The following is going to blow your mind and you had better sit down.

Phil posted this. He ain’t kidding.

The following is going to blow your mind and you had better sit down

My Christmas Gift To You, The Ultimate Red Pill

The following is going to blow your mind and you had better sit down and read this to yourself slowly so as to be able to digest and comprehend just how bad the situation behind the kabuki theater in Washington D.C. really is.

I will wish you a Merry Christmas now because you are going to have trouble sleeping at night after this one. It’s long so make time to read it all.

It’s way, way worse than we could have ever imagined and we should all Thank God that Hillary didn’t win the Presidency.


Our entire government is comped and Obama and Hillary facilitated loose tactical nukes called Davey Crockets to be given to Syrian rebels and they wound up in the hands of the Iranians.

Death Penalty Treason, right there.












8 thoughts on “The following is going to blow your mind and you had better sit down.

    • Thats just it as you say regarding voting. There is no voting our way out of this situation. Those people are usurpers, who in no way represent us, at the best of circumstances.
      Like ticks, lunatics that is, on a hound, dug in and secure in their power.
      Or so they may believe. It is intolerable they are so, it is inevitable they will not remain, things are in flux, every day more people realize yes it is that bad, and begin to become manifest in the solidarity because of those of us who also see the truth.

      These things take time, resistance to such tyranny, it is inexorable non the less.
      The entire congress will begin to try to thwart Trump because of what he represents. They will create attainders of writ in key ways, they are very fearful of all the up arming of the citizenry going on. Hopefully the clinton crime syndicate regime has been reduced in its power, because neither of the psychopaths holds a symbolic seat of political power. They have to project their agenda, most importantly the very specific actions required, thru intermediaries, sycophants, their captain’s and other crime family solders, like mueller comy and rosenstein, and their underlings.
      At some point somebody higher up the pecking order will have to take more drastic measures against us and Mr. Trump.

      The order of priority is:
      Take power from Trump while creating those attainders of writ so others and natural law dangerous to them can be “eliminated.” Mueller can only do so much with his flea circus. Look to the congress as a whole, read uniparty goes full blown sedition.
      Remove Trump
      Take Our Guns

      The military is increasingly becoming the wild card. Where does the rank & file fealty lay. Probably its a reflection of the general population, leaning right more than left.
      The flag ranks loyalty is so politicized its a foregone conclusion. But, is it been weaponized?
      There are deep influences because of Eisenhower’s MIC, trillions at stake.

      The other factor is Soros and his states attorney generals project. Lot of actors have been infiltrated into states governments. I think that is where the push of disarmament is going to prove most intent, with a thoroughly treasonous congress they are about to unleash efforts on specious grounds makes what it required to create obama care look tepid.
      Couple states are weaponizing their State Police. Some cities their police force.

      They are all like blind mice. Non of them know what consequences will arise as they make this grand last push to rid themselves of the vestiges of rule of law, the appearance of it really, and the critical amendments in their way of raw naked unlimited power: rule of men.

      But its our guns. It has always been about guns. Ours and theirs. We will see soon enough everything else has been nothing but a side show.
      Guns are what will decide everything.
      I think it is almost inconceivable to them how much of a factor it is, how armed so many are, and the audacity of the dirt people which awaits. That cold anger is a mighty thing. They have never seen it in action, though it has appeared in Conn, NY, Colorado and latest NJ. The refusal to comply is but a taste of that cold anger and the audacity it keeps in check till something triggers it.
      Wheels within wheels.

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