Links of Insanity and Other News (with updates)




Trolling Facebook Beautiful! Wirecutter trolls the NPC Troll’s of Faceborg. Be sure check out the whole thing.

Might be the beginning of the end for the old bat The rancid dirty stinking commie murderer of millions of babies takes a shitter. More of that Trump good Karma on the way with another USSC pick? Que the marxian howling at the moon.

The Silent Red Wave aka the dirt people

The Cancer of Fanaticism Z man. I wonder if the Z man ever dreamt he would be the voice of the great Normie awakening, and philosopher of The Honorable Resistance, though he may not be aware of that last thing.

A mob of Antifa protesters is currently outside the DC-area home of Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. If I was good Ol’ Tucker I’d have a 12ga locked and loaded with 00 Buck with a 50rd bandolier of reloads ready. Antifa only looks like its this violent Mob of nation wide membership because the fake media bombards us with every fake and false meme and narrative, like they do with all its partners in neo-bolshevism. If we who they act to silence are met with a rifle at every home they send their death squads to, they soon run out of actors to do so.

“…Always Ready to Invest Money in Treason…” simply follow the money, always follow the money, it leads to the source, always, inevitably.

Rubio Sounds the Alarm: Broward County Election Officials Trying to Steal Election – Produce Thousands of Ballots 43 Hrs After Polls Closed The leftists and their agenda are so unpalatable the only way they can win is to cheat, commit vote fraud and gerrymander. It doesn’t require rocket science they committed vast vote fraud to wrest power of the House from legitimate representatives and various states offices.

Pity That Ring Wraith falls. Men of The West Rejoice. One less ring to bind them and in the current darkness bind them.







TINVOWOOT We where always going to have to fight our way out of this. Voting was never for voting our way out of anything, it was so we would never have to vote our way out of anything to begin with. We kind of lost sight of that. Fight we will. The only way out is through.

Roe verses Wade: Millions of Dead Babies by the hand of this nasty evil barren crone Chairman Mao proud


UN Says All US Whites Have to Pay Reparations for Slavery Yeah, White American’s. A couple CAT D11T’s, and push that whole fuckin’ monument of ultimate entitlist’s, hate and 3rd world shitholes into the east river. End of a myriad of problems anathema to our Nationalism and way of life.


Awesome: Here’s A Clip Of Bitter Clinger ,Deplorable,Gun Toting, Fascist, Fake News Watching, Teabagger, Rascist Trumpkins That Needs To Be Shared……  All those mouth breathing trailer trash whitey’s, in their Nationalistic Christian Nazism begin singing Amazing Grace.

Revenge Of The Misfits The perfect example of the human extinction movement if you do not know who they are. Jennifer Rubin clears the air of any doubt.

Finally: White House Suspends CNN Reporter Jim Acosta Press Credential… How They Lie Sauce for the NPC’s

The Art of Life I guess you could say in the marxian dystopia form flows function, art imitates life, (Yet, there lies redemption, the 5000 year leap is not dead, not even close. The paradigm of our age is afoot, the Honorable Resistance is very much alive and well. In view of the hostilities, it will get worse before things get better, it is how these things roll. So why not if it is going to get that bad, join up, become the Honorable Resistance. Be the Patriot, the American you where born to be.)

President Trump Should End The Failed Afghanistan War And Bring Our Troops Home Enough Treasure and the cream of our youth and the few true warriors wasted to enrich the motherfuckers fat off the pork barrel of war. Never mind shutting off the flow of treasure, our intrinsic wealth as people who only produce wealth, us dirt people. The dynamics of ending the morass are recuperative. Time to put the whole false flag crisis as a means, to do things to liberty and freedom, which could not be done any other way, called 911, behind us. Men of The West history is always seen as righteous any of its leaders as having greatness for ending conflict & war.

And…No matter what anyone says to the contrary, that 4th Generation War is all but winnable against a determined indomitable indigenous people, no matter their ideology or religion, in a mountainous geography, without killing almost everyone. The Russian’s found out that hard way. It may been in part why the old Soviet collapsed. THE LIMITS OF SOVIET AIRPOWER: THE BEAR VERSUS THE MUJAHIDEEN IN AFGHANISTAN, 1979-1989 by Edward B. Westermann This masterpiece by E.B. Westermann is the type of work we all should read and understand. As it is said those who ignore history take the dirt nap, is the most sublime statement in the time that comes to us. One way or another, the human extinction movement is attempting to impose genocide on all of us who are White, Christian, Patriotic Americans. Let there be no doubt. If they are to regain the raw naked power they have been denied since MAGA and the God Emperor, they will do so with a vengeance. It is out in the open now, their stated goal for us is liquidation, no more pussyfooting around next time. This majority of the fuckers in the House of Rep’s coming in 2019 is a rubber stamp. They will wave the fig leaf or moral preening and legitimacy of virtue signaling as their divine right of kings to wage war on traditional America, once and for all.

You will need to understand 4th Generation war. You need to understand it now. The preludes to such war, pogrom really, are with us now. It will be ramped up because the early stages of non violent imposition of force have been exhausted, they have also failed to produce the optimum results, all there is that remains is the threat of and application of force and violence in the name of an ideology so wicked it is responsible for the liquidation of hundreds of millions of dirt people.

William S. Lind is the father of 4th Generation history, strategy, and thought. Lind wrote VICTORIA! as his cautionary tale of awareness of the human extinction movement and what the role of NPC’s are asa 4th Gen war is joined.










I can not recommend THE HISTORY OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT enough. There is nothing new about tyranny nor its methods. What is new is Liberty and the natural rights of property, the first thing regarding our rifles, as inalienable primal freedom. To lend credence to the revolutionary nature of the birth of this Republic, before a mere handful of Men figured out what Liberty is and how to implement Liberty into their lives, culture, politics, and most importantly unfettered economic activity, for the first time in all of human history, more people have lived in Liberty, including all alive who do so right now today, than in all of recorded history combined. Liberty is that rare and precious. Can you extrapolate from that why there are those, a horde, who are bent on Liberty’s destruction and everything symbolizing Liberty?

These three works above are a primer for more than historical cautionary tales, they are tales of courage, of winning hearts and minds, and of ultimately winning Liberty. And just to get you in the mood, here is Patrick Henry, his Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Speech at St Marys Church, to me the most underrated of all our founders, with maybe the exception of those men who fought under NewHampshire’s Captain Stark, known and Rogers Rangers during the French Indian Wars, who waged 4th Gen war against the British as they marched up the eastern seaboard starting in Georgia, burning and slaughtering everything and all people they found. These 4th Gen leaders warriors led their men in North Carolina, in the mountains, as they themselves had fought for the British earlier in the century, and won. It was the pivotal point in the Revolution, the Brits never recovered.

Could Papadopoulos Blow the Russia Hoax Wide Open? Be nice a thing. We all know these sonofabitches have got away with everything, for too long, too many crimes and acts of treason. It is time.

The Trump Effect and the Wave that Never Was

CNN Accuses Sarah Sanders of Posting Doctored Video of Jim Acosta Assaulting Female Intern at Pres. Trump Press Conf. More How They Lie

Hot Yoga Shooter Stopped When He Met Armed Resistance Heeeere we go. The NPC’s are going to let loose a trail of blood they can dance on before they usurp the House. All the narrative as a means possible. It will be non stop. Kavanaugh on the nuclear shark jumping scale. Totally predictable. The Clinton crime syndicate legacy just for us dirt people. Stay away from crowds. If you can not go armed, simply do not go to those p[laces at all costs if you are able. We should be an armed and dangerous people, such a society is both a polite prudent people, and deadly to all who think otherwise. There should have been ten guns in the hands of the people at that festival, and ten corresponding holes in the perps chest. Thats how you do it. And that is how you show the motherfuckers out to destroy our America we don’t back down for anyone or anything.

WATCH: Leftist Mob Shows Up At Tucker Carlson’s Home: ‘You Are Not Safe’The thought police are on the verge of becoming death squads. It is only a matter of degrees and when the mouthpieces in the swamp open their pie holes and virtue signal the start of the violent neo-bolshevik’s campaign of terror.









We Know Where You Sleep at Night’: Mob Goes to Home of ‘Racist, Sexist, Bigoted’ Tucker Carlson Ol’ Tucker must be one serious threat. He is admired and respected by millions. This will not go down well in the winning hearts and minds department.

How longer are they to hold back, before they bum rush the door and drag their enemies out like Ambassador Steven’s in Benghazi?

“We Know Where You Sleep At Night”: Antifa Mob Whose Founder Loves Assassination Targets Tucker Carlson At Home

New Acting AG Matthew Whitaker is a Former Iowa Hawkeye Tight End – And Ready to Pancake Deep State    J. Christian Adams would be my pick. If for no other reason why he quit in protest because of Holder’s heinous judicial activism and weaponized “Civil Rights” division. A big fuck you to Holder and his red diaper baby accomplices.

WATCH: Secret Service Takes Jim Acosta’s Press Credentials Away. Twitter Explodes. Best show in town, the clowns and their three ring circus.

Chelsea Handler Rails Against White Women Who Didn’t Vote for Beto O’Rourke Pure unadulterated NPC
















Over A Quarter of A Million Criminal Illegal Immigrants Booked Into Texas Jails Read the whole thing, but here is the list of crimes. Mind blowing. This is only Texas, and those caught and tried. Open Borders Much?

“…A report recently released by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) states that between June 1, 2011, and October 31, 2018, law enforcement officers arrested more than 270,000 criminal aliens — more than 182,000 of which were identified as illegal aliens by U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The report states they allegedly committed more than 284,000 crimes. Those include:

  • 530 homicide charges;
  • 31,658 assault charges;
  • 5,575 burglary charges;
  • 35,956 drug charges;
  • 386 kidnapping charges;
  • 15,528 theft charges;
  • 23,037 obstructing police charges;
  • 1,621 robbery charges;
  • 3,339 sexual assault charges;
  • 2,108 sexual offense charges;
  • 2,865 weapon charges.

DPS officials stated that those charges resulted in more than 117,000 convictions. The convictions included:

  • 235 homicide convictions;
  • 13,168 assault convictions; 3,083 burglary convictions;
  • 17,413 drug convictions;
  • 165 kidnapping convictions;
  • 6,946 theft convictions;
  • 11,081 obstructing police convictions;
  • 987 robbery convictions;
  • 1,641 sexual assault convictions;
  • 1,124 sexual offense convictions;
  • 1,245 weapon convictions.

Many of the alleged offenses remain under prosecution at this time.

The numbers above apply to the more than 182,000 migrants identified as illegal aliens at the time of their arrest. An additional 10,229 were identified as illegal aliens while incarcerated in Texas prisons. Those later identified as illegal aliens were charged with more than 6,000 additional crimes including:

  • 85 homicide charges;
  • 768 assault charges;
  • 484 burglary charges;
  • 1,266 drug charges;
  • 19 kidnapping charges;
  • 311 theft charges;
  • 636 obstructing police charges;
  • 261 robbery charges;
  • 514 sexual assault charges;
  • 221 sexual offense charges;
  • 154 weapon charges.

These charges resulted in an additional 3,000 convictions for offenses that include:

  • 63 homicide convictions;
  • 462 assault convictions;
  • 329 burglary convictions;
  • 738 drug convictions;
  • 8 kidnapping convictions;
  • 178 theft convictions;
  • 283 obstructing police convictions;
  • 202 robbery convictions;
  • 360 sexual assault convictions;
  • 161 sexual offense convictions;
  • 69 weapon convictions.

DPS officials stated the statistics reflect only arrests and convictions in Texas alleged during the June 2011 to October 2018 timeframe. They do not include criminal records from other states. The figures above only count charges and convictions for those determined to be illegally present in the U.S. Crimes by legal immigrants are not included.

State officials looked further into the criminal histories of these 270,000 criminal aliens. When looking at the migrants’ entire criminal history, the numbers reveal an even larger impact on Texas crime victims.

During their entire Texas criminal career, DPS officials said these 182,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 452,000 criminal offenses. Those charges include:

  • 1,000 homicide charges;
  • 51,134 assault charges;
  • 14,621 burglary charges;
  • 58,333 drug charges;
  • 678 kidnapping charges;
  • 28,130 theft charges;
  • 40,192 obstructing police charges;
  • 3,432 robbery charges;
  • 5,449 sexual assault charges;
  • 3,335 sexual offense charges;
  • 6,554 weapon charges.

Those charges resulted in more than 209,000 criminal convictions for charges including:

  • 460 homicide convictions;
  • 22,082 assault convictions;
  • 7,572 burglary convictions;
  • 30,288 drug convictions;
  • 274 kidnapping convictions;
  • 13,307 theft convictions;
  • 20,316 obstructing police convictions;
  • 1,892 robbery convictions;
  • 2,873 sexual assault convictions;
  • 1,801 sexual offense convictions;
  • 2,931 weapon convictions.

The numbers above apply to the more than 182,000 migrants identified as illegal aliens at the time of their arrest. an additional 10,229 were identified as illegal aliens while incarcerated in Texas prisons. Those later identified as illegal aliens were charged over their lifetime criminal history with more than 47,000 additional crimes including:

  • 1,929 homicide charges;
  • 5,525 assault charges;
  • 3,653 burglary charges;
  • 6,686 drug charges;
  • 332 kidnapping charges;
  • 2,688 theft charges;
  • 3,721 obstructing police charges;
  • 2,443 robbery charges;
  • 2,937 sexual assault charges;
  • 1,050 sexual offense charges;
  • 1,578 weapon charges.

These charges resulted in an additional 25,000 convictions for offenses that include:

  • 1,136 homicide convictions;
  • 2,777 assault convictions;
  • 1,988 burglary convictions;
  • 3,920 drug convictions;
  • 141 kidnapping convictions;
  • 1,268 theft convictions;
  • 1,682 obstructing police convictions;
  • 1,639 robbery convictions;
  • 1,870 sexual assault convictions;
  • 632 sexual offense convictions;
  • 620 weapon convictions.


It’s not difficult…

Build The Big Beautiful Wall

Send Them All Back


And now you know….. -courtesy of Kenny:

25% of world murders are in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Columbia  This is what is walking towards the border. What has already infested our communities and neighborhoods.

They have to go back.

Czech PM says he dislikes U.N. migration pact, wants to pull out The sweet sound of Nationalism rising. Its not difficult. Once a plurality realizes it is a plurality.

“Barbed wire, used properly, can be a beautiful sight.” Beautiful indeed Mr. Trump

The ancient Greeks had this very same problem. Yeah, and they never really solved it. The world is too small now. The solution is 13 knot neck ties and lamp posts.

Shut The From Hole   If your unacquainted with this, here is but a smidgen. Life larger than fiction. Though no lack of fiction which resides in the mindless void of NPC’s:

Twitchy reports that an outlet called Seven Days wrote:

Unhappy with the direction of the country, the women of varied shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds bared it all for an intimate, empowering photo session in Burlington, said organizer Dawn Robertson.”How can we inspire women to vote after the Kavanaugh confirmation, the #MeToo movement and Trump?” said Robertson, a Harvard Law-educated attorney who writes about sexuality and relationships. “It’s a culmination of all those factors.”





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