Why Declaration of Martial Law?

Not that Martial Law hasn’t been established in certain aspects. It is a matter of definition.

Martial Law itself has not officially been declared. Posse Comitatus was relegated to history with the various North American Commands established since the Clinton Regime. They are as fossilized statist components as any regulatory element of regulatory centralized tyranny called the .Fed Once created grow out of all size to their stated original intent.

If anything, yet much depends on the internal politics of the .mil, these commands are a most salient element of the CinC Trump. It may well be President Trump’s Ace in the hole.

Declaration of Martial Law is the sole purview of The President. It can be declared and civilian government ends. All checks and balances of government end. The President has total unlimited power. It is very clear and stated in no uncertain terms all power goes the The President.

Being he is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed services, it is a particularly strong kind of power.

I often have wondered since Trump was sworn in if he understands Martial Law is his only option if the deep state/one world order palace coup waged against him reaches the stage where the traitor’s attempt to remove him physically from power?

They are worming their way closer every day. Every check and balance in their path they thwart grants them more power. It is reaching the stage where there is not a lot left to stop this conspiracy to overthrow the duly elected President Trump.

The latest confrontation with Judge Sullivan and the original FBI 302’s generated to frame General Flynn will be the tell all. If the court chokes, its a done deal. Mueller will have established the corrupt power to operate unfettered absolutely.

Utah AG Huber and IG Horowitz are a waste of time. They have had the goods on the coup leaders for years now. There is no way in hell they could not see what is obvious as the sun shining. There is no higher crime in government than treason. Even murder takes second place. As is obvious since they killed JFK.

So who is bullshitting who.

Congress capitulated its sworn duty in entirety. All but a handful of swamp creatures have sold us all out. Completely. With one vote they could end this madness. It is a dog & pony show for the masses. A crock whose use constitutes “running out the clock.”

They act like business is usual. It is business as usual. And we ain’t invited.



Mueller and his vultures aren’t investigating “treason” either.

They are the treason.

Mueller and his fellow actors, in this slow motion soft palace coup will eventually reach the inflection point as fully executed amongst themselves, and begin to include their co-conspirators in a wider, country wider appearing “consensus, where they will determine all their ducks are in a row, having reach the stage of carefully established “optics” where they can declare President Trump as unsuitable to remain in power. This is the inflection point where almost the entire swamp and the so called actors employed within the Federal Government will organize into a vocal front declaring Trump’s removal is a matter of the utmost “National Security”, as “patriots” and “American’s” it is their duty to “save” us Americans from the clutches of the criminal usurper Trump and his treasonous compatriots.

It does not matter the voracity of their claims. What us dirt people think about this does not matter. And in fact, the full court press of the hoplophobes to disarm us which is just in its begining phase, will explode at the local/county/state/nation level. This propaganda campaign of outlawing our property, and our primal God given freedom of being armed American’s, actually it is a campaign to outlaw us as people who would rebel against this soft palace coup, become defiant in the face of exactly the cause of what is being perpetrated against us and our President, our country.

This is by any other name a soft coup targeting the entirety of the “old” America, ushering in the establishment of the one world order which was to come of age finally in America with the ascension of regime dictator hillary clinton. This was to herald the disarming America by any and all means, unfettered unrestricted mass unlimited immigration, a literal mass invasion of aliens, the dissolution of the Dollar, a rump Congress, and a prepositioned Nomenklaturer class of operatives: a mass of ideologically radicalized federal and state “employees” infesting every level of the government who are the foot solders of the new world order to be fully instituted within the existing framework of our governments, ready to converge all, in other words stage across all aspects of the structure of our governments. This is timed to transpire along side the flea circus of fake fabricated optics of ousting Mr. Trump.

The idea is to provide the ultimate in plausible deniability. It doesn’t matter if the 65 million American’s who voted for Mr. Trump know what is going down is a coup. We will be sealed with accordingly. The risks are now acceptable of an armed aroused plurality. Our potential rebellion is seen now as an acceptable unintended consequence, if anything, a consequence which with proper management and the introduction of alien military and police forces, an asset which can be parlayed into positive propaganda.


President Trump has systematically been denied or stripped of the traditional instruments of checks and balances to thwart such a coup attempt. Never mind a hostile legacy media hell bent on impeaching him in the public forum. And thats the point. Hostility for hostilities sake.

Everywhere all around, it is 24/7 orangeman bad. The idea is to implant into enough peoples minds only a seed of doubt regarding President Trump.

Foes of Mr Trump, foes of we who voted for Mr. Trump, are insidious. Their hate is literally viral, not just across the inter web, but across the mind of America. Hate is the new love. Envy is the new patriotism. They have supplanted the character of about half the country’s population, a smorgasbord malady, manifesting itself from doubt to discontent, apathy to resistance is futile, willing ignorance to bathing in hate for Trump and those who believe in MAGA.



At some point here President Trump has to make a command decision which will determine the western hemisphere’s future. As the leader of the free people of the world, he will choose either way, he has no choice, to take full power granted him by the dirt people, declare Martial Law, root out the usurpers, drain the swamp, build the wall, or the west goes into that long good night of the one world order.

If Trump chokes, then the only thing which remains to be seen is if the dirt people have what it takes to mount a second American revolution against tyranny.

That is where we stand right now. It only goes either way. There is no middle ground on this. Events have stretched out the possible futures till there are only these two options remaining.

It is literally a showdown between tyranny and Liberty. The two can no longer tolerate each others presence. They can not co-exist in this world. One has to go. The formalities are near to ending. The inflection point has been reached.


It is clear. No doubt remains. We are in for it. These fuckers are gonna have their precious 1 world order or take everyone with them in the process. Its obvious the most obvious thing about this coup they are going for broke. All in. Table stakes. In reality they have to. They have no choice. MAGA is killing them. They put off the coup much longer the emphatis is gone. The Euro tyrants in Brussel’s are in the same basic pickle. They have to strike and strike hard in concert. The psychopath in a pantsuit was supposed to be the 3rd element in squeezing America between Castro’s bastard son usurper north of the border, and the appointed shoe in, hard core commie south of the border. Us dirt people where to be crushed in this vice of marxism. But The Great Fuck You happened. Trump and MAGA really put a wrench in the works.

They only have this last window of plausible deniability. You can’t fool only so many people for so long with a fig leaf which barely covers your illegitimacy and high treason.


In no way am I saying our intimating resistance is futile. Resistance IS fertile. 65 million dirt people and a guy with orange hair have without a single shot heard round the world came out of “nowhere” wrecked their little one world order party. Sorry. Not.

The Tea Party never went away. It went insurgent. 4th G warfare people. It was always organic grass roots home grown American. Everyone scoffed at the tea party. Especially within the so called “liberty movement” on the blogsphere, which is infested with agent provocateurs, and honey traps, actors with ulterior motives and counter intelligence operatives it may as well be a operation run by the deep state.

The tea party isn’t an organization it is a leaderless uprising. It can’t be swayed or misdirected. Its a plurality of people who know who and what they are about. It is unconsciously biding its time. It is always preparing, passing down thru generations, watching, waiting, it knows the score, it numbers in the millions. It is The honorable Resistance. It didn’t form, it was always there, has existed long as America has.

Problem for Mueller and his villainy, there is a whole shitload of us who will not go with them into that long good night.












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