This Is America Today

The great thing President Trump has done is expose truth. I think what is happening is millions have this tiny doubt, this suspicion, and not just since Mr. Trump became President, this suspicion something just isnt right, almost like a splinter in our minds.  What has happened is people are beginning to withdraw their consent, seems like a little thing, not much to it, but when millions, like 65 million, who defied the status quo and voted in Mr. Trump, those who are running things, doing bad, evil things, behind our backs and under cover of “legitimate” government, have lost their fig leaf of their illusion they are legitimate and have special powers, over you, over me, and our very way of life. They are not happy about this, or with us for defying them. This is why they promote hate and derision, spread doubt and discontent, to distract and turn people away from the truth.




Remember, Civil War II American style with a marxian neo-bolshevik bent and a Normie cannon fodder backstop is like a big party and everyone is invited… 

…There is only one way between two sides, what is being foisted on us dirt people ends.

They have made any other outcome impossible. 

One side kills everyone on the other side.

This is nothing new.

It has been a good run even though.

The facade of a “civil society” was really nice while it lasted.

It really didn’t have to be this way, there was more than enough for everyone.


If you are totally honest with yourself, this also makes perfect sense.

This is as it should be, as it always has down through time in tribal 4th Generation war.

If you want to win it is the only way.

Me, I plan on winning.

2 thoughts on “This Is America Today

    • Thats all you can do. And make the other guy die for what he believes in, so you can live to fight, fight to win.
      Hey, the more of us step off the porch, the less time the event will take. The winning gets better.

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