “advertising” scam is really not much different than their “good censor” scam. Its about power and money.

THE GOOD CENSOR: Google Document Suggests Web Must Be Controlled Because ‘Users Are Behaving Badly’ Ah, again, WHO THE FUCK ASKED YOU?

THE GOOD CENSOR: Google Briefing Accused Trump of Spreading ‘Conspiracy Theory’ The only conspiracy here is to destroy our great Republic and replace it with State Marxism.

THE GOOD CENSOR: Google Briefing Admits Censorship Makes It Akin to a ‘Publisher’ No more 1st Amendment protections for you goolag.truth-extermination-camp-Googlag

Sen. Collins Flooded with Abusive Tweets Threatening Death, Violence — Twitter Does Nothing The stench of marxist double standards. Always employ the screen of accusing others of what your guilty of to hide what your guilty of, then double down and employ what you are guilty of. Its all the fuckers got. No other way to impose your ideology of nothing but hate and envy on others outside the hive collective.collective-insanity

Vox’s ‘Abolish SCOTUS’ Harvard Law Professor Hoped Liberal Court Would Crush Conservatives when Hillary Won Sucks to be you motherfucker. Ain’t gonna happen.

Facebook Blocks Links to Free Speech Competitor ‘Minds’ Faceborg employ’s mind control feature of its social platform.

The Good Censor – GOOGLE LEAK The complete archived Goolag leak on SCRIBED











3 thoughts on “GOOLAG: “Masters of The Universe”

    • Oh Yeah. The Revisionist’s are holding nothing back. Like syndicate TV commercials, i never knew there was so many negroes in America, if a person didn’t know any better they’d think the US was a sub African State.


    • PS, one use of this revisionism is clickbait, watch who scopes it out, follow the linkage, find out who is not part of the collective. Actually it’s totalitarian theory in practice. Make everyone afraid, get them to submit to something, then all who resist or defy stick out like sore thumbs and you can pick them of at your convenience or for useful purposes.
      We can bet one thing, Goolag with their resources is watching everything regarding reaction to their revisionism.


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