If You Want Liberty You Have To Be Willing To Do Things Others Are Not Willing To Do

Full Disclosure: I posted this comment on WRSA this morning, on the comment thread of Deutsche Welt: Macron scrapping fuel tax is ‘not enough,’ says man who inspired Yellow Vests



A couple guys make a pact as brothers to hump it from Texas to the swamp, slung over their shoulders are their trusty M4orgery’s, a chest rig or battle belt, a medium ALICE or MOLLE patrol pack, sleeping kit, first aid, water filters, a few canteens, and food for a number of days. They quietly without garish display, begin marching along back roads as much as possible, walking past dirt people’s homes and farms, inexorably in one direction, never to be waylaid by corrupt official nor highway robber.
In their pact, the two Patriots have taken vow to not speak with media, to not present their infantry combat arms in any fashion but in dire self defense, only to confess to a desire to walk freely doing no others no harm as is their sovereign right, as all public lands are lands of the people, they do however enlighten in the briefest manner possible, any obvious fellow dirt people who ask politely where their destination is? They both understand no other words are required, except please and thanks and no thank you, mam & sir.

That is it.
Adhere to Natural Right.
Watch what happens…

As a thought exercise:
How many volunteer Patriots would join along the way?









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