Was Mueller & His Clinton Crime Syndicate Flea Circus Trolled?


It appears an inexorable momentum of unintended consequences has developed and gained traction. Notably among other word of really bad Karma closing in, Mueller and his clinton crime syndicate clean up crew has been set up by no less than figures of the US military intelligence. This would make sense from a security/loyalty imperative, as the deep state actors infest every branch, but maybe, the .mil’s spook service.

As Trump is the CINC of the US Military it makes even more sense. It is blatantly obvious the intelligence services on the civilian side are so politically weaponized to be literal domestic and foreign aligned enemies of the Republic, enemies of all who adhere to the Republics idea of rule of law and republican form of government.

There is no corroborating evidence, only rumor, and 2nd hand at best. Yet, there are a couple things about the raid paid on a legitimate co-operating protected federal whistle blower who has already turned over their evidence, raided, supposedly without FBI Director Wray’s blessing and knowledge in such a notorious and politically sensitive “special council” scandal, headed up by no less a confirmed Clinton “fixer”, Mueller, and his crack hand picked team of Clinton toady leg breakers and political hit team coordinators.

Either way something sure smells like more Rat.

You can decide for your self:

RUMOR: The FBI Whistleblower Raid Was a Setup of Mueller

ZH: Clinton Foundation CFO “Spills Beans” To Private Investigative Firm; Billy Jeff Becomes Incontinent


“I Know Where All The Bodies Are Buried”: Clinton Foundation CFO Spills Beans To Investigators

More as it develops…




Deep State: Because Laws Only Apply To Little People, Including Organized Crime, Gun Running, Murder, Conspiracy of A Palace Coup & Other High Treason.

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