Wanna See How They Watch You?

Looky here.

Logged into my FREEZOXEE account, somebody is ghost hacking me, this was emailed to me by their security team:

Hi mtnforge,

Please verify that it’s you

Your sign in attempt seems a little different than usual. This could be because you are signing in from a different device or a different location.

If you are attempting to sign-in, please use the following code to confirm your identity:


Here are the details of the sign-in attempt:
Date: 2019-01-05 08:32:19pm
Account: mtntopforge
Location: US
IP Address: 2001:5b0:2270:db10:69a9:80fe:7b64:1f4d
City: Germantown

If this wasn’t you, please reset your password.

Yours securely,
Team FREEZOXEE™ Friends


Not my IP.

Not my IP Address

Not even close.

Hughesnet North America is in Texas. I have had the same IP Address for 11 years in the same location in West Virginia. It ain’t Germantown either.

Anyone care to look up what that IP Address is about? Get some licks in doxing a good little Trump hater or government payroll troll living large and fat off your tax dime?

Like clockwork, the day the commie fucks usurped the swamp, I could tell I was being hacked again. Little things, quirks your computer suddenly picks up, script problems, download interruptions or slowdown. Something eating up huge amounts of CPU power. Dirty trolls making really idiotic comments, hijacking my WP Avatar. All the signs of fucking soy eating pickle smooching rug munching little brain wipes who would slurp hillary’s diarrhea if she ordered them to and beg for more.

Useful idiots one and all.

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