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I think I’m just about had a craw full of the sonsofabitches trying to destroy this great country and its wonderful founding culture. My brothers and sisters, we all been, more than gracious folk. Words are losing their strength to convey. Tolerance is maxed. All others have systematically been denied: there seems to be only one pressure relieve valve.  The kind once popped it don’t shut off.

There but, for the Grace of God I dare go.



FaceBook Is Covertly Run By The CIA, Spy’s On Everyone 24/7 And Can Not Be Turned Off Of course, a higher kind of payroll patriotism and all. Your not invited. In fact you are the justification.


From over the “transom”:  War Is Inevitable:  “…While most of those – at least on the right – do not really want this war, our options dwindle day by day. Just as nobody really knows who really fired the “shot heard around the world”, who throws the first punch thrown in this fight may well be obscured, but, rest assured, there will be a fight. While I expect it to be decisive, things will not end there. It is going to be a long haul. Keep prepping. We are all going to need every resource we can get.”  This is excellent, I hope you read it too, it is very well written.


And this sublime piece by Robert Gore over at his Straight Line Logic blog. And Robert said he was going to back off writing. Yeah, Angelo Codevilla, hold Robert’s beer please: The Experiment, by Robert Gore: “How much longer will the middle class politely tolerate its own destruction?”  Epic.

On Civil War Malcolm Pollack, always good insights.


Who Is Behind The Braying Ass? The Story Of Alexandria Ocasio-CortezFrom Ace of Spades: “There’s an interesting video below the fold that speaks to the defensible suggestion that AOC (Alexandria Donkey-Chompers to her friends) is a figurehead who was chosen (almost literally) from central casting to be the face of some very bad people.

Whether the gentleman in the video is correct seems to be of less importance than the reality that dear old Donkey-Chompers is spewing socialist pablum rechewed for our current crop of poorly educated idiots. Don’t be fooled by your visceral dislike for her. She is relatively attractive, speaks the language of the college-graduate barrista, and affects the image of a young and earnest “community activist” who is being attacked by the entrenched interests that want nothing of her unicorns and rainbows world. It doesn’t matter whose words they are…she may be (and probably is) an empty-headed retard without an original thought in her entire body, but so what? Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message,” and they have a good one in Donkey-Chompers!..”

The Video won’t download so you have to link over to Ace’s to watch. Its a dandy, and fits like a T.

EU faces nationalist ‘nightmare’ in next five years, says Verhofstadt :“…We have not had real Right-wingers since before the war, and even then, there were very few. We have some Leftists who like conservative economics and a few very popular social issues, but they are ineffectual. Consequently, Europe has been ruled by the moderates, who formed an allegiance between the center-Right and center-Left. “Moderate,” as it turns out, means Leftists who compromise on a few token issues so that conservatives can win some elections. They have done a terrible job of ruling, like the other Leftists, who in the past fifty years have promised the moon, delivered a wasteland, and brought us lots of new problems besides. The voters stayed asleep during this time, having either given up on the system or enthusiastically encouraged it to race further into destruction. Leftists are now figuring out that people have lost faith in not just Leftism, but liberal democracy, and so they are trying to find a way to brainwash or import enough voters to remain in power. Leftists like all tyrants never think about the consequences of their actions, only what they desire, and how their brilliant intentions can allow them to boss other people around while feeling smug about their own cleverness. Humanity has gone toxic without the kings…”

The View From Olympus: The Next Stupid Neocon War from William S. Lind

Notwende: Must See Instructionals: The Art of Camouflage

Gun Control In Portugal Serves As A Beacon Of Warning For Gun Owners In America The Captains Journal by HERSCHEL SMITH always a good read and insights.

Drilling Down on the Concept of Group Defense in a Threat Environment Max: always thinking always improving always a way excellence in all things

No More Surrender Frank & Fern after a hiatus: In ways we are all like the pig, committed, in other ways don’t be the pig, the analogies here are rich.

Contempt for us dirt people? For sure. But a contempt where we don’t figure into anything other than we are am impediment, a door mat. Political Science’s “Theory of Everything”: The 7 blind Men and The US Elephant Who is the deep state?  Hubris makes contemptuous tyrants and their sycophants barn blind. For all they have, its not what will help them when payback comes around.

Don’t stop. Keep on doubling down. Eventually here you will receive what you deserve: Illinois: Bill to Create Gun Seizure Regime Introduced Really, this is OK. No good purpose getting all wrapped around the axle about the 2nd Amendment. It was going to be nullified in any case. Whats important is the 2nd don’t mean a thing, for a looooong time now. Getting it through your head your right to property which is the first thing about your guns, is not and never was dependent on what is written on a flea bittin’ piece of parchment, that these same usurpers don’t pay no heed or respect to to begin with. All man made “laws” can be broken, and those who see profit or power in doing so will come hell or high water do what ever is required to deprive you of a man made law that benefits you and deprives the tyrant his due as he believes is his divine right. It is the problem, the inherent flaw in all such “contracts”. Only the guns themselves and the honor of those holding them are what is most important.  Going apoplectic about trespasses on the 2nd Amendment at this late stage actually has the effect of legitimizing those trying to rescind it.

The critical thinking part here is they can not”outlaw” natural rights, freedoms and Liberty. You is born with those. They are part of who you are. Like your eyeballs. Part of the whole con is to separate your perceptions and their truths of your unalienable natural rights, from reality. It is a farce. You have to adopt that perception or you will chase your tail right up to the moment they kick in your door at 3am for you and your audacity of refusing to grant them your consent and willingly give up your arms.  All they can do is fool you into thinking they have any such make believe power to do so. And when you go along with this, either by protest or tacitly complying, simply because they made something up, it is called diktat, or defacto law, or just plain bullshit made up out of whole cloth, you are afraid of violating because they can apply lethal force against you for disobeying, well they got you. Sucked right in. Because when you attempt to politely argue and civilly peacefully petition them, you made what they are pulling over on you have the appearance of legitimacy.

The way you defend the 2nd is the way you defend your natural God given primal rights. You refuse to comply. There is no dividing line here. No compromise. You turn your back and say “I Won’t!, and MYOB! Mind Your Own Business. Then if they want your guns they really have to come and take them. But that is the key element here: They HAVE to come and take them. Sure there is risk involved. But only from an unaccountable out of control rouge collection of psychopaths and their sycophants. And what is any different in that respect from any other tyranny every day every hour? You never ever never give up your guns, your property. And you get every tom dick harry and sue to do the same. You inspire only one person to the same ideals of Liberty, you have changed the dialectic. Like I am writing this and someone reading this will think, darn, it makes a lot of sense to me, and I’m not gonna take it from the bastards. And I’m not alone in doing so. There’s actually hundreds of millions who think similarly about our natural rights. This doesnt actually change anything in regards to those unalienable natural born freedoms. But it does change what a legion of free men do and how we perceive the elemental God given mortal instruments of our Liberty. The greatest most successful revolution in history was possible because a plurality of people had the same idea and they held onto that idea, that they would not only withdraw their individual consent from usurpers, but they as a body of free thinking acting people they refused to comply or compromise. Literally they stuck to their guns, figuratively they stuck to their guns. They waved their rifles in the tyrants faces. They let it be known in no uncertain terms they would never consent to being dis-armed. It is all you can do. It is all that is necessary before the violent part of dis-armament begins. Believe you me, when the gun grabbers armed badged legbreakers bust down a door and the stack lined up to make their dynamic entry, and they all end up mortally wounded there is two ways the consequences evolve, they either double down and become even more violent, or they back off, because the reality for those bustin’ down the doors is now they are no longer protected by the ruse, the facade, of phony political/government diktat. It means every time they attempt to take some guys guns they will have to go for it with the hard cold truth zeroed in on them they will end up taking a dirt nap for a cabal of political idiots who are so chicken shit they have to have some poor slob do their dirty work for them. Is that anything worth to die for?

Strutting around in your Jodpur’s and Campaign hat, dressing up in mall ninja outfits, and using all the nice toys those you are about to take their toys away, who in the first place bought you those nice toys, like choppers, scary armored cars, black masks, more than non lethal, intentionally incendiary wink wink, hand grenades, M4’s with suppressors, ballistic vests and EOTECHS, the fully funded Batchelor weekends in Vegas taking a “special” ops “counter insurgency” classes for kicking ass on “domestic terrorists” taught by other traitors of oaths wearing .mil uniforms, is one thing. Getting blown away by really really pissed off people you swore oaths to defend from criminal elements, which you have become yourself, put an entirely different rude perspective on the way things really are.

You, have to make the decision before, You, shoot all who come for your guns. Believe you me, every day more and more are having that sit down discussion with their conscious and souls, and come up with the same conclusion: BFYTW.

They key in all this is in short order there will be nobody left to come and take them.

Do you think those who decree such diktat are going to personally strap on SWAT gear, weapons, and go SWAT on your ass and bust down your door?

Never in a million years.

You make them all pay for every gun they do manage to get their greasy fucking meathooks on. With blood. Their blood. Remember too, nobody forced these clowns into disarming the rest of us. It is an act of commission. That we are acting out of omission, omission of subserviently without question obeying their acts of malice and forethought. No two ways about that. It is a big boy decision they chose. No one has forced any of them into committing crimes against our legitimate rights and freedoms. It also is not like they ain’t been warned fucking with our unalienable natural primal rights will end up in a river of blood.

My personal way of dealing with all this is to watch, listen, speak truthfully, no longer expend energy on peacefully petitioning those who have no intention of being petitioned in the first instance. They are hell bent on taking my property, denying me my weapons of defense from them. Dis-enfranchising me and my fellow Freemen from our natural liberty, and even our knowledge of such. This is the early stages of Genocide, the steps taken before introduction of mass murder of those who are deemed unacceptable persons. But first, those intended for Genocide have to be dis-armed. Or no Genocide. See something here, they not only want this, they are obsessed with this. There is no reasoning with them. Pleading common sense, common cause, common law of the land, common historical precedence, is ineffective with those who violate as a matter of course all rule of law and natural law which is the foundational precepts of our traditional long held hard one culture and civilization.

And a great deal of the content of the hoplophobes campaign to abolish the 2nd Amendment is basically a shell game. Keep everyone distracted while the actual efforts of dis-armament which stand a chance of being accomplished are attempted. Its getting rid of the 2nd one tiny bite at a time, get as many outraged as much as possible, the desired effect of that being they get so riled up about violations of the 2nd Amendment they themselves provide enormous legitimacy to the hoplophobes and their nullification of what is only a man written symbol of a body of natural rights.

Do you see what they are doing here? It is double think/speech. It moves millions away from the inherent element, in the scrum and conflict people forget or loose sight the 2nd is only a reminder of something which is inviolate, because you can not separate, take away, from people their natural born rights. It is impossible. Might as well try to take ones soul. You can not. But you can trick people into thinking you can and it is legitimate to boot.

Brittany Caton with a Glock 9mm handgun in a Tiffany blue Kydex holster









Bullets: Chunky and Slow vs. Fast and Light From Starvin’ Larry


What happened at Confederate Flag Day, 2019: “…As I exited with other attendees I looked into the faces of the mob: what I observed was a very real madness, an unleashed fury, eyes filled with uncontrolled hatred—if they had not been restrained, no doubt they would have physically attacked us…”  This is a really good piece. The Racists really are white. The Fascists really are white also. Just not the whites they want you to think are the racists and fascists. Do you grok?



The law of unintended consequences catches up with all dirty stinking commies. Besides, I never seen a dirty stinking commie “leader” yet, who wasn’t the most crooked and corrupt individual there is. The whole thing is a big fat fucking lie. The ideology is a front for a world order organized crime syndicate of thieves and tin pot diktators, who use the scam of marxism to suck in as many useful suckers and idiots as possible as a front, a facade, who they can hide behind using the ruse of ma diversity, and social justice, to keep hidden the truth a bunch of crooks are trying to run turn happy prosperous people of our Republic into their private fucking piggybank: Justin From Canada Discusses SNC-Lavalin Scandal and Claims the PMO Obstructed Justice…: “Justin from Canada holds a heavily controlled and practiced press conference to discuss the SNC-Lavalin scandal.  The amount of time was limited by plan and schedule; The media audience was limited; the media questioners were carefully pre-selected; the answers were well rehearsed in advance; the statement script was written for maximum use of english and french to navigate details that might later be damaging.

The result:  Justin from Canada delivers a master class in smug condescension, political obfuscation and ridiculous denial of wrongdoing under the pretense of misunderstanding.  Justin from Canada is guilty as heck, and it is obvious he’s using all the familiar catch phrases to keep his far-left coalition defending him. That’s his primary goal…”

Obama showed up again, to bail out the dirty stinking commie red diaper baby a second time, set up the controlled fake media shudenfraude of damage control. Castro’s bastard brat and his fellow clowns screwed the pooch over Mr. Trump’s nullification of the organized crime racket abortion called NAFTA. They had absolutely no clue how to negotiate in good faith, broker an honest feal, and formulate a treaty which did not benefit them and their fellow criminals. If the globalists lose Castro’s bastard son’s marxian power regime, the one world order of agenda control of pirating the vast natural resources of Canada, eliminating it’s European White Christian people, it will be Kaput. A blow to their long laid plans which will take decades to recover without pulling the plug on their central banking control, dropping the facade of the illusion they are just simple banks and not a blood soak cartel of money launderers and organized crime syndicate leaders, and the systematic centuries long confiscation of entire lands for their resources like tyrannical emperors of old to keep them and their spawn wealthy diktators for generations.

Saddle up, Truth Tellers!​…”Were you on the internet in the early days? If so, you may remember that it felt free and undeveloped – something like the Wild West. It was exciting. There was an unconstrained, uncharted world to explore, with few boundaries and limitless possibilities.

For those of us who revel in the unfettered exchange of ideas, it was thrilling….

How DUMB are liberals? Here’s the answer

Rural Sheriff’s Ominous Warning To Citizens: “Lock Your Doors, Load Your Guns, & Get A Barking, Biting Dog” If you don’t reside out in the rural provincial provinces of flyover nation, you haven’t experienced the message from true constitutional officers of the law. Believe me, the message it is time we once again take care of these things ourselves within our little local areas of operations is truth, long overdue, truth, grimly well understood, truth, interestingly, a certain kind of relief. Circumspection and prudence, high discretion, and reasoned congress among the new tribal leadership are the operative elements.

We’re the Only Ones Broke Enough…the other element here is one I know from the horses mouth, the system is so corrupt the only effective remedy is same as above. Peak Corruption consequences.

A Question via WRSA Excellent critical thinking skills is the answer.

7 Signs Trump Will Landslide 2020 Once more please. It is going over the edge in any case. What will be the best case is 4 more years of Trump/MAGA derangement. It is very important the globalists go full fucking commie retard before Trump is gone. 4 more years will push them over the edge. They will commit mistakes and atrocities they can never spin their ways out of. The accumulative effects on the fence sitters and Normie’s works against the neo-bolsheviks and their globalist crime syndicate manipulators. The stealth Trotskyites will face an increasing, more radical series of existential threats from within. The Cucks and RINO’s, in the richness of another 4 years of time, time to reveal themselves unquestioned unmistakable bootlickers. That betrayal will seal the fate of the “conservative” wing of the electorate, push high numbers over into the BFYTW camp. MAGA will take on new characteristics, the dynamics of which will weaponize it in ways not possible before. It is 4 more years, of relative, permissive atmosphere get our shit that much more together. It will be peak primary combat rifle market. Demand for Ammo and support materiel will rule the unfettered economy of natural price discovery, supply and demand creating a time where every citizen a soldier becomes economically affordable.

Then it all comes to a screeching halt. “They” will be hellbent on paying us back for defying them. Their action they believe will be swift. The gloves come full off. Their “lenience” towards us will end. Absolute diktat imposed, the entire culture of the dirt people proscribed. We will be declared absolute enemies of their State. The de-population of “The Unsecured Spaces” will not be put off any longer, all State energies and resources will be allocated to ridding these Elite’s vast internal lands between the rims of the coastal elites areas of operations, of the scourge of white trash. The most poignant pregnant pause in western civilizations history ensues, the mother of all pauses before the storm, the great breath before the plunge. Total Resistance materializes materializes. It happens so quickly, it is so widespread, the entire United States comes to a screeching halt. The elites get one chance and one chance only to cut the shit and just go away. They won’t. They can’t. They don’t want to. It is what everyone expects. It was the right thing to do. When you go to exterminate the Elites to the last one, you have to do all the right things, it it the great imperative of us Christian Men of The West. Crusades are like that.

Deus Vult

















Every Citizen A Soldier Realize your inner Spartan. The great Warrior Virtues await. “Every citizen should be a soldier, this was the case of the Greeks and Romans and must be that of every free state.” -Thomas Jefferson

American Civil War 2: US Media Will Have Only Itself To Blame If All Hell Breaks Loose

FACTORS THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THE SUCCESS OF THE REVOLUTIONARY FORCES IN THE EARLY PHASE OF THE HUNGARIAN REVOLUTION OF 1956 by Major Zoltan Virag An historical account of defiance under the jack boot of full on totalitarian power. Cautionary in many respects. History has that circular feature once acknowledged immunizes one from the malady of dirt nap disease.

“What A Crock Of Shit”: Sam Zell Summarizes Democrats’ Amazon Fiasco


The Appalachian Option

From Spillers of Soup: A great and worthy citizen stoic philosopher who has since passed away. The world is a bit at a loss. I surely miss Chasmatic. 

This no longer appears on his archived blog. In fact “The Appalachian Option” (referred to as the Appalachian Redoubt by some), and any reference to the Appalachian Option seems to have been Goolag memory holed to this only existing piece. No hate like Northern Yankeedom’s hate for Appalachian culture and people of West Virginia. Sublime hate. Consuming hate. I know. Born & Raised in NH., when my wife & I informed our sphere of friends family, co-workers and acquaintances, of our move to these mountains, the visceral hate bestowed on us could be walked on. We never knew it existed. Why where we not so infected? To this day, all these years later, still, not a single true friend or family member do we have more than brief passing communication with from an entire life up in NH. I saved this below seems like years ago, somehow it is relative to the above in important ways, and as to events rapidly spiraling towards the climax of cold to hot American Revolutionary War III.

I think Ol’ Remus wrote it, and Chasmatic posted and commented upon it, if memory serves.

I left no notes as to it’s attribution. If you know and don’t care to, drop a note.dirt-people-frontier-of-freedom

See that ridge behind me? There’s hundreds of thousands of acres to uninhabited land. Its not just that way either. Almost to a man, everyone has lived here for generations. We know this landscape like the back of our hands. Dust to Dust, Ashes To Ashes. My bones will give life back into this land. We eat real good out of that woods. Turkey, Deer, Grouse, Squirrel, Mushrooms, Ramps, Ginseng, Yellow Root, Wild Grapes, Blackberries, Trout, Rock Bass. Then there’s the lush soil and long growing season, our gardens provide a bounty in canned goods. Fruit and Berry trees. More than enough to last into next summer. The Tulip Poplars provide nectar to the Bee’s and humming birds, during the run you can hear the amazing hum of the Honey Bee’s and Bumble Bee’s gathering their crop high atop the soaring boles. Coal, fine Timber and Veneer Woods, it replenishes the oxygen in the air, provides untold products from wood. We are hunters. Gatherers. We are Shepards of the land. We see the hand of the Great Creator in everything. The stars at night, a portrait in the sky. And we are humbled by the life force, its beauty. There is a divine purpose to his Universe. God’s Pallet.


The Appalachian Option:

Everyone thinks they know what the “real and for true” Appalachia is and where it is. Traced to its source, opinion is mostly derived from Hollywood, or local chambers of commerce, or deeply serious television documentaries with a not very hidden agenda peddled by standard issue collectivists. The colorful stuff is recycled drivel from the ’60s War on Poverty and the Depression era—mainly the FSA’s preferred version of things at the time, now solemnly intoned as if some sort of bona fides. It’s entertaining and cloying and folksy, yes, but about as valid as Goebbels’s volkische nonsense.

While the core cultural norms of Appalachia are remarkably unvarying and, it must be said, remarkably unloved elsewhere, the physical landscape varies considerably. For our purpose “mountainous Appalachia” consists of the Appalachian, Cumberland and Allegheny mountains, the spine of greater Appalachia. The topography outside this area, although rugged, is not properly “mountainous”. But be aware, the term “Appalachian Plateau” is misleading, you’ll find impressive hill country in those so-called plateaus and they offer a viable, less severe alternative to mountainous Appalachia.

With the near certainty of a historic calamity in our lifetime, there’s a movement to withdraw from public life, described variously as “going off grid” or “going Galt” or by the repurposed Korean War expression for retreat, “bug out.” The idea is to establish an autonomous, defended sanctuary—the military term is redoubt, where they can survive the coming collapse as a community, preserve the ideals of the republic and offer them to a chastened America when the noise and mayhem subsides. Any such redoubt ideally has natural barriers to unwanted large scale incursions, so attention has largely fixed on the northwest quadrant of the nation, minus the wholly compromised collectivist coastal regions. This American Redoubt is sufficiently remote and demanding to be spectacularly unattractive to the less than wholly committed, much less to the ambitious but misinformed invader. 

Some of the redoubt-minded have lately turned their attention to Appalachia, and there’s much to recommend it. Mountainous Appalachia presents any incursion with steep and heavily wooded terrain, caves and rocky ridges, gorges, and fast-running water with only widely separated bridges. Even experienced woods trekkers from outside are impressed by its ruggedness, always nearly vertical, often literally so. Its roads are chokepoints for much of their length and not a few end nowhere in particular. Attempts by armed invaders to resupply their trigger-pullers would be supplying the defenders much of the time.

Managers of campgrounds and similar tourist attractions will tell you urban and suburban people are, to put it plainly, afraid of dense woodlands, afraid of the dark, and afraid of animals. Worse, without streets and signs and landmarks, they get lost easily. Stupid-panicky lost. In mountainous Appalachia almost no destination can be approached directly, and if a detour of convenience is carelessly done, getting lost is assured. In full foliage it offers sightlines of a hundred yards or less, mostly “or less,” defying easy orienteering with compass and map. In the cold months where visibility is comparatively good, the sameness of the ridges, receding to the horizon in parallel ranks, can defeat the casual navigator just as surely. 

If an invader were other than a violent but disorganized horde, if it were one relying on gee-whiz military equipment, the terrain itself limits the opportunity for combined arms operations and mechanized maneuvers. It would be mostly close-in, small unit actions akin to jungle warfare. The long-range sniper would find only occasional employment here, it’s ground for the marksman practiced in woodcraft and stalking. Add a working knowledge of the territory and the tactics of the irregular and he has an insurmountable advantage in any otherwise equal confrontation. Few things demoralize would-be occupiers like ceaseless, unanswerable attrition. 

Water, a favorite theme for survivalist writers, is a major worry for those in the “weather shadow” of the mountainous west, and much of the high country east of them. So too is water a problem in mountainous Appalachia, but it’s one of oversupply. The place is laced with creeks and waterfalls and rivers, dotted with weeps and springs, ponds, reservoirs and small lakes. During the warm season the air is humid to the point of a perpetual mist, it’s how the Great Smoky Mountains got their name. Condensation drips from the trees on many mornings. Add to this the storms that barrel in from the west and south, lashing the mountains with torrential rain or, in the winter, with sleet and snow. Water is more likely to be inconvenient than scarce.

These are some advantages of mountainous Appalachia as a defensible redoubt. But those who know Appalachia as tourists have a false picture of the high, remote areas. The mountains of Appalachia are sparsely populated for a reason, it’s challenging country with a long list of drawbacks and not a few dangers. 

Stinging nettles, brambles and poison ivy are common, as is the inviting but poisonous pokeberry, life-threatening to small adults and children. Then there’s giant hogweed, currently invasive and gaining ground, truly nasty stuff. The black (or Mississauga) rattlesnake inhabits upper Appalachia from western New York state into West Virginia. Copperheads and timber rattlesnakes are found throughout Appalachia, eastern diamondbacks in Georgia and North Carolina, pygmy rattlesnakes in Tennessee and south. 

Add to this packs of feral pigs and wild boar in eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina the Great Smoky Mountains and south. They’re fondest of what’s called Plantation Appalachia, but they’ve been reported as far north as central Pennsylvania. A wild boar averages 350 pounds, but some outliers are double that. Should they charge they’re quick and agile, intent on spearing your lower body with their bayonet-like tusks. They’re also persistent, should they put you down they attack again and again until they’re convinced you’re no longer a threat. 

Black Bears are found throughout Appalachia. They typically go 300 pounds or so but some get into the 400 to 500 range. Black bears are normally shy and retiring but not always. A black bear will tear your camp apart to find a morsel you didn’t even know was there. Fishermen seem to set off their dinner bell too. Veteran woodsmen say debilitated or old males pose a bigger threat than a momma with cubs, but this sort of thing remains unproven, mainly for want of volunteers. Or perhaps, survivors. Prudence is warranted in either case, and the larger caliber the prudence the better. Just to round things out, there are rabid animals, packs of feral dogs, animals with the mange, ticks that carry Lyme Disease, and so on, as in most country settings. 

Hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets make their nests both above ground and underground, and all are plentiful in Appalachia. For locals, this is near the top of the threat list because it’s the most likely threat. Disturb their nest and they’ll swarm and sting fifty times or more before you can get away. This is true well into the cold months, at least for what we call “white face” hornets. Ask me how I know this. Several people die each year from such stings, usually because they’re too remote for timely help. Appalachia also has the usual nuisances; mosquitoes, red imported fire ants and what we call “three corner flies” among them. 

Mountainous Appalachia isn’t Amish country except with higher hills. Yes, farming areas exist, and they offer white-tailed deer and wild hogs for the larder, but hunting is only ‘fair’ at elevation. Most plentiful are shotgun game; turkey and ruffed grouse for two. Yes, the climate is mostly agreeable rather than life-threatening, as weather in the interior northwest often is, but it’s equally comfy for a long list of nasty plants and critters, some of which will gladly demonstrate your real place in the food chain. 

“Them thar hills” aren’t uninhabited either. The term “suspicious of strangers” falls short in ways hard to anticipate. Should you decide mountainous Appalachia offers what you’re looking for, the usual advice applies: know what you’re getting into, then ensconce yourself in advance of the need, but be aware, residency of one or two generations may not be enough for acceptance. For instance, your property will be known by the name of its previous owner, i.e., “the old Jones place.” 

Appalachia may be the last functioning meritocracy of any size, as the term used to be understood. And you’ll discover towns are run down because they aren’t the center of the social order, or of much else other than themselves. The real social order is not the apparent social order. This stuff is difficult to explain, it has to be learned. What it comes down to is: you need them, they don’t need you. This may be the steepest hill you’ll have to climb. “


Your gonna have to be one crafty sly slinking motherfucker, or bring tanks, lots of tanks,(figuratively, your a jackass idiot if you believe tanks will be effective in these mountains), you think you are going to waltz in here in these ridges and hollows and set up shop when TSHTF. You have no idea how these mountains are our backyards and AO’s. None. And those who imagine themselves some sort of special antifa white trash hillbilly hunting secret po-lice neo-bolsheviks, only the tree’s in these beautiful hollows will know where your bones are buried. You will enter. Never to be heard or seen again.

RECKONIN’:  Civility: A Counterrevolutionary Act  Definitely a great point here. You know what this is about. 




Appalachian Redoubt from an Intelligence Perspective




Modern Day Book Burning: Amazon Bans Tommy Robinson’s Book, ‘Mohammed’s Koran’ “They” since have banned Tommy’s other works on islam from UTube, Faceborg, Twatter etc. His brilliant expose #Panodrama remarkably is still up. For how long is a question.

The Supplicant Zman on conservatives conserving nothing, but their own chains upon their own wrists.

Media Blackout: CNN, MSNBC Ignore FEC Complaint Against Ocasio-Cortez

Violent Leftist Perpetrator in Berkeley Assault Case Facing Three Felonies, One Misdemeanor



Over 100 House Dems Support Banning Private Health Insurance Plans

AZ High School Students Say Told to Leave Campus, Face Suspension For Wearing MAGA Attire on ‘USA Day’ Welcome to NPC Hive Utopia, on your property tax dime no less. You should get on the ground and lick their boots. Comrade.

A collectivists ricebowl of power twofer: West Virginia Teachers, Parents: We’re Scared To Disagree With Striking Teachers Unions………Teachers Unions Take Charge in West Virginia There is never enough of other peoples money. Nothing will ever be enough. You, are unwashed. You children props, at best, for shakedown government, organized crime on the local level. The entire State machine is in on the skim of school tax take. It is as bad as strip mining the coal wealth of the entire state. At some point the only way criminals as these are to be rid of is to simply start shooting them. They run everything. There is no rule of law. Everyone is in on the take. Every Judge. Court. DA. AG, Mayor, inspector, town selectmen, the whole lot of them.

Here’s one way to change the dialectic:

Dirt Peoples Militia Act

Border apprehensions spike in February & NYT: Border at ‘breaking point Common sense tells you they are trying to make it before the border is closed. This is a whole different kind of alien invader. Things must be getting exceptionally corrupt down thru central America. I think a lot of these banana republics are using the US as their “Department of Relocation” destination for the undesirables, and are facilitating this exodus in an amazingly smooth well run and co-operative system, unheard of between these dictatorships. A literal human conveyer belt. Seriously, my question is how else is this invasion of aliens possible, this non stop caravan of desperation thru these totalitarian states? I mean, misery is an instrument of control of the totalitarian dictator. No self respecting South American dictator can hold power without the multitude of serfs and slavery of the State. Our own illustrious ruling class has employed the same strategy in our country, it is just a stealth version, adapted to a middle class normative state of mind. You see a myriad of migration across our Republic as the dirt people move to escape the political/corp statists Shitholes and totalitarian controlled states. The parallels are illustratively cautionary.  But I’m digressing. This invasion has a thousand and one practical political uses and purposes. The perspective that really matters here is in all of history without fail, every instance of alien invasion of an ordered prosperous happy culture, has resulted, without exception in war.

The Great Fuck You

Watching President Trump’s operating style, it is apparent he is using the border as a political and cultural weapon against those who are responsible for keeping the gates open. It is his style, and very effective, to put the responsibility of cause and consequences directly in the lap of the perpetrators responsible. This is one reason why the leftists pulled out the stops and usurped the House by vote fraud or any other means necessary. They are being chewed for arse wipe, they needed to gain back a measure of narrative control of the messaging and the illusion of legitimacy as a valid non treasonous party of organized crime. Except they are their own worse enemy. And the good old days have left never to return, but they think they are still the kind of political class with the power of those days long gone. The paradigm was 64 million people who unanimously withdrew consent from them. The most powerful weapon ever devised against tyrants. 64 million Deplorable’s, who as you will see, every cycle of the war to repress them their Legion exponentially double in numbers. It has one more doubling before it goes from a cultural peaceful plurality to an unstoppable kinetic 4th Generation warfare army. The gestalt here is the reality the truth of things that the elites will have to eradicated down to the lowest common denominator, nothing less. That is the nature of such things when you deny the hundreds of millions of Freeborn American’s their birthrights of self determination and primal freedoms. If the problem will not yield to the natural common rights of the dirt people, then elimination of the problem is common sense action. MAGA isn’t a new concept. Though MAGA is an arousing populist rallying cry, a call to arms, it adorns The Deplorable’s with the Crown of Legitimacy above all else and all other power. The truth: MAGA is an inherent foundational element of our culture, and our form of governance, as in the will of the governed. Not the ultimate in false narrative’s, the mob of “democracy”.  We are foundationally a Republic. A product of our 2000 year culture of Christian Greco/Roman ideas and precepts of rule of law, God granted primal rights one is conceived with. Andrew Breitbart observed our “culture is upstream of all politics.” As Sarah Palin pointed out upon Andrew’s insight, it is naturally insurgent, it runs the flank and is in the rear of the enemy. If that is not the definition of 64 million Deplorable’s, Bitter Clinger’s, Tea Party People, flanking the gate keeper’s and rolling up their ambuscade of tyranny upon us I do not know what else is. It sure is an awesome turn of the cold war on our lives and liberty.

I honestly believe they don’t get it. MAGA is not some corny phrase, or a cheezy cult movement. MAGA is the issuance of an indictment of intent with a death penalty clause at the end of it served on the ruling elites. And they really don’t get it. They will. The operative elements here are very sensitive to three realities: The alien invasion and that big beautiful wall, it is an imperative unlike any the will of us dirt people is respected. Second is the debauchery and depravity of Pizzagate and baby genocide for profit and power. Three, ties it all together: Ruling elite madness, in no uncertain terms indicative in the extreme of the arrogance, the ultimate usurpation of power, via the ultimate in human slavery and its systematic conveyer of human trafficking. The alien invasion they have created is but one aspect of the ruling elites unimaginable source of money: human trafficking. We are nothing but cattle, chattel, to these psychopaths, to be used as seen fit, from strip mining us of our creation of wealth, the fruit of our labor, to the supply of full term mature baby organ legging, a stream of wealth not even the profits of war arms and munitions can compete with. Human trafficking, which all these aforementioned elements of raw naked power of people’s activities and their very temples of their souls, are the singularly most profitable racket of hemisphere spanning organized crime in the guise of politicians and their centralized administrative conveyer belt, a river of slavery of the unwashed undesirable people. Do you see how it is all tied in together? Think how everything these tyrants in the swamp ultimately has something to do with the denial of liberty and life of us dirt people. How everything is geared to denying and stripping us of everything of value and dignity.

1 1 10492298_299147466920821_1783114801623449920_n

The invasion of aliens on the border is the most overt extreme component of tyranny we are all experiencing. Think…the extremes of resistance and obstructing, the preposterous excuses, such as it is “immoral to build the wall”, to constructing a physical barrier to keep out this invasion army, technologically and financially about as do-able and reasonable as any public works project one can desire.

Immoral! Right there is every reason imaginable for defending and guarding our borders. This is the ultimate in the tactic of calling those you think you hold power over of doing and being exactly what you are specifically guilty of. The classic deflection of guilt of the elite.

Think how arrogant Pelosi and the swamp are: We, are immoral? Wow. Put another nail in your coffin Bitchez. Your unmarked graves are ready.

Another aspect to that slavery: Diversity = Slavery


One More Time: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird – 7/2/1977 – Oakland Coliseum Stadium

Gun Control In Portugal Serves As A Beacon Of Warning For Gun Owners In America Not to disparage Hershal, his message here is how they connive to insidiously conflate usurpation with “law”, a most cautionary tale for those who have yet to figure out the 2nd Amendment don’t mean squat, that our right to own property, our guns, is the first thing, no amendment of contract has any true effect on, as they are written by men. The implication being our natural primal rights are absolute. You knew that anyways. But the Beacon in our case here, is the warning we refuse to comply. You never, ever, give up your guns. Everyone who has thru history is toast. The absolute truth here is our 2000 year culture has survived because there are those of us who never gave up their “guns”.

Racism and rhetoric  -Vox Day: “What we’re learning here is that the concepts of 4GW apply to rhetoric as well as war. “Racism” is effective because it is based on a perception of societally punching down. But Jews can no longer effectively play the victim game in a multiethnic empire where they are the most powerful identity group among the ruling elite. That is why the accusations of “anti-semitism” are still effective with white Baby Boomers but have no effect whatsoever on rival immigrant populations and younger US citizens.

Also, the best rhetoric points towards the truth. And call it what you will, claiming that supporters of Israel cannot possibly have any allegiance to Israel is not only untruthful, it is downright incoherent.”

Radical Roots and the Conquest of the Democratic Party by Vanderleun On the 60’s red diaper baby pot smoking retarded burnouts and the unmitigated disaster they helped create.

Yellow Vests Hit Police With “Poo Bombs” in Newest Wave of Protests I guess when you give people too much shit and they keep asking you to cut the crap and you double down each time and charge them even higher usury for the privilege of your utter contempt for them, it makes a lot of sense they are going to give you shit right back.



Dershowitz Suggests Press Blackout During “Orgy Island” Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Hearing Well of course. The tip of the iceberg of the depravity of these scumbags. Can’t imagine the suffering and misery these pieces of human shit have caused on babies, children and young adults, to satisfy their cravings for unspeakable acts. And they strut around like god’s or something looking down on us with contempt. Pizzagate will be their undoing. Said it from the beginning. Pizzagate permeates every facet of these maniacs activities. It gets out more each day. The message can not be put back.

Construction Begins On 30-Foot-High San Diego Border Wall Sometimes a piece at a time, bit by bit, good things happen.

If you ban them, they won’t come That simple. Quick! Check underneath, might be something “immoral” or racist, or un-consteetootional, or something.

“Reparations, Reparations, Satan’s kingdom For Reparations” Free Shit army pulls out its race card and its squeeky wheel hoping for some white grease.

On Infanticide In a Time of Demons  Money & Power through baby parts

Virginia Democrat Governor Jeremy Northam’s Racial Reconciliation Tour Takes a Strange Twist When His Wife Hands Out Cotton to African American Students and Implores Them to Imagine Being Slaves No comment.

Second Amendment Sanctuaries: A Growing Trend Nullification of the hoplophobes in one fell swoop. Let me tell you, CC changes everything. It is sublime. Civility and Respect. Prudence and Circumspection. Courtesy and Politeness. Reborn. You need this. Do what ever you can. Interesting thing is the process. It takes a couple attempts to bust past the stonewalling and special interests. But it can not be denied, on its merits it provides its legislative sponsors and supporters caveat like no other. It is impossible to deny legitimacy of CC in the public forum. Exposure of usurpation is swift. Makes fools of all who impede its passage.


Causes That Produced The Guerrilla Right up there with John Mosby and his Company of 4th G Warriors who stopped an entire Army through the entire war of northern agression. Quantrell and his Raiders.


President Trump Tweets Response to DNC Fox News Ban From Broadcasting Democrat Primary Debates… Brilliant! They can not help it. Double down more more more… Seriously, it is brilliant dis-enfranchisement of millions of American’s. Only these clowns could beshat themselves like this. A political tantrum of cutting off your nose to spite your face of epic proportions. Don’t stop them, don’t say anything, let them befoul themselves more than they have.

Motus Mentis: From another excellent critical thinker, Malcom Pollack: On Civil War …..It Has Started Already  “After SHTF, somebody who has an army is going to figure out what to do with the randomly-scattered surviving ‘sovereign’ blobs of ‘rugged individuals.'” – WRSA Reader








Colorado Finally Ends Six Year Long SJW Crusade Against Masterpiece Bakeshop: Ace of Spades: Six years. Six years… And Colorado reserves the right to bully, harass, and bankrupt anyone else for daring to exert their rights under the Constitution.











Some words on Holistic Tactical Preparedness There will be a test. I don’t want to link to these book burning bastards. After making billions on our patronage, I guess the motherfucker is too good to respect our right to freethought and speech. Regardless, here is Max’s remarkably well composed manual on small unit infantry combat tactical operations essentials. Everyone has to know this. It is written in a style quite clear and concise for us civilian warriors. If anything, Max’s manual is even more pertinent to all combat warriors or those who need to understand the essentials of maneuver light infantry combat: Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics By Max Velocity of MVT school of excellence. Some more recent thoughts: The Collapse: When and What? How to be ready?   Edge of Collapse: Your Role as a Protector  …Before you peruse all this, go here: MV Code of Conduct


A Reader Sends: What I Learned On The Table: The Sand Table: An ages old tool of war. For 4th G Warfare, its one more valuable tool in the kit. This guys mindset and administrative experience he shares in brief alone is instructional. Some real tactical thinking gems in here.



Potatoes growing in straw and compost in a crate in the suns embrace


Once you figure out the nuances the results are wonderful. Enough and the right amount of water, not too dry or too wet, very productive method. Free’s up a lot of valuable row space for other veggies. This coming winter I am going to grow some under LED grow lamps powered from our off grid power system in our basement warmed by the wood stove we run to heat the upstairs. Thinking tomatoes also. We are putting up a 3+ season green house to grow cold weather crops over more months. Try out some hot house crops also. No pests, more control over disease, fungus etc. Earlier start on transplants. I figured out a fabrication method of using EMT tubing to save more than half the material cost of commercially available high tunnel style cathedral structure. Invested in a weed control system also. It is a tarp made with a white and a black side. Looks like heavy mulch plastic. How the system works is the tarp provides great warmth causing weed seed and dormant roots to sprout and grow, but denies them all light, and they die off. Leaving nothing to grow after removing the tarp to plant your crop. It is a great head start for the weed population here in WV. The labor keeping up with weeds is almost prohibitive in our lush boreal mountain rain forrest location unless you employ chemical weed controls. Not for us thanks. So the idea is to work smart not hard. Also we have begun using a number of green manures and cover cropping. We built a creek fed pond down on our back property, while in there with the dozer, graded off half an acre for a guerrilla garden. We back up to 15 miles of totally primitive logging land. First in this spring is beautiful Yellow Clover, one of the finest pollinator attracting, honey crop, nitrogen fixing cover crops, with a nurse crop of a Hungarian heirloom Oats. An Oat with a hull that winnows off in wind. Supposed to provide excellent flour and oatmeal porridge. The soils need work, both are the right soil builders to start with. Be a two year 1st stage. We tried squash, beets and carrots last year but the soils was lacking too much of everything. Eventually we will have another garden resource to add to our terraced main garden we hand dug on our ridge-line land. Flat land for gardens is a premium around here. Little by little, every year we improve and improvise. I have use of a 4000 square foot farm house garden again this year. The soil had been depleted terribly by previous users who didnt put anything back in. Last year I had limited funds which prohibited me from a comprehensive soil improvement regimine. But i did what I could to improve the garden. One thing was to turn the rows 90 dgrees from the direction, pointed the long ways in a down hill grade. Every rain storm and drainage from snow, would erode and bleach the soil. So I got my niebhor with a 4 row deep turn plow to flip the bed 180 degrees. It was hard pan. hard as concrete. Then limed the shit out of it, and all the peat moss I could afford. then planted beans corn and squash, the 3 sisters, and made sure to turn all that green manure after harvesting back in. then a cover crop of winter rye. It is not even close to enough organic matter and manure effects. So soon as the grounds workable with a tractor pulled surface tiller, a have 25 lbs of a spring green manure mix from Johnnies select seed up in good old Main ready to sow.

Last year the corn I planted in this garden is an old timey White Hickory, a hierloom WV corn everyone raised, used for everything, from moonshine to meal, to feed. Its like no corn I ever seen. 15-18 ft stalks, giants! Up to 18 inch ears, as many as 4 on a stalk. Makes a fine outstanding corn white meal. Sweet, rich, (My wife made the best indian pudding for Christmas with it), though only two will reach ripe stage. The kernels can be as large as a end of a thumb. And everything wants to eat it. The crows go full mental retard over it. Cows along the fence stampede over when they see me walking the rows bawling and mooing like a pissed off knitting bee. I lost better than 65% to the crows and birds. It takes a very long time to dry on the stalk. Learned over the winter you can break the cob over and point it down, it dries much quicker, and the birds cant get at it. It has a superb protective husk, like no corn I’ve seen. Also after the corn begins to set after its milk stage it dries fine off the stalk.

So this year I’m growing all White Hickory in half this garden, 2/3rds of the other half goes into Sorghum, and the rest Pinto beans. If you never tasted home grown sun dried on the vine Pinto beans, you are missing the finest bowl of brown beans in the world. And they cook up tender as a marshmellow with a rich toothsome gravy, in 20 minutes flat. A big old hot chunk of White Hickory corn bread, with molasses from the sorghum, talking eats, like a king. Gut lumber, comfort fude par excellence.

When the world of men begins to implode, back to its natural state, as it must, we will hardly notice up here. Secession from the State and its industrial artifacts is inevitable, as that is unsustainable state. Hard to say what comes along later. I am trying to do my part with the ground below my feet. It is all I can really do. It does all begin with me, with each of us. And it is the dirt people, for no others, there is no one else, it is always our burden and our duty, our savings grace, who all are the ones who effect positive change in this world.

There is no one else.

This is the source also of creation of wealth. It comes from no other. See, you need elbow grease, and sweat, some blood, not much though of that, perseverance in no doubt, to create wealth. Everything else is riding on its coat tails. Or stealing wealth. Profiting off the creation of others.

Funny how both things originate from the same source.

Makes you wonder.

And not.

How we had everything. Had it all. There was more than enough for everyone. Right in our hands.

Time is almost here, we set back the clock.












12 thoughts on “Don’t know What To Title This Post…

  1. No comment on your post yet. I’ve been reading your stuff for quite a while. We are close on many, many things. Please look at the article I just posted – Funny, I saw you post those very same words soon after I started working on it. Yes, I am that slow. Blame my day job. We both know they can’t win, yet they insist on pushing this crap. Why? My article tries to answer this.

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    • Zietgeist.
      Before the revisionists got to Paradigm, one definition involved “a sea change in thinking”, another was about an intellectual change from accepted norms and convention leading to many thinking in such new ways. Revolutionary change in thought.
      But Zeitgeist gets closer to what your intimating it seems to me, maybe you also.
      I can’t help but have this notion the whole concept of Western Christian Prudence as an old working concept is making a come back, and is an instrumental issue not just of our time, more specifically its absence in this society of today, the transformation of which underway, is behind a plurality of resistance to it and its actors of this “change”

      Going by simply your comment before reading your article, or knowing nothing else about you, hows this grab you?

      Our moral imperatives, the precepts of our culture, along with the times which come to us, are causing us to think in ways, or intensity maybe, which are gradually, sometimes on logarithmic scale to come to the same insights and conclusions.

      Aside from that being a most open and constructive thing, it is also very dangerous, as in bad think, taken all together this is not enlightenment in certain eyes, makes us bad people, if for no other reason we have minds and spirits of the heart impossible to have control over.
      Kind of makes it all a miracle of sorts. And the foundation of movement of people very difficult to stop.
      A lot I believe involves the ideas of Consent, specifically the knowledge, if only on a culturally instinctive level, of ones Consent is very unique as ones Consent is something which belongs to one and no one else. Just this primal element makes a person who employs their consent openly, unfettered by coercion or brainwashing, swayed only by their own intent based on free thought and freedom to act as one wishes, not what accepted convention, or ideology, dogma, or usurpers, tells you to think and act. This creates people who are indomitable. With great will, and far reaching flexibility in thinking.

      I’m saying this because something in your comment involves this most important Paradigm. And the need to not only be understood, to know you and others are on the same page so to speak.
      It is in essence search for legion, which leads to a Legion of like mind people.
      Obviously why censorship and efforts to shut down free expression of proscribed free thought is undertaken with such zeal. That it has become insidious.
      Part of that Paradigm is the realization this censorship will end up becoming open war waged to finally shut down all dissent and defiance verses those of us who will not consent. This has come to pass beyond the tipping point of inevitability. The Zietgiest is more each day look around and think, say, yes it is that bad, and here is what I, am going to do about it, thus solidarity is the result. At some stage, something which is probably unpredictable, enough becomes enough, Prudence leads this Legion to do things in its defense it normally would not do. Another gestalt in the process?

      Is this kind of what your talking about?

      I’m going over to your post read it now, and post it on my blog today. I’m getting the sense it will be pleasing and proper to do so.


      • Thanks for your reply. I do think we tend to seek out like-minded people. This is human nature. Censorship is bad enough but when one’s thoughts are downgraded and belittled as worthless the toll is worse. The reason I left the comment was rather selfish. My intention was to reply to a previous post but this one presented opportunity – you and others are more likely to see my link. I was short on time. The last think I wanted to do was breeze through your post. They deserve time and reflection.

        Now after reading your post – it is excellent as usual. I am rather surprised your blog is not on more lists. There is much to digest even yet but I really liked the reference to the redoubt. I grew up in WNY in the Allegheny foothills. They are not nearly as daunting as WV but they do keep out some of the rifraff.

        Next to this, I really like your post on your gardening efforts. I plan on copying and pasting that section so I can print it out. My thumb is the only part of me that is naturally brown.

        Other than that, I’d suggest most of the rest essentially confirms what I’m saying. The globalists keep pushing and they’re coming close to pushing too far – past the point of no return. They’ve soaked us with gasoline and continue to toss lit matches at us.

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        • Thank you!
          Robert Gore wrote a superb essay on just that whole subject of like minded people. Highly recommend it.
          Please me to no end you got something from my chicken scratches LOL’s. Its more putting down my running thoughts and for the same reasons as you hold.
          A redoubt of such legitimacy is where you make it. terrain matters tactically and strategically, but in the matters of freedom and fighting for it because of such madmen, it really matters more there are redoubts everywhere.

          Its a “hard row to hoe”, it works when you get at it, then keep at it. The sustainability part is very critical, thats where the hard work matters. It is understanding and employing in practical fashion the holistic which I’ve found makes it work successfully. Having been raised up in rural agrarian culture it has advantages, but nothing substitutes ones perseverance. Thats where it pays off. You make lots of mistakes. Nature has her own ways, you learn thru time and experience. Again the holistic is of great service, mind set, be innovation, adapt and improvisation. Common sense too. Goes a long way combined. And there is nothing like self sufficiency and self reliance to set the standard of living free. Again, holistic in everything. I think the Stoic’s had a lot of it figured out, lot to be learned and used from them.
          The Colonial era was stuffed full with agrarian provincial thinking, it was the penultimate in that sense. And good old fashioned can do American attitude.
          I have reached the stage now where I’m starting to really learn a lot of things beneficial to advancing the most realization of rewards for my efforts and labor. The sustainibility part is become the most important feature. I can see over the next few years a number of leaps forward in payback. But agrarianism is about the long term and sustainability if it is nothing else.
          I believe with everything I got at some stage here, as more of us join “The Honoirable Resistance”, something happens, where we go from a nation of subjects to the corporatized political oligarchy, serfs on their plantation of strip mining us of our wealth, our intrinsic wealth of creating wealth with our own hands and efforts that we keep and re-invest in our sustainable individual actions and local intimate communities, by undermining and destroying the “Olds”, the agrarian culture and thinking we come from, they have power over us they could not have otherwise, without physically dynamically ruling, the power to hurt as it is called.
          Thats the rub. Can they do that to us? Maybe, to a certain extent, carefully, maybe, but when push comes to shove, you fuck with independent, self determining people, they have a great tendency to become your worst nighmare, and very very difficult to stop. In a country the size of America, with its natural born ideas of Liberty and individual primal freedoms, you have to be some kind of stupid, to try to to rule with force of arms. So for now its a war of nerves and tiny increments, push and shove. But all tyrants are their own worse enemies that way. At some stage its guaranteed, they will try.
          And the way you cause them to go full retard, and how you win are both the same. You tell them to kiss off by withdrawing consent by living as Freemen. You become stronger as people while becoming anti-fragile, building strong family, tribe, and by example small local community involves itself, force multiplying, while double daring them all at once.
          Then hopefully the latecomers if they aren’t marauders and into rape and pillage, at least not everyone is, only a small group, solidarity, willingness to work together, that builds more into the anti-fragile equation. But, it all begins with each of us, before it is A LOT of us.
          Most know a good thing when they finally see it. And nobody, like TINVOWOOT, is coming to save us. We are the ones we are waiting for. I think that is sinking in, and why The Honorable resistance, that almost magical Legion, a certain kind of plurality, is shaping up.

          The French situation with the Yellow Shirts is instructive. The globalists are trying to fight them without triggering something that turns into a grass roots wild fire they have no resources to put down. But like all tyrants, they can’t help it. What do men with power want? More power. They can not relinquish any power. Or they instantly are as illegitimate as they are under the illusion of their legitimacy. They are money changers anyways. Big Daddy Warbuck owners of wealth strip mines. The globalists cabal, not yet at least, are the kind of megalomaniac genocidal tyrants like Uncle Joe and Chairman Mayo, but give the pantsuit her due, I think she is the total psychopath those two where. We dodged that bullet for now, but no way is she done, and her kind are ruthless employing proxies, so to the rest of the one worlders. They been using war as their proxy for 250 years, its generational among them. One regime after another, they play musical chairs with who gets the most powerful chair. Eventually one of them thinks they can have all the power. And that barren vag in a pantsuit is one who think that. Just look at the trail of dead bodies. Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, Waco, Fast & Furious, Seth Rich, the Arkanside dead, Benghazi, Libya, Syria, on and on. And it would not surprize me one bit 911 was a false flag op they masterminded. Talking 100’s of thousands dead because of her and her husbands greed and insanity to obtain absolute power. No, those two ain’t done yet. She is too fucking insane to walk away from the potential to get back at us Deplorable’s for utterly humiliating her in front of the whole world. She became a laughing stock of incompitence, had it in the bag, and being so arrogant to disrespect her avowed enemy she underestimated us, broke the golden rule of tyrants. Never never underestimate the capabilities of your foe.
          She hates us with hell’s own blast furnace heat. 11-8-2016 color revolution was the ultimate scorn of her. The great fuck you back at her.
          Think where we would be right now if she had sat her ass in the Oval Office.
          If Mr trump did nothing else than be the instrument of our withdrawal of consent for her and her ilk he represents, I won’t utter a peep of complaint. No sir.

          Which brings us back around to the great imperatives. What we do with the time given to us, wisely, and prepare for after Trump. He goes away one way or another. Unless he declares Martial Law, which under the circumstances could work out real well for draining the swamp, defending the homeland from the alien invasion, and root out the deep state. It is not a worse situation than whats going down now with the one worlders. Eliminating their cadre of agent provocateurs would set them back something awful. Think Soro’s stripped of his States Attorney’s Generals project, and his NGO’s, denying the “elites” of their pipeline of billions in genocide from baby parts, locking up the thousands implicit in that butchery, hanging them one by one publicly, to great fanfare, would be cathartic. Our children required to witness and understand without holding back any aspect of its dynamics.

          They are never going to let us vote our way out that way again. After Ronny Raygun got past the gate keepers, they swore never again. Pero and Admiral Stockdale scared the crap out of them so they installed a skull & crossbones IVY league CIA actor just in case to keep that shit from blossoming further. Then his air apparent to put a lid on the unintended consequences of the Militia Movement the indiscretions of the two red diaper baby marxists of the Clinton crime syndicate created.
          They are working on a margin of vote fraud so large, it will be nothing but an assured theater of the fraud, at the least in 2024, 2020 will be nip and tuck. But that has its positives. Anyone with a functioning brain cell who cares, knows the lower house in the swamp was usurped via gerrymander, and vote fraud and vote fraud only. So important it was low priority they not be caught red handed vote rigging. And of course, the RINO’s did nothing but fold further.
          Imagine what they will try to accomplish getting rid of the electoral college over the next years time. They already created that abortion of diktat handing themselves absolute sole control by cutting the precinct system out in entirety and relegating the electoral selection to a special interest circle jerk where anyone who defies them are excommunicated on the spot and they have already counted the votes.
          The Neo-cons and RINO’s will fall over themselves to secure their place in the pecking order. Their betrayal is a foregone conclusion.
          One long line of treason by plausible deniability from 1860 to this very moment. Their illegitimacy so complete, 90% of their political resources go towards surviving their illegitimacy. The laws of diminishing returns of which are beginning to have their unintended consequences. And the free shit pie in rapidly growing smaller as more hands are shivving each other for a piece of it. The Trostkyites and Alynski-ites are facing a breakway neo-bolshevik faction with zero patience and utter ignorance of the tiger they goit by the tail because the intellegentsia’s business of revisionism and brainwashing has been highly effective. The old adage of those who are ignorant of history take the dirt nap in spades. Besides, most of them being Lenin’s useful dupes, aka cannon fodder.
          Crazy fucking madness. Being a dirt person sitting watching this clown show has its moments, best show on Earth. And 2019 is shaping up to beat all.

          Like you say, they are clowns running thru hell with an open container of gasoline with the laces of their clown shoes loose.

          Personally, these idiots are barn blind by their own self importance. A more asinine collection of clowns could not have had it easier, easy pickin’s praying on the Christian rooted good will, tolerance, and cultural prudence of us dirt people. Rich pickin’s too.
          What the whole cabal of them are messing with is a force of nature. Such force can not be contained. It is impossible. They have without fail tried to stop off the pressure relief valve of the dirt people’s legitimate petition and call for redress. Each time this force has created another relief valve, and each time the clowns ram a wooden plug in the leak. The pressure is building inexorably, it can not be stopped, nor its requirement to vent itself, or it explodes. These are absolutes. No power no matter how naked and raw, how corrupt, no matter its resources can stop this natural force. And the more, longer they try to contain it or stop it the more powerful that force becomes.
          There’s the old saying about the leaking dike, too many holes not enough fingers.

          The particular feature of this force in America is its very polite, prudence is a most characteristic feature, it has great tolerence, and it has another feature called cold anger. Cold anger is quiet. It waits, watches, observes, it has tremendous patience, it knows what it is capable of, that the potentials are so fierce and pitiless, merciless, it understands it is a last resorts after all peaceful non violent recourse and redress is exhausted. Its inherent legitimacy dictates this. It is irrefutable. And once unleashed is the singularly most indomitable force in human activity. And it will not stop till it decides to. It gives no quarter, it accepts none, the time for that was possible all along and was spit, trampled, belittled and disenfranchised with utter contempt.

          They got a fucking tiger by the tail my friend. They know it, but they are so consumed with power, greed, hate and envy, they fail to see the forrest for the trees.
          When the top blows off, look the fuck out. There’s a cleansing coming, it will reverberate down a thousand years. I think it goes like this, our Colonial Era forebears didn’t pass on a Republic to us, they handed down a legacy. The crux of this legacy is not yet been realized, and what is happening can not have happened any other way. That our legacy, it belongs to us, is we have an opportunity that comes only once if at all in an age, that we come thru this tribulation strongerr, better for it, and we realize prospereity, happiness, the blessings of unfettered economic activity, and self determination where we become wealthy as Freemen beyond our wildest dreams. Beyond anything anyone of our forebears could imagine.
          It is how this works, everything going down. It goes the way its going because this is the force of nature above. On the macro it is the same. It can not be stopped nor contained. And the adversity of the cycle in its evolution makes it even stronger.
          Some of it just is not going to be very nice, but bad times always makes for strong and stronger people. And if this is not a test of our mettle, what we are made of, who we are, I don’t know what could.

          I hope you write more and more frequently. I like and admire your insights and perspective. I think we compliment each other because of our different styles of getting at the same things.
          We need more of us. I’d be delighted to post such works. I always am on the lookout for such pieces, and giving notoriety, as much as my humble blog can provide, helps us all and creates more to add to the Legion of The Honorable Resistance. Nothing is more pertinent and relative than the insurgency of open source citizen journalism, published thought and philosophy.
          This is why Alt-Media in the first place. Grass Roots Baby!
          It’s whats for Revolution.


          • Thank you for adding a link to your post and your kind words. While I write much more than I publish, long days at the grindstone slow me down on both counts. Speed has never been a quality I’ve laid claim to. What I am happy to see is someone else who understands our issues reach far beyond the past few decades and have far deeper roots than most think.

            At some point, I plan on offering thoughts on what comes after. Many have already. Still, I find the idea of exploring our options interesting. WILL we break down into regional domains. I cannot see us “staying” one nation. Or will each state claim sole sovereignty. Of course some, like Bill Buppert would prefer no government at all. While he makes a decent case, this concept seems contradictory to human nature. Controllers control because they are controllers. As Malcom Pollack (I think you posted this link but I couldn’t find it. “What makes us think we will get it right next time?”.

            In any case, I’ll be happy for you to post, publish or include whatever you wish. Feel free to email, if you like.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Yeah indeed. You said it right there. We all got to be thinking about that, time for critical thinking. What comes after, lot of unknown unknowns for that. Like to see what you have to say on that.

              Well I have one thought on that I’m pretty confident about, two thoughts maybe, the time of the centralized leviathan state is at its end. Local autonomy, whether its along the lines of Jeffersonian precinct system or tribal, like you say about regional enclaves, is inevitable, the 20th century was an unmitigated disasters soaked in the blood of hundreds of millions in the large state/centralized bankster agenda sponsored genocide. I think even the Russian’s had enough.
              We have to work through this current collectivist crime syndicate madness, another kind of genocide, then after the human extinction movement, “THEM”, is finally taken care of, and the inevitable attempts at criminal gangs attempt to organize fiefdom’s, and that nasty piece of 4th G war, what results out of that begins to organize along the lines of The Compact Theory and or Southern Confederacy, some hybrid of all that with constitutionalism in regards to the original Amendments thrown in.
              Nationalism on a small regional scale, small nation states along the works of Baron de Montesquieu, the practical ideas of Ann Rand’s theory, and a renaissance of Colonial Era self reliance/determinism on the local community scale accountability.
              I put it bluntly. One thing which will come out of this pivotal tribulation is as the eventual collectivists, political usurpers, and statists begin to resurface, your just going to have to kill them soon as they rear the heads. Zero tolerance. No hesitation. No quarter. No exception. Explicitly in no uncertain terms.
              I think within Jefferson’s Precinct System, there exists a viable model, a core of structure which is easily adaptable to local culture and regional history/environment.
              Zero central government. Home local community rule which begins with the heads of household/homestead/tribe. We are never goin to survive unless we bring back accountability and direct involvement in the issues and dynamics of our local infrastructure, from crime to social, we can not leave these things for courts and “law” enforcement, no longer, this one aspect is essential to everything else, it is central, once again everyone in the family/tribe/community/precinct, up to county, in that order starting with family, must be 100% involved and accountable.
              We ain’t gonna make it any other way, the human race on this continent will not survive as a thriving culture and rugged civilization if we do not take it all back directly into our hands.
              It is a council system, where if needed, it can be taken up to the next level but only at the behest of the those dealing directly, and no other authority is granted unless it is requested. The buck stops where it stops. Nobody can usurp that. And certainly nothing, can usurp that. Soon as that structure is lost, its right back to where we are now.
              Tribes, Clans, whatever you want to call them, they are the first and last word. Loose that, see ya, we are toast again. The only cause for any structure at the county to nation state level is for a Compact, an organization of small nation states to create mutual aid, care of similar interests, and to perserve the small nation states from enemies whether they be external or internal, foreign or domestic, something in place to organize for the larger defense, treaty, minting of specie, which none of it has any powers over the nation state or its people nor their system of self government. Break that, or violate the crux of that covenant, your screwed right back to here and now. A tangible backed specie, and or direct minted precious metals coin, zero fiat, is absolutely key. If it can’t be managed with backed specie than it can not be done. Of course barter and trade is another thing with unlimited potential. A self determined obligation system. On an honor system. This makes every locally accountable, everyones best honest interests are served by honoring the honored brokered agreement. And everyone is as fully vested in maintaining the honor. Every has to. It is how it works. You try to screw the pooch, nobody in any tribe, village community family will have nothing to do with you. It is absolute self rule.

              Every sort of character will pooh pooh this general outlay, the broad and intimate ideas. A million arguments why “it can’t work”, it is futile to even think it, blah blah blah. Well yeah, of course it is impossible, if you believe so.
              Go away. Go back to what is an unmitigated fucking disaster. The gold standard can’t work in the modern world! Oh Yeah? Well its the modern world that ain’t working you fucking moron, and the Gold standard deprives you and your ilk, your special interest, usurpation, thieving, and your fucking greed.
              Too bad.
              Go away.
              Your kind is no longer wanted nor needed.
              We got a nice 13 knot necktie and a firing squad for you if you persist.

              And everyone is The Militia, or a valuable member of the auxiliary which supports the Militia System. It is a family/tribe/village/community/county affair. The whole 9 yards. Camps. Contests. Fairs. Musters. Champions. Etc.
              Bring back the local and traveling Justice of The Peace, they travel they stay at various families homes, either case they must know everyone. Trusted to know their people and the people the justice’s. The Notary Guild. Guilds in general. Apprentice system. Village run & supported schools. Council of elders. Men’s & Woman’s. Families have one vote. The council has limited time to make determinations. They must honor petition above all else. They are not the final word, they are the final word of those they council. Everything goes back to the people.

              The Compact of Confederation, and The Confederate Compact, both where working. They had things to work out, but they where working them out. Each time they where interrupted by collectivists. The conspiracy in Philadelphia, Lincoln and his Northern Yankee Marxists, both times, the same interests created the circumstances to stop both systems of self rule.
              Fabian’s much anyone?

              You always have to work out the particulars and details in context. Interesting thing, the framework already exists. The resources. The historical and legacy records and means exist.

              Secession, abolition from the STATE, is entirely achievable. It is only the STATE and its actors which is in the way. The rest of the barricades, that can be defeated in detail or bypassed to wither on the vine.
              And this is the no shit part, it is our guns that make it possible. Everything comes down to our guns. They are the singular instrument of self determination and self home rule, our guns make this doable. Of course you need people who want it, goes without saying. But it is our arms that make every and all the difference.
              You can not give up your guns.
              Never give up your guns.
              Make them pay if they want them.
              One of them for one of our guns. At the minimum. Live Free or Die. Of course. But Live Free and make the other guy die is much better. They soon will be no more. There ain’t enough of them. Never was. Never will be. It has always been so. It is the great con to create the illusion it is otherwise.
              We become a civilization, a culture once more every man armed every citizen a soldier, nobody messes with us. It is THE Golden Rule. You don’t get any of the other great components, never mind keep em’, of liberty and freedom any other way. We had everything before because we where armed and terribly dangerous to mess with. Once again we become those terrible FreeMen.
              We owe them NOTHING.
              Everything is possible from there.
              It is that simple.

              Accept. Nothing. Less.

              (We lost most of that. But now we are taking it back. We are figuring that out. It is dawning like a new day, new thinking, re-empowering us like we have never known in our lifetimes. And they are scared shitless of us. They should be. they have gone too far. Their misfortune. They asked for it) BFYTW


              • Your reply should be a post in and of itself. You’ve laid out an excellent plan. Mostly I agree, though I may contend some fine points here and there. That said, as far as the collectivists are concerned, killing them off may reap more trouble than solution. I, for one, do not want to be like them – refusing others the natural right to disagree or put forth ideas contrary to my own. We can debate this at some point but I’ll just leave it be as it is for now. At this point discussion is moot. I am working on some thoughts along these lines. I can only hope I can add something of value to what you’ve already said.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Like you say, what matters is there is a legion of like minded people that know they are a plurality to begin with. I can not think and exemplify anything as important as that. Part and parcel of what is being done to America is the ages old diktators tactic of divide and conquer. Proof of that is in the obsessed efforts to silence and disenfranchise “conservative” free-thought and speech. Not brand name conservatism, which doesn’t conserve anything, but preservation of conservative traditions and long standing culture, because it is inherent within a natural common body of precepts and legacy which is plural by its nature, and nurture. So it is as dangerous, as thinking and expression, as a million man army of pissed off Americans. Funny how all that works.
                  Naturally you can not have everyone agreeing on the granular level across the board. That is totally counterintuitive, anathema to the whole history and existence, tradition, of conservation of Christian Western Freemen.
                  It is all hypothetical at this time except for the here and now, and its effects on the nearest future. In the least solidarity of movement at least in thinking and perceptions, a general goal, thats action, and action matters more than any theory or ideals. You can’t get to the latter without the former no matter how passionate or altruistic.

                  I believe a grand gestalt is underway, a widespread grasp of historical evidence and current generational memory, the statist is unique in he is a pestulance upon humanity. It is why I call them THEM, The Human Extinction Movement.
                  You don’t let a little bit of bubonic plague or Ebola run free. There is only one outcome if you do.

                  In William S. Lind’s great apocalyptic yarn VICTORIA!, there is an epic scene takes place at Dartmouth College. It is the great virtue of Uxe & Rex writ large in blood. In probably the finest portrayal of what needs to be preserved of the west if it is to not survive, but to thrive.
                  The Warriors duty is absolute. The great Warrior Virtues leave no wiggle room on this. If we have not learned and burned that lesson into our culture and legacy as this go around gets sporty I believe it will be too late.

                  Lind’s VICTORIA! if you haven’t read it is free here for the 1st half, it is 9 buck on Kindle. Lind has a diabolical tongue in cheek sense of humor, and has great fun at our enemies expense. I think I laugh more than weep each time I read it.
                  It is a great cautionary fable for the West. A rich undercurrent of preservation of what needs saving at every noble cost is a continuous thread from beginning to end. No pulled punches or shying away from what matters most and the great Western Christian Greco/Roman traditions of getting there. A lesson in itself.

                  I think whats coming is the bloodiest kind of internecine 4th generation war imaginable. A war instigated by one side in attempt to decide the penultimate genocide of one side or the other. All thats keeping it in check is the imperatives of one sides needs to get its ducks in a row. I think too that side has a fatal flaw. It has become bogged down with ideology, it has no true grass roots core. It has never waged physical genocide, not in generations of physical memory. It is great at navel gazing at its own splendor. It is hidebound by its urban legend in its own mind, barn blind to a degree it can not see the forest for the trees, ie, how does it make its great leap forward from the ideological and political, to physical bloody neo-bolshevism. It has the 5th column, its agitprop train, the printing press pumping out propaganda in the form of the false media complex, it has its intelligentsia and their dogma indoctrination factories via public school and higher academia, it has co-opted in part and politicized, weaponized key elements of the administrative/regulatory centralized state, on all levels local to .fed, but for all this it is top heavy and inflexible on the tactical ground level. It has done such a good job of brainwashing its useful hive of NPC and sychophants, it is incapable of even understanding and reacting in current time to open source insurgency, never mind the concepts of Colonel Boydd’s OODA loop of waging 4th G warfare on all levels physical and philosophical.
                  They don’t Win Hearts and Minds, they program them, indoctrinate them. Free thought, so essential to 4th G warfare, is non existence. The hive is controlled by the central core of agenda 21. How do you make an army of effective 4th G combatants when they can not think for themselves. The hive mind of NPC is fine long as it doesn’t have to be swift of foot. Look at its collective reaction to Learn To Code, to essential truths of its collective cognitive dissonance. It can not survive its own truths of hypocrisy. Everything is bad thought or racist. The bigotry here is biblical. Its so large as to be almost too large to grasp. A level of dysfunctional beyond norms of thought.

                  In the most plain no nonsense thought possible, there is nothing fancy about combat on my side with this horde. You shoot the fuckers, shoot till the target stops moving, then you give it a security shot to the head. Next target.
                  This is the war they bring to us. Now. We do not start these things. But we are all who there is to finish these things. There is no one or nothing else but us and who we are. The two things are the same things. Preservation of ourselves-preservation of who we are.
                  They intend to extinguish both. Nothing less is acceptable.
                  We have to perserve both or we fail. Nothing less will work.
                  Is there any place here for mercy or quarter?
                  Is it not clear we are the great evil undesirables? Every vestige of our 2000 year existence wiped from God’s Green Earth? Including God?

                  How else do you defend from and fight this but war to the teeth?

                  So, who are their combat troops? I can not ever think in terms of them as Warriors. Cannon fodder in no uncertain terms. Figuratively and physically. We know the enemy, they are revealed every day as everything but any resemblance to our Western Citizen Soldier Warrior, that innate born in the blood legacy many of us fortunately descended from, and carry both as present stoicism and legacy long held hard won.

                  Everything Neo- in this equation has no deep abiding hard won roots. Unless you can call Marx’s ideological underpinnings, and Gramsci-ite theory 20 century born culture. What are the fundamental precepts which drive Freemen within the neo-marxian ideology. Do they, can they even exist? Or is it really foundationally driven by Feels? Is the Victim Stance so powerful it is self delusional where all who come under its trance are consumed and become an auotcathon of the NPC hive? Is that the depth of what drives them? How does that translate into spilling blood, the brutal ugly misery of suffering and death of war of extermination, how does that sustain this horde when things are at their worst? From where and what can such collectivists draw that faith in themselves, what they are fighting and dying for, when all hope of success is a distant memory? That deep abiding unshakable seed of belief in something larger, and better, of keeping the faith, of holding on to even if it means death 2 of the 3 virtues of the warrior? That salvation and redemption are thine. Of There But For The Grace of God I There Go?

                  It seems to me, if that horde and its primes, do go full fucking Bolshevik on us Kulak’s, they pull the plug, or continue on their current strategy and tactics of death of the West by a thousand cuts, at some point they are, we are, all of us, committed like the pig. There’s nothing for it. The intolerable no longer tolerated. Its not a question of, it being only of when. This horde has no choice but to be sent forth, out of their urban metro hives, really their safe places writ large. They must perform a myriad of un familiar tasks, toitally out of character to their collective character and way of life. An expeditionary force which is no required to function in an environment, against people, who they have in entitirety protected themselves from, isolated themselves from behind a wall of contempt and hubris, now must go into that lair of their contemptuous enemy, wage physical pogrom and genocide, against what is probably not only some of the most fed up puissed of peopole in human history, but people who are armed to the fucking teeth, who have been pushed so far, their give a shit is totally broke. People who you are now going to attack in their last refuge, their homes and local area of operations?
                  People who are born with a rifle in one hand and a tool of productivity in the other? People so foriegn to your hive mind and indictrination, you have no concept of their natural born and cultural abilities, people you see as less than human?
                  How are you able to wage an effective successful war of extermination, town by town, village by village, neighborhood by community, family by tribe?

                  Never mind, as 4th G war is the only war your existential enemy can wage, how do you defend against them outflanking you, getting in your rear, stop them from shutting down your supply lines of everything your hive requires because none of the supplies come from inside your safe areas, they all originate from the lands of those you are trying to liquidate?
                  And it is not a stand up quantifiable enemy you are trying to destroy. It is an open source, leaderless force, of smart industrious, inventive, productive and creative people who make all the things, fix all the things, run all the things. You put them on an existential war footing, have you not just created the worst kind of enemy possible?
                  And what is that enemy going to do when you eventually loose? Kindly put down its guns and say, Oh its OK, we know you where only poor brainwashed idiots, go back to your hives and your masters and we all can kiss and make up?


                • Reading down the string of your pieces you published on your blog. That is really excellent thinking you have. Your leaps of critical thinking are those wonderful epiphanies that define many unknowns, missing links. What is in your subconscious leading you to them, is something you should cultivate, if you don’t mind my saying so.
                  Interesting how others thinking and insights can trigger those leaps. I get that a lot.
                  Years ago I began saving all the little quotes and threads of thought others made I found intriguing and enlightening. Have aquired thousands. They are time capsules. They also can become relative in other ways as time and events change. I find they help me quite a bit to define my own thinking.

                  By the way, either I am or you are being de-throttled. Bloggers comment system refuses to accept comments I have left on your blog. Standard censorship of my free speech from my end of things. I see internal corporate Goolag email sniffing around my blog, shows up in the stats. Probably not too difficult to imagine what that is about.


    • You know it man. Gonna be something else. In some ways I can’t wait. A comeuppance due so richly deserved can not be imagined. I sure hope I get some licks in too.


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