We Are Asking The Wrong Questions




Falling for the usual shiny objects while the slight of hand is busy.



We are asking the wrong questions.

The motives behind the get the Trump nullify the 2016 color revolution of the dirt people actors are the most obvious political reasons.
Special Interests.
Frame a particular target.
Derail an agenda, like MAGA, a successful trade imbalance campaign, destroyed thru diplomatic sabotage.

Always follow the money.

The stakes of Trump’s agenda to reset the grossly corrupt special interest “trade” agreements, intended to strip mine us/we the people of our intrinsic wealth production, represents loss of T.R.I.L.L.I.O.N.S. in profits of the anointed elites.

There is nothing worth more in the globalist/central bankster portfolio, maybe the arms trade comes close, ( and yes, the one world order international small arms treaty order is not about stopping gun violence, these fucking scumbags simply want to eradicate any competition to their arms monopoly. they want total control of all arms dealing. this is most likely in at least part why they hate Putin and his resurgent new Christian Russia, Russia represents billions upon billions in arms profits they don’t have their greasy meathooks on. remember, follow the money, you follow the most obvious answer to the question back to its source, you find where the power lies )

There exists 2 deep states warring with each other over hegemony of FUSA

Trump has few allies spread out thru the executive branch.

That leaves a lot of enemies. A lot of resources to fuck with Trump.

Get Trump is not the bailiwick of ONLY the deep state.

Everyone wants a piece of Trump because he has turned the comfy hegemony statist-quo business is usual of the western hemisphere on its head.

Ask Who isn’t Trump’s enemy, and by extension, who isn’t us dirt people’s allies.

Who benefits damaging President Trump’s power of the executive.

Almost all attempts to hurt or overthrow Trump, hence nullify the defiance of 65 million people who voted Trump into office, has focused in on the black letter law powers of the chief executive, directly or indirectly.

That is a careful highly focused strategy. You have to ask, who specifically is directing this? Who is politically astute enough in a position of great subversive power who would make a powerful commander of the non stop assault on the duly elected POTUS?
Figure that one out and everything becomes crystal clear.

In other words, it isn’t the clinton crime syndicate, Comey, Mueller, Nancy Palsi or Chuck Smuck the power behind the deep state, they are actors and mouth pieces.

Who is pulling the strings?

Who installed the regime of Barry and his fellow generation of red diaper babies?

Who put the Bush’s in the offal office?

Who ordered the false flag hit on the Twin Trade Towers? A definitive moment in the imposition of a monopoly of power across the western hemisphere. Who orchestrated the resultant subsequent actions based on the grandest act of plausible deniability ever foisted on a people in order to obtain a level of power which could not be obtained any other way. A grand crisis as a means.

How did an Alynski-ite vag in a Mao pants suit and a marxist Rhodes Scholar sexual predator psychopath, Arkansas organized crime duo end up becoming the usurpers they are?

Taken individually all the above criminals and traitors, not a one of them has the influence, the financial, read unlimited, resources, or political power to manage what is essentially an unbroken line of inferences from Bush #1 to the end of obama’s regime.
They are “Clowns” as Q famously nicknamed them.
This group is too politically/ideologicaly and generationally different from each other, their corruption and motives too diverse, almost everything individually, historically, about them, makes it almost impossible to be one cooperating political body.

Who is it behind this?
What is behind this.
Knowing the answer is closer every day.

Whether by intent/design, just dumb luck, or God’s divine intervention, Ol’ Trump is like a bird dog. Without fail Trump has one particular ability, he is almost too good at it to be natural and circumstantial, every clash with the PTP and the statist-quo’s sycophants or useful idiots, he flushes an intended agenda, victim or object into flight. The guy bird dogs everything and everybody he targets. The rate of exposure is darn near a 100% success rate. Where is Mr. Trump getting his intelligence, what or who is designating the targets?

A very interesting characteristic, or “tell” Trump owns is his unshakable confidence he is right in exposing his targets. Not just smug, but supremely confident in his actions to reveal the truth about his targets. Never has to apologize or back down. I told you so is a constant in the face of the fake media and its apologist’s/justifiers.

It is like, if you didn’t suspect otherwise, Trump owns a fearless, reckless appearing confidence.

Trump is a very dangerous man with a happy face, and a gentle hand for the little people.
Trump strikes me as absolutely fearless when it comes to those he opposes, who he exposes, the statements of truth he articulates, almost talking in tongues. He never backs down. Has no use for fearing political blowback.
And he states the unspeakable truths.

Two answers unknown, who or what is behind all this on both sides?



The Ultimate Troll

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