It Never Stops At Repression of Free Speech: It Is Dress Rehearsal for Revolution and 4th Generation War

Remember… it is all about guns.

As Chairman Mao succinctly put it: All power grows from the barrel of the gun. Mao was right. How else could he murder 75 million people unless he had all the guns.

It all comes down to guns. Everything else is fucking bullshit.


If anyone hasn’t caught on, attempting to shut down Gab is a serious escalation which foretells the intent of those who desire to shut up any and all who have the audacity to defy their totalitarian edicts of eliminating open unfettered free speech and thought…

some links to set the mood before I go on:

Doug Ross has a most salient word about Gab: RED ALERT: Meet the Laughably Fraudulent Patsy Just Arrested for Democrat-Staged Fake Bombs just as many of us predicted, the “mad bomber” staged fake event, along with the Squirrel Hill Synagogue murders, are plausibly deniable acts to create more false narrative to justify the take down of anything and all that stands in their way of raw naked power.

Cesar Sayoc, package bomber: The pieces that don’t fit from the people over to Fellowship of The Minds is self explanatory. Don’t fear to be suspect of these all just to convenient seeming unrelated spontaneous unconnected to anything innocent events. Nothing is beyond the pale now. We have entered a new stage of “festivities” preparatory to the dissolution of America we know and love.

No linkage of right minded rational discussion is complete without Brock Townsend’s posts at Free North Carolina, a stead fast Patriot to be admired: 4 Thoughts On The Attempted Mail Bomber, And Why Everything Is Garbage Right Now

Of course, the great TL Davis, Christian Mercernary: Find Them All; Prosecute Them All, and see this: TL Davis: Normalcy Bias And The Fourth Turning

Update: Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting – Number of Casualties – Suspect Identified – Update: 11 People Killed, 6 Injured… & Spidey-Senses… from Sundance at The Last Refuge comes one on the shooting and because everything the cabal does is connected, a piece on somebody put thru Mueller’s flea circus who may know who the “Spy” in Mr. Trump’s campaign pre MAGA is.

On the mirasculious transformation of a toady from radical leftist to Trump loving MAGA man, just in time to be the “fall guy” for the lefts fabrication known as mail bombs: The details reveal the process of how you run a false flag op: CESAR SAYOC: ‘MAGA BOMBER’ FACEBOOK BETRAYS DEMOCRAT TRUMP INFILTRATOR, ANTI-GOP POSTS

A most interesting thing from The Feral Irishman: What Are The Odd’s… 











…still don’t believe in false flags…the tell is they always project who they are and what they do, it is part of the psychotic behavior required to do these evil things…

Zman on Gab: is under attack. We have been systematically no-platformed by App Stores, multiple hosting providers, and several payment processors. We have been smeared by the mainstream media for defending free expression and individual liberty for all people and for working with law enforcement to ensure that justice is served for the horrible atrocity committed in Pittsburgh. Gab will continue to fight for the fundamental human right to speak freely.

As we transition to a new hosting provider Gab will be inaccessible for a period of time. We are working around the clock to get back online. Thank you and remember to speak freely.


Hard Kill from WRSA:








“Dear Bad Thinker, you have said something we don’t like, no ____________ (fill in the blank) for you” – from C.A.    Pittsburgh & Purity Spirals   This is no joke or snark. Where do they stop? They never stop. Until they are. That requires the obvious, but hard choices. Remember, the choices, you may not be interested in them, but brother, they are interested in you. We have all been officially committed, like the pig in the kill shute. No one gets a free ride on whats coming.










Latest update on Gab from Andrew on WRSA:


Via Gab.



Resist the thought tyrants and their police. Alt-Tech BabyFreeZoxee Friends




back to what I want to say…

…It should be a learning experience, a most cautionary warning to prepare harder, to be diligent in our clear understanding of how evil these totalitarians are, of their tyrannical intent. 

That they have escalated to denial of a platform independent from the usual “social media” they have controlled from the start exactly for the purposes of shutting down all dissent, is a clear and present danger to our natural law of 1st Amendment Liberty.

Word should go out in no uncertain terms their “war” on us Freemen has entered a new phase. After this it is certainly well reasoned based on the degree of action, that more aggressive and increasingly draconian acts will take place. 

Also that it is to be expected their escalation will involve attempts to dis-arm us in similar manner employing trumped up instigation of false narratives born out of false flag crisis as a means procedures that are the standard of the sonofabitches.

At some stage it will become apparent to all right thinking Patriotic American’s they will force the issue of physical, not just symbolic, acts in the agenda to disarm us. Which specifically has always been a goal of the utmost importance.

As obvious as it may sound to say so, as long as we are and remain Free Self Determining armed people, we and our guns will always be the ultimate target, to the stage of all other goals becoming secondary to our disarmament and our liquidation.

Nothing else will suffice.

And, before long, as I am certain it has always been the intent, disarming us is to be the end game. 

For as long as we remain Freemen and armed because we are armed and free to defend ourselves and our Liberty from exactly who this enemy is. Nothing else matters to those ends. For all involved. It will be the penultimate battle.

So buckle up Brothers and Sisters, the storm is upon us. The preverbal Shark has been jumped. For our enemies there is nothing else but to disarm us then do away with us. In their eyes all else has been suitably accomplished ideologically to one degree or another except the bulwark against their tyranny and their shitty insane precious one world order, we who are Free and Armed. 

Up their arses! 




Aesop has a 1st rate rant over on his blog everyone needs to check out: The Rules







Well I entirely agree in principle on what Aesop is telling us all. Good word to be heeded seriously. The welcome mat too.


3 Rules of Agenda 21’s intention to stop free speech:
1. Those who outlaw peaceful redress in all its forms never stop at free speech.
2. Within the culture of the most heavily armed people in history are enough repressed people who turn to violent resistance to tyranny.
3. NO system of State in history has been remotely successful at winning 4th Generation War against a determined insurgency of rural mountainous geography of the expanse and resources of North America.

Adendum to the 3 rules:

Name one successful Counter-Insurgency War of the above listed large nation state in history of the mass and scope of North America.

Name one tyrannical system of the above listed organization in size and origin which has successfully stopped the thinking and messaging of resistance to and of the listed State of the above listed people it has deemed to be silenced who turn to violent redress in support and defense of it’s natural rights.

Name one tyrannical system of the type of the above listed State currently waging a soft coup against the American people and their originally established system of Republican Form of Government and its body of Natural Law, referred in all founding documentation and body of said laws, known as The Republic, which has been successful in area denial of the scale and scope of North America, where the resources, materiel, territory, number of resistor’s, and their auxiliary, popular, support, their combined operations of 4th Generation War in all it’s facets, the depth of support and organic resources, which has been successfully limited or eliminated, where the said State of tyranny obtains unlimited unrestricted raw naked power and control of the entire countryside of the so call technical reference to said countryside termed “The Unsecured Spaces” of Agenda 21, where it is able to essentially function unempeded and fully impose its Agenda on the American people and bring them under the full yoke of tyranny.

In reference to all the above incremental stages of the coup underway where thru a myriad of cunning and insidious forms of social engineering increasing in their scale and scope, there does not as of yet exist determined physical resistance, only symbolic, written and oral political resistance to the imposition of the tyranny of Agenda 21.
The cabal and its actors, the financiers, their combined political power and influence involved, without the advent of, a cultural and political atmosphere absence of violent resistance, Agenda 21 has encountered peaceful, lawful resistance which it is barely capable of stifling, never mind controlling with an iron fist of raw naked power.

It is a great question indeed, as to both the ability of the above tyrannical State, of clear stated totalitarian intentions, if it is capable of sustaining and winning a 4th Generation War against whom the cabal tends to enslave, and or liquidate, it perceives as its existential natural enemy, who must be defeated at all costs if the cabal is to obtain the power and control it intends.

Looking to history, in particular the warfare waged against indigenous peoples of the Afghanistan theater of operations, their ideology and beliefs notwithstanding, the track record of military Counter-Insurgency Operations of both the US Military and Old Soviet Military has nowhere’s achieved a level of victory required to call such 4th Generation war a success.
This history provides a overview cross section of two entirely politically opposite forms of the Large Nation State’s each waging war of repression against the same basic insurgency.

In looking to history for perspective regarding the very real possibility of 4th Generation War coming home to the American People’s Sovereign soil, and the current state of the antagonists striving to impose its ideology on the afore mention Republic in both historical terms and spirit of Liberty of The People of The Republic, their natural resistance born of blood and legacy to tyranny. it is a fairly poor bet the above cabal and its actor’s and operator’s, it’s resources, including its penchant for destructive policies, politics, imposition of artificial culture and virtues, it has the organic ability to wage and win in 4th Generation War against an armed upraised determined People of Liberty and Freedom of the caliber and quality in character and perseverance, indomitable spirit, Patriotic American’s are renown for through their history.

In closing, the reference to “The III%” is a most germane subject. Not for it’s connection to founding revolutionary war history, but to the implied reference in possible numbers of Patriotic American’s who could possibly rise up in resistance to fight for their Freedoms and Liberty.
Lets for the sake of argument, using a most conservative level of pen and paper napkin arithmetic, venture in a general population of 345 million, 1 percent of said American’s choose to rise up in 4th Generation War resistance to the cabal, one percent of 345,000,000 people works out to Three Million, four hundred fifty Americans involved in Guerrilla war and its support. Again, that is a insurgency army of 3,450,000 personal, encompassing the entire force, from front line small unit infantry to special applications/interdiction forces, to those involved in the so called “Auxiliary” support functions behind the fighting forces. This is a very large Army by any standards. But the question here above all is it realistic? Will 1% of American’s choose to join and take part in another revolutionary war? After all, it would be a revolution against an established tyrannical state. There is no other force to fight, regardless of all the talk about class or civil war between the peoples of America themselves. One is self supporting and presently armed, becoming more trained and geared towards the possibility of a fight. The other is a more or less idelogized brainwashed historically ignorant, pampered and self deluded importance demographic who by all standards would require outside support training and equipping, in order to engage in class or civil warfare against their intended enemies. It is a long jump from virtue signaling and diversity, wooden sticks and bike locks, almost exclusive political propaganda support, cultural fantasy, and idealogical fervor, to organized armed counter revolutionary war against their fellow American’s. The differences between a Starbucks fat free Latte and a AR15 are manifold. The differences between safe spaces in College and getting sprayed by your rudely dead comrades blood bone and brain matter beside you are a very different kind of thing in war against the so called white cis racist fascists and nazi’s you been bragging about punching in the face. Very different things indeed.

My money is on FreeFor. It always has and always will be. It is a out in front put your muddy feet and tired scared ass, your combat load and loved cared for Rifle where my thinking and my mouth is. And I know regardless of the indecent efforts of the resistance is futile, gloomy the sky is falling gust’s, trolls and agent provocotuers to spread doubt, discontent, and dis-information, I am not alone in my general beliefs in myself as a red blooded natural born man of Liberty and mom’s apple pie. Patriots like me, we are Legion. We have and are going thru a transformation. We have regardless of the seeming silence we are said to be terribly guilty of, been making proper use of our time given us, of our humble resources, of acquiring the conditioning of our spirits, hearts, minds, and where physically possible, our bodies. We have become what I love to call, The Honorable Resistance, shout out to John Mosby, aka The Mountain Guerrilla, of small unit infantry training American’s fame, who Max Velocity of the same mold, have trained and inspired thousand’s, who because of the brilliant adaptations of men like John and Max, have enabled their students of Set to go on back to their AO’s and train their families and tribe, to prepare their local community.
This in itself is a revolution. It is specifically, and all who have been enlightened to the way of the warrior who Max and John have effected, have become empowered in ways that are in no small manner force multipliers.

In all things 4th Generation War, local local local is where it is at. It is where we come from, it is from there we all go, it is where every originates, and it is exactly because of local local local, “Meat space baby!” we are most effective, it is from here where we become that legion, a plurality that is indomitable, who refuses to bend a knee to no one. It is withdrawal of Consent with a death penalty incorporated towards our avowed foes. The most powerful weapon ever devised.

I’m sure I am not the only dirt person or Deplorable out here who has a craw full of resistance is futile shitheads, because nobody is going to fight tyranny. We are toast. We are done. Blah Blah Blah.
Hey, Fuck You.
Sure we are in a fix. But America ain’t going down the crapper cause of me. You can put that down in blood.
Kiss my ass.
In fact, you know what motherfuckers, BFYTW.



Keep your freedom seeds dry, your ear to the ground, and your freedom dispenser close to hand.




This Is Real



You are not alone

There exists a Legion

Join The Millions of The Honorable Resistance






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