Joke of The Day, Pizzagate Writ Large and Other Forms of The Left’s Evil/Mental Retardation

(courtesy of Ace’s Saturday Overnight Open Thread & other snark )


A little girl was leaning into a lion’s cage. Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the collar of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, all under the eyes of her screaming parents.

A biker jumps off his Harley, runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch.

Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl and the biker brings the girl to her terrified parents, who thank him endlessly. A reporter has watched the whole event.

The reporter addressing the Harley rider says, “Sir, this was the most gallant and bravest thing I’ve seen a man do in my whole life.”

The Harley rider replies, “Why, it was nothing, really. The lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger, and acted as I felt right.”

The reporter says, “Well, I’ll make sure this won’t go unnoticed. I’m a journalist, and tomorrow’s paper will have this story on the front page.

So, what do you do for a living, and what political affiliation do you have?” The biker replies “I’m a U.S. Marine, a Republican and I voted for Trump”. The journalist leaves.

The following morning the biker buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:



American Evolutions from Sears to Google  Interesting piece on corporate monopolies, the unintended consequences of eliminating any and all competition or encroachment, ant-trust, and the concrete ugliness of their mono-polar 1 world order reign of what is nothing other than lousy corporate tyranny. What’s Bezo’s purpose of AI devices listening on everything you do in the course of your private and intimate life? Of the programming of the psyche of the Faceborg Collective

BANNED 2018 MIDTERM ELECTION COVERAGE From the source which itself has been banned for the same purposes.

Tommy Robinson Has Won Gates of Vienna’s cross-section of Brittian’s Human Extinction Movement and how it has deliberately committed curial and political suicide by importing more “refugee” Pakistani musloid’s than native white Great Brittain’s. (As an aside, the UK parliament declared European Union can import multiple billion MORE African mislaid and feral refugee’s, more than the existing white european population combined.) WTF!: SERIOUSLY? The European Union believes that it is able to accommodate 3.8 billion more refugees and migrants!:

 “According to the EU Commission, the European Union’s member states can accomadate 3.8 billion – yes, BILLION – refugees/asylum seekers/economic migrants (a majority of whom are Muslims from Africa and the Middle East). The EU’s current total population is approximately 510 million.”

You. Can. Not. Make. This. Shit. Up.

ROSENSTEIN DEFIES & STONEWALLS CONGRESS Something’s afoot. A method to the madness of Trumpolitic Kabuki Theater? The mid-terms are pivotal in more than one respect. Is The God Emperor 4D Political Chess Master keeping this deep state worm around for a specific purpose? Nothing else makes much sense, other than “keeping your enemies closer,” or for a stalking horse, letting the deep state implicate itself deeper into its state of treason, which is the only deep legitimate state it is. Traitors.











Two From The Diplomad   The totalitarians will do anything to prevail. Opponents who quail at the prospect of counter-action need to abandon their illusions.

A Measure Of The Enemy’s Evil : This and above courtesy WRSA: Below link to a post on Gab:

If you want to see tons of proof of what the LGBT pedo globalist push is doing to sexualize and gender bend YOUR innocent little kids and grandkids please watch this jaw-dropping 35-minute documentary and share it everywhere online and email it to friends, family, and co-workers.

You won’t believe what they show in this video and what is being taught to YOUR kids and grandkids every single day in schools.

This is being pushed in public and private schools in all 50 U.S states and in Europe, Australia, Russia, Canada, Iceland, and Latin America. 

I bet you didn’t know (Vader didn’t) Planned Parenthood is not just in America it’s the number one heavily funded tool used by globalists to keep the worldwide population down or in check, push the toxic feminist ideology (lowers birthrates), and to mass sexualize children under the IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) umbrella who’s in over 170 countries.

A pamphlet/book called, ‘Happy, Healthy, and Hot’ pushed and endorsed by the United Nations says you DON’T have to tell potential sexual partners that you have HIV, in ‘It’s Perfectly Normal’, and the “It’s All One Curriculum’ that has and is being given out to tens of millions of children is recommended for kids under ten years old.

In these three pamphlets it shows graphic images of kids and adults masturbating, teaching five-year-olds that masturbation is not harmful, gay sex, in the ‘It’s All One Curriculum’ they use the term “sexual pleasure” 62 times, the term “abortion” is mentioned 112 times and it says “there is no right age to have sex.”

Classes now where nine-year-old little girls are taught how to put a condom on a plastic penis. 

Here’s the link to the 20-page ‘Health, Happy, Hot’ pamphlet:

And if you’re asking yourself why would the WHO, UN, EU, and Planned Parenthood push this stuff on our innocent kids?

– Money $$$.

– Brainwashing and mind control. 

– Creating the next generation of feminazis.

– Population Control.

– Make our societies disease and mentally ill riddled and hateful of the opposite sex.

Pushing this evil agenda means more STD’s, more pregnancies, more depression, anxiety, suicides, and mental health issues, and more abortions which means hundreds of billions of dollars to be reaped by globalist owned Big Pharma, hospitals, and Planned Parenthood to sell off baby parts like an assembly line. 

68% of all AIDS cases in the U.S are with gay men who make up less than 1% of the entire U.S population. 

To save our children and our society we must homeschool our kids/grandkids or at the very least get them into some sort of religious-based school until you can homeschool them. 

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Read the Gabster comments too, awesome heart felt observations. The great awakening is evolving apace. Pretty soon now it will combined with the red pilled look around to suddenly grok it is a massive plurality. Getting closer every day. The real wave that happens at the mid-terms is the awakening turns into that plurality that realizes it is one. The final nail in the democratic political machine happens.

The leftists crazed actions in the kangaroo court attempting to implicate Kavanaugh of fake/false crimes as a boy and very young adult speak too the very things of which the class that these marxian statist elites come from glaringly obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense and propriety witnessed, and it has red pilled them how far the rabbit hole goes.

The above video is from 2016, no doubt it has only grown in its incomprehensible evil. Ol’ Trump is right as Q states, evil many will not be able to accept, evil on the mind job level.


Are you seeing what I am seeing? Evil so evil there is nothing for these monsters but to never relent till either they obtain thru any means necessary, raw naked limitless power or they go down. It is the only two ways this all ends. Understand the implications you then can understand what everything is about: All the violence, the destruction of civil society, the completely bonkers behavior, the promises of physical violence, are components of the marxists, not so much features, nor outliers, it is beyond intentional, it is indicative substance, insights into the personal makeup, the mental state, how they operate, of the ruling actors.

I’ve maintained from the first revelations what Pizzagate is will be their undoing.

They give hedonism a new definition. Remember we are talking the ultimate entitlement class. Entitled to unlimited hubris, beyond just power and wealth, but something else entirely. No limits. None. Thats a unique power in of its self. Think Bill Clinton dusting his Secret Service detail to jump on Epstein’s Lolita Express to his little island goolag for child sex slaves and snuff films?

Recently it has been reported Epstein’s entire island has bee sanitized, literally razed to it’s soil, burned from end to end of everything but the sea mount itself. Mmmm? There’s only so many islands to go around the wealthy and connected can own outright. A precious finite natural resource, so what purpose does incinerating the entire surface of such an island till it is devoid of anything but sand and stone?

The use of human beings, children and teenagers, as objects for their pleasure, the ultimate power of ruling over the most defenseless innocent, where anything and everything is possible, no evil too evil for its own sake. It’s the ultimate ultimate power over a human. What else is more hedonistic than using children for sexual slaves and sacrifices, then discarding the broken husks to be broken up in parts to be used in an organlegging system. From skin to blood. Worth more than gold on the medical and research market, and what better front than Planned Parenthood?



You can see the sociopaths and psychopath’s they trot out. Anyone within our society who is “normal” has left the human extinction movement. There is no such thing as “moderate” democrats active within the construct, it is literally a hive of the demented which is looking for recourse of it’s total failure to destroy that which threatens the hive.  An amazing display of lies and prevarication’s, the dissimulation is complete, cognitive dissonance on an entirely higher level the likes of which in its scale and scope beyond anything we dirt people know. Thats the trick, to grasp the level of insanity, it is to accept the truth and then have the knowledge to prepare oneself, as whats coming is unlike anything any of us have seen.

hillary-face-of-evilThe leftists are at the stage of marxism where the right no longer has to participate. To understand that, it has reached a culmination point where everything about us dirt people has been attacked. Nothing was left unturned. Every precept more principle characteristic concept tradition about us has been attacked. The Kavanaugh kangaroo court they had to have is a look into the demented lust to reacquire the power 64 million dirt people have denied them, actually its more than 64 million, that is only those who physically voted, the hearts and minds who have given the leftists the finger numbers in the hundreds of millions. What has terrified actual Republican politicians within the congress is the wonton public display of the underlying truth of how crazy the left is and it’s actual unlimited war to regain its lost power.

tumblr_ozqbbs93SJ1tb234ao1_540-768x731(This Alt-Agitprop to the right, think about this for a second: you con entire generations of women and your ladies into living a promiscuous lifetstyle, where it is simple pie to rid yourself of the social anchor of a baby inside you. Think now, have you not created entire generations of women with no conscience, total rejection of the Body Temple, where if murder of ones unborn child is merely an inconvenience, you have created an entire race of females with no scruples, who are putty in your hands, who can be brainwashed into anything, the ultimate Lenin’s useful dupes. Along with destroying the idea and legacy of complete family, with husband & wife who nurture and protect their children from evil, but become evil itself. This ain’t a black or a white thing. This is a Human Extinction Movement thing.

You can not bargain with such marxian collective. You have nothing they want unless you want to submit totally, or die. The truth of that is what it is all about in no uncertain terms.

This is not a mind job I’m writing here, it is the simple truth underlying everything going on with the leftists. We have reached the stage where there is nothing for the leftists but threat of violence and use of violence. It’s simple, they can not “win” any other way. They know they have been bested on the rhetorical level, their politics, their agenda, are so distasteful to most American’s it can only be foisted on us through cunning underhanded methods, like Judicial legislation, gerrymander, vote fraud and rigging, blackmail, creating out of whole cloth illusions of legitimate cause and effect. Judicial activism is an instrument of power that has been denied them. Now it is weaponizing corporate fascists to make up for their other losses of money and political power. How they plan to incorporate a police state and corporate marxism remains to be seen. They are going to be in need of tens of thousands of antifa terrorists, along with management resources, undertake a huge logistics base without deep state resources in support of a nation wide antifa militia, and thats not even considering its losses through arrests and detention, or as dirt people begin fighting back. That last item, because at some point antifa or what ever will resort to waging open warfare. They have previously telegraphed on multiple occasions their intent of training for the advent of going to their guns. No doubt in my mind it is not threat, simply inevitable.

How else will the leftists enforce their ideology? All other methods of imposing the agenda have failed.

welcome-normies-to-dirt-people-worldAntifa is not the only active in our face protagonists, there are the little totalitarians among us and criminal gangs. They let the Genie of glorious violent marxian revolution out of its bottle, these two elements become instantly effective by default. One causes useful chaos, the other is an effective deep intelligence tool that has been inlace for years or more, embedded in local community and precinct. Shit stirrers and snitches, literally totalitarians dressed as local inhabitants.


The neo-bolsheviks will if history is correct operate similar to the above, liquidating any person resisting. A few saved for show trials of course.

I look a the antifa thugs and that is what I see in my minds eye. How antifa and their comrades will begin in enclaves where they have aquired safe operating environments. Thing here, once this blood letting begins it is also a job fair and indoctrination for creating more blood thirsty cadre. What better initiation than having one human murder another for political expediency in cold blood. You do this, your soul is stained, no going back from it, can’t take back a bullet ever, and it awakens in those of the propensity the thirst for more.


DO. NOT. GIVE. UP. YOUR. GUNS. PERIOD. Whatever you must do.


We are all free to choose our own path. Please do not take my words as telling you what you should do. That is business that is yours. They are meant as a guide, to shine the sanitizing light of truth on singularly evil disgusting vile people and their activities who literally have a plan that is hundreds of years old, more than 2 centuries in fact, to destroy America because the world would never be free to be plundered without obstruction as long as America and its ideas, the precepts and history which led to its creation is wiped from God’s green Earth and the memory of Men of The West.










Know Thyself
























4 thoughts on “Joke of The Day, Pizzagate Writ Large and Other Forms of The Left’s Evil/Mental Retardation

    • The last of the Corporate Old’s. I been wondering if Sears was converged, if that is behind it’s demise. After all Sears is a true American Icon going back over a century. A prime target for the early SJW’s. I’m just guessing here, but it fits the pattern of “Destroying The Old’s”, and anything the product of White Christian Western prosperity, wealth, and happiness, under cultural marxist ideology. “…Through The Institutions”


  1. OH yeah, I read where that Cabalist Minion just North of us has plans to bring in TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE MILLION REFUGEES from various Shitholes around the globe into Canada by 2030.
    That is 12 years from now.
    I wonder where they think they are going to put ’em and exactly what the fuck they are going to feed ’em?
    I’m thinking someone was bullshitting because that is 2/3’s the entire population of this country.
    I flat can’t see that happening.
    Doesn’t mean the fag bastard ain’t gonna try though.
    That poor country fucked its self but good by putting that kid Trudeau in there.
    They need a good Trumpening.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Castro’s bastard spawn? He is following the lead of the Great Britain wing of the human extinction movement.
      I hazard a guess his shithole musloids will eventually jump the borders in numbers. Nothing is stopping them as of now.
      The plan is white genocide by any means, so nothing is off the table.
      We need two walls. Though how do you build a wall across the great lakes? The correct remedy is to retake everything, but thats generational.

      Speaking of that soy gamma red diaper mandarin from Canada, notice Mexico has “elected” a dirty stinking commie also? I think it was a 3 way tag team operation gone amuck, where Mao psychopath in a pantsuit, a true Alynski-ite if there ever was one, was to be the next POTUS cultural marxist regime, a definite Soros ally, that way the entire North American continent would be ruled by neo-bolshevik 1 world order cabal. The thinking there, it was to be the final act in the dissolution of America as we know it. Sandwiched between two dis-armed communist republics, dis-arming us dirt people would be job #1.
      Can you imagine the scale and scope of 4th Generation war which would proceed under such a continental tyranny of marxism?
      It’s the number one reason I’m grateful we voted the God Emperor in. That little Ol’ orange Revolution we had 11-8-16 really poked a wrench in the long march’s timeline.
      Thats why the fuckers are so riled up. Add in the cross the board loss of their array of resources of the deep state usurped federal government, it set the motherfuckers back decades, maybe a century if history is a guide.
      And we still have guns. Lots of guns. More guns than anyone or anything.
      The blessing of White Christian Western ideas and precepts, the history of the 2nd Amendment in particular, is one of salvation and insurance against such a calamity. And we haven’t even needed to use them yet. Thats the beauty of the natural primal rights of arms.

      Well time will tell won’t it?
      What do you think on this: I contend the neo-bolsheviks have no intent of winning the house or the congress back. That is a cover, they are depending on plausible deniability through the appearance of losing the mid terms, to create the narrative they are justified in any means to regain the raw naked power they so desperately require to survive the push back of Trump and the dirt people. Its an all in or nothing thing. I think they have no choice actually. Everything is screwed up for them when our withdrawal of consent for the bastards got by the gate keepers. And now that people are waking up in plural numbers, that plurality is on the cusp of power nothing can stop.

      Hey, hope your having a great vacation!
      Looks like a beautiful piece of country.


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