This ones a dandy.


Get a load of this marxian snowflake princes below. Note, the great marxist slaughters of the 20th century owned the female psychopathic element, a particularly vicious and unlimited literal blood dancing. Since the Femi-Nazi wing of the NPC hive mind collective has benefitted the eradication of the popular indomitable opposition of promonate brave and fearless vocal free thought people’s Alt-Press from their special “social media” platforms, really their safe place crybaby web spaces, absent of inconvenient truths, they are beginning to let their inner neo-bolshevik fly free. This piece from Joe Huffman’s The View From North Central Idaho blog, courtesy of WRSA’s She Seems Nice, is a must read for every sane dirt person worth their salt. It is an exquisite insight into the minds of the rank and file of the human extinction movement. Joe sets the tone right well.

In the same vein I’m hearing rumors the illustrious characters called antifa are talking smack along the back channel’s about heading out in dirt people land, along with what is supposedly dry runs taking place up in the northern midwest area, talking killing them some white cis trailer trash mouth breathing nazis and facsists in the sticks of flyover nation.

I do know they want to come into my neck of the woods in these WV mountains, only the tree’s will know where their bones lie. As they say around these parts regarding matters of duty of true Christian Men of The West, “Guarantee you.”

Remember Bitchez, you don’t have enough ammo for whats coming down the Ol’ Pike. Don’t say nobody forgot to tell you. Heh…


-from Joe’s blog:

Alison Aires, thanks for sharing

I have pinned this post to the top of my blog. It is to remind people of what many of our opponents want. Alison Aires wants a tyrannical government. They want summary execution for private possession of firearms.

This is why we have a Bill of Rights. This is why I created Boomershoot.

Via a Facebook message from Kathy Jackson.

Claude Werner shared something posted by Alison Aires on Facebook (minor spelling errors corrected):

You *can* legislate culture. You just don’t have the guts to do it. Prohibition was half-assed. The war on drugs is half-assed. Let me tell you how you *actually* get guns banned.

You use the fucking data that the NSA has. You check membership in gun clubs, you check the surveillance footage to see who’s a regular at shooting ranges. You check the people who are associated with the NRA. You get yourself a good long list of the people in America who love guns.

Then at random, regular intervals, you do spot checks on them. Stop-and-Frisk them in the streets, get warrants and search their houses, monitor their online activities. Conduct raids and spot checks.

And when you inevitably catch these fuckers with banned material? You don’t haul them into a cushy prison. Once the gavel comes down, you haul their asses into the town square or the main road or whatever the local equivalent is and you execute them. Make sure everyone sees. Make sure they get a good, hard look at the fate that awaits those that disobey the law.

Perform this ritual thrice a month or more for the length of a full year, and we see how many black markets people try to set up, how many Mafia members try to muscle in, with the threat of summary detention, with the threat of public execution.

And if people rebel? If people get angry and erupt into civil war? Then you put them down. I do not care if they are MAGA NRA members or poor black people trying to scrape a living. Those who violate the law have no place in civilized society.

Perform things as I lay out, and I guarantee you that America will be free of guns in a year’s time. Except you won’t because you pussies that care more about civil liberties than properly enforcing legislation.

“Guarantee you” huh?

Well Okay then.

RTWT, because Joe has a series of screen captures of the actual faceborg posts for prosperity, also known today as the memory hole. As a by and by, looks like Zuckerburg is about to be ousted in a marxist corporate coup, guess the zyborg isn’t enough of a radical idealog, his purge is imminent, and another decidedly NPC Devine Feminazi of suitable neo-bolshevik zeal is all but slated to rule Faceborg with an iron Tampax.

I’ll leave you with this classic photo of the NPC Devine Feminim for your consideration:









Those teeth look like Assault Teeth to me. Maybe she should have them confiscated by the same “authority” she is suggesting will disarm us dirt people of our primal property, or have them liquidate us if we all don’t pee our britches, tremble in fear, and consume soy burgers on gluten free organic buns after we willingly relinquish our rifles in the name of her ideology and madness. Or something.










PSS, while your at Joe’s, check out his “Why Boomershot?”






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