The subject of revolution, armed resistance, mass refusal to comply, non compliance, The Honorable Resistance, and the proclamations hourly the one world order/deep state claims of governmental legitimacy and divine rights of kings to rule, over the natural law of God granted rights of the dirt people, is akin to the riddle which came first…the chicken or the egg?

A component of revised history and yellow journalism of the 5th column Fabien’s, is to deny the people knowledge of the past, and the people under the sovereign’s blessings, who are the only legitimate stake holders in this Republic.

So if we are to end up as the little people in a nation wide conflict against the usurper class of political elites there must be a conscious awareness, a defining zeitgeist if you will, defining exactly who possesses the legitimate claim of Patriotism, the legitimacy of redress in all its forms from peaceful non compliance to armed insurrection against a usurper, and clearly who that usurper is.

4th Generation Warfare as defined by the most excellent Professor of the generational stages of war in the Western Hemisphere, Mr. William S. Lind, provides us with rather clear synopsis of the characteristics and elements of 4th generation war as it will undoubtably be waged if the current events of the day evolve into violent resistance to tyranny, as those events increasingly are moving closer to armed conflict.

Concepts of armed defiance, resistance and revolution lay heavy on many minds among the dirt people of late. Understandably so, as each form of peaceful lawful legitimate redress undertaken are sequentially stymied, undermined, prohibited and proscribed by a rapidly increasing hostile political class has systematically weaponized various regulatory agencies under their iron fist of raw naked power. Indeed, redress not only denied us, but counter measures to nullify all gains and inroads of our will has taken place in an evincing pattern of usurpation and total disregard of the entire idea of rule of law along with the checks and balances of guaranteed republican form of government.

There are detractors, who claim, their ideology or agenda included, the Republic and its primary governing document was flawed from the beginning, has outlived its usefulness, and supplanting the Republic with a marxian one world order under a singular one world power, is the only salvation for the people who constitute the “old ways and the old Republic.”

This stinks to the high heavens of a thief  mortally shooting in the process of strip mining you of your wealth and liberty, then proceeding to hand you a band aid saying if it wasn’t for me you would have nothing.

As we, the dirt people, the basket of Deplorable’s and incorrigible Bitter Clinger’s, who indeed hold to the old ways, the old traditions, a productive rewarding livelihood and profession, we take seriously the perils of a second American Revolution, the prospects of armed open revolt becomes more mainstream, a dire topic of thought, the prospect of which, foremost in many minds. As many no doubt prepare for such possibility, the most viable prospect of armed resistance being small isolated cellular, and leaderless resistance.  Guerrilla war, insurgency waged on the very small unit but essential, infantry combat tactics level, under the guise of 4th Generation Warfare.

Traditionally such insurgents fighting 4th G war, are traditionally termed “non state actors” employing “non state tactics.” In our case, us dirt people are already deemed domestic terrorists, racial extremists, deplorable incorrigibles, worthy of only the statist ministrations of genocide dress up as putrid fabrications such as diversity and “racism”, those being short hand for class warfare.

Hogwash to that designation!

This is without doubt or reservation, clearly the greatest of any of their multitude of countless big lies and dissimulations.

Yes, against the present leviathan state which has supplanted our Republic, and its usurpers who would employ the vast resources of their State apparatus to defeat any enemy, all uprising, grass roots resistance, quell the audacity of Liberty & Freedom of the dirt people, to go as far as waging thought control via deep state police state operatives and agents, yet for all their power to employ force and to hurt their enemy, they are not nor ever will be legitimate in their power, exactly because it originates in usurpations, it is not of the Consent or will of the people. At best, the usurpation is tacitly an illusion of legitimacy. Therefore, these actors of tyranny, in this light, they are undoubtably the insurgent actor usurpers, the aggressors bent on destroying The Republic, which they came to steal from the people, a culture and civilization of prosperous, industrious, creative, inherently wealthy and happy people, needing no nor delirious of, elites or oligarchy, nor their “welfare” nor their hubris, especially this arrogance, who deem themselves omnipotent yet essential meddlers in the affairs of every facet in the sphere of the peoples unfettered activities and self determined lives. Slavers, diktators, mandarin’s who self anoint themselves with special powers and divine rights of the rule of impunity.


William S. Lind is the great professor of the 4 generations of warfare. His works cover not so much the historical record of war, that too though, but the stages, the generational changes which have taken place at pivotal moments in warfare history, and the transformations, the dynamics of each generations style of waging war, and conflicts arising between separate generations of warfare in conflict with each other. The conflicts, the differences in styles, or generations, battling each other, being key, critical to understand dynamics, as with 4th generation war, unlike 1st thru 3rd Generations, the winning of heart and minds, the moral battlefield, are preeminate objectives, entire strategy and the tactics thereof, priorities which shape the battle field and the conduct of the conflict, having impact on every facet of the sphere of life in the culture where 4th G war is fought.

Mr. Lind’s works, from seminars to fiction, tactical manuals to political fiction to cooperative works with, other strategists and historians, or on this field, encompass a myriad of other works of other war, history, and political theorists. All must be considered to obtain the scope of understanding necessary to waging effective and winning 4th Generation War.

In no uncertain terms it is an imperative for todays future resistance partisan and auxiliary support participant, to become a student of Lind’s theories and where his work leads us to broader understanding.

After becoming an impromptu student of 4th G warfare and training in small unit infantry combat tactics for the prepared civilian, I believe Mr. Lind’s works have provided me invaluable knowledge and understanding on the ever so important practical real life level. As time passes, as I gain broader understanding and insights, as I evolve my own training practices, psychology, and preparations, I find the theories of Small Unit Infantry combat, aka Roger’s Rangers tactics, ie 4th G war, hold up, and if anything become more relative and more practical to the possibilities of the near future as the days pass.

I must point out something again, not to point the finger at Mr. Lind, but to add to the theory and history of 4th Generation Warfare.

Lind is remiss in one critical respect. It is aforementioned distinction of profound relativity to the task at hand, many of us will soon be involved in. I for one as an American Patriot, hold Lind’s theory to be true in all other respects of 4th Generation non state disorder and “non state” actor insurgency. The profound truth regarding the American dirt person partisan, while the potential for war with The State, definitely does not hold unquestionable favor for success for The Amerikan State only because it is a leviathan, but its prime defect is its leviathan structure, the American Patriot is not a non state actor to begin with, it is those who presume to usurp our republic from the top down and inside out, who portray potential enemies as immoral illegitimate insurgents, who are indeed the “insurgents. For the sovereign of America is not The State, but the body of the people, blessed with this most legitimate of blessings, as a legion who are fighting to retain their cultural, religious, political nationalistic state of Liberty, which is based on rule of Christian Greco/Roman law, as the sovereign entity themselves. For they are the defenders of record, by law and spirit of the Republic. And no one else.

So yes, the means of defense are waged as 4th Generation War, yet, we are not “the insurgents” here. It is those who through cunning and malice, via usurpation of our institutions, through treason, subverting the equality of our rule of law into rule of men for their benefit alone, who are the insurgents, they are insurgents of tyranny.

Therefore, if you accept Lind’s premise 4th Generation War is a war fought for who captures and holds the moral high ground, if you accept it is the American Patriot who has the distinct moral advantage of being the legitimate keepers of Liberty, over these traitors & tyrants, it is then the American Patriot naturally, whom already holds the moral high ground, and the tyrannical State, which itself is the usurper, attempting to deny the sovereignty which God himself entrusted America with, as a body of the whole of the people themselves.

For the hubris to presume the mantle of the sovereign under the guise of representative government, IS the work of evil insurgency, only usurpers could claim as “legitimate” their function of this leviathan state they have burdened us with and employed, sent to eat out our existence.

It is then crystal clear, the will and consent of the people is and only can be the sovereign thing, and nothing else on this mortal plane. No mortal can Usurp God’s Sovereign power as his own. And only God can bestow or bless the Men of The Republic, with the mantle of his Sovereign nature and glory. Honored with badge of Legitimacy.

If you are to accept my premise then, one could rightly argue it is not the American Patriot fighting for his home, family, tribe, primal freedoms, and natural rights of Liberty, who is the rebel, not the insurgent here. 

This aforementioned nation state of the people is the inherently American nation, it is uniquely original in its origins, it is not some federal monstrosity, required to have legitimacy, it is the people themselves who are the legitimacy. It is the usurper and his actors within the structure of republican form of government attempting to subvert the Republic into a totalitarian state who is the insurgency, a most vile and illegitimate one as could not be bested, to begin with.

This is a truth which counters a century and more, going back to the war of northern aggression, of political sleight of hand, the official “convention” of approved state thought control, of the ulterior evil of disguised totalitarian raw naked power of rule of men, and its handmaiden revised marxian history, deliberately designed to keep this truth of ourselves hidden or we rise up and destroy that, our existential enemy.

To be American in the Patriotic sense, is to reject the proscribed official history of this federal centralism of administrative tyranny eating out our existence.

We can not change this regulatory system of tyranny from the inside, because we are not of the inside. Never will we be either, for it is an oligarchy of regimes sharing in a spoils system, cloaking themselves with the divine right of kings, constructed exactly to exclude us dirt people, thus deeming us with their diktat and attainders of writ, their de-facto “laws” created out of whole cloth, as their subjects, their slaves.

Founding legacy and traditions, ignore “official” revised history, take stock of who, and what we are, where our liberty derives its supreme legitimacy, to take into our hearts and our minds, the absolute truth it is we who are graced with the blessed rights of liberty and self determination through God, the ultimate and only Sovereign, and by any measure or standard, NOT the divine rights of tyrant kings who have falsely anointed themselves into the form of the self appointed, elitist political class who employ rule of men as absolute power controlling absolutely.


Lets Win! 















Some pertinent reading and resources:


Four Generations of Modern War

William S. Lind

The Four Generations of Modern War is William S. Lind’s landmark lecture given at Quantico in 2000 that launched a continuing debate in many military circles. In this edited transcript of a later repetition of the original 50-minute lecture, Lind explains the conceptual framework of the Four Generations and goes briefly into detail describing the foundations and features of each of the Generations. He describes the gradual military transformation from Europe’s post-Westphalian culture of state order to the global culture of non-state disorder as well as the resulting effects of these transformations on the battlefield and beyond.

From Westphalia and Waterloo to Oslo and Afghanistan, Lind provides informative historical examples of the Four Generation framework in action and explains its consequences for modern war. And in closing, he warns of how the development of Fourth Generation warfare may not favor the West in its ongoing, centuries-old clash with rival civilizations and cultures.



By William S. Lind and LtCol Gregory A. Thiele, USMC

Follow on to Lind’s 1985:

Maneuver Warfare Handbook




By Special operations Group



By TL Davis


The History of The Second Amendment

By David E. Vandercoy, Valparaiso Univ. Law Review.


If Liberty Was the Object, Why Did They Give Us Centralism?

By Al Benson Jr.



By Chris & Ted Stewart



By Max Alexander

Also see: CONTACT!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

By Max Alexander


The 5000 Year Leap

By Andrew S. Skousen



By Edward B. Westermann, from the superb collection: All The World Wars, a website of technical, historical, political war through history


VICTORIA! A Novel of 4TH Generation War

By William S. Lind, from:

traditionalRIGHT:  Traditionalism in a changing world.



By Sydney George Fisher


Ben Come: A Tale of Rogers Rangers, 1758-59: A first hand account by Ben Comes of his time as a Rogers Ranger during The French Indian War

By M.J. Canavan


Rights of Man

by Thomas Paine


Mosby’s Rangers: A Record Of The Operations Of The Forty-Third Battalion: Mosby’s Rangers were some of the most feared Confederate troops of the American Civil War

by James Joseph Williamson







  1. The Deep State has expertly used the ancient tactic of divide and conquer against us with a batting average of about 1.000.
    Unfortunately for them, that same fate is becoming their own reality as there is an internal war going on in the halls of government as we type.
    They have taken some solid body blows as of late and have reached the point of panic as they are unaccustomed to being on the receiving end.
    This makes them especially dangerous.
    Keep an eagle eye out for False Flag and Black Swan events.
    They desperately want to change the focus away from themselves.
    Keep your powder dry and do not over react to their ploys.Right now is a very good time to keep ones head down and eyes and ears open. Let the PTB attack each other and watch.
    It’s not like we can do anything much to help one side or the other as they are on a battleground we can’t reach but if they fumble one out of bounds it may well land on our heads.
    In the mean time, do as you suggest and prepare for what is coming. When the Deep State finally sees that they are going down and have nothing left to lose, that is when they will unleash a civil war to use as a smoke screen to try and escape to safety.
    We are as dry leaves under their feet and are not even noticed.


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