Winning The Minds Is A Science, Winning Hearts Is An Art: Pay It Forward

There is a cold war being waged against us dirt people and our cultures, a campaign intended to obliterate us, the things that make us who we are which are portrayed by some really sick nasty human beings, as unwashed, knuckle dragging mouth breathing ways, because they do not approve of us, our way of life, it doesn’t fit their lofty world view. So much for “inclusivity.” Or something. Well tough shit. We are not subjects nor chopped liver.

This has been going on for many decades. Goes back even further. A lot further. Though generationally, it is “new” to us. Its roots and motives, its agenda, those behind waging culture, class, political, nationalistic, and race war, is while interesting, and useful in certain ways to know, not all that important. Just consider the source. Right!

Besides that is really something we can not now with certainty. We can extrapolate from the clues, accept certain truths which history and events bear out, much is speculative and anecdotal. But, we do know other things which are most germane to us for certain. And that, is who we are. The people we are. What makes our America great. We know our Faith, our culture, most of our history. The revisionists and humanists, their lies and dissimulations, their cunning and malice to mess with us and throw us off our game, notwithstanding, they are not special or privileged, in fact it is none of their darn business what our business is. That, is the crux of it. They are sleazy cheesy ignorant arrogant meddlers and knowitalls. Scalawags. And haters. Who needs them. We don’t and don’t want them or their hi hat goody two shoes “social justice” BS. This great place we call ours was not built on that trash and hateful mentality. No Siree.

The trick is to counter the war of Divide & Conquer which we have to one level or another been “conned” into making on ourselves through subversive malicious activities, by sowing doubt and discontent, creating bigotry out of whole cloth then pointing their hoity toity finger in false narrative and fake blame. Now just who are the actual bigots and haters here, right?

That crap is got to end. And the way in which this happens, is we create solidarity amongst us. We build a larger tribe of Americans dirt people, or more to the point, we are a big tribe, voting for Mr. Trump, MAGA, the other forms constructive positive peaceful polite considerate redress, proves or tribal-ness, proves we are that tribe and more. A collective of the sum of all our local area, community and village tribes. Even tribes only consisting of a family and outlier members, friends, allies, and associate members. Very positive happy stuff. Nothing gets even more than happy, Faith, productive, creative, patriotic, nationalistic, populist dirt people stuff.

See, the equation is pretty basic. In truth it doesn’t get anymore grass roots, provincial. It actually begins with each of us. From there it is a lot of us, then it is a plurality of us, then we become Legion. Numbers don’t matter, it is the hearts and minds that count. “Force Multipliers.” Motive power, Audacity of spirit and thinking it won’t fail because of me. Value added perception, thought, sense of things, action, paradigm, sea change in thinking, zeitgeist.

The Zeitgeist is happening. You seen it. The beginning of common thinking and actions, encompassing larger desperate unconnected people and groups, where without obvious, but sublime connections, dirt people everywhere are coming to similar understanding, perceptions, thinking, expressing in ways others discover they are not alone in.

The Zeigest is showing up everywhere, all sorts of things. From the littlest inflection to the wider dialectic, from vernacular, to small acts of kindness.


Here is a great example:

From The Daily Time Waster, which is not.

‘The internet is dishing some good thoughts about the New Year this morning’

Nick Taleb has some good New Year’s advice, I think:

File that one under the rule: “Keep it simple and do it often.”
Mine?  My rule is once a day, make someone smile.  Could be anyone – the teller at the bank, the girl handing you your coffee at McDonald’s – but just think of something that will brighten them up, then say it.  Costs nothing.  It gets easier to do once it becomes a habit.
He’s trying to break a lifetime’s habit of cursing, by replacing the curse with a prayer.  Naturally, he has thoughts about that:
The Lord’s Prayer also has a hidden benefit. It has, at its core, one simple but profound request:
“Give. Us. This. Day.”
That guy Gerard mentioned above, he is one of the families of the Paradise tribe in California who lost everything but the shirt on his back. Imagine if you even can, everything you have, invested your life in, your home, your abode, all you did to build your homestead, burnt to ashes.
And here he is though he has so little in materiel things, Gerard is taking the best things he has and passing them forward.
Thats is really cool. The guy who needs things more than others, and he is giving the metaphorical shirt off his back to others. Thats dirt people indomitable spirit and charity. It is humility too. Now where do you suppose that comes from?
This country, OUR home, its chockablock full of dirt people like that, who got charity of the heart. Takes some special kind of spirit to pay it forward when your down and you lost so many things.
Getting back to the Zeitgeist thing, I had an epiphany about something been on my mind a long time.
I had an idea, how to Pay It Forward.
By paying it forward I’m saying, how do I, and everyone is different how they may go about paying it forward, and it can’t be said enough, its the act I’m saying here is what matters, because everything begins with myself and goes out from there way I see it, so why not make tribe outside my little provincial agrarian rural area of operations, outside this tiny remote community of WV mountain dirt people. Because I’m thinking, I pay stuff forward with my tribe, its one way how I contribute.
For a long time also, been seeing it is going to take more than our little tribes separated by geography, isolated local cultures, time, and resources to make a big tribe. Something which is possible within my personal means to accomplish for my part, something which complete strangers, but seeming alike general mindset and free thought, would find of practical use if I gifted them something that they could use or benefit, which they may not have resources for themselves.
Got me a 2 car garage size combination welding/metal fab, basic machine shop. Green Mountain Rifle Barrel up in NH sells the nifty “chambered Rifle Barrel Blanks, all hi grade mil spec, unturned outside feature AR15 rifle barrels, nice chrome lined, extractor anti blow off pins in the headspace barrel extensions. Only requiring turning your OD Countours, gas block offset diameter, machine length, crown and thread the muzzle.  I had machined these chambered AR15 blanks for my own 5.56, and .300blkout M4orgery’s. Ended up with accuracy far past my shooting skills, and all the M4, combat rifle survival features developed to keep the AR in the fight.
Now, the deal here is, GMRB sells these superb chambered blanks for under a $100 bucks, when I completed my own chambered blanks, I figure with all the top shelf mil spec features, got me a $200 – 0ver $300 dollar combat grade barrel for my AR’s. Oh, and by the way, GMRB now offers AR10 chambered blanks, in arsenal grade alloy Stainless Steel in .308, for $103 dollars. That is one sweet deal if you have the tools to turn one. If your building your own AR10/SR25, the barrels are the most costly component. Talking saving at least $150, that you can put into a nice trigger group, a scope, etc. Pennys add up these days.
Now there’s another pay it forward idea I got. My beautiful wife is an excellent seamstress. For my first class I took at Max Velocities, his small unit infantry combat tactics for civilian partisan’s course, my wife took a GI woodland camo poncho, and sewed it into this awesome angle wing sleeve, double layer back and shoulder, smock with a button front and a hood. It worked awesome. It snowed over the 3 days during the course, and that smock kept me warm and snug.
The idea was to find two potential far away future tribe members, and gift one with a Smock my wife made, and if another was willing to ship a chambered barrel blank to me, I would machine and blue his barrel and ship it back, costing him or her nothing on my end. Just play it forward if you cared to. No obligations. No promises or commitments.
Here’s the catch, instead if they wanted, to give something back in return, would they instead pay that forward to another prospective larger tribe member?
As it happened, it went splendidly. If things work out in some way along the pay it forward thing, here is a line of people who have created goodwill and a connection of sorts between isolated previously unknown tribe members. If enough tribe does it, the possibilities are potentially pretty profound.
And I’m not stopping at only two pay it forward’s. The whole idea got me thinking about other ways to pass it forward.
Now imagine hundreds, thousands of us, doing this?
The epiphany resulted from something my wife and I do together when we go thru a toll booth on the highway. We pay the toll for the vehicle behind us. Car, 18 wheeler, dump truck or bus. Its really cool some of the reactions, and a lot of fun. Its a small gesture, but it is the act, the thought that counts. A little bit of charity can go a long ways.
















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