The Hour Is Growing Late, Time To Get Serious

Phil over to his Vulgar Curmudgeon blog has written about the clearly intended usurpation of his natural God given rights by the dirty stinking commies in his State of Washington, specifically how it is time to take matters into our own hands.

It is obvious, as it always has been the reality, us dirt people are on our own. Plain that after more than two centuries as law abiding American’s, in our hour of need as the usurpers run rampant literally getting away with everything including murder and treason, the very institutions which we honored and supported with the treasure of our labor and industrious, have forsaken, betrayed and abandoned us in the face of the full on press of imposing tyranny.

The silence is deafening.

It leaves no doubt it is we the free thought people, we the dirt people, will have to band together and fight this obscenity to our Liberty.

Game Strategy Reassessment,Plotting Possible New Strategies In Reaction To Latest Developments.


“There is a lot of information to process as of this morning.

On one hand, the results of yesterdays elections and the further advancement of the Communist Strategy is going to have a serious impact on what I decide to do next.

On a National level, the resignation announcement of AG Jeff Sessions this morning and the effects on the war on the Deep State is also going to have an impact albeit much of which will be unknown until sometime in the future. That is a spectator sport kinda thing anyway

More pressing and much closer to home is of course the Left Tard Gun Control Jackasses and their successful passing of yet another restrictive gun law designed specifically to turn law abiding citizens into criminals and ratcheting the incremental agenda of gun registration and confiscation up yet one more notch.

It is now a law that all of the citizens of the State of Washington have their duly registered weapons “Secured” at all times in ones own home under the threat of being held criminally liable if one of them winds up being used in a crime by someone else and the gun can be traced back to you.

This to me violates not only our national Constitution but also this state’s, which is almost a verbatim copy.

It also imposes a hardship on gun owners with more than just one or two guns, especially if they are long guns, ie; rifles…

…Of course the Gun Control Gestapo looks on that as an opportunity for us to get discouraged and just sell off what is our God Given right to self defense.

It’s a juicy win for these cretins either way.

So I am discussing this subject with the Wifely Unit and trying to remember how many guns I have that can be traced to me on paper, illegally BTW, the government is supposed to destroy the forms you have to fill out when you buy one after a certain time period if I recall.

This brings the questions of how in the hell are they supposed to know what I own and what I don’t and who is  responsible for keeping track of this ?

I would really like to know the answer to that last one.


They never stop till they are. It is too us the task is assigned, and if we don’t take care to we are lost.

It is all about guns. It always has been. It is guns that made the only successful revolution in history possible. Guns that created then protected Liberty.

Is there any question if it wasn’t for our guns we would even be here today to talk about this great issue of our time. Our guns have protected us from the worst of humanity, with barely a shot fired in anger in defense of our Liberty from domestic enemies who which to rule over us with open raw naked power.

Now all across the land we are informed it is the prime imperative of the usurpers they are determined this time to take our guns. I’d say they are calling our bluff, that the symbolic danger the guns in our hands represent is not enough to thwart their thirst for unlimited power. Certainly “law” enforcement doesn’t give a flying fuck, as long as they get their toy’s and paychecks, paid for by us peon’s, what their masters do or do not do. That right there is the epiphany moment is it not? These usurpers are in no uncertain terms the breakers of the highest laws of the land, for them the only rule is there are no rules. They have made this clear in every way.  It was always an illusion we did the right thing by honoring the “law”, when all those behind such diktat from cops to presidents where abusing that trust and honor. Not as aberration our isolated behavior of bad human nature but as a system, a continuous line of betrayal and treason unhindered from almost the beginning, growing in scale and scope to today.

Here we are at the tipping point. It is not necessary to iterate all the reasons. A luxury we have no more. It is time to bring ourselves to the next level. It is a matter of survival, of our families, ourselves, our civilization based in the great Christian precepts of Greco/Roman culture, the idea of why rule of law, why we are Free Men to begin with. Why we have guns.

On that last score I have a bunch to say later…

But first read what Phil is telling us. The essence of his thinking is where we all must go. We are all not much different, if anything we are all Phil now.


NPC vote fraud orangeman bad


3 thoughts on “The Hour Is Growing Late, Time To Get Serious

  1. The answer to how long an FFL dealer has to keep records is 20 yrs.. if he goes out of business he suppose to send them to BATF. God knows after that. some big box stores send them directly to ATF.
    The larger question for Washington state is; If someone steals a cop car, or a cop gun and uses it in a crime. who goes to jail? this just turned product liability on its ear! Alcohol anyone? Drugs?
    God help us, for living by the reasonableness of lawyers, we are lost! HA!

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    • A component of this involves demoralizing people. If anything it is with malice and glee, those who give up, satisfy the insanity of these psychopaths.

      Don’t be a sucker for this. They can’t win long as we keep our guns. They understand that concept more than we who are armed. Exactly because they can not win unless we give our guns up.

      It is a simple effected use of Psy-Ops.

      Look at it this way: It’s estimated 3.2 million people in NY, not sure in Conn., refused to comply with the same weapon ban diktat. By people simply refusing to go along with the dirty stinking commies they nullified these acts of tyranny.

      But submitting to dismay and a sense of helplessness in the face of what is your God given primal, Manly freedom, you end up assisting in such acts of tyranny via tacit consent.
      Not for nothing, I say this with sincere compassion for you my brothers in Washington State, it is time to man up. You got to do something. By failing to refuse to comply you have already lost your natural rights to weapons and their use.

      Buy a 50 buck 80% lower AR Receiver, one of those cheap plastic lowers, take a drill and dremel to it, make it look like a finished lower, do a shitty job of it. Duck tape a busted up broomstick to it, spray bomb it black, rivet a piece of scrap metal on the barrel with BFYTW written on it. Or just plain old FUCK YOU. Or come and take em. Doesn’t matter. Leave it some place public. The state house steps, the 5th column TV propaganda building, State or Local “law enforcement” building. Tell them your turning in your gun. believe me enough guys do this, sent to every barracks or station, word will get back to the intended target. No pun intended.
      When we where going thru the constitutional carry bill here in WV, Myself and a buddy stood out on RT 19 in the center of the state with our rifles slung muzzle down on our backs, with a sandwich board with these words: It Is Our God Given Right You would be blown away how many people tooted and waved, yelled out, thumbs up. Amazing. We figured the law would stop and check us out. They drove right by, couple Sherrifs waved and smiled.
      Your not doing anything “illegal” if you have open carry, are unloaded, and slung.
      It is the optics of it. Your fighting back with Alt-Optics. or what I term Alt-Agitprop.
      Believe me they can not win when their devices of propaganda are returned in truthful fair play, their agitprop is based in lies, ours the truth. People will know the truth when they see it.

      You give up now your fucked. Even if its in your mind. You lost already.
      You refuse to comply you win.
      You refuse to be a slave or bend a knee. American’s love the underdog, the little guy who stands up.
      At worst at this stage you have nothing to lose.


    • PS,
      We all should be building our own weapons. It is non of the State’s business what we do. The 80% build market is awesome. Build a top shelf Mil Spec Carbine for under 5 bills! Amazing time to be into combat arms.


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