Of Yellow Vests Revolution & TINVOWOOT

TINVOWOOT: There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This.

There never was. Voting was never intended to vote our way out of anything. It is an institution of The White Christian West intended as a way to never having to vote our way out of anything to begin with. 

Looks like the circle of history has come around and closed its great circle route thru time.

Resistance is never futile.

Give up you lose. 

Neither win nor live.

Unless that is something you want to bath in, its so important your doom and gloom, is right.

There’s a myriad ways to ignore the brutal truth.

Only one way to face The Truth.

And TINVOWOOT, the central thorn stuck in our foot. 

Got to pull that baby out before it is a festering gangrene pus filled wound and body parts need lopping off to stay ahead of the sepsis.

Thankfully the outright disregard of corruption, vote fraud, and blatant display of leftist vote rigging in November opened the pandora’s box of TINVOWOOT. There are no coincidences here in that. Simply the truth, the one world power scumbags have gone too far. There, here, everywhere in The West. 

TINVOWOOT: Indeed. Relying on the same group of people over and over again to solve the problems this same repeating circle jerk first created from getting free shit, to obtaining power and holding onto it is the definition of TINVOWOOT. 

So you see the Yellow Vests, and you see the breaking of the interconnecting bonds in the chain of TINVOWOOT. They have gone past the gestalt, and are now acting on their zeitgeist in the way which is proper to begin the end of TINVOWOOT.

The Yellow Vests have made the Leap, they understand the only outcome is the end of TINVOWOOT, by any means required. There can be no compromises on TINVOWOOT. Nothing can remain. It must be demolished, crushed, its institution burnt to the ground. The earth beneath salted with radioactive cobalt. There are no other alternatives. This is where the Yellow Vest’s are going. Macaroon and his ilk have not caught on yet. If they understood, Paris would look like Tiananmem Square right now.

They are so self anointed important, they are totally out of touch with the dirt people of The West. They are gonna need a lot of tanks. Every one they have. 

How they justify application of threat of force and use of violence will be instructional. They can not persuade or buy off the “leadership of the Yellow Vests. It is a leaderless resistance. This is grass roots uprising. No men controls that, only the insurgency itself, its the nature of organic 4th Generation insurgency. You can no more control what is in the hearts of men. The ultimate withdrawal of Consent. They still must protect the illusion of legitimacy. Have to. Without that fig leaf they are fucking toast. Regardless the Yellow Vests are those awoke to that illegitimacy, and are pressing the attack creating an existential crisis of legitimacy. 

Brett Steven on his Amerika Blog has some words on this, Why The “Yellow Vest” Protests Are The Beginning Of The End For Democracy

“…The “yellow vest” protests represent the voters figuring out that they got screwed by all this free stuff, the ideological agenda to avoid climate change and enforce human/civil rights through diversity, and of course the high cost of being in the Leftist globalist EU. These protests are a rejection of 1968, although most of the protesters have no idea that this is the case…

We are seeing the first stages of a revolution against the revolution which has brought globalism, diversity, and the egalitarian mega-state:

The rivers of destruction which spread down the avenues radiating from around the Arc de Triomphe at the Place de L’Etoile were fed not just by social anger but by a kind of self-righteous hatred.

A hatred of Emmanuel Macron. A hatred of the police. A hatred of the state. And a hatred of Paris as a symbol of the unshared wealth and success of Metropolitan France.

…The protests have shape-shifted into a wider cry of anguish against the high cost of living, unemployment and poor local services in small provincial towns and hard-scrabble outer suburbs of the thriving French metropolitan areas.

…In other words, this instant, anti-political, political movement not only detests the young technocratic President who was elected only last year.

Anti-politics might well describe populism itself: a revolt against those who say they know better because they are bringing us the correct ideology, namely the Utopian push for “equality,” which always means taking from the successful to give to the unsuccessful, effectively bleeding the middle class dry in order to subsidize the diversity underclass.

Naturally, the Leftist government blames the populists for having instigated these protests at the incompetence of Leftist government since 1968:

Interior minister Christophe Castaner denounced protesters from the far-right and accused National Front leader Ms Le Pen of encouraging them.

“Marine Le Pen urged people to come to the Champs Elysees, and there are members of the ultra-right putting up barriers,” Mr Castaner said.

“They have responded to Marine Le Pen’s call and want to take the institutions of state. We want people to be responsible.”

Few people realize that this is 1968 come to fruition because we are now fifty years past that date. However, actions of government take a long time to fully manifest, since they have to move through layers of institutions and industries until they achieve full dominance, and tend to be implemented in little steps so that radical change is not visualized by the voters.


This here links to WRSA Futility?  Cold Fury’s Bill sums up 

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