DefCon Orange


From out here in rural mountainous dirt people land it looks like its time to go to a higher defensive level. I’m talking instead of preparations for when it drops in the pot, which never truly end, there is always some piece of kit or strategy regarding resources to improve upon or improvise, that goes with the territory of running through the possible scenarios of future conflict, from field practice, putting weapons gear and mindset to use. One of the advantages of living in the “sticks”, the world around you is your private tactical class room. Same for Metro/Suburb/Urban, just not as a discreet environment training openly with camo, field gear and carbines.

Its excellent to have a fine knowledge of the terrain around us. The roll of the land, how the hollows and creases provide advantages of movement observation, concealment, cover, the best avenues for reacting to possible circumstances of 4th Generation war.

The only truthful understanding of mindset I can put forth is my own. For many years now good or bad, without the advent of physical threats I have reached the acme of my abilities mentally on this score. Of course theres always some new insight, or different angle to perceive things in a different light, but no great revelations like in my early awakening days when I first joined The Honorable Resistance to Tyranny. How other perceive things is part a mystery, as everything is relative to us personally, and you simply have to take it on faith that when the time comes we can be force multipliers and moral support, never mind tactical cadre with the warriors mindset that keeps you all alive and frosty.

The great crucible of combat. Its is the great equalizer of Men.

One of the things I concern my thoughts with in the what if category is how will my family and tribe react and behave was things go hot. I know from experience now, the prospects of the declared white genocide underway, as it is on the cusp of turning purposefully violent which is evident from the stated intentions and agenda of the enemies of White Christian Western culture aka America 1960AD, all we can really accomplish in the mind set/preparedness department, is bide our time at this point. At least those of us who have faced the truths squarely and with brutal honesty and prepared accordingly. I see that those I know and value, have a decent grasp on the reality, in at least they know on the intuitive and gut level some serious shit is planned for us dirt people who have so wonderfully defied, and given the sonofabitches the fucking finger, that we are never going to bend a knee. I think this really infuriates the motherfuckers, it confounds them, and in the most important fashion scares the shit out of them.

See, us White Christian Western dirt people, we ain’t no pushovers. There’s millions of us, literally, we are a Legion, it is that decidedly awesome Greco/Roman Western blood we got in our veins which constituted the 5000 Year Leap. Hey, every culture of Western Christian Men have their high and low spells through their history. But there is nothing that brings out what is best in us, about us, than the threat of genocide and the kind of cultural/racial civil war we keep hearing all this trash talk about from the shit stirrers behind the neo/bolsheviks and hangers on. Their political class is all front of the bus and everything since the elections, or should it be called “The banana republic show pseudo-elections of winning by margin of straight up vote fraud.” Kind of like the fake media, it doesn’t matter if its fake. Just so they can bullshit themselves for some odd fix of mass insanity, and they can all pretend to have this posturing of superior moral and virtue authority. Yeah. The NPC Hive Mind Collective. Some kind of collective solidarity, I’ll grant them that, which for reasons I find difficult to put into clairvoyant words, is unsuitable for when your comrades brains is splattered all over your face as you are trying to liquidate all the white cis racist nazi’s out in flyover land.

Whatever. Have a Starbucks fat free latte. Kiss my fucking ass.

It is what it is. We are who we are. They are gonna wage this idiocy of human folly and hubris. And lose very badly.

It takes folks like me I believe if I’m the American I am to get a head of steam up, but once I’ve come to terms with my soul and the savings grace of the good Lord, for there I will not fear to tread, because I wear The Whole Armor of God. Yet, there for his grace I go, also. You got to get right with killing. The time to do that is long before you pick up your weapon and use it. Some never can. Some only a few times. Some, well thats between them and their mortal soul. Everyone deals with remorse out of killing in defense of oneself, family tribe believes and culture differently.

Its all stuff you got to get right with, soon if you ain’t already. Part of preps really. Your inner warrior isn’t complete without this little thing.

Anyways, my main point here involved my DefCon level. Colonel Jeff Cooper had a color scale. Ive quietly jumped to Orange mindset. Locked and loaded 24/7. Its “Left of Bang” all the time. No taking anything for granted. No place is secure or safe. No one is coming to save you but yourself. Check the small stuff, check them again, and then check the small details that can get you killed, again. Then again.

And like always, buy boolits. lots of them. You don’t have enough no matter how high the stack.

Stay away from crowds.

Think Death Squads in the dark of the night. They are next on the marxian madness menu. It’s how they roll reliably thru history.

Did I say take nothing for granted?  The time you fail is the time you get caught out. That is the time we are in in a nutshell. Does that give you a notion of the defense level required? The mind set is like this: armed, locked and loaded 24/7. No. Exceptions. Combat rifle all times within reach if humanly possible. At least one weapon concealed, with extra rds, (or I don’t go there, even if it is only a tiny .25 or .22, again its choices and mindset. Whats your and yours lives worth? Adapt-Improvise-Win), a fighting/tool blade, at least one light source, a tourniquet at least, a occlusive dressing and pressure/clotting items.  (The guys at Gadsen Dynamics designed a really awesome Tourniquet Ankle Band, among some other very useful common sense yet highly innovative gear for us rebels. These boys got their shit together.

Here is a link to a another good guy with excellent practical info and concepts. In my first visit there was to be found a treasure trove of data, techniques and operational concepts:  DEFT SYSTEMS, LLC

I have begun to refine my main combat weapons. Make them more reliable, less complicated, ruggedize them, and use them. Another great feature out here in rural dirt people land is the opportunity for hunting things. Deer: We got kill permits to take out deer in our corn fields, excellent real target practice, tasing gear, plus a source of most worthy food to build up the larder. We have a feral dog population, from the meth heads who use them as early warning, and other people who drive up in the mountains and dump off their pooches, (reprehensible at the min). They kill chicken , pigs, calves and young cows, goats and sheep. Other pets like dogs and cats also. They are not fearful of man either. Also they cross breed with coyotes and wolves. Worse is the pack up. Believe me, they are a four legged criminal gang, no joke on this. Needless to say they make for about the best live combat training without shooting back. But all the elements of small unit infantry tactics apply. From spore and tracking, to gathering intelligence, scouting and observing, setting up ambushes, running the hasty ambush, night movements and tracking, runs the whole gamut. I know there is close to 40 of these gang members who have been recipients of such small unit infantry tactics. As a result I have discovered a lot of useful things about my gear, ammo loads, and weapons, optics, knowing my AO and its terrain intimately. Discovering the unknowns of out foxing your adversary. Top of all that, the fantastic training from Max Velocity in SUT, Matt bracken, John Mosby, William S. Lind, Col. Jeff Cooper, and Max’s manuals and books, to name the most prominent influence on my “self education” in small unit infantry combat and fieldcraft. I was fortunate to have grown up and lived a farming hunting fishing trapping and living, self sufficient rural life. But the other things, they are there for all of us just have to grab them.

When I think of all these things I feel immense humble pride in who I am. What I am. My legacy and heritage of being a dependent of the founding people who waged and won the only successful revolution against tyranny in all history. Yes, it is due to being White, Christian, of having the legacy of Greco/Roman philosophy, history, precepts and foundational culture of The West. I’m proud of this. I plan on keeping these things and living them until my natural death, even if it means dying defending who and what I am. Fuck ideology and agenda.




7 thoughts on “DefCon Orange

  1. We have an greatly increased level of good old fashion breaking and entering here in the Hills and Hollars. Gentlemen you really don’t know the level of filth that lives tight down the road from you. Meth heads and the welfare poor have used up all the $40,000 in benefits us hardworking morons have given them this year and they’re looking for loot. Had a run in down the road with a bunch who found out we have a neighborhood pipe hitter group that can form up in under 15 minutes in the dead of night. Guns out level as they tried to run one of us over after casing his son’s Shouse. “Its only trespassing, its just a mister-meanor! Informed the sheriff that this is it. We consider this a grave danger regardless. Not going to end well next time. He said, good. Probably takes a load off him if some of this filth disappears. “We know where they all live”, he says. Hell, tell us. One county 1 sheriff and 2 deputies. If you call them they can be 45 minutes away easy. Getting frosty. The shoot, shovel and shut up times have returned I’m afraid. Damn Shame. I feel there is going to be a build up of these events as we draw near to what I believe will be the great debt reset. Then it gets biblical. Locks, gates, infrared sensors, driveway alarms, motion activated lights, welded wire screens on shop windows, all vehicles parked inside. Tightening up.
    OpSec time. DefCon Orange indeed.

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    • Wow, glad you mentioned that. Same here on our ridge. We had been informed a bit ago we are known as good people, and it is time now in which we will have to take care of business ourselves. That was an amazing statement.
      And rightfully, we do have that duty, and we should get back to that community “spirit”. It binds people in ways that build solidarity and strengthens us.
      Its interesting too, because right at that time frame, some of us had come to the same conclusions independently, as our constitutional officers of the law let be known we had their tacit consent. Thats some serious shit. I personally took the precedence to “break the ice” and confront the problems directly, but carefully and prudently, still letting it be known I meant business. And because so many in our little ridge community where at wits end and where searching for alternatives, we created a non permissive environment. No more could these certain individuals operate freely without lets say dire consequences due them for their actions they enjoyed previously.
      Because it came from small community peers and family, it carried the weight of legitimacy which completely changed the entire dynamic.
      A lot of soul searching went on prior, but the fact prudence and determination was employed with great caution and consideration for all involved, the problems, for now at least, have all but gone away. There’s a couple bad seeds who haven’t got the message yet but they are already on unstable ground and are being watched very carefully.
      It has also taken a relatively, smaller burden off the Sheriff’s, (1 Sheriff and 3 deputies for our county) and it appears those they do themselves apprehend get some extra special treatment.
      It is really interesting how it has worked out so far. Subtle, but sublime.


      • We will quickly get back to the core of law and order which is the US Marshall presiding over county Sheriffs. If the US part of it falls, then we have the Sheriff as the outlet of law with a judge or two. I feel we must hold up the Sheriff position almost at all costs. Once that goes, its over. This is the land that created the term “bushwackers”. Its the capital of Snipe County. Weak ass excuses for men hiding in the bush shooting people in the back and robbing them. Hard to weed out. One of the new deputies a few years back was told to go visit the bars and “let them know you’re here”. Of course he was raised here so once he walked in he was greeted with cat calls because he looked so pretty all dressed up in his new uni. Couple guys came up and poked him on his full armor and said, “Looks heavy”, “Why you wearing all that son?, shit you know we’re a bunch of head shooters”. Now who let who know they were here?

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        • Undoubtably your correct. It isn’t common lnowledge many County Sheriffs are not “law enforcement officers”, they are Constitutional Officers of The Law. Elected for starters, at least the Sheriff’s are. The Deputies not so much. If the Sheriff’s departments are not “weaponized and corrupted towards the usual courts/political swamp there’s opportunity to do the things necessary to maintain a level of “civil” society, probably more likely in smaller rural county communities, and probably more likely south of the Mason Dixon line.
          Things are going to begin to shake out in ways not seen since maybe 150 or more years how that all rolls.
          There is nothing stopping a group of people in a community from electing and supporting their own peace officers. Consent rules. Except corrupt government actors who attempt to delegitimize such an act of self determination.
          After all, how can a corrupt politico get away with the illegitimacy of arresting a duly elected peace officer for upholding the idea of rule of law and Constitutional precepts of rights of the people? Unless the whole system is so gone down the crapper along with those within it.
          But then it goes to the concept if there is no rule of law then there are no laws and everything is fair game, both ways.

          How to keep from being sucked into that quagmire of banana republic in the first place is the idea, even if it is say like a small community of people who band together and form a tribe or precinct community and defend their area and people.
          Some days it looks like that is the only viable, for now mostly peaceful, but rational recourse.

          The whole order out of chaos agenda underway is gunning for the total breakdown in rule of law and “civil” society as it is known since our founding.

          Regardless of the myriad of excuses and resistance is futile mentality of many, people always have a choice, till its too late to make those kind of choices viable functioning will and sell determining paths taken.
          Planting the seeds of local solidarity is prudent and wise, at least then the ideas and methods of recourse are at least in the minds of people already.


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