The magazine bans are indicative of the fear of the superb high rate of accurate fire of the finest small unit infantry carbine ever created. who needs full auto? If i am going to fight i want a weapon which will fire with an accuracy and rate of fire which provides literally one shot one kill, as quickly as is humanly possible, talking efficiency here man.

I am not a government solder or armed badged government enforcer, i do not have unlimited ammo supply, i have to make the absolute best use of a finite resource. That means in plain english, kill as many as i can as quickly as i can using the least amount of ammunition as possible. To do that, its simple, a accurate AR15 with a superb combat trigger, 30 round magazines, and a Trijicon optic tritium powered green triangle reticle or dot.

warning-from-a-sister-of-the-honorable-resistance (1).jpgFor my experience this combination has become the pinnacle of the most effective combat weapon i can conceive of.

If you handed me a full auto version of this carbine i would either decline, or take position of it and other than for shits and giggles fire it on full auto just to say i did, and never bother with full auto again.

Now i am saying this with the experience of a lifetime of shooting experience, competitive shooting sports, but being experience over more than a half century time scale mostly hunting for my food. In the last years i have aquired what I consider outstanding live fire small unit infantry combat training from one of the finest American’s and combat leaders who has gone to inordinate lengths to offer what is essentially been unobtanium.  Add in some plain ole use of common sense in consideration of my specific life experience, and, having owned 7 full auto weapons, all of which i subsequently sold off, full auto just isn’t practical for the citizen patriot for the pragmatic reasons given about.

Don’t get me wrong, a nice belt fed or two in 7.62 NATO, or Ma Duce would be a real game changer, but feeding one of these fine area denial infantry combat weapons is beyond the scope of my, and everyone i know, capabilities financially. And all a belt fed with no ammo is, is not even a good caveman club.

In no way am i disparaging full auto or belt fed full auto weapons. This is me talking about what i am doing with my choice for weapons within the limitations of my resources as prudently and wisely as possible to maximize capabilities. It is not me saying this is how it should be, no, indeed, everyone is different and entitled to make up their own mind about what they do.

But…but i am saying clearly, combat grade semi auto weapons, and combat grade optics systems are so effective, semi auto weapons are essentially as the old saying goes, the most effective infantry combat weapon ever devised, Gen George S. Patton himself proclaimed the M1 Garand as exactly this for proven historical documented reasons. The US military of WWII where not wrong in this respect. The German’s knew all too well what good accurate semi auto fire could do when well train infantry combat troops opened up on them. And those guys are still to this day, a fighting force who employed excellent belt fed machine guns in ratios out of all proportion to any infantry combat troops using small unit tactics in history. 

That was a bit long winded, but if you’ve reached this point, here is where this all is really going. 

Those who are so desperate to disarm us of our fine infantry combat rifles are not idiots when it comes to what is the greatest threat to them. And what they are trying to do to us as freemen who are armed thusly and our inherent reasons to be so armed, is to eliminate this very dangerous, to them and their power and interests. 

The AR15 and associated infantry combat grade weapons we as self determining prepared Freemen in America are equipping ourselves with, are the most fearsome arms which any common freemen could aquire under the unlawful defacto violitions called “laws” and regulations, restricting the natural primal inherent rights of all Men to the means and weapons of self defense from any criminals, whether they are liars and thieves posing as our representative government, or organized crime syndicate factions of a body of political, regulatory, or judicial actors in a system so corrupted by generations of these liars traitors and thieves that we have in effect gangsta government. It is really that simple. For what organized crime syndicate is going to lay about and ignore 50 million potential enemies of their organizations, profit, and privilege?  

Over the decades of the assorted various restrictive diktat declared to limit our access to effective combat quality arms, nobody, and i am saying just about nobody ever dreamed weapons like the AR15 would develop into the pinnacle, the superb, accurate, killing machine it has become with the advent of the M4 generation of flat top receivers. And what this effected to usher in a generation of weapon accessory’s and upgrade innovation specifically geared to the AR15 the likes of which has never happened  before. Not even close. 

As evidence of this truth about our AR’s, in the early stages of the second invasion of Iraq, it was none other than Nancy Pelosi and her associated made men of their crime faction, who investigated why there was such an inordinate high rate of head shots taking place by American troops on Iraqi and Afghanistani killed in action. Think about this for a second. 1st, you produce this level of accurate combat casualties using aimed semi auto fire, using the M4 military version of the civilian AR15, equipped with superb optics such as the Trijicon ACOG, AimPoint, and EOTEC, all of which is not much different than our civilian versions. Remember too, the 5.56 x 54 cartridge is inherently a very accurate round.

But 2nd, it isn’t rocket science to put 2 + 2 together and arrive at the conclusion, you as Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg, and their fellow hoplophobes, realize the America in particular, you despise and whish to be done with from the face of this good Earth, are armed to the teeth with this mighty fine combat arm. And you got a head ripe for the shooting when those Deplorable’s decide to “assault” you with these rifles for what you been doing to them, and now, the orangemanbad you are attempting to pull a palace coup on they all voted for more or less.

I am saying, if your a gun grabbing hoplophobe tyrant full auto is so yesterday its like stone age news compared to the advancement in lethal capability of the semi auto AR15. 

It goes back to why they call our combat quality rifles “assault” rifles, because they truly fear we WILL assault them with our rifles for what they are doing to is.

Lot of truth in that observation for a lot of people. 

Of course they want to deny us these weapons. But they are in a real pickle. They have had to resign themselves to the truth there is no safe way they can take our AR15’s away from us. It is obvious. Nobody is going along with their diktat any longer. Us Deplorable’s and dirt people all put up with one restriction or limitation after another, for decades, under every bullshit fake and false narrative lie and crisis as a means imaginable, and now it is patently obvious to a blind pig it has all been contrived, using method actors, false flags, and all the cuckery of the “leadership” of the special interests of the “conservatives” and corporate grifters such as the NRA, of submitting to just this one last limitation or outlawing of this feature or that design. And wouldn’t you believe, coincidently, every time, every compromise, its never enough. They demand more.  Everyone knows with at least one functioning braincell, the only thing left is there is no more they can take. We have had enough. Now it is a watching game. What are these usurpers going to pull next. What mass murder event, how many more dead white kids,  kids or white right wing innocent Americans are they going to murder? In the name of securing their raw naked power and protecting their crime syndicate dressed up as government under one fig leaf go legitimate political ideology or another.

The magazine bans are desperation, futility. No one has turned in a single magazine in NJ, Colorado’s ban was a total joke, everyone basically laughed and ignored the mag bans and weapons registrations. Conn. and NY, same thing, nullification by withdrawal of consent for this stupidity. Withdrawal of consent for all the lies and dissimulations barely covering the real intent of the hoplophobes, all the transparent false flag and crisis as a means manufactured events committed to create fake narratives, is nothing but disarmament so they can rule over us with the impunity of raw naked unlimited power. Where they are the only ones with guns.

Its game over now. Nobody is falling no one.

Not for nothing, our AR15’s and other superb infantry combat grade rifles, they have become not just highly prized possessions, our cherished property, they are a badge, a symbol now in this day and age of our courage and liberty as free self determining people. 

There is no symbol, no flag, no idea, nothing as representative of us, and what we as individuals, as self determining people, what each of us stand for and believe in, as the iconic silhouette of the AR15. And i think it is pretty simple. Forget all the reasons based on how America was created and then formed. All the profound and sublime reasons. The brilliant learned men. What today, what the AR15 means to me and to you, and one large number of dirt people like us, what our property, our cherished arms, our AR15 represents, is FUCK YOU.

Because Fuck You Thats Why!

Fuck You you lying crooked corrupt no good fucking criminals running things. If you think we are giving up our guns because you say so you can go fuck a flyin’ rollin’ donut. 

And my AR15 and me say so that is why.

Thats all there is to it.

They are our belongings.

You can’t have them.

They are our natural right.

It is the line that is naturally drawn you can not cross.

The US Consteetootion, The Bill of Rights, The 2nd Amendment as written, has nothing to do with this any longer. That was us being nice considerate tolerant people who you conned for a long time. You can not deny us these essential instruments of legitiment government, then run behind those same things to protect your lies and betrayals.

There’s nothing for it.

Go away.

Leave us be.

Or we will turn our AR’s against you.

It is that simple.

We didn’t all buy these rifles because we are not going to use them for what they are designed to do, very well, to kill tyrants and criminals like you from enslaving and killing us because we refuse to comply with your treachery and tyranny.

We are not fooling around. 


And another thing…you must think we are really that stupid that we are going to give up our guns in the first place.

You aint seen nothing yet.

Go ahead.

Come and take em’




Reshaping America to Foreign Ideologies, an Attack on Guns & Freedom











The best way to approach self-reliance in everyday life seems to be slightly less serious, more easygoing: the hobbyist’s approach. You can indulge it longer without tiring of it, so you tend to learn more. You
also don’t worry your friends so much; I mean, of course, those improvident right-hearted, wrong-headed friends who think your personal pilot-light has gone out because you intend to affect your own
destiny. When you approach self-reliance as a hobby, somehow it worries the dimwits less while teaching you more.”

– Dean Ing, The Chernobyl Syndrome









Report: NJ Residents Are Not Surrendering ‘High Capacity’ Magazines to State Police

Caldara: On January 1, I became a criminal in my hometown of Boulder

















    • Each to his own as I carefully pointed out. Remember, no matter what you always got to hump your ammo load out, every round conserved effectively might make all the difference, and there is no big green resupply trucks or bird in the sky coming to save you.
      This is a party of ultimates.

      Yet, so too a hi capacity 12 ga. Or a home workshop propane boosted flame thrower, or 5 gals of properly dispersed Phoo Gas.
      Just saying.

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  1. Hey MtnTop,

    Great work as always.

    RIP here from soCal with an additional note (off topic, my apologies) that I think you might find interesting regarding our children under the constant onslaught of Marxist EDU.

    Back about almost a year ago we exchanged a few notes on a WRSA article (I forget which, but, could be any lol). I described my white blue-eyed blonde tween boy amidst a sea of brown in LA Unified SD. Well, as a re-cap, the boys were boys and routinely punched each other in the nuts and mixed it up as all kids do when adults stop swooping in with doctrine from on high. I thought you might find the update a year later a hoot.

    Recently my son (now rapidly approaching his 16th year) sent me a barrage of updates regarding a ‘reunion’ of sorts with his old schoolmates in LAUSD. They did this using a social media platform and their own thread created. Well, the sum of it? “RACE WARRRRRRR” Yes, his words.

    Apparently this is some sort of Holiday revelry between these kids. The teachers shun the use of slurs or cultural jokes (see the death of comedy) but the kids? They live in it! As it was put to me in real time (he knows I dig this social reporting), each of his friends in the circle are from different backgrounds, ergo, different colors and religions an such. (Homogenous communities are a joke in that international town). He relayed to me copies of the “white people jokes” as said by the black. (Some funny ones too. I laughed.) The ladies slurred the boys. And most interesting was my son pointing out the weirdest one (for him as he didn’t understand the why), asians picking on the jew in their group.

    I went into a bit of backstory as to battle going on in the larger world between asians and jews (Harvard admissions anyone?) and how acute it is for the asian community. Interesting and comical evening over the interwebs, to say the least.

    I was pleasantly amused as the kids not only rebelled and made humorous attacks on each other (exactly what they were taught in school NOT to do) but also the freedom they exhibited by slashing each other to bits online. All in good fun of course.

    Methinks the EDU pendulum may swing a bit when pressed as the next generation fumes and scoffs at “adults.”
    They are making a mockery of Adults. They see through the illusion. At least thats my .02 cents. And just these kids. Can’t speak for any others

    Happy New Year,


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    • Great story!
      I’d say your right. Can’t program minds that refuse to comply. But better yet, there is the underlying sublime element your alluding to, of human nature. Its upstream of the marxian idiocy and recognizes the marxists and their human extinction movement is truly ludicrous.
      Thats what the jokes and grab assing is about.
      Real “virtue signaling”, the only kind which counts.

      If your asking thats what I’m seeing, and it is wonderful. There is a warrior spirit in it too.
      You got a great kid there. Your right to be proud of the boy, he’s become a man.
      Thanks for sharing. It really is a good story.


      • Ahhhhh…. I like your observation as to what is happening. Very well put, sir! It puts much into perspective for me (watching the world move n shake out these days, faster and faster). Astute.

        ….thank you for kind words. I may not be next to him daily (just the way the cookie crumbles, alas) but he and I speak almost daily over text. Which I must add, gives our relationship a neat twist. Instead of the Dad being up in his grill daily, facing that adolescent TEST (as a man), I can watch from afar but remain at the tip of his finger. Fading into a support/advisor role vs Zeus. Not Competition.

        (Smirk… he can get quite feisty with me. I enjoy it. If he can stand up to me, his father, he should damn well be able to be strong in Life.)

        Not ideal but I am playing the role I have been able to win so far.

        Enjoy your wkend, Thanks for your words,


        Liked by 1 person

        • Its not my words, its the honorable resistance, becoming of a similar mind.
          This is in part why you and I admire what each other are saying. We understand these things, we share common things, they create solidarity between us.
          Feels nice. It is good stuff. Never can have too much. Spreading it around helps too.
          The Honorable Resistance, is just that, Honorable, and resistant to what wants to destroy whats honorable.
          Help others see the truth.
          Its membership is manifest, and manifold. You and I see your young Man and his friends as having honorable minds and voices.
          Every day more join the Legion, they look around and think yes it probably is going to get worse before we can effect positive change. You and I may be dead before that happens, yet we believe in something larger, better than ourselves, we want to leave things better than we had and enjoyed. Its not much in some ways, but it is profound in others.
          We are fighting what is existential to that. Even if we don’t realize it exactly. But as we look around, we also realize others are thinking the same things, there too is solidarity. It really is Legion, at some point does it become A Legion?
          Jesus was a lot of things, among them, the greatest revolutionary who ever lived. That there is certainly honorable resistance.
          Dirt people are all who have ever effected positive change in this world. If anyone was born a dirt person, that child of Bethlehem certainly was. Look a the positive change that man later grew to effect. Still is. There is more than religion and faith there, it is legacy, it is what helped to create us Men of The Christian, Greco/Roman West, its idea and precepts. Without these things there would be no America. But always, it is the dirt people who effect that change and what is The West.
          So, yes, it is great to see your boy in this light. Who knows what he will effect. It will be positive from what you tell of him. We all should be so graced with that blessing. And that in itself, is effecting positive change itself.

          Let us hope it can be accomplished as much as possible by peaceful means. Though, violent means are not all bad, its just the way of us Men of The west when needs be. And we are very good at it.

          So i really appreciate you too. And Thank you.


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