May Your Thanksgiving Holiday Be Full of Love and Family

I hope you and your loved ones are happy and safe and well loved.

May we give thanks for His Savings Grace our Almighty Lord. May He endow us with his Whole Armor of God, that we may prevail as good people of this Republic.

May we rejoice in our Liberty He has so granted us.

God Bless us Please.



Don’t eat too much and go into a Turkey coma. You will miss dessert. But then again, there is nothing quite like sitting down in a comfy seat after all the toothsome delicacies one has consumed to excess, and pleasantly passing out on the couch with all you care for and love all the year long around you.

8 thoughts on “May Your Thanksgiving Holiday Be Full of Love and Family

    • Hear you. The worlds changing, In amongst all the perpetrated chaos, theres a lot of good happening.
      I think we all know somethings heading our way. Bit by bit, there are those of us who understand the only way we make it through whats coming is together.
      We each need to figure out what that is, for ourselves and each other.

      So yeah, thanks for the nice words and thoughts to you too.


    • Heard that. How is it? I don’t know much about it.
      I’m reading Red Cliffs of Zerhoun by Matt Bracken. So far its a great tale of the few with honor and focus attempting an impossible task in a world thats forgot it was civilized.
      Right. Keepin’ an ear to the tracks.


        • Oh OK! Duh.
          I’ll tell ya, lot of great classical works on Kindle, and for a buck or less each also. Im digging American history lately, the real kind of unrevised history, stuff with reference to scripture as in colonial times, the stoics, Greco/Roman works. Even the more modern cultural marxists like Malcholm X, they teach, their hideous ideology and atheism not withstanding.

          I’m only now scratching the surface of what has been reformatted. Theres some people doing a serious lick of work republishing classic works and history. Even Einstein’s and other physicists teach us more than hard physics, I think they figured out there could only be a great creator or design of a higher power. They hint at it, subtle, but sublime.
          So much history religion philosophy and political science. Stocking up while before the NPC thought police converge this remarkable research. There is no archive in all of history such as this. Right there for the asking.
          The kindle’s are very cost effective storage platforms. You can get base model refurbished for decent coin. Last one was on sale for $54 bucks free ship full warrantee. You can’t tell they are rebuilt. I have three for my library. They last longer it seems, i went thru 2 new ones fairly quick. Tried the reforms to save a few bucks, been 3 years on the first one A-OK.
          One main K I read daily, 2 are to archive, just in case. Amazon holds your library and with a WiFi link easy to update. Thinking to loan out one if the world goes down the crapper and my tribe needs info.
          They are so easy to charge from so many DC sources even total grid down with a lick of ingenuity one can keep them charged. The batt’s last for weeks of reading. And they are undeniably portable. I think they worked the bugs out. Of course they get to spy on everything you do with them. Sometimes you got to make compromises to obtain the really valuable things.
          Bought a chunk of the IRFD proof metal cloth to store the backups in for added safety. Those in foil wrapped cardboard boxes. Never know what could happen.
          The value is priceless. Don’t need to decipher code or require algorithms just turn one on its plain text. Solid state drive too.


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