False Flag Op: You Can’t Get Anymore Obvious Than This: Christ Church, White European Man, Guns, Dead Musloids: Next Stop Race/Religious War


Seriously. You can’t get any more obvious than that. All the false and fake narratives, the hot button talking points about white fascism and supremacy, racial bigotry, religious persecution, you name it, its in here. Gun rights, self determinism, faith/religion, toxic western white male culture, and so on, in one tidy perfect little package, served up from a place totally secluded, under total cabal control, actually the most desirable of power elite bug out locations, an isolated remote island state, with the name of Christ Church.

You really can not be more obvious.

The thing here is it is so obvious, these clowns are so full of themselves, their arrogance knows no limits, talking biblical scale hubris, a different kind of evil that defines the heart of darkness, greed, and envy. Mortal Sins.

This is what their contempt and lust for raw naked power has boiled down to. This. Wholesale murder. It is indicative of the depravity which knows no limits in the quest for absolute power. And they intend to get us dirt people to tear out each others throats to get it. Nothing could define who and what these clowns are better than divide and conquer and proxy genocidal war to the teeth.

Nothing is sacred. No things are beyond the pale. All in the name of a cult of a one world organized crime syndicate which has designs on unlimited control of every facet in the sphere of the lives of the underclasses across the western hemisphere. Their precious one world order. Control of all resources, all wealth, all human activity. It is difficult to say which is the icing on the elites cake of insanity. Raw naked unlimited power? Or, unlimited control of all sources of wealth creation. Which soothes the tyrants lust, satiates the tyrants thirst?

The power elites clowns have jumped a new shark here. This is a new level of false flag crisis as a means, they have gone from using these op’s as particular to a regional or national culture to global. This is a new strategic tactic. Now globally they can with a hemisphere size brush paint the narrative desired to raise the advent of global class/religious/culture war between not States, but the people themselves. This is instigating global war on the cheap.  20 years of State sponsored breeding of musloid insurgency thru orchestrated Western Counter Insurgency Operations, and carefully selected training of musloid insurgents, has created a literal homeless army of millions, looking for a home, territory it can hold, a caliphate born from the capture infidel lands, the biblical dream of a European Caliphate.

Nothing except global war on the power elites terms manipulated from their safe places using their proxies to do the dirty bloody ugly work while they sip champagne with their pinkies in the air, could suit their agenda of replacing the White Christian culture and history, the very people themselves, better than manipulating the brown musloid replacement population horde they have imported specifically as their proxy army in waiting.

You might say this will destroy everything and so it is counter intuitive to ignite such civil war. Quite the contrary. We are first talking about psychopaths, the ultimate in narcissists. Part of the addiction to raw naked power, is raw naked power, the more raw and extreme the better. We are talking about people so addicted to extremes of power, they run a human trafficking system where children and other desirable kinds of sex slaves, sooth the beastiality, evil so decrepit there are not words to describe the depths of this depravity of slavery and sacrifice these monsters require to satiate their foul lusts.

So a hemisphere ranging existential war to the teeth between their “subjects” is another form of narcissistic satisfaction of their insidious urges. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no limit to absolute, the whole psychotic cycle of such lust is there are no limits in its search for the most extreme depravity obtainable. What is more powerful than overseeing hundreds of millions of peasant rip each others hearts out? Than to have created such a Ragnorak to begin with?

On the practical level, when you control such global wealth and resources, the world is your oyster, it is nothing to set up enclaves, employ a system similar to the model of the old Soviet Nomenklaturer class of sycophants who manage the day to day grittyyu details, who you empower with total unaccountability to meddle in every affair of your subjects. We see such a system in the deep states control of our western governments hiding behind the facade of the visible “representative” governments we vote for.

But again this false flag event goes much further than the Continent, this is clandestine global propaganda proxy war on the entire Christian West. You use plausibly deniable cut-outs, brainwashed, nudged, deranged and mentally sick individuals, run by seeming empathic “friends”, who psychologically steer these useful subjects in the desired directions, equip them, and trigger them for the final act.

The desired outcome needs only to broadly fit the intended results. This is diaspora by other means, of villianizing, castigating, the essential elements, the hard won long learned precepts, of the natural laws, natural born God given rights all Men are conceived with in the miracle of life, to undermine the foundation of the 2000 year culture of Christian Greco/Roman civilization is built upon.

Believe you me, these clowns have to get rid of our western White race, all its symbols, its history, its legacy, all its traditions, and foremost, by whatever means necessary its people, that is you and me, make no doubt.

False Flag
Written all over this.
There are no innocent unrelated unconnected spontaneous oh so convenient events committed by white dirt people which dovetail so perfectly with the false narratives and fake memes of the globalists media complex propaganda and agitprop talking points all of which are orientated to effecting the diaspora and subsequent genocide of the Christian White Race of Men of The West to make room for the brown horde replacement population.

The moment you wrap your mind around this everything begins to make crystal clear sense.
In the time of MAGA and the color revolution of 11-8-16 and subsequent change in a vast legion of Americans perceptions they smell, a particularly odious, P. Henry’s Rat, due to the socio/political exposure of the amerikan cabal, which our revolution and its awakening to the 5th column activities has brought about, the environment of unrestricted deep state false flag operational activities which came of age in the Clinton regime, reached its state of high competence during the second Bush regime, and took on definitive characteristics of neo-bolshevik red diaper baby agitprop campaigns employed against the Russian Kulaks during the usurpations of the obama regime.
If you notice across the continent between the open source insurgency of the Yellow Vests, Brexit, Caledonia and all the similar nationalists movement towards secession from the globalist state and its insidious population replacement culture destroying agenda, the cabals hold on political and economic power across the White Western Hemisphere is slipping. No longer are they functioning in a closed loop system of gentle tyranny, the exposure of their world size organized crime syndicate as “representative government” has caused an existential crisis of legitimacy for the power elite across the board from America to the Baltic’s, Canada to Australia, Hungry to Greece.

The point being here, they will as their power collapses resort to bloodier and more heinous actions in their attempts to retain raw naked power over the dirt people of the Christian West.

Let me ask you something here. What better more effective shock value than this bloody high body count hit on muslims at prayer, by a White European, with guns, this crisis/false flag as a means operation, to also run this false flag operation in the location of quiet sleepy White European New Zealand? (Which subsequently has become a most favored bug-out location of the power elites).

Can you say complete operative control/containment of the “situation”?
Including hand feeding the necessary and desired narratives and “facts”?
On an isolated closed Island environment half way around the globe?

I get this sense this is the beginning of serious doubling down by the power elites. I believe they are very concerned they are losing control of The West. They are in a serious pickle, they do not have the trusted manpower to run “3am door kicking” secret police operations, nor do they have the physical resources to contain the hemisphere wide withdrawal of consent of the people from them. Their media complex social engineering system has run out of credibility to put it mildly. They can read the metrics and stats easy as the rest of us. And read between the lines, and understand there is a great conflict in the making, which they created and the unintended consequences there of are beyond their control.
The only choice, short of committing to an open totalitarian violent repressive police state, is to as rapidly as humanly possible accelerate the alien invasion to institute brown replacement of the White West.

Consider the musloid, especially the hand picked radical jihad, importation of fighters from the middle east which have been salted wholesale by the hundreds of thousands, fresh off the battlefield of the Levant, across the Continent.

Can you devise a more insidious method to inflame that power elite proxy army to set it against the indigenous White Christian population of the west than running this massacre in Christ Church???

Believe you me, there is no way this was an isolated innocent event of a lone crazed murderer.
Add up all the incredibly convenient coincidental elements. They missed nothing here. Guns. Whites. Christianity. White Culture/Society. Such poor peace loving nice wouldn’t harm a flea immigrants practicing their religion of peace.

Oh Yeah. They really be doubling down now. Now that the shock of 11-8-16 has worn off and they have repositioned against this new threat of populists withdrawal of consent by the western hemisphere’s Deplorable’s. Maga is making an economic mockery of the globullist cabal’s wealth transfer shake down racketeering and organized corruption.
Consequences are catching up with them.
Too many holes in the elites dike and not enough fingers.
They are going to their tried and true ground game.
World spanning war.
except this time is isn’t war between nation states.
It is war to the teeth between dirt people and the immigrant horde.
These psychopaths are prepared to endure internecine class/race war. No matter how ugly and destructive. They need above all else to cleanse North America and The Continent of the White Men of The West. They stand in the way of at least hemisphere spanning domination.

Their long march from their Fabian beginnings which stipulated in order to regain their power lost to those Colonial Terrorists in 1778, it was the singular imperative America and everything she stood for must at all cost be destroyed or no one world order power was possible.

Do not give up your fucking guns. Period.

What ever you do, your, collective as a Legion of White Christian Men of The West, our guns, in our hands, are all that stands in these bastards way. This is nothing new. It is very old, this imperative of property in the form of personal arms, has maintained and in places such as America, the greatest contribution to wealth and prosperity in all of history.

It is as basic as can be. If you are an armed culture, you have the implements of being Freemen who are not limited by the tyrants whim. That is it. That is what the 2nd Amendment symbolizes. This truth of us. We dont need no stinkin’ 2nd Amendment. We already have every natural and primitive right to arms and their use in our very hands to protect what is our destiny, our birthright, to the blessings of Liberty.

Do. Not. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

We are gonna need every bullet we can get our paws on. This is going to require perseverance and courage, non of us has been tested to, an imperative requiring us to reach down and accomplish things we never knew we had the grit and druthers to accomplish. And this is going to make us Warriors and Men the very likes those out to destroy us desire above everything to vanquish. Yet the outcome is to be the diametrically opposing results. This tribulation will makes us so strong nothing will stand against our might and our wrath. And this is the proof positive, the one thing so desperately sought to deny us, this truth we are indomitable by culture, history, and above all nature, for if there was no truth to this of ourselves, they would not be attempting to destroy us, our culture, and our history. Now would they?
We are going to need each other in ways we can not imagine before this is over. And this too will strengthen us in profound ways. It is why they hate and envy us. Strange as this may seem.
Last but not least:
We Win

NZ Shooter Posted His Intentions To Q Research Board On 8 Chan Right Before He Started Shooting People Covering all the false & fake bases, even taking a swing at Q and the 8 Chans by posting a contrived comment in order to incriminate them. This indicates the 8 Chans are a serious problem for the power elites. That is a really big mistake. You do not mess with those guys, they find everything, nothing is beyond their discovery. NZ Shooter











Boko Haram Attacks Christian Village, Destroys Church, infomous for kidnaping 150 teenage girls enslave them as sex slaves, you name the musloid depravity from cutting off heads of Christians to liquidating entire villagers. Not even crickets. Media Silent.

Philippine Church Bombing Kills 20 – Media Didn’t Care About This Either…

Vox Day: New Zealand = false flag

New Zealand: More Fuel On The Fire

JJ Sefton: Bloodbath

Mass Shootings at 2 Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand: 49 Dead, Over 40 Wounded, 4 In Custody

Shooter Live-Streamed Attack on Facebook (if only he shouted “learn to code” – jjs)

Republicans go openly anti-American

Join Or Die

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More links to the power elites proxy invasion horde of third world shithole aliens:

Related image










Quote of the day:

“I have to admit, my first thought after hearing there had been an arrest in Hollywood by armed FBI agents with guns drawn was not college admissions. Wait, Felicity Huffman is a pedophile too?”

– Spacebunny



7 Blind Men & Roots of The Power Elites

“…This is a heady sample of cask-strength NRx shitpoasting, as opposed to the sherry-in-crystal-stemware stuff you get from geezers like me. Go have a look.”

Jussie Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To 16 Counts Of Lying To Police As It’s Revealed His Family Enlisted Michelle Obama’s Former Aide To Try To Persuade Chicago Prosecutors To Hand His Case Over To The FBI HOURS After ‘Hoax Attack’

What Is Generation X?   Note: This is a superb piece by Brett Stevens. There is an almost epic undercurrent in it. It also fits right in with these links of this world gone mad and the actors gone totally postal on everything so many of us watched as it was torn asunder. Everything we where 1st taught by the Old’s, they where always right. Though I would add something to Brett’s essay, not to count GenX out. Deprived of that special thing called Heroes on many levels, wandering in a no man land, lost in the kurkuffle, who are beginning to grok they after all they are the ones they where waiting for, the Heroes that never came. Its pretty interesting. As Brett mentions like stealth people staying below the radar, instinctually knowing what is wrong, wanting no part of the collectivist insanity, watchers and waiters who for all the melancholy, rootless seeming isolation of being a half breed generation, they in their own way carry the flame of the west within their hearts and minds. And now in these laters years have acquired many wisdoms and deeply identify with manifest precepts of a culture about to go to war with the rest of the world out to send it into that long good night. They know very well what they are about and who they are. That is saying a lot and everything to be said for an orphaned generation. Stranger things have happened and effected positive change in this crazy world from someplace either everyone forgot or had written off.

My Family Fled Communism When I Was 6. Now We Fear Our Nightmare Has Followed Us Here

From Commenter Grog: On President Trump’s Veto of swamp treason

Natural Selection is reactionary The amazing courage and inspiration of Conviction and Faith

Man Bites Dog In New Zealand











Limbaugh Floats “False Flag” Theory NZ Shooter Is “Leftist” Who Staged Attack To Frame Conservatives When even El Rushbo speaks the obvious, you know the power elites have lost. The whole construct is now a mopping up operation. This call out of the illegitimacy of the bastards the true beginning of the end of them and their clown show.

The test. –“if you can’t think of any realistic limits that you’d set on your behavior, then moral zealotry has probably tainted your thinking” Got that right. Hubris before the fall.

Never let a false flag go to waste Well of course, it is a large component of false flag everything. “…The same tactic worked in Australia and England, after all. Not so well in the United States, where the descendants of the American Revolution know better than to permit themselves to be disarmed by their government”.

New Zealand Assailant(s): ‘Eco-Fascist’ Not ‘Right Wing’   – “Some clarity on the true identity of the shooters in the New Zealand massacre yesterday that killed 49. Isn’t it funny that the global media still continues to peddle the FALSE narrative that any time there is an active shooter it must be ‘Right Wing Fanatics”, when in truth almost every mass shooting in the last decade was committed by left leaning wing nuts?” “Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!”


If you haven’t figured it out yet, there are things that go too far which define the breech of a Zeitgeist. And things have gone too far.


War to the knife -“…They hate us. They have contempt for us, and no hesitation about displaying it openly. They viciously attack us in public, in our homes, and use thug tactics to threaten our livelihoods, our safety, and our ability to function in a modern society…

War to the Knife  –“War to the Knife” – mortal combat; a conflict carried to the last extremity. (Webster, 1913 edition.)

Repost: The Fate of Empires And Search For Survival

If you didn’t read this classic last year, you should now.


Official Deep Inside Obama-Era Defense Intelligence Agency Pleads Guilty to Spying For China…  The dike has too many leaks. Soon the breech becomes a flood. Illegitimacy in everything. Faster. Moah!



More unraveling ensues. Each day now revealed their wholesale crimes and malice. The ole Chinese Mandate of Heaven writ large. Very large, as in auto-delegitimization. It will logrithmically escalate, and as the clowns begin to understand there is nothing they can do to stop their demise as an illusion of legitimate power they will become increasingly frantic to stop the fall of their hubris. As is their want to do they will strike out at everything even remotely seen as a threat, though something much more than others. They are now at the stage of dissonance where they think the thing which threatens them the most is our guns. That is pretty silly, especially for ones who are so superior to us simple unwashed dirt people. Their one true existential enemy, is theirselves. Hubris blinds all who embrace hubris as their divine right as flesh and blood gods.

They have jumped the shark in all ways. Their demise is set in stone of unintended consequences. It is all now a mopping up operation. All that remains is the trail of destruction they will leave in their wake as they thrash around in the last stages of their own self destruction and richly earned comeuppance.


President Trump Sends Notification of Veto for H.J. Res. 46 to House of Representatives…: What got into this old Clinton Regime Operative who was clean up for the loose ends of the massacre by the FBI and DOJ of the 75 woman and children burnt to charcoal in the bunker at their Branch Dividian compound? Somebody got Barr’s number? Does this talk and act like a Clinton Crime Syndicate actor who belonged to Comey and Mueller’s crew organized crime soldiers?:

ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR: Mr. President, your declaration of an emergency on the southern border was clearly authorized under the law and consistent with past precedent.

As you said, the National Emergencies Act directly authorizes the President, and gives broad discretionary authority to the President, to identify and respond to emergent circumstances that require a decisive response.

And the humanitarian and security crisis we have on the border right now is exactly the kind of emergency that Presidents are permitted to address under the National Emergencies Act.(link)…

And the traitors are still trying to sell that fucking bullshit about protecting our borders from their invasion army of aliens makes us unsafe. Yeah, right. Unsafe for you and your globalist fucktards, because the positive effects and Sovereign action of actually government, what is left of it, doing its most sacred duty: Protecting us from invasion, foreign and domestic. And by consequence the effects of which in the larger scope will reveal how truly treasonous and destructive you sonofabitches are.

Village Praxis: Mindset: Action Vs Inaction By John Meyers A most sane Warrior has word.

Muslim activist tears into Chelsea Clinton’s ‘CAUCASITY’ at NZ victims’ vigil    When your a crime family and your regime is soaked in the blood of thousands, from Arkanside Operation Fast & Furious, Waco, Oklahoma City to the destruction of Libya and Benghazi, the systematic human child sex slave trafficking of Pizzagate, never mind the billions stolen over these decades, all the hate and death, the criminal enterprise you are a part of, one day it begins to catch up with your ruling class smug little privileged spoiled ass. I sincerely hope, that down in this crotch dropping of the ultimate entitlist’s, those two psychopaths who are grooming you to take over the family dynisty of global organized crime and murder for profit, your pathetic heart it feels fear. Fear that freezes your soul, whatever soul you got.


Oh, and about that alien invasion…


Will Versus Will Not



About: Yellow vest protests: Violence returns to streets of Paris: “The yellow vests are the archetype of the people who notice the downfall of liberal democracy: they just want to live their lives, but have noticed that everything is expensive and they are working too many hours for too little of the good life. Government can do nothing because three-quarters of its budget goes to entitlements, and so it is dependent on taxes, which business and individuals pass on to the consumer. The workers get paid less and their money buys less. The rich get richer because they are hurt less by the taxes, and most of them now are getting rich by working within the system instead of within the market, which is more results-driven than the system. We have seen this before on the question of bread regulations:

French law obliged bakers to sell certain standard varieties of loaf at fixed weights and prices. (It still does, which explains why the most expensive patisserie will sell you a baguette for the same price as a supermarket.) At the time when this quotation originated, the law also obliged the baker to sell a fancier loaf for the price of the cheap one when the cheap ones were all gone. This was to forestall the obvious trick of baking just a few standard loaves, so that one could make more profit by using the rest of the flour for price-unregulated loaves. So whoever it was who said Qu’ils mangent de la brioche, she (or he) was not being wholly flippant. The idea was that the bread shortage could be alleviated if the law was enforced against profiteering bakers.

And in fact, the source is always Leftist reforms:

The rule about selling expensive bread at a loss if necessary to feed the poor was just one of a whole tangle of crazy regulations established by bleeding-heart French nobles to do “right” by the lower classes. From medieval times until the 1980s, the price of a baguette had been fixed to a specific formula. And, even today, bread prices, baking techniques and bread sizes are regulated in minute detail in France.

The problem was that since French bakers were denied the ability to make cheap bread at a profit, and forced to sell expensive bread at a loss, they did the only rational thing possible: They made very little bread at all. That’s how we got bread riots and maybe even the French Revolution.

The solution is one of those ironic twists that people refuse to see until it is too late: instead of using government to give more, make government take less. Do not regulate the bread to make it cheaper; direct solutions do not work with complex systems like markets. Instead, use indirect power and find out what makes bread cost so much — a supply/demand rule question — and lessen the cost of bread. In this case, that requires abolishing entitlements, thus dropping taxes, and therefore, dropping prices.”


New Zealand’s Shooter’s Manifesto is Textbook Trolling  :More clarity on the New Zealand Shooting continues to emerge. Bottom Line:  This wing-nuts manifesto was written to TROLL the mainstream media and surprise, surprise, they took the bait and ran with it! Don’t listen to the Fake News Cartel’s Interpretation of this guy’s “ideology” or “motivation.” They have been led down the primrose path on purpose! Stay Alert,  Armed and Dangerous!

The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World Mar 16 : from Jon Rappoport verbatim:

“The following information comes from insider interviews with Ellis Medavoy and Richard Bell, two people I interview extensively in my collection, The Matrix Revealed. This is just a brief taste of what they have to say…

Major institutions on this planet that control Military, Money, Energy, Government, Medical, Corporate, Media, and Education are becoming, more and more, global cartels, horizontally integrated across national borders.

This is more than a top-down command process. It’s organically evolving. Three steps forward, two steps back. There is a great deal of competition among the components of a given cartel, but there is also cooperation. And in the long run, the see-saw is tipping in the direction of cooperation, as these entities realize they may well have more to gain that way.

I can’t stress too strongly this EVOLVING process. All attempts to merely assume twelve men in a room run the planet fall woefully short.

Instead, over time, people who lead a powerful institution (like Energy, for example) look out and recognize more major players, and in this recognition there is an impulse to compete and win and destroy, but there is also an impulse to build commonality and therefore monopolize the entire territory.

During one conversation with retired master propagandist Ellis Medavoy, I asked him about the extent of mutual cooperation in his given field, psychological warfare. He responded:

“Twenty years ago, I would have said we were all operating separately and jealously. Each of us was mining his own contacts and building his false pictures of reality for the masses. But then things began to change. Globally. First of all, more of us were pushing the same holograms. And because communication and travel were speeding up so rapidly, we were working a lot of the same venues. We would run into each other more often. We began to share information. I mean, it was cautious. We weren’t gushing with unbridled love, I assure you. The competitive factor was still strong. And we had fights. But through all that, we began to see through the fog, so to speak. We began to understand the effectiveness of cooperating. We would test each other with privileged information, to see if we could trust each other to keep it private. A tidbit here, a tidbit there.

“And you see, behind us, other groups were finding commonality, too. For example, in the area of medical propaganda, where I operated a lot of the time. And these groups saw they could join together for specific operations, on an international scale. They could push enormous lies globally, and everyone of their class would profit and gain wider control. So I would find myself working with a psy warfare guy from, say, France, or Germany in a joint venture. We would rub elbows. We’d be feeding from the same basic money trough.

“We’d both be briefed by a team of intelligence experts, and those experts would be of several nationalities. Slowly, I saw a new kind of umbrella structure emerging.

“See, suppose during the secret lead-up to a planned economic crisis [money cartel], you can distract everybody with a phony epidemic [medical cartel]. Do you see? Leaders perceive a reason to cooperate. Planners become more intelligent and clever. They reach across lines they never would have reached across before…

“You begin to see the outlines of a much more inclusive future structure. This is multi-front warfare…” RTWT


They just keep going off script “..It’s rather amusing to see how bewildered the media is about this unanticipated reaction. “Wait, you’re supposed to blame the false flag on white supremacists, WHITE SUPREMACISTS! How can you possibly screw this up?”

I have to admit, I know that the rhetoric of “anti-semitism” is losing its effectiveness, but I never anticipated it backfiring to such a degree, and in such an amusing manner.”

You cant make this shit up…along with the beauty of unintended consequences.


DOJ And Clinton Lawyers Struck Secret Deal To Block FBI Access To Clinton Foundation Emails: Strzok   The plausible deniability feature: “…According to the attorneys, we lacked probable cause to get a search warrant for those servers and projected that either it would take a very long time and/or it would be impossible to get to the point where we could obtain probable cause to get a warrant,” said Strzok…” 

Scum, scum of the Earth. And we are the Deplorable’s.

Trapping Feral Pigs and Other Parables of Modern Life by Matt Bracken: This has been around for about a decades if I remember correctly. Matt has written a great many most excellent things. Not many minds like this guy. Glad he is on our side. Matt has an unusual brilliant critical predictive thinking mind. Also writes some awesome yarns, like his Enemies Foriegn & Domestic Trilogy, to his latest, The Red Cliffs Of Zerhoun, which I could never recommend highly enough. Stories about American’s, and other Western Christian people, who in the worst imaginable situations, reach down within themselves and pull up amazing strength of character, courage, and resolve, in the face of almost insurmountable odds. The best thing, Matt isn’t writing about some swash buckling imaginary super heroes. He is telling you about little people, dirt people, people who are normal caring and caring, who never ever give up. I always find every time I read Matt’s books and other items he has written, I see my friends, loved ones, myself, because we are the ones who are going to set things aright. There is no one else. And when these tasked are handed to us, we will rise to the occasion, and effect positive change. There is no one else. It is our part in the cycle of history.

The Story of The Pig Trap is an epic examination of one of the most important issues of our time. One we are facing, and will in the end, be the ones who administer to it, a larger mess left for us to face the consequences of could not be fabricated. Its implications and the events it creates cross grain everything. And cross graining it in redress will be a certain task in no uncertain terms.

Speaking of Pig Traps. A most suitable analogy…

…Time to add the last piece of fence.


More theater of the depravity of the leftists insanity of doubling down on its total failure every time to rule with raw naked unlimited power of every facet, none to small or stupid, of the sphere of others lives, while they themselves violate every concept of moral code and mind your own fucking business. Under the you cant make this clown show idiocy up in a million years catagory: British MP Mocked Over GPS-Tracking National Database Of Knife-Buyers Plan

Abolitionists and Illuminists Campaigning for One World Government From Al Benson Jr. at Revised History. Not the Abolisionists of Bill Buppert’s ZeroGov secession from the slavery of the STATE, (ie and or, “as opposed to sensible Southern abolitionists”)

The ‘Hidden Tribes’ of America: Bravo piece by Samuel Culper and his always excellent and resourceful calm insightful examinations blog Forward Observer and this companion piece: An Introduction to the Developing Domestic Conflict

The Feral Irishman: Later! I got to answer my phone…










How Meritocracy Defeats Itself Ever insightful Mr. Stevens. The grand Stoic of the Alternate-Right.

Here is a notion: Lets give explodey heads and NPC conniption fits. Like Kek, and Trump, they can’t help wrapping their collective braincell around those axles. Now would be a perfect time to bring back the great discussion of The Alt-Right.

Slaughter In New Zealand Motus Mentis: “…In short: the shooter saw the West, as a living organism, succumbing to a wasting autoimmune disease. By exacerbating the symptoms, he hoped to provoke an immune response, in the form of civil war. His murderous rampage will almost certainly push things in exactly the direction he says he intended.

I could be wrong about all of this. The manifesto could be a sham; the shooter could be a false-flag plant, or an agent of some murky conspiracy. I’m only trying to make sense of this story as best I can, in its immediate aftermath. Such a thing wants explaining, and simply invoking Evil won’t do, not in this case — although evil it most certainly was.

Also: none of what I have written here is intended to excuse or justify this horrific crime. Do not be surprised, however, if we see more and more such savagery, from both sides of this deepening divide.”

Most well said


If you didn’t get over to The Woodpile Report yet, a particularly well done report all around. Hard to select a particular part over another. Ol’ Remus has had a weekly running essay on the qualities of the .22 and 22WMR for a spell. Well considered. Notions backed by West Virginia bush experience:

art-remus-ident-04.jpg The Survival .22 Rimfire

As I’ve said elsewhere, the .22WMR is my rimfire of choice, over the .22LR, for small to medium game as a survival rifle. When traveling light and fast with either one, a box of fifty rounds in a jacket pocket is hardly noticeable, and for weight and size, the rifles are all but interchangeable. But the magnum has a decisive advantage. The .22WMR bullet is faster and more powerful at a hundred yards than the .22LR is at the muzzle, making it better suited to medium game and conferring an additional twenty five yards of useful range.

There’s a compelling case to be made for the .22LR however. The round is of proven effectiveness within its considerable capabilities and is readily available in a wide variety of bullet weights, styles and velocities. Some are not materially louder than a .22 caliber air rifle, all are quieter than the .22 magnum.

Aesthetic-wise, bare bones rimfire rifles bespeak familiarity with old trucks and other displeasing emblems of unfashionable society, which is to say, they’re stainless steel in a plastic stock. Its utilitarian appearance employs the “form follows function” principle of industrial design. This is the default configuration for a survival rifle, durable and reliable in all weather, even with neglect if not downright abuse.

Those who schlepp bull barrel .22s with research grade boutique scopes and competition-style adjustable stocks don’t live in densely wooded hills with treacherous going and long spells of wretched weather, or they believe game must be hit only in the left ventricle. Conversely, those who rely on wire frame break-open single shots are probably lowering the odds they’ll eat that day. Single shots are a miserable thing to reload, especially in cold weather. That said, I would happily stash one in an escape and evasion cache.

2 minutes of arc—technically 2.094 inches at a hundred yards but commonly taken to mean two inches—or less is “good enough” accuracy. Mine will print a one inch group at 75 yards, which is unexceptional. Non shooters take this to mean even with a perfect hold I could miss by an inch. No. It doesn’t. It means the bullet could hit a half inch from the point of aim, in any direction, in the worst case. Low priced sporting rifles will typically do 2 minutes of arc, and commonly better, if the shooter finds the ammo it likes. Don’t overdo it. The shooter with more than one .22 who insists on the indisputable tippy top, last-bleeding-decimal-point best ammo for each rifle has to build parallel stashes to comply with the One True Way. So let’s get real.

If the bogey is 2 minute accuracy or better, there’s no good reason to wring out every round made by every manufacturer. Try appropriate examples of widely available, competitively priced rounds. The winning candidate will meet or beat the accuracy bogey and have no offsetting sins such as squibs or unreliable ignition or a high number of fliers. One afternoon and you’re done. Choose one and back up the truck.

An aside: how much ammo, using the principle of “good enough and plenty of it”? Figure a post-apocalyptic average of five shots per day for a year as 1,825 rounds, or about 3.7 bricks of 500. $100 or so will buy a year’s supply and then some. For optimists it’s a two year’s supply. For pessimists, six months. Decide.

A survival .22 LR must cycle subsonics from the magazine. This pares the list of candidate rifles severely. Semiautos are limited to full power LR ammo so only lever or bolt actions qualify. Neither should the survivalist’s .22LR rifle close off any ammo option. .22 shorts should also cycle from the magazine, not as hand-fed single shots. There was a time when this was standard. Today only those with tubular magazines can feed both .22 shorts and .22LR. If you’re willing to settle for subsonics with the cartridge length of a .22LR it’s a non-issue. You have closed off an option however, and you never know …

Tubular magazines aren’t the handicap they’re made out to be. On the upside, there’s no detachable magazine to drop unnoticed in the weeds. A typical .22LR magazine is a sheet metal stamping. Most “failures to feed” are from bent or dinged feed lips. They’re inherently delicate, soon enough they won’t be reliable enough to be useful. Two, or many more, is none eventually. Tubular magazines typically hold sixteen or more LR rounds, or twenty-some shorts. Top off at leisure, we’re not talking a load out for battle, it’s a food-getter no matter how “tactical” it’s tricked out.

When considering the wider question of “fit for purpose”, top end super-powerful .22LR rounds only “kind of” approach the magnum in terms of velocity and hitting power. For your reference, .22 magnum 40 grain ammo comes in at 1,900 fps and 30 grainers at 2,200 fps. In Long Rifle, 40 grain ammo is available at 1,400+ fps, about 75% that of the magnum. But the hitting power in ft/lbs is around half. The 32 grainers clock at 1,600+ fps, again about 75% that of the magnum with ft/lbs just over half. Downside, they’re almost as loud as the magnum without the hitting power.

On the other hand, the magnum has no entry in the subsonics, whereas .22LR subsonics can be had in versions up to 60 grain bullets. The .22 short, typically 30 grains or so, is famously quiet yet zip along at 1,000 fps. For me, long familiarity lends them a preference, perhaps unearned with more recent offerings.

Being the prudent sort, I standardized on boring ol’ 40 grain bullets in both LR and WMR. They’re what the rifles are designed to shoot and they perform well. My LR 40 grainers are in the lower reaches of the “high velocity” category, standard now. As for subsonics, I haven’t decided, but I notice my stash of .22 shorts is rather large. Howsomever, I’m impressed by personal experience with the effect of the 60 grain bullet in a .22 short case, and the 45 grainer is appealing. Some are quieter than others. They’re all intended for short range. Further study is indicated, come good weather.

All this “messing around in small boats” to choose between subsonics could be avoided with a simple answer to a simple problem. A single value, foot pounds, fails to describe its real world effectiveness satisfactorily. It leads us to believe a small bullet traveling fast will have the same terminal effect on game as a bigger bullet traveling slower. Many an exposition about wound cavity and penetration says otherwise but they leave us with only anecdotal evidence rather than a means of putting a number to it. I’ve noodled around with two variables, ft/lbs and bullet weight, but haven’t come up with anything useful. Time for some reckoning by serious reckoners.

To continue. For those who aren’t iron sight enthusiasts, as I was back when my eyeballs still had some tread left on ’em, you’ll want a scope. And unless you’re determined to join the high rez imaging race as a supporting patron, precision mechanicals are more important than leading edge clarity. For example, does three clicks up actually move the reticle precisely as indicated, or is it something less or something more and, oh by the way, a click’s worth of sideways drift? If the mechanicals are sketchy you’ll see the sorry result with enviable resolution in fabulously nuanced color.

After the mechanicals comes the reticle, a matter of personal preference. Okay, that was a dodge. Truth is, my preferred reticle is the one to which all others aspire. Then comes optical imaging. For practical purposes, the center third is what counts, the rest is entertainment. As always, “good enough” is a reasonable guide. You’ll know it when you see it.

Let’s talk parallax, all the best people do. .22 rimfire scopes bring the reticle and image to the same plane at 50 yards. This is critical in places where game unfailingly presents itself at 50 yards, because should a critter violate industry standards, parallax comes into play. Same for a center fire scope focused at a hundred yards. Both exhibit parallax at twenty-five and seventy-five yards. I know the “yes, but”. Parallax is not symmetrically distributed, therefore blah blah. I remain unmoved.

Parallax can be defeated in one of three ways. The first way requires the scope and the target to be set at optical infinity, half a county away will do for the target. The second way is a “sniper’s” focusable objective, which requires game willing to be patient while you figure the range and dial it in. The third way requires competent use of the scope, meaning ordinary care to center the eye with the exit pupil. Take the third way unless you’re a competition shooter with heartbeat training by Himalayan monks.

The classic scope for a .22LR rifle is a fixed four power, low enough magnification for quick target acquisition, high enough magnification to allow precision bullet placement.. Compared to a variable they’re more compact, mechanically simpler, the lenses are optimized for a single magnification, and they’re brighter because there are fewer optical elements. The downside is they’re slow movers, many are compromised to meet attractive pricing, forfeiting some of the advantages.

Variables offer optical wonderfulness nearly equal to fixed power scopes of not long ago. For a survival .22LR an airtight case can be made for any zoom range not involving a number greater than nine. My experience says a 2 to 5 range, or near enough, is about right. But the 3 to 9 is the default for hunting rifles in nearly all calibers. It offers a genuine low power and a sometimes useful high power. No maker can omit a 3 to 9 without its business acumen falling under suspicion, and it has to be as good or better than the competition, so it’s become the closest thing to optimum value.

I can personally attest to the viability of Ol’ Remus’s conclusions. Common sense – real woods results – practical experience, rules. Did you know, every living creature on land has been taken with the .22 Long Rifle? And many large species of meat animals are taken with a .22. Every small custom meat shop in America almost exclusively employ a .22 rifle to cleanly kill cows pigs sheep goats and beefalo. For very large beef say a 2000 plus pound bull, you bring out the 22WMR. When you have knowledge, the suitable firearm, and the kill set for .22 cartridge bullet placement, each animal has an instant incapacitation death zone.


GoFundMe Veteran Is Still Building the Wall—and Has Raised Nearly $20 Million As with everything having to do with successful resistance of the dirt people, they have tirelessly striven to hide the truth people are really fed up with everything going on: “Rumors of We Build the Wall’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, you can go to its GoFundMe page yourself, right now, and see that the group has collected a little over $20 million.

This is despite a sustained media barrage claiming GoFundMe was going belly-up and refunding every donation — more than 300,000 — that had been sent into the wall-building effort. It’s also despite a sustained online pounding on founder Brian Kolfage’s past and character from the likes of BuzzFeed — the people largely responsible for clickbait listicles — and the Daily Beast.

Brian Kolfage is the Air Force veteran who, during a deployment to Iraq in 2004, was hit by an enemy rocket and lost three of his limbs. Since his close brush with death and rehabilitation, Kolfage has become a husband and father of two, a frequent guest on cable TV news, and an outspoken advocate for building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Gary Sinise’s foundation built Kolfage’s family a smart home to accommodate his war injuries. He has become a motivational speaker and a well-known advocate for injured veterans…” Read the rest on Free Republic

And like Brian’s Go-Fundme wall fund, another ceaselessly maligned and censored free thought and speech target: Q Anon: 03/16/19 Trust Trump’s Plan: A compendium of news, history, basics, and resources on Q and the 8 chan’s.



WTF! Us dirt people are immoral, we are white racists, because we do not want to let these invaders in to invade of homeland, a free shit army who mooch on us and hate us because we do not want to support their criminal illegal invasion?



Two from Starvin’ Larry:

Gongs: Ringing the Steel “I have never hammered a steel plate with a hammer, but I have hammered steel targets for more than 20 years. The sound is loud and rewarding. Steel targets are an aid in gaining proficiency with firearms, particularly handguns. We use paper targets for sighting in, ensuring our sights are properly zeroed. We also use paper targets when stressing decision making. But on my own time and my own dime, I would rather shoot steel than anything…”

The Beyond Storing Up beans and Rice Tab at Top of Page: Word from a Food Service Pro:

“…There is a reason I started with all the food safety info, and the basics.

In any long term disaster/collapse/TEOTWAWKI scenario, you will run out of MRE’s, Mountain House, etc. a whole lot faster than you think.

You will not only end up having to prepare meals from scratch, you will have to provide a whole lot of your own food…”

More Please!

Good Stuff – Good Idea Larry.


MSNBC’s Glaude: ‘The Crisis of Whiteness’ Is Generating ‘Unimaginable Carnage’: “…What’s clear to me, and we see this in the United States, is the problem is not with immigrants. The problem is not the people of color. It is not us. It has something to do with the crisis of whiteness and how it is generating unimaginable carnage…”


And from the same human extinction movement as it begins to liquidate its most useful idiots. From Editing history:

Rather rude of them huh? Or is that mighty white of them? Now you get to reap the harvest you sowed. Sucks To Be You Dude But You Made Your Big Boy Choices; Now you get to lie in that bed you made. You don’t care for the unintended consequences you are responsible for? Thats just too awful bad. My heart bleeds for you. Not. Remember, you forgot and ignored the history of THEM, The Human Extinction Movement. Not only that, you are a willing instrumental actor in creating one of its great fake narratives of social engineering. You understand, those consequences gets you one of the dirt naps first they will pass out. That is part of that history you scoffed at because you are literally that lethally stupid enough to believe this time marxian madness is gonna work. Guess it ain’t working out so well for you. Here, got some some cheese to go along with your whine. They will hunt you down for betraying the NPC hive collective. You got no safe places now. You can always learn to code though. Like the Thousands of Coal Miner’s who you destroyed their livelihoods. You, are complicit. You, put their families into abject poverty. They lost their homes, their lands, you stole their dignity, and then still used them as your neo-bolshevik Kulak’s for your part in the agenda. They are nothing to you but toxic white knuckle draggers and deplorable trailer trash taking up oxygen you deemed is yours to rule. All the whiles you sipped champagne with your pinky stuck up in the air while you congratulated yourself for being such a virtuous and mighty SJW.

BFYTW Asshole


Quote of the day—Good Snek:  “Of the 10 states in the country with the lowest murder rates, half of them have some of the loosest gun laws in the country, and of those, the lowest consistently have murder rates comparable to Europe. I’m not going to tell you what to make of that, but in my mind, those states have essentially, intentionally or not, solved their violence issues, and they did it without gun control. Perhaps you may have a differing opinion, and that’s fine, but to me, knowing there is a solution to violence out there…”

We are informed stopping these ambassadors of diversity is an immoral toxic white thing. The recipient above was unavailable for comment and her first hand take on this empowerment of inclusivity for such deprived brown people subjected to the crisis of toxic white privilege.




(click to embiggin)

Yeah Thats The Way To Do It



O’Keefe Uncovers MASSIVE California Voter Fraud, DMV Abuse  Okeefe strike back at the empire once again. You can’t tie this guy down. Andrew Breitbart would be bustin’ with pride over his Protoge’ and his fearless investigative prowess. Something more than “Mishandling” you don’t make 23 thousand and 77 thousand “mistakes” which are nothing less than total vote fraud. All to the lefts advantage. Imagine what the actual “Mishandling” in the other 49 states is? Imagine how many illegitimate fake criminal “elected” actors fill the ranks of the political class?

Imagine the real un-faked percentages of people who vote right verses left, if they have to stack the deck with almost as many fraudulent fake votes as the real opposition vote percentages is?

This is crazy fucking shit how much we are lied to and bullshitted. No wonder the sonofabitches are so wigged out over 11-8-16. They seen they are fucking outnumbered 3 to 1 or probably more. And are in dire straights to hide that truth.

TINVOWOOT, but there is other far more effective methods of voting.











Vote fraud, Gerrymander, is censorship of free speech. You have been dis-enfranchised toxic white boy. No more white privilege for you. All your votes belong to us.

The Score: Tucker knows it: “This is what an authoritarian society looks like. It’s a place where the group in charge will tolerate no criticism at all. That’s what we’re becoming.

It was only a matter of time before they came for Fox News. Of the top dozen news networks in the United States, only Fox has an alternative view. The other channels speak with one voice. They are united on every issue, every time. They’re in almost perfect sync with the priorities of the Democratic Party.

Fox News stands apart. The opinion shows on this channel have another perspective. You might consider that valuable diversity, something different in a sea of sameness. The left does not think that. They would like Fox News shut down tomorrow. The other news channels agree. They would like that too. They are trying to do it now.

Carlson then goes on to lift the rock that crawly things like Media Matters and the SPLC wriggle around under, exposing their slimy machinations to some cleansing sunlight, before getting down to the real nut-cutting:”

Even worse, you’re subsidizing it, without knowing it. Both the SPLC and Media Matters are, amazingly, tax-exempt organizations. In its original tax application to the IRS, Media Matters claimed that the American news media were dominated by a pro-Christian bias and that they were needed to balance it. Despite the obvious absurdity of this claim, the group received non-profit status. It has been violating the terms of that status ever since.

During the Obama administration, Media Matters held weekly strategy discussions with the White House about how to hurt its political enemies. Media Matters kept an “enemies list” of Republicans to destroy, including Steve King of Iowa. This is a violation of federal tax law. Tax-exempt non-profits can’t function as an arm of a political party. Media Matters clearly does.

According to a piece in the liberal magazine The New Republic, Media Matters changed its mission during the 2016 Democratic primaries to campaign for Hillary Clinton. We were “running defense for Clinton,” one Media Matters staffer said. “Defending Hillary from every blogger in their mother’s basement.” In a leaked 2015 memo from inside Clinton’s campaign, staff discussed cooperating with Media Matters to attack Republicans and accuse the press of biased coverage.

In an email from January 5, 2016, Hillary’s staff discussed working with Media Matters to counter a Vanity Fair article on Huma Abedin. “We have Media Matters and core surrogates lined up, which we can expand on tomorrow,” the email read.

This isn’t just unethical. It’s illegal. Under IRS regulations, 501(c)(3), non-profits are totally prohibited from participating in the campaigns of political candidates. Media Matters broke the law. The group has never been punished. It retains its tax-exempt status.

That means you and every other taxpayer are subsidizing attacks on their own First Amendment. Why is this? How can this be happening? Someone should call the IRS and find out…”



“Free speech, audible/visible to the general public, is the central element in any sort of acceptable polity. That is why all of the Bad People are working so hard to mute it forever. That is also why free speech, perhaps even more than private property, is the tripwire beyond which unrestricted war must be fought. Slavery cannot be imposed without prohibitions on either form of human endeavor.” – WRSA Reader

































9 thoughts on “False Flag Op: You Can’t Get Anymore Obvious Than This: Christ Church, White European Man, Guns, Dead Musloids: Next Stop Race/Religious War

  1. What you might not know about the Christchurch shooting, the “alleged” perp posted his intentions on the Q research forum on 8Chan right before he started shooting people.

    Click on the thumbnail pic at this comment on the thread to see his post.

    This was a set up from start to finish.
    They were trying to smear Q and the Anons by leaving evidence linking the asshole to the research board.
    Black Swan False Flag Op all the way.
    The thing is, Q has said something even worse is coming down the pipe, something the news media will be talking about “For Days” and this mass casualty event wasn’t it.
    Keep your fucking heads on a swivel and as ‘Ol Remus reminds us, STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS.
    Something really big and really bad is coming. Prepare accordingly.

    Liked by 3 people

        • 10-4 on that. That is a great way of stating the truth.
          Looking like we are real close to seeing what they are really about in no uncertain terms. That is a good thing. Time to have it out with the bastards. They got a serious comeuppance due them.
          Way I see it, they lost already, and they don’t know that. Other thing, we all been real nice, polite, willing to endure a lot of unindurable unacceptable things for the sake of something larger and better than ourselves. Because of the general good natured character of our goodwill, we have maintained the moral highground, in spite of everything they have done to bait us and make us deviate from our good nature and moral built in quality of our cultural qualities of looking at these things and times in a positive light. This is powerful stuff, that even these most politically powerful actors can not change in us no matter what they do.
          I think it is both envy and this terrible deep consuming hate they have for us, because we hold legitimate power, real power, that they can never have. I think too, deep down in their nasty hate filled souls we scare the crap out of them. They fear us like nothing else, because who we are.
          And that nice polite part, that is the mark of people who are indomitable, that got in em’ a kind of motive power and audacity once let go, nothing can stand in its way.
          Another reason why they want to rid their world of us.

          BFYTW Man.


    • Yup, everything right on script. More manufactured “outrage” for plausible deniability to grab more guns.
      What you want to wager shit stirring up the musloids providing them the excuse they are always looking for to shoot infidels, is the latest shiny object – look its a squirrel fake media complex distraction.

      Hey, check this out. Watch the video clip before its memory holed. Gov. John Kaish in a totally scripted CNN Trump bashing piece slipped and said, quote: “…when they put McCain to death”
      Pure gold. You cant make this shit up. Q said there is a secret military tribunal going after traitors.



      • The video is six months old, but I agree with your point, it’s gold. He blabbed and it was ignored by the news puke.

        As for the tribunals, have to agree, there’s over 4,000 sealed indictments, not all of them would be in a closed court, too risky.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes. Those sealed indictments. They represent something very important. But what, right? We don’t know. Sometimes the truth is how you look at something. If those indictments where involved with Trump and his allies, they would have been opened and employed long ago. So what else are they. Right?
          But its obvious a lot of people are involved in a lot of bad shit that requires taking care of. A tall order when the center of power of rule of law is the greatest criminal element of all.
          Those 4000 or so sealed secret indictments always puzzled me.
          Got this epiphany about why they been sitting so long, it is a multilevel thing. No way to verify, yet the clowns are actually very stupid people. They are a gang of criminals who present themselves as legitimate honest, but politically corrupt “politicians”. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are most of them actors of a number of organized crime “families”, or groups, who mostly co-operate with each other. One trait they share, as they are a lot of them lawyers or received law degrees, adept at manipulating and using the rule of law as a weapon and a shield. And hence the epiphany.
          Here’s my thinking: In order to catch these clowns out you have to either go at them with ruthless violence, no limits, because they infest every aspect of our system of government with their culture of corruption. Or, you go after them in the purest methods of jurisprudence, you have to remain absolutely honest, nothing can be violated, you must follow every concept of letter of the law, and its absolute honorable color of rule of law. No deviation. Every T crossed and all I’s dotted.
          A number of reasons for this. First you can not leave a crack or loophole for them to wiggle out of punishment for their crimes. Second, if this is really draining the swamp, you have to be impeccably honest and legitimate. In this, you create the ultimate weaponization of unquestionable jurisprudence, and remain invulnerable to hypocrisy of the law. It is the only way. But first you have to know who you are waging war on and determine who your enemy is in crystal clear knowledge.
          This takes inordinate time. It also requires individuals you have to trust absolutely to absolutely remain duty bound to the color and intent of rule of law.
          In the mean time, these clowns are sharp when it comes to threats. there is no such thing as a secret when more than one person knows the secret, so it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what and who those secret sealed indictment are for and about.
          To do this swamp draining you got to have a head start. So that also is seen and understood at least on its macro level. Hence all the spying on Trump. Trump is a highly successful man because he always has his ducks in a row, BEFORE, he enters into pursuit of something.
          The clowns know this, they always have, because unlike him, they got their wealth and power thru criminal and illegitimate means.
          The other aspect of this is deposing Trump kills a whole bush of birds with one stone. A coup no matter how it is dressed up, first and foremost stops the swamp draining. It nullifies the revolution of 11-8-16, puts paid to the Deplorable’s, used as a propaganda tool to create the illusion the Deplorable’s are not a vast plurality that outnumbers the army of useful idiots you pose as a majority ruling mob.
          And besides, these assholes, they are extremely arrogant, they believe they are the divine rulers of the western hemisphere, after all its been their sandbox for better than a century when they finally got ahold of the gold backed specie called the dollar in 1913, and created the Fed and IRS to get control on wealth creation in order to start the skim operation called 3% inflation every year as a healthy thing for our economy.
          Thats a long time holding raw naked power, never mind the wealth of a nation. Riches beyond imagination and history.
          But I digress.
          So what Im thinking is going on is this is a time thing. It takes time, this tyranny was not created in a day and neither is going to be redressed by lawful peaceful means in short order. It is a plan, and you stick to it no matter how you are made to look to brainwash people into turning against you. Like chuckleheads we see commenting on threads that Trump is this kind of loser or that kind of useless politician. He is neither, most importantly he is not a politician nor a part of the political elite. Which leaves him open to being called commander of chaos etc, of course to the power elite he is chaos, on crank to them, fucking up their perfect world of organized crime government.

          Trump is by no means the single big cheese either. There is in no way he is President without a group of patriotic people who approached him and have remained behind the scenes. Because if Trump was a singular power, he would have been made totally ineffective long ago.
          It is also why he is cool as a cucumber, never worried, laughs at and ridicules his and our enemies, because he has his ducks in that row and understands he gets the last laugh. He also is in the drivers seat. Because he is an adept at redirecting proper blame directly onto those responsible, he has delegitimized them, and thus he can hand out all the rope they will take to hang themselves, even patiently wait while they further do stupid clown shit, because in the end they are Kaput.
          There is another vital element here. It is extremely important we have his back as regular dirt people. This confers on Mr. Trump a legitimacy they can not assail, because or consent or withdrawal of our consent is the most powerful weapon ever devised. It needn’t be anything more than a determined plurality. For our Consent is The Only legitimate political power which exists. All else is usurpation.

          But most of us are not too aware of this power, because we are honest law abiding people who only whish to be left alone to have a nice quiet life with enough to provide for our loved ones and a bit of luxury for our hard work thru life. And to leave at least as good as we found what we have when we go.
          Its is that basic I believe in general terms.

          So in regards those thousands of secret sealed indictments, they are Damicles Sword, the clowns know they are there, and at least one of them once offered the hangman’s noose for high crimes and treason, or stool pigeon, when one tells where the skeleton’s are kept, a cascade stampede of Patrick Henry”s Rats out of saving thier own hides try to cut deals and the whole deep state is finished. They loose all appearence of legitimacy, everything revealed betrays them for the crooks and greedy psycopaths they are. And they are toast.
          But you got to set them up to set themselves up. They will fall into the trap because they cant help themselves and they are their own worst enemies, and, everything is coming home to roost on them. the laws of unintended consequences is inviolate. It can be put off, but it is inevitable it catches up with you what you done.
          Trump and all only have to honestly help that along. And that just takes its course, because the inertia of this swamp takes time to stop after all this time and the monstrous things they have done.


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