One of The Good Guys & A Blog of Top Shelf Praxis

Deft Systems  is my new go to resource for a banquet of tactical delicacies along practical and common sense lines.

Really, excellent insights, concepts, experience, knowledge, tricks of the tradecraft of very small combat infantry tactics, (read Roger’s Rangers like), a great looking ballistic App offered as a free Apple store download, another ballistic generator you can make at home with a unique night feature, various caliber zeroe’s, practical wind dopes, the philosophy of rattle can field equipment camo, all this and more offered up, written and presented in a wonderful generous manner. I’ve only begun to read the posts and to me it is an embarrassment of riches.

I am totally impressed. Check it out.

Support Warrior’s who gift us with such spirit of generosity. This stuff is unobtanium unless you been there done it and lived to tell the tale.

As the man stated yesterday:

“Our heritage as fighting men must be passed and cared for like a torch. Thanks for the kind words brother.”

Yeah. Thats A Fact brothers and sisters. The way out is through, but only together as fighting men. Indeed, the Warrior spirit, pass the torch, pay it forward.

We are Legion.



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