NPC Isn’t Difficult: Identity Tactics Born Out of Diversity Returned Righteously To The Senders As Revenge Served Cold








































Remember always the keys to understanding the SJW’s, Concern Troll’s, Gammas, soy-boys, antifa, the key cabal of neo-bolsheviks, their “cultural marxism tactics behind the whole lot NPC’s:


They Always Lie

They Always Double Down

They Always Accuse Their Enemies of What They Themselves Are Guilty of, (deflection)

They Always Double Down

They Always Deny Everything

They Never Admit To Anything

They Always Double Down

They Are A Hive Mind

They Abhore Every Mind That Thinks For Itself

They Always Double Down

They Create The Pickle They Can’t Extract Themselves From

They Always Double Down On That

They Fear The Truth More Than They Fear Individual Thinkers

And last, They Always Double Down

Applying these truths, or speaking truth to power, NPC Alt-Agitprop can not be escaped, because all NPC is is the truth, that once the truth is recognized it can not be escaped. The unintended consequences of NPC collective thought can not be gotten away from. Because NPC speaks directly to the truth of them in the way they all fear and despise the truth of themselves they have no flexible or creative defense against it, indeed, yet worse for NPC’s, is the truth of us Nazi’s and Fascist’s, who they have used such pogram and personal perjoritive’s to justify their psychotic projection of selective cultural class race and sex diversity as an instrument of collective desire to genocide us. The more they double down with their standard hive think the more they reinforce the very truth they are attempting to deflect from the collective, they can not betray the hive by thinking in individual self determining ways. You can imagine the corner they paint themselves into.  NPC’s by nature are inflexible, is their Achilles heel.












It is a pickle no doubt. It is absolutely beautiful to witness. A most satisfying state of affairs. The non violent peaceful effect sweetens the pot. Every minute NPC’s try to deflect the truth of themselves onto the tellers of truth of NPC’s, they reveal exactly their hive mind collective mentality and its sociopathy.

NCP memes must sting, the bitterness expressed reveals how accurate the Alt-Agitprop. To be on the receiving end of this stinging truth appears to have created a swarming effect, where the hive is suffering cognitive disarray.

Better yet is the anger they reveal against being revealed. A double whammy and the rule of doubling down, rule of projection, is revealed in living color. Akin to bailing out the sinking ship of NPC by throwing the water back into the boat.

Why The Hive Is Utterly Vulnerable to NPC. It has been a long time coming to which the collective is faced with political existentialism. Everything has changed. Even the earlier Alt-Agitprop is history to a certain extent. It is, dare I say, A Brave New World?

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Thats just my basic take. Its pretty complex on the micro level, but its the best I can explain of an over view of how I personally see it.

Oh yeah, the 4Chans, Autistics, they have a secret culture, a brilliant community of Hi IQ wickedly intelligent creative thinkers, way out in front of the 8ball. How they Hi-Jacked Kek, turned Pepe around on the NPC’s is the measure by which all Alt-Agitprop-Narratives-Memes are gauged by. When they owned the NPC”s “He Will Not Destroy Us” campaign, they understood exactly the grand potential of Alt-Agitprop, and of NPC’s portended, they hit a grand slam. All that was required for it to go “viral” was to catch one NPC out who would howl and moan about NPC Alt-Agitprop as conspiracy of Nazi Fascists. Bingo! Stepped right into the trap 4Chan’s set eyes wide open. The hilarious aspect that they can not comprehend they are caught in a Catch22 of their own making is delicious irony. That Twitter and Faceborg, Goolag is wasting millions on censoring NPC Alt-Agitprop fuels their antagonists to newer heights of brilliance.

npc meme

But you can decide and figure out for yourself what it is about. Here are few links to help provide perspective:

 What Is the ‘NPC’ Meme? Liberals Rage at Cartoons Mocking Their Scripted Thoughts From Brietbart, only fitting..”The new “NPC” meme mocks leftists by depicting them as unthinking and reflexive automatons. The meme has upset the left so much that Twitter is now banning people posting it for “dehumanizing speech,” but its humble origins are the computer-controlled characters of limited intelligence found in most video games…”

Social Justice Warriors Now Outraged Over the “NPC” Meme from the always insightful American Center for Snark: Ace of Spades

Vox Day’s observation of how the war of rhetoric works: NPC is excellent rhetoric

K Blog: Think Different WRSA on thought crimes/thought tactics, in the for now could civil war heating up…. Insights on the belief set of TWWHYAYMFDEWTMSSYSD*

*Those Who Would Have You And Yours Murdered For Doing Exactly What Their Marketing Slogans Say You Should Do



AKA Destroying The NPC’s Cherished Memes



Whats the matter? Has the NPC hive got a taste of its own medicine?


While its not exactly NPC Alt-Agitprop, it is Alt-Tech Alt-social Platforming. The Insurgency Lives. It never ended from the old Tea Party days, it went underground. When they murdered Andrew Breitbart, they made a serious mistake. They made Andrew far stronger than when he was living. The resolve they created among the Honorable Resistance is something so indomitable it is carved in stone. Such thought, and action leaders, as Matt Bracken, former Navy Seal, the amazing Honorable Resistance guerrilla, brings proper and noble word of a revolutionary, (literally, no pun intended, where Gab leaves off, lessons learned), Alt-Tech social Media Platform: Bracken Sends: On Free Speech &

(shamelessly and patriotically copy and pasted in whole from the great redoubtable Concerned American’s Western Rifle Shooting Association, WRSA. The unofficial honorable resistance blog headquarters. None better)

Keeping Nazis, Communist and Islamists Out of FreeZoxee: Censorship or Sanity?
By Matt Bracken was created to provide an integrated set of social media platforms minus the left-wing bias of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but also without repeating the grave error of the conservative Twitter clone Gab began with the premise of providing absolute free speech posting rights to all users. This sounds wonderful in theory but, in actual practice, Gab became a happy home for hundreds, if not thousands, of neo-Nazis. Gab’s remedy for this Nazi infestation was to provide mute and block features, but it can only be guessed how many first-time visitors simply turn away, rather than wading through the Hitler-worshipping Jew haters, blocking them one after the other.

FreeZoxee’s policy is to welcome all views in an open and honest discussion forum. Subjects that are taboo on liberal social media are fair game. However, we will not allow idiots with screen names like “I love Hitler” to goose-step aboard FZ waving Nazi Swastikas. In the same manner, we do not welcome those arriving under the hammer and sickle or the crescent moon. We will not amplify the messages of totalitarian ideologies with proven records of destroying free speech and committing genocide when they come to power. We will not pass ammunition to would-be tyrants, or hand rope to our future hangmen.

Free speech must not become such a fetish that it is held up as a higher virtue than defending one’s own people, nation, religion or culture from attack. FreeZoxee welcomes all rational intelligent discussion, but not the wholesale importation of totalitarian propaganda. There can be no honest debate with totalitarians who arrive programmed with immutable zombie marching orders derived from the Koran, the Communist Manifesto, or Mein Kampf. We can learn from the current situation in Europe where, in the name of absolute tolerance even for the intolerant, thousands of mosques have been built for the millions of Muslim immigrants who will, over time, destroy every last vestige of freedom there.

Intelligent people cannot, under the rubric of absolute free speech, permit screaming fascists to invade their debate halls. Black-clad fascists from any of these totalitarian ideologies add no more to intelligent discourse than feces-throwing howler monkeys add to a picnic. These fascists don’t come to support free speech, but to kill it. Tolerating their intolerance is suicidal.

Uncounted millions of innocent people have been murdered by Nazis, Communists and Mohammedans. Their modern adherents promise to continue their demonstrated mass murder programs if they rise to power. We are not going to help them achieve their goals on FZ, a platform dedicated to defending freedom and opposing tyranny. Pornographic images and the gratuitous display of graphic carnage for the sole purpose of causing horror and disgust are likewise disallowed on FZ. The #Gabstapo Nazis may term this policy censorship, if they like, but we don’t care. There are many other websites where pornographers, gross-out artists, Nazis, Communists and Mohammedans will be welcomed, but they will not be tolerated on

WRSA note: The whole subject, IMHO, is handled by the “your place, your rules” baseline. Speech and property rights are both essential, but in the event of a conflict, the private property rights of the space-owner must be primary. Absent such a rule, you would have the insanity of private actors being forced to lodge guests in their hotel contrary to the owners’ wishes, or bakers being forced to make and decorate cakes contrary to their beliefs. And yes, I am crapping on consteetooshunal restorationists with that snark.

FZ is another watering hole for anti-tyranny types. That itself is a good thing. I signed up yesterday (in < 5 minutes using one thumb on my handheld), and am exploring the possibility of mirroring WRSA there as well as other places. I plan to keep supporting Gab as well, notwithstanding Matt’s legitimate criticisms of that platform.

Diversity actually is our strength – in our comms, in our weapons, and in our thought processes.

Funny, right?

Hope to see you at


More Alt-Agitprop. NPC is absolutely perfect. Another level has happened. Something that has never transpired: Its not identity tactics, it is identity truth. The leftists have never faced anything like this. Its gonna bury them. They can not recover from NPC because they are NPC, yet better, NPC applies to everything they are and do and represent, nothing is sacred to the NPC meme. NPC is the perfect shit storm.

Sucks to be you NPC.



















npc meme



Shades of Agent Smith in The Matrix



Ugly, Misshapen, Tatted, Fat Catladies Hate Trump























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