On The Ground Dispatches From Tijuana, & Other Links of Interest




Dispatches from Tijuana November 20, 2018 via Claire Wolfe Living freedom Blog on the ground reports south of the border.

Democrats Introduce Bill Banning Sales and Advertisements for Gun Parts Kits Never fear, if they can not outlaw our guns they will try to outlaw us with guns, probably both as it seems evident White Men are the enemy and great satan of the human extinction movement. Good luck with that I say. Come take em’.

Tom Fitton: ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ that DOJ and State Dept. CONTINUE to Protect Hillary Clinton Only Judicial Watch out of all the “law Enforcement” entities we are extorted to pay for with the sweat of our labor, a non profit self funded organization is the only entity, in this entire country capable, consistently, without fail, to get to the bottom of and prosecute the government organized crime from the Clintons to obama, IRS to EPA. There is something seriously fucked up with this picture. Gee, I wonder what it could be! Or not be. Maybe Jim Acosta could shut his pinhole long enough to do a piece on all the people who have been murdered by the Clinton Crime syndicate, having been thusly deprived of their opportunity for a White House hard pass?

Speaking of outlawing White Men: Yet antifa is just another group of concerned citizens “FBI now classifies the far-right Proud Boys as an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism”

Z Blog: Kritocracy*, Then Chaos Order out of chaos, its whats on the menu. To be blunt, here’s a .gov profile pic of a carpet munching lesbian black robbed Nasgul who thinks she has more power than the duly elected representative of the people, like 65 million or more, thier President of The United States. Hubris is thy name.

NPC’s get their panties in a bunch:  How dare Orange Man Bad make a funny about a loud mouth shit stirring, lying actor who is only a CNN “reporter” on the Whitehouse press corps specifically to bait the administration. The idiot probably can’t spell journalism, he has the mind of a flea in a flea circus.

NEWSWEEK WRITER: ONLY AR-15 OWNERS I KNOW ARE MASS MURDERERS …Speaking of media lying sacks of shit

Brushing off that whole conspiracy of White Genocide? PAUL JOSEPH WATSON VIDEO: KIDS BRAINWASHED TO HATE WHITE PEOPLE A harrowing glimpse inside a social justice indoctrination camp. Make good little Apparatchiks and mindless sycophants out of them, so they can turn their family in to the re-education branch of the new world order?

Eastern Michigan University Ends ‘The Vagina Monologues’ Since ‘Not All Women Have Vaginas’


Hey uncle Joe!

Obama Blames Slow Climate Change Progress On “Confused, Blind, Racist, Shrouded With Hate” Americans What happened to us being those bitter clingers?

The most magnificent scene in the whole novel! Put them to the Sword. They dread the day Rightfully so. Everything to be said for the ideas and precepts the legacy of Greco/Roman Western thought brought to our great Christian Western culture and civilization. May it return in full Honor and Duty… And they should fear the day. Have every reason possible to fear the day. I hope it haunts their nights, only whispered of in the darkest secret places of their scheming and hate…Deus Vult. Read the first chapters for free here: Victoria!

American’t: From Midterms To End Times  ( courtesy of WRSA )…

(Matt Bracken)


United We Fall, Divided We Stand, by Robert Gore No link fest is complete without Mr. Gore of Straight Line Logic

More later…

OK, now that is what a real literally elected by the people, not by margin of vote fraud, President does. Protect The People, not special interests or destructive ideology bent on taking our beloved Republic down and turning it into their private banana republic piggybank or neo-soviet tyranny. Works for me. Shoot every invader that tries to bum rush the border. Because that is what they are. I.N.V.A.D.E.R.S.  White House Authorizes Lethal Force At The Border Far as I know, the best defense tax money spent in decades. More!

Licensed To Kill What a novel idea. Who would have thunk it? Defend our borders. U mean employ the US military, which its flag ranks have orchestrated to has suck us mere peon’s dry of our measly extortionary extractions from our paychecks since WWII, an Army used as Big Daddy Warbuck’s cash cow, the blood of thousands upon thousands of our Warrior Men, millions of dead indeginious dirt people in a hundred countries as sauce for the goose of the neo-cons and their bed fellows in the military industrial complex, never mind the Banksters and their skimming operation on arms dealing and debt instruments racket. Wow. Actually use our military to protect our homes and way of life on our sovereign soil. Holy Cow.

This guy puts it in proper perspective:  “It’s fascinating to observe that the mainstream media has no problem at all with the U.S. military “defending Americans” by killing large quantities of civilians everywhere from Afghanistan to Yemen, or engaging in actual shooting wars in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, and Niger, but pitches a fainting fit at the idea that it might shoot the only people actually invading the country.

“If the U.S. military won’t defend the border, then it should be defunded and disbanded. Americans have literally zero need for it.” -Vox Day

WOW! Could it really be? House GOP ‘Working With Whistleblowers’ In Clinton Foundation Probe The rapist/child sex slaver and his deranged murdering blood soaked barren vag psychopath, wannabe commander in thief, wife, and Alynski Maoist first class, finally be actually investigated by honest investigation via The Rule of Law, and they charged with the heinous crimes they have got off scott free for decades? The end of the Clinton global crime syndicate? I’ll be a monkeys uncle! How long before this “investigation” read flea circus, runs the stonewall clock out?

The folks in California burnt out of their homes to make way for exactly the thing Ann Rand so famously predicted. Marxian Unicorn Farts. Now in order to assure they stay burnt out and set the stage for the land grab under some toxic earth tree humper mumbo jumbo: Butte County Officials Establish “Health Advisory” Predicate To Block All Property Owners From Returning… HEALTH LAWS??? Are you fucking shitting me. On Thanksgiving Eve? These folks are informed The State has totalitarian jurisdiction over these American’s Property. They can never return? Do we or do we not live in a Fucking Marxist Dictatorship? These motherfuckers running things need a rope and a lamp post.

Butte County Wildfire Update: Death Toll 81, Missing Persons 870, Lost Homes 12,637…   Look at the picture…remember they will not stop till they are.

…an unmitigated fucking disaster. It is insanity. WTF


Last week a congressman embarrassed himself on Twitter. He got into a debate about gun control, suggested a mandatory buyback—which is basically confiscation with a happy face sticker on it—and when someone told him that they would resist, he said resistance was futile because the government has nukes.

And everybody was like, wait, what?

Of course the congressman is now saying that using nuclear weapons on American gun owners was an exaggeration, he just wanted to rhetorically demonstrate that the all-powerful government could crush us peasants like bugs, they hold our pathetic lives in their iron hand…




If Trump Is ‘Racist’, He Needs To Go Back To Racism School If everything is racist, then reason tells us nothing is racist. Like this anti-musloid Thanksgiving Turkey. Thats a pork eating Crusader Turkey. No racial bigotry. Strictly gourmet toothsome delicacy for pork eating Crusaders. Pass the cranberry sauce please.



Alt-Tech Social Platform The Right Way

Welcome To The Conservative Social Network

An Aspect Of Home Machining No One Ever Talks About Its the littlest things get you.

Authorities Are Using A “Mysterious New Tool” That Can Unlock Virtually Any Cellphone Mysterious my ass. The only way this happens in technology is through collisions of various participants. So it is not beyond the reasonable suspicion corporate cooperation is essential in this. There are no unrelated spontaneous singularly unique isolated events in anything having to do with control of people or social engineering today, nor for at least the last few decades since the high technology of mobile phones, computers and electronic media has come of age.

A Deep State Motive Behind Conspicuous Releases?…

A key point to finding truth in any theory is to apply the scientific method to the research; ie. question the assumption, reverse the hypothesis.

Holiday Doings and Undoings One man’s observations regarding the coming unpleasantries the dirty stinking commies will foment as they attempt to destroy all public vestiges of Lenin’s “opiate of the people” of America. Faith Family and Country.

Trump Signs Order Closing Border With Mexico, Authorizing Lethal Force About time. The invasion must stop. Build The Big Beautiful Wall. Send Them All Back.

In every instance in all of human history, without fail, all invasions of immigrants into all sovereign nation states, cultures, communities, islands, remote peoples, what have you by an outside horde, has without exception resulted in war.


 Hubris – James Comey Announces He Will Defy Subpoena… These are the deep state actors who believe they are not only superior to all Americans, but that they are somehow immune to the consequences of their crimes and other actions. They are special.

DOJ releases staggering stats on amount of illegal immigrants who skip hearings and ‘disappear’ Staggering is not descriptive enough. It is not skipping out, it is deliberate circumnavigation of the sets of laws meant to defend our country, our very way of life. and it only can be possible thru the collusion and assistance of real live traitors among us. Be staggered. It all must stop.

In a forensic pilgrimage, a scholar asks, ‘What did Jesus look like?’

Warming is not the problem If you read anything here, this is a revelation, the possible implications immense, it will effect everything in ways we can not imagine as we are today. The solar minimum of the Sun is about to cause a reduction of heat energy roughly 8 watts per square meter of the Earths surface. Do the math. Then multiply it by a possible 350-400 years beginning in 2020.

You’re a Little Whitey, Aren’t Ya? Diversity is dress rehearsal for White Genocide and race war.

Monica was a manipulator… A Secret Service Officer Speaks Out.. Truth is stranger than fiction, the fiction of the fake media and its agenda.

Earl: New Parade Floaters

Another LOL at link

Was the ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy Against President Trump a Trans-Atlantic Affair? Speaking of turds floating…

It is not rocket science. Just follow the money stupid. You can’t usurp this Republic from the inside out top down alone, it requires weaponizing our currency, waging economic warfare and raw naked power over the worlds currency, which only originates with those who control the worlds system of fiat and its instruments of wealth strip mining, debt. A one world order.

Chilling: Dem Party Leader Says There’s no Escape For Their Enemies (You and Me)

You will conform to our model, or you will be marginalized, humiliated, destroyed, or worse.

Come on you dirty stinking commie motherfucker. After you get done eating your tofu turkey, pull up your soy panties and try.


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