Assimilate or Genocide is the essence of NPC.

It is like Camera Hogg:

‘My “right” to disarm you shall not be infringed’. This shitty creepy little commie psychopath comes from a family steeped in deep state doublespeak.

Or my favorite:

“Maybe We have too many guns”

Rules of BFYTW:

#1: They never stop till they are.

#2: See #1


#4: See #1

#5: We where always going to have to fight or way out of this.

#6 See #1

No matter how it’s sliced rule #1 is the only way out: Through

The great TL Davis Christian Mercenary has just written this era’s masterpiece, a direct, brief to the point essay, no mincing words or meanings, on how these cultural marxist’s roll: A Couple of Good Genocides

“…With the rise of Antifa as the military wing of the Democrat Socialist Party, it will only get worse. They are the IRA of the Sinn Fein political party and no one in politics seems to care one way or another, not even when harassed by these militants themselves, so if you think they care about them harassing you, you are mistaken.

The bubbling of violence engaged in by Antifa is designed to anger and cause a reaction from the average American, but they have basically instituted Sharia Law in Minnesota and that isn’t even enough to stir the patriotic emotions of people who wave the flag and sing the Star-Spangled Banner. The true idea of what being an American was has been lost.

Election theft is what they do, it is about the only thing with which these communists are proficient; that and violence. Communists are only really good at obtaining power, beyond that they always devolve into genocide and gulags. Because they obtain power by destroying the capitalist industrial complex and are, by nature, only capable of stifling criticism, criminalizing opposition and murder. This is how they obtain power and believe that they can maintain power while the whole financial structure fails with the same tactics.

A critical examination of communist societies throughout history demonstrate exactly that. Their rhetoric is only useful to wealthy, slothful capitalists who at the height of their power become susceptible to the siren song of “fairness” and “equality” that is missing in a capitalist system, because capitalism only rewards the fruitful, innovative and often lucky to the point of excess. It is in this excess that guilt arises uncontrollably in the capitalist and is magnified to the tenth power by subsequent generations.

Always, there is a threadbare communists, jealous of the prosperity, angry at the fact that their brilliance is going unrewarded in a society that does not value good ideas without the will, effort or talent to see those ideas to financial fruition. This anger and jealousy is supremely evident in the members of Antifa, of whom most are teachers, professors and the self-proclaimed intelligentsia. It is always the same sort of evil little narcissist that falls for the communist platform first, with the zeal to belittle, harangue and demonize others into compliance with their fantasy world, where they are valued.

So, those with wealth and means become the loudest advocates for a life of dearth and toil, but not for them. They imagine that if all of the wealth (aside from theirs or that they will find a suitable command in the new structure in trade for their wealth) of a nation can be redistributed to all with satisfactory outcomes. Which is true, until they have sucked the marrow from the capitalist system they have replaced and destroyed all of the residual benefits…”

There’s more



Are you getting it? You do understand if you fail to assimilate into the collective hive of NPC they will genocide you? This is what they will do if they are not stopped.

Antifa terrorizing Tucker Carlson in his front yard is barely warming up for the big show. Us dirt people MAGA and Orangemanbad are on the NPC menu. These are the existential threats to the hive collective. We can not be tolerated, We must be liquidated. It is the plain. If you wonder where everything is headed well now you can rest easy. Your duty is about as basic as it gets. The task has been assigned to you because you are a White Christian Man of The West. They have made no bones about it. Right out in the open.

Fighting through this ambush is the only option. They can not survive the fight we bring to them.


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