Economic Ragnorak?


The big end of the world as we know it financial crash? Not so much. Not in one fell swoop where the entire construct of the casino augers in and takes everything with it. It is too rigged to shit the bed at once. Its been having hershey squirts for couple decades at least. We are seeing it crash though. Looking right at it. Appearances are not what they seem.

Thing is its so crooked, run by a consortium of tiered interests it is built into itself by no one grand design, but by raw naked greed and lust for absolute power, a robust kind of anti-fragile system of plunder. Its SO crooked it is not a financial system, only in name and at the rube and clueless level, the part we see, our local bank’s nice little cottage branch, ATM’s at every turn, the debt architecture dressed up as as everyday business. It is a wealth transfer strip mining operation. Where on a logarithmic scale there are levels of wealth acquisition, each wealthier than the one below and on the downward curve each larger in its scope and scale till it reaches us working stiffs with hourly wages at the bottom.

So its really an upright pyramid, and so has a relatively stable shape to it figuratively.

The idea a true Republic of Liberty, where unfettered unrestricted free economic activity is the main component of the triad required for Liberty to flourish: free thought/scripture, and an armed citizenry the remains legs. Which is an upside down pyramid standing on the point of will and consent of the unfettered & armed sovereign.

The word is the US is Kaput. Baby it was Kaput as a sovereign nation before the ink on the parchment was fucking dry.

Economic tyranny from the beginning is by grand design the 2nd generation style war of nullification, the stated designed destruction of the audacity of maybe 10,000 colonial men and woman who defied the money changers of the day, their construct which ruled the world then, by the skin of their teeth. It is not unlike how Mr. Trump and those of us who granted him our unique legitimate sovereign consent, caught again, the gate keepers with their pants down.

T.H.E.Y. – T.H.O.U.G.H.T. – I.T. – C.O.U.L.D.N.T. – H.A.P.P.E.N


Hubris always before the fall Bitchez.

See, the Fabian’s way back in the day, they grasped the dynamic energy of this new thing was so viable, that its sovereign people so vibrant and the most not slaves in 5000 years of history, the way to destroying this “America” and acquiring back what was robbed from them, (basically an earlier version of “the deep state”, the British loyalists to the sovereign diety, who figured they owned a piece and ran in his stead King Georges colonial gold mine of natural resources and its wealth), was thru economic war. It was the only way. 1812 proved militarily it was an all but bankrupting impossible task to take back and stuff in the bottle what had escaped with force of arms.

With me so far?

History has a circular feature to it, circles overlapping circles, advancing thru space time, never the advancing loop quite the same as the last it just intersects but repeats certain features.

If you grok the meaning there, you can envision how the cycles of American history roll. And many things become apparently connected thru time. Nothing unrelated, spontaneous, its a continuity of a generational order, right down to now.

What is happening isn’t a consequence unintended. It is a feature. Of course that is small comfort for us at the bottom of this spoils system. Regardless it is intended to a certain degree, and managed to a high degree. the rest is collateral damage. Those who hold the vast amount of “gold” from the Golden Goose are unaffected by these economic and financial variables effecting the vast majority of us. That is as it should be, by cold intent.

What I’m sneaking up on here is this is “the collapse”, it is the collapse of the remaining stubborn residual viability of that long ago Colonial win of economic Liberty.

I truly believe in broad terms this is true in no uncertain terms. And the world we live in is going to continue to slowly in general terms auger into economic tyranny. With the subsequent inherent features of raw naked absolute power a relatively tiny handful of diabolically sick fucks with their stinking pinkies in the air sipping champagne lording it over the rest of us. Deciding who lives and who dies.

Until they are not.








Nobody is immune from The Rope.


So you say whats a guy to do?

Thats a no brainer. You never say die motherfucker for starters, or resistance is futile either. Thats about as useless as useless gets.

For starters you become anti-fragile. Join the Honorable Resistance. Millions have and are. It all begins with each of us before its a whole fucking lot of us.

The ways of becoming the things which made America great when it was created and holds up thru the count of time. Don’t be a fucking slave of the industrial world. Doesn’t mean you have to head for them thar hills and go 100% off grid, cure Raccoon hats with your teeth and run around in a possum loin cloth. You got to stop feeding the motherfuckers above you on that wrong pyramid pointy thing end up. Just enough dirt people pull out of that foundation level the whole thing crashes.

That is what will make the end of the world as we know it happen. If you have not caught on they need us we do not need them. You might think you do, but you will not die of become destitute if you remove debt from your life, grow some fude, learn a new trade where you make things and can gift sell or trade without the fuckers above you taking “their cut” which they have built into the debt wage slave equation of fiat artificial price discovery where everything you have is subject to a skimming grift that before are aware you have been stripped of least .50 cents of every dollar by the time it goes into a cash register or coffer thru a skimming schedule of taxes upon taxes. While all along artificial price discovery like a seeming simple five cents jump in economy grade gasoline, and subsequent rate of tax rises with it. With the billions of gallons a day us dirt people buy to get to work go to the grocery store what have you, artificially strip us of that much more of our wealth.

And you must understand, wealth only originates thru creating something tangible. Only humans who actually make something, dig it with a shovel out of the ground, turn a smaller piece on a lathe from a bigger piece, bake loafs of bread for the bakery, weld a piece of pipe to transport oil from a drill rig to a refinery where everyone by the sweat of their brows and the strength of their arms makes something. No where else is wealth created. Period. Its a myriad of sources uncountable, but somebody has to bust a nut doing something thru their effort and creativity that did not exist prior which can be seen touched licked smelled tasted held transported used and or made into something more larger greater faster prettier more valuable etc.

So how come we who make wealth have such a tiny relative piece of the overall wealth?

You need me to spell it out?

You need to figure it out or you will never understand.

Without us who make shit happen wealth creation wise the whole thing shits the bed. There is no other source of wealth.

Whats going on is essentially this:

You have a one room shop on Main St. in East Bumfuck WV.  You have a small fab/machine/weld shop. you make parts for racing motorcycles. In order to up your game and make more physically attractive parts you need a certain piece of equipment. But all your cash is in your tools and equipment, stock of raw materials, rent, insurance and some emergency funds. You make enough to earn a living and slowly upgrade your minor tools and equipment, but you could save half on your raw material costs if you had a certain machine. But it costs more than what you have in cold hard cash.

So you go to your friendly small town bank and ask for a loan. They give you one, its 8% on a three year note. Instantly you are now short 8% compounded on the amount you borrowed. No matter what that money is gone. You can not get it back. OK, no prob, its the cost of doing business. You will loose 8% on the increase in your income from the tooling upgrade. But still you make more.

The point is now that debt, the note, representing the money loaned to you, it never existed in this world now. It was fictitious digital 0’s & 1’s saying they are money, only electrons along copper wire embedded on silicon semi conductor, until your banker “lent” you some of those 0’s & 1’s, and now that money represents your labor and creation of something tangible. 8% is skimmed off the top. Every dollar you make is taxed some where someplace multiple times no matter how it is spent or transferred for something else.

The debt instrument representing the 0’s & 1’s you “borrowed” still doesn’t exist, until you pay the principle, with the accompanying theoretical interest of 8% compounded interest of the “borrowed” principle is immediately “sold” for its value representing your labor, your wealth. From that moment on the principle and interest you pay for 0’s & 1’s that never existed are no put into the fiat system and every kind of monkey trick imaginable is used to strip it of every penny of its intrinsic wealth only you created. Even the debt itself is sold before you have paid it. Its a compound scam. Meant to transfer up the pyramid every cent of real wealth, and use that wealth to scam everyone who touches it to give it more value than it has thru a shell game, till every erg can be wrung out of it, then it is again sold as bonds or treasuries, with an interest rate to be paid when the original principle which you pay back, even though it now is back to being 0’s & 1’s, electrons on copper wire and silicon semi conductor. And the whole thing is run through the skimming operation again.

Many will be horrified by my description. For all the reasons. I don’t give a shit. I left that skim behind me the day I removed all debt from myself. I became instantly anti-fragile. I pay legally the minimal amount of taxes possible. I keep my wealth from being stripped of its cream. I’m not rich by any means known. I am a rich man in all ways because I am not being a slave to that skimming operation. Never. We, my family, find ways to not survive, we thrive. We want for nothing. Our day is our day, our happiness is our happiness. We live simple, relaxed, pleasant lifestyles. We have more than we ever had working our fingers to the bone. We had to make a few hard choices at first to escape the slavery. Never looked back. Until you have absolutely no debt, no exceptions, you can not know the freedom and Liberty. You can intellectually know it, think you know it, but pal, you don’t know. Don’t even attempt to bullshit me. You have no debt or you are in bondage. Cant be both at the same time. Profound has no name for it. We walk unimpeded into this system of slavery. Nobody is forcing us. We do so willingly. For short order satisfaction, and are then prohibited from sound long term self created wealth because we are now trapped on a hamster wheel of constant debt, of debt to cover the debt, then more debt till every freaking penny we make goes to enrich others and we can not escape unless personal bankruptcy is pursued. But thats a tuffy, because everything you have is held by a note.


Free of debt, that is where it really begins. When you become fully invested in the honorable Resistance. You have become a natural insurgent. And why there are those of us who are reviled, where we must be eradicated, liquidated, what we are is existential to the debt serfdom. We represent something debt can not buy cheat swindle control enslave or steal. We are by our lives and who we are indomitable. There is nothing to hold us, control us, bind our hands into slavery. We are free.

If one man can do something so can another. Then another. Another…and others see those men and others see those…




Will it all collapse, the shit hit the fan? Might. You can bet it will suck for those of us dirt people who are debt slaves if we have not managed to invest in tangible things to help in times of need and strife. By We I mean it. WE are all in this together. like the pig, committed.

As you can be sure those at the pointy top of pyramid really give a fuck other than we  keep being slaves or drop dead out of their way.

Get busy with serfdom or get busy living Liberty.



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