It is a crazy story. All the years and I never had a clue, then one day about 11 years ago it hit me like a Mack truck upside the head. 

It is a great story. I only have a tiny part as an extra in a legion of extra’s.

I must begin the story with history of the founders of the human extinction movement underway today, goes back into our Republic’s amazing origins, their movement of destruction has always been with us. Those who worship at its false alter of contrived virtue and morality are consumed, through generations, possessed with their “Long March”.  It is important to start with the human extinction movement for they are what is the root of the troubles we are facing today in our great Republic, people all over the world face.

This in all the truths of the human extinction movement requires some really fucking sick individuals and hordes of useful idiots to pull off. To fool such a multitude of, well fools, for the plan to come off. 

My part as a humble dirt person in the Legion goes beyond payback, past comeuppance, leaves just deserts, in the dust. It has gone beyond all reason and mercy at this point. Not a one of them can be left, they all must be gone. They are a virus on the world of Men. Existential filth. Such vermin must be left to do harm to others no more. 

I think “they”, it, the human extinction movement, have been there through much of human history, sinister elements, which the founders got past, these gate keepers of evil.

It is inevitable, where it is not a matter of outfoxing them like our founders now in the time that comes to us Men of The Christian West, it is become a legacy thing, where if we are to be truly free as Christianity and the brilliant men who for the first time in all of history, ie, The 5000 year Leap, figured out what Liberty is, the next “stage” in the birth of Liberty is to rid our sovereign selves, our republic or what we figure out to be the most viable form of a state, of by and for the people, abolition of the Leviathan State, we must find our way to this legacy in order to come to a higher plane of Liberty and all it entails, taking this legacy gifted us to a higher level and become freer, wealthier, more prosperous than thought possible.

Otherwise we be pissing in the wind. 

We are truly on the threshold of an existential struggle in which they are attempting to create a violent tribulation. A conflagration simply coined “Order Out of Chaos”. They are trying to physically divide us violently, as they have acted to divide us on the moral level, through instigating violent disorder. Via this upheaval they get us going for each others throats in mistaken identity of who the actually enemy is, literally manipulating scores of Americans into doing their dirty work for them. Then they come in and create their precious world order while everyone is too beat up and wore out to stand up to them.

Shit, Lincoln and “his Marxists” did this exact thing in the Civil War. Carl Marx recognized Lincoln as a brilliant tyrant, and formulated part of his Marxian Ideology and how to implement it in Russia from the politics, tactics and strategy the North employed in subduing the South from attaining true Abolition of, rightful primal secession from, the north’s tyranny, ie, Fabyan yankeedom, also known today as it has morphed the centralized power of regulatory administrative tyranny, of which we see the roll on order effects in the present monstrosity of the unelected unaccountable far off agents of self anointed federal agencies, interfering in every facet of the sphere of our lives, from how we go to the bathroom, down to how we think, having attained the form behind the “deep state”, actors such as the Clinton and obama regimes, they who are Usurpers all.  Presently referred to as the “deep state”.

Wilson, FDR, Carter, the Bush regimes, are the most notable and latest sessional series of their insidious acts of usurpation of the Republic and our Liberty, ending in our enslavment, subjects all or our liquidation. They see this necessary. That there are no alternatives to their raw naked power over us. It is them or us. Is this not the existential struggle thru time of good verses evil?   

Different factions yes in a line of ascension to power, yet all comrades in intent if not ideology, certainly unbridled greed, with scale of hubris we have long been forewarned of, in the long destructive “march thru the institutions” of The Christian Greco/Roman West. Forward! to a glorious one world order. Where they and their loyal sycophants, the amerikan nomenklaturer, become the protected managerial cast, holders of absolute raw naked power over the dirt people of the Earth in representation of their masters unlimited will over all. Does this ring a bell?

I’ve said it a thousand times. It remains true, the absolute truth, as the days pass more evident, us dirt people are all who have ever effected positive change in this world. It is we, because of our Consent, or righteous will, and the rifles in our hands, that are all that stands in these fuckers way. They are increasingly employing ever more strident and insidious methods of stomping on resistance to their tyranny. Much to their great indignation of being defied by dirt people. 

There is nothing as dangerous, perceived as existential, not atom bombs, or natural disaster, world war, economic collapse, not loss of soul, or even death, as lethal to them as dirt people with a bone in their teeth ready to fight to the end to shake off their tyrants grip.

It is so, because it is so. Nothing is as determined and indefeatable as dirt people who decide they have had quite enough oil this tyrant bullshit who fight back.

They would rule the world in totality long ago if this where not the truth. There is nothing else in their way. Always been so. Because Liberty is inevitable. For once it was let out of its bottle, it can not be put back.

It is not just that we are “deplorable,” not enough we are despised by the despicable, but in their deep pathetic worm ridden hearts, they are guilty of the worse sin, they covet, they are possessed by the ultimate envy. It is the motive power and audacity of our legitimate nature, our primal rights, natural born sovereignty, this ultimate transgression of our deplorable impertinence, paramount to any power imaginable, because it comes not from lust or greed or envy, it is born in us naturally, that each of us are the legitimate sovereign of our individual freedoms and self determinations. Said simply, they want this great power, power they can never obtain. 

No legitimacy is of a higher plane then our self determining selves. And when we turn around and partake notice we are legion, it is then nothing can resist what we are. That is power unlike any. Conferred upon us and only us. The acme of indomitability, motive power which has no limits, which can accomplish the impossible. Those geniuses figured that out, and constructed the faultless reason and precepts that we now call our Liberty.

This is the crux, the timeless struggle, between foes in this conflict. That natural power we are endowed with by our Creator, power, which again in simplest terms, they are insanely envious of, obsessed by it, this natural primal power we possess, power they can never hold, for all that, hold it legitimately. See, that is the tiny but paramount thing right there. It is the seed of their hate. It consumes them.

That right there, the ageless sins of man, greed and envy. They hate us for our power. Deeply, ingrained in their dark little souls, they crave this ultimate power. Everything we are, what we say, our great and noble precepts, our  history, heritage, our culture, our motivations for clinging to our past, we cling rightfully our symbols and instruments thereof, and looking towards our unfettered future, freely, without limits or inhibition, without restraint or obstacle. No restrictions.

A most dangerous thing this thing called Liberty.

For all of this, this is the only way they can obtain even a shadow, a simulacrum of our power, the only way I tell you, is to exterminate all of us born with this legitimacy of Liberty running through our arteries. To begone with us is to face no existential threat to their power. This duality, in their jealous rage they are willing to destroy everything if they can not have everything. Is there a more base motivation in the evil in the hearts of men?

I suspect that they themselves as a rule, the penultimate justifiers of their actions, do not even understand the extent of this evil that drives them, consumes them, compels them to do things unspeakable, evil like no evil, infecting everything they are and do, they touch and converge, to commit Genocide, to liquidate entire cultures and races of men in their pursuit of satisfying this ultimate sin of envy and coveting that which is not theirs to possess.

When I see the barren vag in a pantsuit, think of all who have been murdered by her hand, in order to protect her greed and hubris, I see this sin written like a story of the Bible, it’s road map of sins imprinted all over her, for her’s is the face of sin, Evil personified. But she is but one.

It is what she covets, her kind lust for, our legitimacy. It is the power it confers on us in ultimate legitimacy of self and determination she despises and desires. Yet she and her ilk can never obtain such ultimate unalienable power. It is the green monster of jealousy for them. All consuming thirst for ultimate power of legitimacy, not hers to ever attain because of the primal trust and humility such power confers on all dirt people who hold it. Is there doubt why she used the pejorative of us as a “basket of Deplorable’s”? How dare us we defy her righteous accession to unlimited power over us. The nerve of us.

It is the tyrants conundrum.

 And to think of all who worship at her feet like some diety, well it fortifies me, I see it for what it is, and I don The Whole Armor of God and know as in myself, we dirt people are the inheritors of Liberty. Which is God’s ultimate gift to us, and we can only have this gift if we fight for it. For it is the only way, unfettered freedom and activity, it must to be earned to be legitimate, to fight for and defend its reasons, to make ourselves fully cognizant, worthy of the ultimate blessing. 

We are after all, a God blessed Republic of people. It has been said so as long as the idea of our blessed Liberty was acted upon and sought out. It is the 5000 year leap because it was a leap like no other. And now, in the time which comes to us, we must make another kind of leap, the leap of faith once more, carrying that 5000 year leap to our legacy, through the most vile and heinous evil man is capable of, with us in our hearts and our minds, defending and protecting this legacy, yes screaming and kicking if needs must, so which on the other side of this tribulation upon us, we become more, because we are Legion, larger, better, wiser: more wealthy in intrinsic terms, happiness in our souls than is imaginable. 

This is how it is done. Beginning with each of us. To believe in something larger and better than only ourselves, this grand design, this humility before something greater than just ourselves, this is our savings grace. It is where we are supposed to go, destiny, where only the dirt people can go.

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