Mexican Standoff


Robert Gore has a great post: The Deadliest Operation

From Robert Gore:

“…Conspiracy theories, a term popularized by the CIA to denigrate Warren Commission skeptics, are often proved correct. However, trying to determine the truth behind intelligence agency conspiracies is a time and energy-consuming task, usually producing much frustration and little illumination. Instead, as Caitlin Johnstone recently observed, we’re better off fighting on moral and philosophical grounds the intelligence complex and the rest of the government’s depredations that are in plain sight.

Attack the intellectual foundations of empire and you attack the whole rickety edifice, including intelligence, that supports it. Tell the truth and you threaten those who deal in lies. Champion sanity and logic and you challenge the insane irrationality of the powers that be. They are daunting tasks, but less daunting than trying to excavate and clean the intelligence sewer.”


Mr.Gore is spot fucking on. 

Our pens are mightier than our Rifles, exactly because behind our pens there are so many hands on our rifles. Otherwise we would be floating down the Potomac with bayonet wounds already, and our bodies would be providing fuel for alternative energy and carbon recapture. 


…what do Tyrannical States end up doing to the millions of dissidents, non-compliers, defiers, and resistors who refuse to becomes slaves to that state who are always unarmed?

They murder em’, 25 million of them, as William Ayer’s, and his red diaper baby flower power make love not war 60’s hippy ilk, propose is the minimum number of dead Americans, its more now, that estimate was based on 1960’s percentage of US population, which they would murder in order to have a population left they could control and use for their advantage. The undesirables, Deplorable’s, Bitter Clingers, you know the drill here. That is a lot of dead people, you have to find creative ways to dispose of those numbers. It is genocide one the industrial level.

But I digress.


I’m beginning to see a definitive transformation in the activities of these pieces of shit. Mueller and the whole clutch of the motherfuckers are a plunge protection team for the clinton crime syndicate. They are looking for leakers, searching out sources of criminal prosecution, covering their own co-conspirator ass’s, stonewalling who can be, raiding everyone out of general purpose of political survival, using Mueller’s flea circus of muh russian colooshun as a fig leaf of cover and illusion of legitimacy.

And not for a moment has the failed palace coup against President Trump been swept under the rug. Its still there. The actors are within their circled wagons of permanent government. The Nomenklaturer is isolated more every day. Some left to rot on the vine. Everyone of them who opens their arrogant mouths and trash talks how untouchable they are or pulls some cheesy political stunt, they disappear. The noose is closing too. Pretty soon they will have painted themselves onto tip toes into a tiny corner.

Their past activities are beginning to supersede their current activities. As in reputations Preceding Them. They are in fact so dirty, they have no genuine cover to speak of, so they have to find that all important plausible deniability. Which is the operating standard for the entire swamp. Why nothing happens, no accountability. Its wheels of plausible deniability within wheels of plausible deniability. On top of the energy and resources required to survive a constant state of illegitimacy. Which element of this proves a failure, as all things like this end because of black swans and unintended consequences? Your odds eventually leave you with a survival rate of ZERO.

As that has begun, they are begun to hack away at everything with a dull hatchet. Political finesse goes out with the baby and the bath water. The window too. There’s not enough fingers for the leaks in the damn holding the swamp back.

The Honorable Resistance smells blood. The more astute and articulate begin to focus in and pile on in legion fashion. This solidarity in perceptions and thinking becomes solidarity. Why are they desperate to control the messaging across the internets?

At this juncture, they are the worst kept secret in the swamp. The conspiracy theories are conspiracy fact. Its Kabuki Theater stage.

As more and more each day realize it is that bad, and they join in on the melee’, more then and more begin to see things similarly in the same light. That logarithmic increase in resistance and withdrawal of consent reaches titration of legitimacy, and all sorts of really interesting things happen. Such pluralities are unstoppable, except for nuclear weapons maybe. So maybe that Californication swamp creature was not exaggerating or embellishing about using nukes on our arses because have guns. Lots of guns. Because such a plurality of American’s with a bone in their teeth, well, you will need nuclear devices to try and stop them.

Don’t forget history. The Tea Party didn’t up and vanish in a puff of smoke. All those millions are right out there. They still are holding back cold quiet anger. It isn’t we who are in the equation is critical, it is these fuckers and their power/influence, it is their SHTF creeping closer, their institutions of treason and tyranny, which end up hitting the fan. 

Its not complicated. They are only keeping ahead of the disaster of their empire. How low can they go? The blatant ruse of Mueller and the FBI/DOJ/Fed/British Intell Agencies, the Pants suit lost, hundreds are listed on indictments, warrants for attending grand juries, an Attorney General operating in Utah who no one knows or has any info on his activities but involving the actors in evolved in the palace coup is. These are days very far from JFKing and 9-11ing America.

Crisis of legitimacy. The Chinese Mandate of Heaven exists. No longer do they hold a total closed monopoly on that power nor the total exclusivity of a scientific social engineering 5th column controlled “mainstream media” complex. That only worked when enough of us where ignorant of the Truth.

Caitlin Johnstone’s link from Roberts piece at Straight Line Logic: 

View story at


Think motive here. What drives their greed and avarice? There is something they desire in their worm ridden dark little hearts. Its got to be something precious for these fuckers to go to the incredible lengths to usurp a Republican Confederation. 

What do they covet, but can never attain, something which can only be earned, never taken. Only be given.

A key element you might have never suspected as so base a human motive behind so much, with what the above two authors point to, of the moral high ground and imperatives of 4th Generation War, that William S. Lind is trying to tell us, which will be their inevitable undoing. 

The Truth has no agenda. 4th G Warfare is the war we ARE fighting. The war is now. There is no sudden SHTF, we are, this is our SHTF. Its been a slow smooth slide. Two generations and the contrasts before and now are difficult to convey.

War of Hearts & Minds. It has always been so. A slow inexorable Zeitgeist. It has taken everything we are to recognize it fully and clearly. Not difficult to imagine where we will be. Truth again they won’t stop till they are.

And it is us dirt people who are the only’s who make that happen. Which is the easiest to grok, because we are all who are stopping them.

Ask yourself why it is so? 

They go to the amazing lengths of plausible deniability, stone wall under false narrative and misdirection, usurp then hide behind defacto law, diktat actually, murder all who are immediate and existential to them, Ben Rich, LeVoy Finnicum, the most obvious of those liquidated. 

Ask yourself why it is so necessary to expend the political capitol involved to camouflage their activities?

It isn’t because of Rule of Law. Who is stopping them till only recently?

Or unintended consequences as an overriding driving factor. Nobody has received their richly earned comeuppance.

Moral’s? Heh.

Power? Indirectly.

They run to hide behind things like the consteetootion because it gives them cover, from a wrath they fear. 

The only thing they fear. 

From a kind of people they fear, which we see as hate for us.

Now why would the most politically powerful and the highly influential fear us dirt people?

They got hold of all the gold. Masters of waging war to preserve their strip mining of the Earths dirt people.

It seems at first blush they despise us as bugs to be crushed under their foot. Nothing more.

Yet…truth is stranger than fiction.

The truth underlying involves our ultimate power of legitimacy which they covet but can never have. Because it is the only true legitimate ultimate power. Their power is an illusion which exists only as there are enough who believe they hold such power, use of coercion to fool, social engineering to make ignorant a multitude,

How ironic they use crisis as a means to thwart the boogeyman of Crisis of Legitimacy.  

And as the great TL Davis put it, they fear a certain wrath while hiding falsely behind a Constitution and BOR they deny us. No matter, as those rights exist independent of any man made law and diktat. But thats the thing here.

If it where otherwise we all be lining up for a train vacation by bayonet point, enjoying “re-education” in Fema camps or fertilizing the waving seas of grain of the unsecured spaces.



The thing is we are in the drivers seat and with all the plausible deniability and other political class monkey tricks it is not always plain, the forest for the trees.

But that is allright.

They play the endless stalling game. The ruling class shell game tango. Stonewall. Plausible Deniability. Stonewall more. Rinse Repeat.

Well we do too in our particular way.

Its the boogeyman of leaderless resistance they are really worried about. Look at France, they cant stop what has no leadership. The Yellow Vests are Legion. Its motive power realized within its Legion being.

This is why the whole false front/narrative they pulled in Charletsville and other venues, to fake everyone, divert minds from the leaderless resistance of Alt-Right, sure there where ones who claimed they where the leaders, but thats bullshit thru & thru.

It was to stick a pin in that ballon. Like they did in the Tea Party movement. Leaderless resistance is crazy insane difficult to stop once it becomes manifest in people.

While we sit here with our cold quiet anger, and we up-arm ourselves, refine our preps, plan contingencies, train, prepare our hearts and minds, our families, make tribal cause, learn new skills, for what is coming, to see to our physical readiness, and bide our time, knowing in our most inner hearts we are Legion, we outnumber the fucks thousands to one.

While we are not ones to play or be sucked into the game of insurgent aggressor, we are insurgent by nature, and by keeping our ear to the ground and our powder dry. That is a scary thing to the sonofabitches. Can’t control what you can not see.

We only need play the quiet patient waiting defender. Observe. Orient. Be as ready to act as each of us are capable. Carefully husbanding our resources. While they are always having to act to mitigate the existential threat we are to them.

They keep slapping the ball in our court to guage and manipulate our reactions, and we silently slap it right back from far off flyover nation, adapt, and improvise.

It is a Mexican Standoff for now. 

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