Yellow Shirts: All The Links

This is for BFYTW Phil, but you can have it too, all the links to posts about the leaderless resistance of the French Resistance against the globalist scumbags in Brussels, known as the Yellow Shirts, or Yellow Vests. (please see more comment below the linkage)









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About 30 links to Yellow Vests in this post:

Here’s the rest I have found most recent first:

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Tucker Carlson and the Plight of the Yellow Vests, by Tom Luongo

The Rebellion Continues – Increased Yellow Vest Protests in France Following Arrest of Key Organizer – Government Spokesman Evacuated by Police…

I Told Ya To Keep An Eye On France

Macron Arrests “Yellow Vest” Organizer In Escalation Which Will Surely Calm Things Down, by Tyler Durden

Start Paying Attention To What Is Going On In France

Macron Blinks – French Prime Minister to Announce Suspension of “Fuel Tax”…


If you are just learning, beginning over a month ago the Yellow Shirts have been waging 4th Generation Warfare against the French Government and its globalist shill, “let em’ eat cake” President Macaroni.

Great stuff. Grass roots uprising, leaderless, but for a couple of token spokesman, mostly self designated, courageous individuals, who have taken upon themselves the duty to come forward and speak for the rest of French dirt people’s, or ahem, Les Deplorable’s of the The Honorable Resistance.

From the beginning, the globalist cabal is caught completely flat footed, offering up the statist state bromides, usual propaganda, dissimulations, and news black-out/agitprop our very own fake media runs here.

What I have been talking about on dirt people since its inception regarding “The Legion”: a plurality called The Honorable Resistance, a grass roots uprising on the cusp of it’s birth into a full fledged conscious plurality, an indomitable leaderless movement, open source insurgency, which gained a sublime consciousness of it’s audacity, its power and legitimacy, in the finest act of color revolution in history, where 65 million, thats 65,000,000,000, who on November the 8th & 9th, 2016, swamped the organized crime syndicate called the deep state’s, standard operating procedure called TINVOWOOT, otherwise known as the 3% margin of vote fraud, employed to disguise with a grand circus of a breathless production of outright total fucking bullshit called the presidential election, otherwise known as the already determined outcome before a single vote is cast, the usurper it has chosen to warm the seat in the offal office and assist the swamp in its systematic strip mining and wealth transfer of the American dirt people.

Euoropean Deplorable’s and American do the revolution thing differently. I think it has much to do with the effects and cultural imperatives of arms in the hands of the dirt people of each culture.

American dirt people possess a certain laid back lets say, tolerance for our gangsta government. Most of us are cognizant at some level even sub consciously that corruption graft and general criminality of the “ruling” class is all but unstoppable, from the nice lady at the county accessor’s office and her little abuses of power and privilege to an entire regulatory agency and its radical agenda to control everything in every facet of the sphere of our private lives, right down to how you take a crap.

Of course this insidious meddling in our every affair has grown gradually, a plucked feather here, a feather there, till one day The Golden Goose looks around and realizes its been plucked bare ass naked. Even so, the dirt people possess a unique tolerance, a kind of who gives a shit, because one day a whole shitload of us are gonna get pissed off where we pick up our rifles and shoot the sonofabitches, kick them all out, hang a bunch from lamp posts, and then go back to minding our own affairs. But, in the mean time, before that happen’s, we got family, homes, jobs, and we all just want to be left the fuck alone. Thank you very much.

There’s a tolerance in this hard to define. It is definitely unique to American’s. It can not be compared to European, or it really should be called once again, Nationalistic, small, of the continent, Nation State’s, historically and culturally, unique individual country’s that the globalists call the “European Union” which is no union but a union of greedy motherfuckers in Brussel’s, a euro crime syndicate, in collusion with the North American   crime syndicate, calling itself a one world order. Give me a fucking break, a one world order? How official and legitimate that sounds. A one world…order. These fucking idiotic euphemism’s are tiresome and getting really cheesy, like how the great con of globull warming has morphed into “climate change”. Right, the climate changes all the time, minute to minute. How cunning and convenient a tag. You can make it into anything you want, this ruse, its the ultimate in plausible deniability.

Anyways the cheese heads in Paris are doing Yoeman’s work on the open source insurgency revolutionary front. In the resistance department, it is instructional at a level and process rare indeed, of inestimable worth, in teaching us how to wage total leaderless revolution against gangsta’ government and win liberty for ourselves. Of course, there’s scant accurate journalism and news coming out of the continent, even the Yellow Shirts are telling us they are receiving little truth via the news airwaves. No matter, the thing that has happened is the honorable resistance has no use for news, or the truth outing, it has left that stage, and become that Legion, a plurality in solidarity, its motive power is become a power unto itself, and being it is nebulous, leaderless, it is invulnerable to any force or tactic the State can bring to bear barring open unlimited armed execution of every resistor on site shoot to kill orders. Even then, the Legion then goes to its ground game: total 4th G War, and the French crime syndicate is toast. It can not afford to go down this rabbit hole, on every level it can not long wage counter insurgency, not without the banksters brining in its hired killer Merc’s in their armored cars, hit squads, and intelligence operations. This too, is a very finite resource, the banksters are not equipped to fight a continent wide resistance, especially a burgeoning political insurrection and resulting populist insurgency within a number of Euro States parliaments.

They are loosing control of the continent. Like our “deep state”, there’s getting to be too many leaks in the dike and not enough fingers to plug the insurrection.



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  1. Thanks. I been busy again, although I try to keep up with what is going on and I do see your efforts BTW.
    I have trouble leaving comments using my darn phone, especially when I am trying to absorb as much as possible on my lunch and breaks.
    10 hour days that end at one in the morning makes for having a screwy schedule.

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