The Implosion Gains Inertia (updates today Sunday)



The Rebellion Continues – Increased Yellow Vest Protests in France Following Arrest of Key Organizer – Government Spokesman Evacuated by Police…  Beautiful! Grass roots conflagration, the “elites” just don’t know how NOT to fan the flames. Pretty soon Macaroni and his pinky in the air let em eat cake Brussels one world bankster pals will pull a real numbskull move, guarantee it, and they will pour gasoline on the grass fire. Wasn’t it Napoleon who said something about not stopping the enemy while he is making mistakes?

And the Circus Came to Town, by James Howard Kunstler Indeed!

Journalist Who Broke Story Of Mueller Deleting Text Messages Dies Suddenly, by Richard Enos Arkanside. What you get when you fuck with the Clinton Crime Syndicate made men and their leg breaking operations. One certain thing, the guy they walked was getting too close to the truth, in certain ways thats more truth about these fucktards than the actual evidence of their crimes and corrupt methods.

Federal Appeals Court Hands Trump a Big Win, Allows Transgender Military Ban To Stand  Que in the slpodyheads in 1…2…

If We Do This, The Wall Gets Full Funding! Got that fucking right! Fight back. Fight dirty. Fight to win.






The View From Olympus: Hurrah for the President! The only commentary on the web I trust 100%.

Shock: Bill Kristol and the Most Cucked-Out, Tucked-Under Kristol Toadies Will Now Be Working for the Pierre Omidyar Website “The Bulwark” The big wampum cucks go full marxian human extinction retard. Fully funded and provided a new platform by a mover and shaker of the globalist Soros crowd.

NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Bright Future of MAGAnomics… There is way more to this than meets the eye. A disconnect was created between the casino and Main Street. Almost nobody knows. One of the first things Mr. Trump and his trusted inner circle accomplished was take down the clawback strip mining connections while the banksters where busy naval gazing at their one world order.

Betcha can’t say it without laughing…!

Stinking Up The Place…











The shattering of the neocons  Ace of Spades would give this post 5 whole cruise ships!

Watch: Trump Spars With CNN’s reporter over Wall, Aide Takes Mic Away More stinking up the place

Men of The West: VOX DAY: THE RISE OF FAKE NATIONALISM   Most Excellent

Australia Inserting Nano-Chips in $50 & $100 Bills to Track Underground Economy & Coming Barter System

First Muslim Congresswoman Rashinda Tlaib: “We’re Going to Go In There and Impeach The Motherfucker”…  yeah ok…And furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

The Greeks & Us The Zman

From Starving Larry: Department of Justice Rescinds ATF Guidance Documents

From KDMLA: Fridays Gift Dump

WHO’S NEXT? Analysis of 66 Mysterious Banker Deaths — Part I: Federal Reserve Banks White Collar Crimes …and other tales of suicide by shooting yourself in the head 32 times with a nail gun. The one world order crime syndicate has some ocean front property in AZ for sale too.

Its probably a good idea to start calling a cat a cat. They keep calling it the “Federal Reserve, or The Central Bank.” They are neither. Its Gangsta government. The whole thing is not federal or a reserve bank. “The Secret Service” such a nice name, are the leg breakers for the syndicate, they also stop competition, like counterfeiting outside their printing presses at the mint. And to keep POTUS from getting out of line, (probably why Trump doesn’t have 32 nails in his head is because he doesn’t trust the fucking traitors in the secret service and has his own protection team watching out for him). It is a counting room in a casino where the skim from the days operations goes in, and only a little bit comes out.

Anybody who fucks with the take gets a lead lobotomy. Simple.

There is no “our” government. Its theirs, and we are the johns they rouse up for protection money. Or we get 32 nails.

But that party is about over. They know it. Its gonna get sporty here pretty soon.

— Tom Yardley, Why We Take Drugs: Seeking Excess and Communion in the Modern World  from the superlative The Zero Gate

And from the Kakistocracy Blog: The Education Before Matriculation White Genocide comes to the upperclass and are they pissed. They also have whistled past that graveyard too long, and that is their doing. They own it. Wakey Wakey Eggs and Baky…money privilege and class does not confer high survival instincts. A class who has looked down on us dirt people, for…always. Welcome to the white genocide party motherfuckers. Better buy some AR’s and a few of those barrels of Ammo Brownell’s is selling. Your gonna need em stupid.

“First they came for the…

Schlichter: Top 10 Predictions for 2019, A Year That Will Make 2018 Look Sane Come on Kurt, you got to be more edgy than that. You want honorable resistance street crews, you got to leave out the softball bullshit and give it straight like a man. Fuck your journalistic pandering to the gate keepers who hold your paycheck over your head. You got to start resisting, fighting and backing up the smack talk sooner or later. They will get around to shutting you up soon enough.


Invasive species in Europe  Good question. Critical Thinking. Outside The (N)PC Narrative

Don’t Get Cocky, Kid

Forward Observer: National Intelligence Bulletin for 04 January 2019

Never leave home without it The ultimate AR pimp. They thought the Bump Stock was deadly to their longevity and enjoying the spoils of their Gangsta Government:










The hoplophobes will loose it.


Tucker Carlson Grabs Ahold Of The Female Hypergamy Question Actually its Heartiste who chomps down on it, gives it the pit bull shake, he is being red pilled modest.

Congressman Writes Bill Allowing Crowdsourcing To Fund Border Wall 19 million so far, the thought police got to be loosing their minds on how they can stop this display of dirt people beautiful peaceful legitimacy and defiance of the proscribed bad think.

Border wall helps secure Turkish city protecting Syrian refugees yeah, but the traitors in our midst fly those same muslims in on empty FedEx cargo flights every night and a free bus ride to the small town America where they can do the most damage to our culture.

Why Israel is Auschwitz …gotcha!

Hungary Bans Gender Studies…Not An Academic Subject  more mouses that roar…

Chinks In The Democrat Armor? Maybe They Are Reading The Polls That Say That A Clear Majority Of Americans Want Robust Border Security  but the wall is immoral now! not so much the ways and security which protect those who would deny us the same natural protections. We really should just shoot the motherfuckers and be done with it.

The Art of Packing a Load Good article

…try hard to imagine humping your firewood thru 2 ft of snow up a mountain ridge, to your 4th generation war digs all winter, never mind cutting chopping and stacking enough wood for those times, days on end, when you can’t fetch wood, or water, trap or shoot game, dress it out, bring it in, cook it up, etc. Its a full time job. In the winter everything takes longer, sometimes you run out of daylight, there’s no darkness like rural woods night. Except a coal mine. Its so dark it screams. The Bugout crowd with their real nice gadgets and gear has no clue once you go into the brush, its caveman work. All those nice toys wear out fast, they break down, the essentials that last are the old timey things. An Axe with a wood handle, properly staked, oiled and cared for so the handle stays fast and don’t crack, made of hand forged and heat treated tool steel, formed in a coal or charcoal fire to lend it wear and hardness. Leather boots with natural insulation you can dry out over night, stitched and nailed Monson lift, felt footbeds, real wool socks, extras, you change 3-5 times a day or your feet never stay warm all day. Loose real baggy natural cloth clothes, and boot/leg gaters to your knees. Water, all you can drink, good clean mineral rich, keeps you warmer your body can regulate itself much easier. Go to sleep when the sun sets, be up an hour before dawn at least, you will be warmer and healthier in body and mind.

You do this, you eat all the fat you can consume, eat chunks of dry cured bacon, use lard in all your cooking, the salt and fat is like a supercharger, if its subzero, you been in it awhiles, you can drink hard liquor straight up and hardly get a buzz, keep working, and your body will get used to the cold, a 20 degree day in the sun is a happy pleasant short sleeve working day. You will be wearing less layers. Things start to become normal. You become one with the cold and understand it.

ALT-SOUTH LEXICON stop being restructioned

and this beautiful companion piece of agrarian pluralism CULTIVATORS OF THE EARTH

from John Robb on his Global Guerrillas:  The Long Night is Coming

North Carolina Sheriffs, Dealing With Cartel Violence, Call for Congress to Fund Wall

Patient Placed in Quarantine After Suspected Ebola Case in Sweden This gets loose, in 30 days with the right circumstances, it will kill 80% at least all who come into contact with an infected patient, up to 45 days in some cases. There is only enough vaccine for the few who got the privilege, after all, they have to be there to save humanity, from what they wrought, after all. Top men, top men are on it, go back to sleep…

This gets out, you don’t have enough ammo, but think about the will to kill everyone who wants to come to you for help. You guess wrong on that, you kill everyone in your family.

This is Ebola’s potential. The vector is ruthless. 30 days an infected person can pass it around. Think how many you come within contact of who breath in your space in a month.

There are around 5 beds in a infectious disease ward capable of dealing safely, thats a relative term at best, with this black death. 5 beds. If one infectious person goes into any hospital unknown to carry Ebola, the entire hospital becomes an infectious sight and has to be shut down. Top. Men. from “our” government are on it.

Same Top Men can’t build a 5 billion dollar wall.


How the fake media cons you: The Yellow Shirts have become that Legion. They are about to oust Macaroni, hang him by his total illegitimacy. It will forecast a crisis of legitimacy spanning the Western Hemisphere which will turn everything on its head. Entire States will crumble, precipitate a paradigm of unseen upheaval of the crime syndicate statist state. Think Dominos one after another, slow at first, faster and more. If nothing else, the orange revolution of 11-8-2016 kicked over the first one. Trump has nudged the nudgers into a widening crisis position, they are vulnerable in ways they still can not fathom. They will.

The Honorable Resistance is growing:


GOV’T ‘FUSION CENTERS’ SPYING ON PATRIOTS IN ALL 50 STATES Intimidation used against activist who sought information on mosque. being I’m most likely already on all the fusion center lists, I’ll post this for you. Its a real doozy. When your a fusion center actor, your a free thought repression hammer, and the world is a nail. How else you gonna justify and keep that fantastic paycheck, all the toys and bennies imaginable, and petty power over others as you strut around in your jodhpur’s and campaign hat like police state lord of the flies. You play who gets the most browny points betraying those who pay your salary than the next guy within your group.








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