Link Fest 2-10-18: The Left Implodes & Other Goodies (updates 2-11 11:00pm)

Been awhiles since the last link fest. Here’s a collection I found of interest. Some are weeks in passing, but if you haven’t read them they where good reads for myself. Enjoy.


At the top of the order, as the elites implode, is the great Tom Baugh of Starving The Monkey’s, and When To Shoot The Colonel’s fame, with an excellent piece on the Yellow Vests. I believe we got to support of French brothers & sisters in Liberty, throwing off the chains of the dirty stinking globalists. Spread this around id you care, they are under an almost total false media complex black-out: Yellow Vests and You

Here’s something to spice up Tom Baugh’s piece below: …More Resistance

See the source of the above I copy’d it from also: I, frankly, believe this is happening.


Next up is one from Kenny at his Knuckle Dragghing My Life Away blog, something near and dear, our rifles and other weapons, a very well considered piece on the NRA and other outfits. Its a worthy outlier, and time to face the truth. Remember, our rifles, they are property first, and it matters not a wit what it says or not in the Constitution, or any law, our right to property, which our arms are, and our rights to using our arms, does not, nor ever was dependent on anything, but our natural, and primal, God given right we are born with. All those fancy words, or artificial “laws” made by other men, just men, only men, either way, intended as for or against, can be broken easy as stepping on a cockroach, or a worth a bucket of warm spit, like a swamp creature in that cesspool on the Potomac or all of our state houses word, aint worth a thing. Kaput! Somebody sent this missive to Kenny. The author brings up many salient issues and truths. Well done: Asserting the Second Amendment

The mysterious case of AOC’s scrubbed ‘Green New Deal’ details Your mistaken if you believe resistance is futile. There it is right there. Resistance is fertile.


From WRSA:


















Ivan Is Coming

Fuck Ivan. Fuck the whole lot of dirty stinking commies.

From The Daily Time Waster, in the TINVOWOOT & EOTWAWKI department an epic accounting of total SHTF: This guy gives real world advice

In the sublime Alt-Agitprop resistance category, Day By Day’s: This Is America


Ramirez, bless his artistry in The Message:

As the left shits in its own nest, as it pulls the cord on the crapper. More clowns, 2019 is shaping up to be a very good year. Partake in the total implosion of idiocy and psychopaths who have anointed themselves as our betters. Without even asking us. How nice. Mighty white of them: Willie Brown Throws Shade at Ex-Girlfriend Kamala Harris: Can’t Beat Trump

LeVoy Finnicum. Bless his soul. From, Deep State Threat


Matt Bracken. One of my Heroes: Bracken – Rules For Deep State Overlords

Betrayers. Usurpers. Wring Wraths. Faustian bargainers. Black Robbed Nazgul’s. Murderers. They wear the blood of genocide: Chief Justice John Roberts Joins Liberals in Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

And this companion piece on Ruth Bader Meinhoff, if she is not dead but alive, but not physically capable of resigning, she must die or be impeached. It is a waiting game between two forces:


Canada Free Press. Stalwarts. From the beginning of the resistance: Woe Onto Them…

The Dark Side of Abraham Lincoln The Abbeville Institute.

Trump Derangement syndrome writ huge: Woman Charged with Assault on Kellyanne ConwayKellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, speaks at the Newseum during their 'The President and The Press, The First Amendment in the First 100 Days' event April 12, 2017 in Washington, DC. Conway, formerly President Trump's campaign manager, is one of the administration's main surrogates appearing often on television. (Photo …“[Y]ou need to control your temper, control yourself. You need to get over the damn 2016 election and do that because chances are — the big chances and I believe — that this man will be re-elected,” she said, referring to President Donald Trump.

From the redoubtable Copperhead: Socialist Education in America Posted on February 8, 2019 by Al Benson Jr.

Calling it ‘the new normal,’ feds arrest 200 undocumented immigrants in NC this week Yeah! Build That Fucking Wall.

Pure Love. There’s only one surprise gift that would be better than cookies…

More resistance. Oh Yeah. Sue the dirty stinking commies into bankruptcy Gavin: “Frothing With Bigots”: SPLC Sued By Gavin McInnes For Defamation

Bodycam Captures Militant Antifa Shot In The Head By Cops After Pulling Gun If you haven’t, you should watch this. It is what they want. Antifa’s purpose. The most useful dupes imaginable. They needed this one of their idiots to die violently. Any way possible. Truth matters not. It is the excuse they need.

Nick Sandmann’s Lawyer Sends Letters To These 54 Entities For Potential Lawsuits Good Kid. He did right. Christian Right.  A Man of The West. If I was his Dad I’d be proud as a peach my son held himself to a higher standard under such a pathetic wave of hate and derision. Its all about: Undermine, Subvert, Destroy.

WILLIAMS: Demonizing White Men As Brock postsThere are only two ways to explain the silence by people who should know better. Either they agree with the sentiments expressed or they are out-and-out cowards. Decent American people ought to soundly reject and condemn this brazen attack on white men. I think that the attack is on masculinity itself and that white men are a convenient scapegoat — for now.

Not if I and you all have anything to do with it. BFYTW

Mueller’s abuses on view for the world to see This is what I have to say about this deep state clinton crime syndicate clown and his flea circus palace coup on Mr. Trump:
























From Phil comes this gem: LMAO! Washington Post Blows$10,000,000 On Superbowl Ad Trying To Buy Credibility Phil posts this:

Donald Trump Jr.


You know how MSM journalists could avoid having to spend millions on a comercial to gain some undeserved credibility?

How about report the news and not their leftist BS for a change.

8,398 people are talking about this

The left as it implodes:








Karma Is A Bitch Bitchez

Isaiah’s Job The Von Mises Institute. Enough said.

Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. lotflmao Word. And good Word too.

A sign of whats coming. I said right away. There was no way the dirty stinking commies won the House without massive outright voter fraud and gerrymander: Texas Secretary of State Exposes Massive Voter Fraud A foretaste of what they will try to do in 2020 to keep Mr. Trump from being Mr. President a second time. They are toast for 20 years if they don’t cheat steel lie and kill to “win”. Under the illusion…They offer nothing. They must cheat.



The Shunning Have a story about moving to the South? You will appreciate this. I do. Lot of truth here.

Comment Of The Week: The Betrayal Of The White Woman Very observant and relative. There are some very cool comments. Just have to wade through the trollage.

Nigel’s Comeback: Official Brexit Party Recognised by Electoral Commission The requiem of the insurgent laughing Nigel Brexit. God bless him please. What a great figure. $100 buds says he walks Brexit thru like a pat of butter on a hot teflon pan. Going to make a total mockery of the status quo and laugh with Donald Trump. Total class act.


How Gun Control Became an Instrument of Tyranny in Venezuela Von Mises



Just do it already! “The God-Emperor is again threatening to declare a state of emergency in order to build the wall”

MAGA rubbing off on the Mexican’s? MMGA: Make Mexico Great Again? Mexico impresses with new border effort: ‘First time that I’ve seen them do something’ Cool!

The Atlantic’s Dick Polman: Democrats Need ‘a New Massacre’ to Make Gun Control Push ‘a First-Tier Story’

The Southern Critique of Centralization One of the best modern essays on the reasons and legitimacy of secession and blessing of Liberty.

The World to Come  One future. There are many.

The Post-Totalitarian Greengrocer’s Window by VANDERLEUN A real honest down to earth modern day philosopher.

What Impossible Meant to Feynman a good tale

“Gun Rights Cake” Analogy Accept no substitutes.

William Barr’s Connection to Ruby Ridge, Defending FBI Snipers A Clinton Crime Syndicate fixer. From the beginning. Why is it not surprising another crime syndicate associate is placed in the top spot of the weaponized FBI/DOJ Treason Administration.

William Barr Reveals his Top Priority: Confiscating Guns

Rift Over NRA Highlights Fundamental Divide among Gun OwnersAbout time they are found wanting. And the dangers to the natural right to arms they represent.

Homeowner Uses AK-47 to Shoot 5 Intruders, Killing 3 An Armed Society Is A Polite Society

Why Are We Seeing So Many Bare Shelves at Grocery Stores Across the Country? Cause & Effect. More Government is not, never the answer. Less is more. Way less is better. Leave us the fuck alone, is MAGA.

US Map of 2016 POTUS Election Results Among High School Students You probably missed this on CNN:

Defending a Venezuelan Homestead: “Eventually people will come for what you have” That Family/Tribe/Small Community support system is critical. Nobody is coming to save you but you and yours.

Not only bought off, are you aware 65 Holistic Doctors have died, unusual enough, but under mysterious circumstances which have an uncanny resemblance to Arkanside in resent years? : BOUGHT OFF: Why You Don’t Hear About Low-Cost Natural Remedies In The News, by Bill Sardi

Judicial Watch Uncovers Email Between Clinton Lawyer David Kendall and FBI Lawyer James Baker Same Day FBI Was Forced to Re-Open Investigation…

Those guys at Judicial watch are chewing sheetmetal lately

Could it be?…























No 2020 run for you, you blood thirsty psychopath.

Yay!!! Andrew Cuomo’s Pro-Infanticide Abortion Law Spares a Murderer an Additional Charge of Also Killing His Girlfriend’s Unborn Baby The universes, or the Good Lords revengement,  laws of unintended consequences are chewing sheet metal too. The left is getting its comeuppance its catching up with them, the lies, bullshit, corruption, betrayals, dirty stinking commie ideology, its outright treason, its reason for being.

This is fantastic. Its copy and pasted in full. Please give Brock your respects and link over, Brock is one of the long serving tireless stalwart good guys: Comment on How US Army Can Secure Border Under Natl Emergency…

How US Army Can Secure Border Under Natl Emergency…

Indeed. Mirrors my ‘wall strategy’: Rush and all the Right’s pundits say a court challenge to Trump’s National Emergency Order will stymie securing the border. Poppycock. FDR stood up to the Supreme Court and they blinked. Reagan didn’t worry about a court order for Grenada. It’s called the ‘How many divisions does the Pope have?’ option…courtesy of Uncle Joe Stalin. Trump must reestablish the primacy of the authority of the Commander in Chief in securing the country while ignoring judicial or legislative roadblocks. 3 Courses of Action…used separately or together: 1- Declares a national emergency and deploys active engineer units to begin securing the border…and ignores any court order. ‘Wobbly’ commanders are relieved of duty until an officer who can follow ‘legal, moral, and ethical’ orders (the Lieutenant Calley standard) takes command. (How many battalion commanders does the 9th Circuit direct?) 2- Declares that all National Guard and Reserve units, as part of their ‘Annual Training’ (2-week ATs each summer), are ‘redirected’ in their training plans to remote areas of the border near Ft. Bliss, Ft. Huachuca, and Yuma Proving Grounds, to install hundreds of tons of concertina wire, pickets, and barrier material that is rusting away in motor pools across the country from the Gulf wars (ALL already paid for). 3- Redeploys the forces from both Syria and Afghanistan to ‘demobilization’ training to areas vicinity Ft. Bliss, Ft. Huachuca, and Yuma Proving Grounds for temporary duty installing wire, pickets and barrier material in the most remote areas of the southern border. Is it a wall? No. Is it a steel barrier? Kinda. It is a barrier though, helps channel illegals to more actively secure locations on the border, demonstrates resolve to secure the border, reestablishes the President’s role and authority as Commander in Chief, and ‘moves the ball forward.’ –Anonymous

THE MORAL IDIOCY OF OUR TIMES No. Its Moral Insanity. 1st Degree Murder. And It Is Genocide. Politicians are indeed the lowest form of life. And they think themselves gods. They can now make murder “legal”. Think about that. One more reason, why they will never get my guns. These monster need the dirt nap.

National Insanity Got that fucking right. My cold anger…

A view from the border Kenny was sent this over the transom. One of his commenters went on a reconnoiter of the border, took pics and added some comments. Border Patrol has one heck of a job. If this don’t prove how utterly valuable The Big Beautiful Wall.

BUBBA’s BACK! Bubbaopolis   Says he is rusty. Right. Welcome back Bubba we missed you man. ‘Shit Bubba Likes’ are my favorite posts. Good old fashion home grown red blooded American white male toxicity…Aaaah. Fast Cars, Beautiful Woman, Cool Tools, Toothsome Feasts, Things That Make America Great, Patriotism. Whats not to like about being a man. If you can’t sell freedom in America Bubba style, your in the wrong line of work.

Tuesdays just aren’t complete without Ol’Remus’s Woodpile Report. Its a long week sometimes, between Reports.



1mb90m_owv9d628VQ1txdeaio1_540Julie Newmar as Catwoman, 1960s.jpg



The Real One And Only Cat Woman

Beauty Comes In Many Ways

Sometimes Only Once






















2 thoughts on “Link Fest 2-10-18: The Left Implodes & Other Goodies (updates 2-11 11:00pm)

  1. I see you must have been busy typing this up as I was just here a little while ago. Thanks for the Link love brother.
    It’s much appreciated. Also thanks for all the other links, I am going to be busy now as I missed some of these.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah Man! Consider it my honor. But your welcome. Been busy too. No worries.

      Tom Baugh wrote a very good piece on the Yellow Vests. Still saving links to pieces regarding them, if you want them, i’ll drop them off on your blog.

      Did you check out the post about the 25 round 12 gauge gas impingement semiauto concept I came up with and started fabricating. It is a proof of concept, couple concepts really, project. Figure you can appreciate whats involved if anyone I know can.
      I might need a curmudgeonly orientated, brutally honest, beta tester. The lucky recipient would get a kit free for the keeping. If I can get this prototype running, might you be interested? You have metal craft skills and resources right up this cat’s alley.

      Never designed and built a firearm. Should be full of surprises. I got to figure out how to make a functional 110% reliable weapon, and also be producible as a 80% kit for reasonable scratch. The 2 main goals. Other is to avoid re-inventing the wheel, employ already existing parts and function, repurposed and combined into a unique weapon platform.
      May post an update next couple days, with pics showing all the materiel and bits before I dived into the build, then follow ups as subassemblies and weldments come together.
      The “FU-12 25”
      But I’m open minded about other designations.
      Hopefully it comes out so ugly and lethal its beautiful.

      BFYTW gets stamped on it someplace befitting its proper meaning.


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