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Why MAGAblank-white-canvas-a Why You Never Give Up Your Guns

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added 12-20:


Presidents don’t say things like above unless its awfully true, and the only remedy. It was a nice run while it lasted. As one Patriot in a swamp of treason, Ol’ Trump just signaled much is out of his hands via standard political means. It is no surprise. At least the guy tried. Everything to be said for it. Thanks Mr. Trump. Appreciate you.

If he can concentrate on getting the wall up, that will help a whole lot towards other things which is now in our hands and become the sole purview of us dirt people to redress. A horde of invaders from the south will really complicate things for freedom and fighting tyranny. Even a wall will not stop the traitors from implementing their Christian White Men of The West replacement genocide, if there is nobody along the watch towers.

There is no one coming to save us or whats worth saving of the Republic. It has always been our job anyways. This is how these things roll. We do have many advantages, its simply it is coming down to a fight. But most of us already knew that in our heart of hearts. TINVOWOOT

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

I found this comment by “chuckie” submitted on a post over at IOTWREPORT.
How many of us see this day to day and wonder when? when will we see justice?
Then we wonder, “What if nothing happens?” When the new congress starts in
January it will be all out “get Trump”and the shitbags will skate.. it’s gonna be a long slog to 2020…….

COMMENT by Chuckie:

james comey is bragging about how he suckered mike flynn into a perjury trap….he’s running around in the main stream media bragging about it….bragging about how he took advantage of the confusion of a new administration…bragging about how he broke the rules because there was no one to notice he was breaking the rules in place yet…..why is he still free???….why is he not locked up..???

he’s running around admitting he broke the law…and he’s free to keep running around admitting he broke the law…and no one gives a shit…..he laughs about it, and brags about how smart he was…..yeah, right…..

because he’s a hero of the resistance, and also because he has some kind of job security and/or pension protection on account of bean a government employee….
but mostly….

this is a time of decision, and i hate it…..

i do not want to go to war……i don’t want to lose my country, either…..this is where we are today….

we can settle for being serfs, and let them rule over us….
or we can assert our rights as free citizens…..
this is going to get ugly, and i don’t like it…
it’s not US who are driving us to this point…..
it’s the God-Damned leftist progressives who will start this war….
they claimed, once upon a time, that they only wanted live-and-let-live acceptance…..
nowadays, if you are not THEM, you have no rights whatever….

in mel gibson’s movie “the patriot,” he plays a warrior who hates war, and is toadly against a new war against britain, because he knows what that means, having “been there, done that”
THAT is what i am talking about….this is going to get out of hand, and it is going to get ugly…
ya know, i can remember when my son told me i was silly to believe in the “slippery slope”….
it’s not “A” slippery slope….it’s 20,000 slippery slopes…and we’re sliding down all of them, simultaneously…..

on purpose, so as you can’t keep track of what they’re doing……
commies gonna commie…..and they been commying for a long long time…..
“hope i die before i get old”… oh wait…too late…..
hope i die before this gets real…..

not very hopeful about that….i’m in pretty good health, over all….kinda old but not “shovel ready” quite yet….i spect i’m gonna hafta see at least the beginnings of this new civil war….
what i would like to find is a way to stop the leftist progressives from pushing us over the edge, into a civil war…..i don’t think they are interested in that…i think they WANT a war…..every thing they do makes me think they want a war – a real, shooting war, here, in our country…..
i hate them……i am a christian and i know i am not supposed to hate….but i hate them, just like i hate satan and his demons….they think they rule the world…..they think they can do whatever they want…

…and then….somebody shows up who tells them to go back to hell, with the power to send them back to hell….know what happens???
Donald Trump happens…..


which is nice for a while….but then…

you end up in the shooting war anyway, because THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT……


Dont make us take out our rifles and start expressong our terrible cold anger
Redress in all its forms is the most legitimate form of Liberty that exists
Arsenal produced 7.62×54 XM80 too! Whole Barrels of Liberty Seed!
Fuck the professional Trolls and .gov payroll agent provocateurs. Tracers are like the mind job game: it can be played both ways.
The awokened’ are aspokened’… more, and more think, it will get this bad, and every day, they join The Honorable Resistance.

13 thoughts on “The Honorable Resistance: A Legion of Reluctant Warriors (sticky post)

      • Hear you on peaceful. You get some good things accomplished no doubt. Homesteads going well I hope. I’m in winter mode. Couple of shop projects, giving this spring and summer proper thinking. Planning for a water cistern and building a greenhouse, starting near end of winter here. Going to experiment with growing 8-10 months, cold weather crops like brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbages, broccoli, beets at both ends of the warmer months, do high tunnel crops in the hot part of the season.
        I’m thinking instead of everything coming in a rush, with the mad minutes of canning everything end of summer, why not space out the harvest over 8-10 months. Fresh food over a longer period to eat, or can up as needs be.

        Yeah, on that peaceful, they are shadow banning my comments and blog, and with all the professional and paid trolls, agent provocateurs, and 5th column scumbags infesting the commentary, running false flag blogs or involved in watching us deplorable domestic white christian extremists, its only worth being on the inter webs in order to see what stage of the coming festivities we are in. Except for a few certain resources wise and limited networking, its a total waste of time one can put to more practical and useful things.
        Be surprised if it don’t drop in the pot by next summer when the fair weather red diaper baby shit stirrers come out of their safe spaces to do their wannabe neo-Che thing.

        The usual swamp critters and their black robed Nazgul’s been talking quite a lot of trash, and pre staging the fake narratives in preparation for taking our guns soon as the margin of vote fraud clowns are “sworn” in.
        The RINO faction is nowhere to be seen of course.
        That should get sporty if they go for it. A dumb ass sycophant of the hoplophobe’s in blue is gonna push too far, or be ordered to see how far they can get with confiscating property in the form of weapons defacto law like, somebody is going to decide to stand their ground, and its on like donkey kong. Couple dead armed badged leg breakers, and of course it will be one of those evil cis White Christian Men domestic terrorists, with his old dead white guy so yesterday natural God given rights who refuses to bend his knee to progress and diversity.
        It simply a matter of time.

        Looking a lot like they want to push till they create violent pushback, (if not, they will stage more false flag crisis as a means bullshit till they hit the right propaganda note), so they can say “see we told you these gun rights terrorists are a menace to utopia. And impose some psycho disarmament diktat.
        They don’t seem to care much about crafting the usual illusion of legitimacy lately. I think their one world order timeline is way out of kilter. They need to make certain things happen soon, or they are out of some key resources along with time critical elements.
        It should be quite entertaining. Trump has this ability to put the onus right smack center on target of the ones behind bad shit going down.
        I think to, the guy is going to have to declare some form of Martial Law as shit begins to spiral out of control.

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  1. I haven’t been keeping up too well. We went through wood about twice as fast as I thought. I’mslicing up next years stack early and drying it in the garage around the waste oil burner.
    Top it off, I just lost the tranny in the plow.

    If it pops, I can quit plowing but firewood is gonna be drag.

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    • You haven’t missed anything much but the idiots and clowns who think they rule us, making befooling themselves more than ever. If thats even possible.
      Some days you could almost wish they would start their precious class war so we can finally get rid of them. What a pain in the ass they are.

      Two neighbors and myself, we are going thru our cord wood too fast like you too.
      It doesn’t seem colder than usual, maybe its the extra damp wet weather we are getting. We got our first accumulation of snow today. Normally there’s a couple good size snow storms by this time.

      Though the wood i got for this year was setting in butts for a few years and might be extra dry so it’s burning faster.
      Spent the last couple days putting up a 6 inch round clay flue tile and cement block chimney. The old flue was square clay tile. I think it was too large. Everything’s nice and air tight now, got it 6 ft above the ridge pole. Fired it up hour and a half ago, already the wood furnace seems to be running better.
      Hopefully that makes it run more efficiently, got lot better control of the draft now.

      Sorry about your transmission. That sucks. What make is it? Did you loose reverse? Or 1st gear? If its either, chance it could be the servo pistons that run the bands for the catch pack or sprague clutch drums. As the band wears, there’s extra slop at the pushrod, you have to do a lot of reverse drive shifts plowing snow, and the piston can go sideways in its bore. You loose all pressure when that happens. Its an easy fix. Just messy. On the Torque Flights and GM 350-400 hydromatics, you can get at the servo’s from underneath, by dropping the valve bodies. If the fiber rings on the piston ain’t broken, set the piston back in its bore. When you reset the slack for the band/servo, set it till there’s almost zero play. Sometimes, if you get lucky, the band/servo has so much slack, it can’t tighten the band enough to grip the drum. If its that, simply tighten that puppy up and your good. The bands rarely wear out if ever.

      Fords I don’t know much about. But always heard they are basically the same.

      I had a plow business, Lakes Region in NH, in the 80’s, ran 18 trucks and 5 spares. I rebuilt the tranny’s myself. Figured out how to make them bomb proof. They are really pretty simple once you figure out how to rebuild them. Not too difficult. Cleanliness is everything.
      Got a few other tricks for you if yours is a Chrysler or a GM and you go to rebuild it.

      There was last I knew, I been in WV for 12 years now, a good transmission parts shop down in Boston. It’s called “Transmission Parts of America.” Great prices and lots of heavy duty upgrade parts, they have the best shift kits around. You could get low stall 11 inch heavy truck/RV torque converters and coolers there for short money too.


      • TPoA, I’ll check them out. C6 ford, same deal,but low reverse isn’t a band.
        Unfortunately .

        I think mine was too dry, as well. Two summers. I tried to get ahead.
        Go figure.
        I’m an Okie originally, so learning to plow has been a steep curve.
        I’ve got a nasty drive too, but it makes a good sled run.

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  2. I don’t know if this is a good place to put this, I just couldn’t find your email address:
    As usual, with all the high intensity of the holiday preparations, I hit my level of holiday stimulation overload! I had to leave the abode and find a quiet place to regroup, regather and unwind without Christmas carols playing in the background.
    I wandered to my local big box bookstore and settled in with a fine western style magazine. As I was perusing though the articles and scanning the ads for overpriced jewelry, my revere was interrupted by familiar verbage regarding our president.
    The topic from this low wattage genome was familiar, “the idiot doesn’t know what he is doing…”, “they say he is going to get us into another 9/11”, and the cherry for the topping, “they better learn how to vote, so that we can get a better one in”.
    My first instinct, other than clawing my eyes out, was to run over there and engage the genome in thoughtful discussion. Then reason reared its ugly head and I walked out of the building.
    I left with a multitude of thoughts auguring their way through my brain, “you don’t like the economy”, “He’s kept his promise on most everything” , “he’s exposing the swamp bastards and will eventually get them out”, “you really want to go back to the crap that we had for 8 years with Obama”?
    As I was huffing and puffing to myself on the drive home; it hit me. The real question is; do you want a country that is being used, abused, and made a private toy of the elite or do you want a country that was designed according to the Constitution. Do you want a country in which the have nots, the typical middle class tax payer, is footing the bill for generational gentry. Or do you want a country that is free and fair; free and fair to do and be whatever you want.
    The progressive left has spent a tremendous amount of time, generations in fact, machining this society to benefit them and their spawn. And the low wattage voter falls in to their traps and actually helps perpetuate the swindle.
    Correct thinking Americans can see that this is the only country in this world; that is a lonely beacon of light in a warped world. Correct thinking Americans understand that America was created as an alternative to the European model of generational rule. Correct thinking Americans understand and crave the opportunities that our Constitution offers those that are willing to exercise their right and willingness to work. Correct thinking Americans view their acts of working and prospering as a testament to the correctness of America.
    As a last thought; this season, is a season of renewal. A season of a magnificent birth that will literally renew the world. A birth of someone that I believe in and trust and pray to, so as to garner strength and wisdom. Strength and wisdom, to fight the oppressor and evil one. Strength and wisdom to carry on in my everyday life. Strength and wisdom to use my talents and abilities to His glory.
    And this I pray for y’all. Peace be onto you and yours in these trying times.

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    • Oh yeah, most appropriate Steve. I wish I could express myself so well in the light you gave your words. I think it is a splendid salutation and wish for good and right things.
      And Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones too.

      If you don’t mind, like to ask you if its OK with you to post exactly what you wrote on the Christmas wish you well post I was going to put up.


      • You go right ahead. I think we need to encourage and exhort our fellow Americans to continue on the correct path. Sometimes an “atta boy” is all that’s needed for encouragement.


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        • No doubt. Who in their right mind doesn’t appreciate the good will of another man.
          I know of what you speak and I appreciate you for it regardless. It is always refreshing to be reminded from a different perspective mind. You learn a little extra something each time.

          It all begins with each of us.
          If all you’ve accomplished is changing one mind you have changed the world. Because that mind can go on and change another.
          As Seneca put it, about how precepts and ideas are like seeds. You plant them, and in a fertile mind, they grow out of all proportion to their diminutive beginnings.

          Christianity changed the world. For the first time in history it was an idea, its precepts, gave reason to hope, and hope to the beginnings of the greatest surge in science, the arts, inventive creation, something which created solidarity across before unthinkable divides. Christianity created forgiveness and humility, grace, where for there may I go but for God. It changed everything.
          The same precepts are what led to the birth of the idea then the journey to Liberty. The 5000 year Leap. Without Christianity, the greco/roman origins of the West and ideas such as rule of law, the concepts of natural law, of the rights of men, would not have happened.
          In a way, so what if so many have lost those ways, the things hard won and long learned, for to rediscover them once again is the rebirth of all that made them possible to begin with.


  3. On this hallowed eve let us remember the precepts of Hope we once found in the founding of this great nation . The war of aggression has tilted this pinball machine and things are about to get frisky , Our underground non gubmint sponsored church has been banned from craigslist globohomo website and shadow banned from all the others . The narcistic hirelings are confident and that is a great sign signifying their end . ” Pride goes before destruction ” I believe is the pertinent truth we will see displayed . When the time comes we will as always hear His voice . He said that He will do nothing first without first telling His servants the prophets . Use to be a time that I got hammered for shouting these truths . Now my Bath House voting kinfolk are telling me I was right and have jumped the statist fence and are spending their Starbucks allotment on ammo . Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night !

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