How The System Is Collapsing

You can read any number of pieces on Trump and MAGA, on his key inner circle who have tirelessly worked unstopped or stopping, while the clown show has entertained and dismayed us with its insanity, and you would be hard pressed to see the forrest for the trees. Its pretty complex, everything is in flux, the organized crime syndicate and its various crime families and political factions we call “our” government, now there is an oxymoron if there ever was one, are thrashing around like a guy in a phone booth trying to stuff spaghetti up a wild cats ass.

Its actually becoming pretty funny. Greatest show on earth. I see why Putin with his bowl of popcorn. And it is even more delicious, as the casino and the globalists begin to realize their precious little one world order isn’t much in order as they figured. There’s tiny holes and cracks opening everywhere in the damn and they don’t have enough fingers.


NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Bright Future of MAGAnomics… There is way more to this than meets the eye. A disconnect was created between the casino and Main Street. This piece over at The Last Refuge only intimates at the larger happenings. If you been following the real actual journalism, investigative writing of facts untarnished by correct thought and proscribed bad think, you will know there is some fundamental paradigm been taking place. Why is everyone suddenly getting not only a good job, but great pay? Why are skilled labor employees so valuable? How could this be. We where informed we are bitter clingers, those jobs are gone. They Will Never Be Coming Back. The kona messiah himself said so.

That “disconnect.” Almost nobody knows. One of the first things Mr. Trump and his trusted inner circle accomplished was take down the clawback strip mining connections while the banksters where busy naval gazing at their one world order. Trump derangement has been an absolutely wonderful sleight of hand, and orangemanbad has been diligently surfing the social media making the lunatics in that hive controlled asylum loose their fucking collective hive minds. Best show on earth as PT Barnum hawked his circus. But we got the Mueller Flea Circus too, and the vote fraud swamp has told the motherfucker in orange hair bad they are going to impeach him. LMFAO!

Back to MAGA. They accomplished this disconnect thru creating a separate regulatory banking environment, using small local only community banks and credit unions. A different separate, as in there are no administrative or regulatory connections to the banking casino the Wall St. casino is in cahoots with. bIt was possible because the casino had strip mined Main Street to the point it no longer was worth bothering with, they took everything, it was nothing to them, not even chump change, and the little “chump” change trickling out to be had was not worth the effort.

More on this later in a bit. But think about this. It is protectionist measures taken to insulate Main Street from the casino’s consequences. If you notice, the jobs and American business’s, which the news of have been excellent, are no longer vassal economy of the bankster world order. Its subtle, but it is explicit too.

Trump wasn’t fucking around when he said he was going MAGA. It is a kind of reverse leave the casino on the vine to rot while real economic activity, not corporate tyranny, and natural actual price discovery return, sound fiscal activity based on the other natural law, the law of supply and demand. All based on the natural creation of wealth. a dollar at a time at the dirt people grass roots level, where wealth comes from. The disconnect from the bankster strip mining of America at our Hometown Main Street level is profound. The place where actual wealth begins and is created. Where people create something tangible of value with their labor and creativity. Its the only source of wealth which exists.

More too in a bit…its why the stock market no longer matters, why the casino is beginning to tank, why when it does, if your disconnected from the casino, you will hardly notice. They have rarefied themselves to the extent where they are so isolated from us dirt people, they no longer live in our world, their activity is not our activity, there are no connections now. Absolute power isolates absolutely. Never mind you can not be effected by something which is built on creating nothing out of whole cloth and thin air, and has been a total ruse all along, so a few can skim off the actual wealth created by the dirt people all the way down at the Main Street level.

See the breath of the disconnect?

The intervening vacuum between is the insulation.

Their hook on Main Street was taken from them while they watched eyes wide shut and failed to recognize the existential domino effect set in motion. Trump got the fuckers but good right where it hurt them the most, and now they are teetering trying to stay balanced, but the actual wealth which kept them upright is leaving and cant be taken back. The trade negotiations are the same thing. Trump and Ludlow have been pulling out the keystones of the casino’s international trade skimming operation foundation, same idea they used on the international Main Street level.

See, all that trade, it has a grass roots Main Street origin. Somebody had to make the things, build the things, mine the things, machine the things, weld the things, assemble the things, package the things, that is people who create something by the sweat of their brows, their labor. And buy the things too. Wealth comes from no place else. Period. You remove the intervening scaling levels of strip mining this inherent built in natural wealth, what happens? No more wealth for the casino to take its cut and give up to its masters, the central banksters, the bulk of the take. Think Mafia crime family operations and the BIG envelope the Don gets from his Captains after their solders and made men do the dirty work of racketeering and protection money. It is the same exact thing. It is only given a fig leaf of legitimacy of things like “The Federal Reserve” and “our” government, which both is neither.

And as the racket begins to discover it is been denied its skim, it will become ever more angry and afraid, read desperate, to require its power to obtain its cut of the skim of the wealth creation.

Right now its plate is full, it also has to contain the collapse taking place. If that collapse gets to a certain stage the centuries of its operations reaches a stage where it looses all of its means and resources to run its operation. So right now it is in early stages of internal damage control. There is a lot of inertia behind it, the resonance of collapse takes time to travel thru the system and echo back. There are operations which have cycles in years, and those until they default prop up the system.

Then their is the human factor. The hubris and greed, power and leverage, influence, and the utter evil of men who hold raw naked power. They will do everything to retain and secure that power and wealth. That alone has a certain motive power too holding operations together.

But when the Mainstream wealth flow is gone, and the connections to it are severed, bad things start to happen nobody can stop once set in motion.

Good things too. For every erg of energy which creates every penny of wealth begins to beget more wealth, more prosperity, because that wealth stays within the grass roots system of wealth creation, Main Street becomes a force all its own again. As the instruments of extracting that wealth are dismantled, destroyed, removed, as Mr. Trump has busily accomplished across the entire construct, the organized crime syndicate we call Government, its regulatory tyranny, the administrative centralism of creating an army of agents who are sent hither to eat out the dirt peoples existence, and deliver up that wealth they extract, to the crime syndicate Don’s, become powerless to take our wealth, their power collapses absolutely. Thats the weakness in absolute power, just as absolute power corrupts absolutely, it must remain absolute or it collapses absolutely.

It is inevitable. But along the way, they will try anything, use any means, to stop what has begun. As their end grows nearer, the level of force and application of violence increases. Why they have not JFK’d President Trump is a wonder in its self. Maybe the guy is God Blessed. I hope so. Mueller and his flea circus palace coup is another wonder. Everyday they must move forward towards ousting Trump. They must. There is nothing else for it. And every day they have no choice but to reveal hidden evil and truths of themselves. Its measured, the propaganda wing of their operations runs block on these truths, but they can not hide what anyone looking with open eyes wants to see.

So there’s these converging dynamics. Economic tyranny. political tyranny. And the honorable resistance of dirt people which grows every day, all on a collision course.

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