A Few of This Weeks Outstanding Pieces

I’d say MAGA and ALT-RIGHT is on fire the last couple weeks. We smell blood in the water. SJW’s and the FAKE NEWS/BULLSHIT media are getting their asses handed to them. Must suck when you no longer have a regime that has your back. The deep state and it’s satellite sycophants aka Congress is caught up in the web of it’s own making of unintended consequences. The law of which is inevitable. This is just the start of the beginning of it’s unravelling. The center can not hold.


From the always on target TAKI’S Magazine, this one is a Bullseye:

God Bless the Right-Wing Social Justice Warriors
by Gavin McInnes



Zman is on fire with this one:

The Political Class Murders Itself



From VoxDay:

Would this really surprise you?
The intel leaker is reported to be Sen. John McCain



Kek is happy. NWNDU is toast. Shia folds, Channel4 trolls him again. Way to go Boys!:

‘He Will Not Divide Us’ Liverpool Stream Taken Down Following 4chan Trollinghttps://heatst.com/culture-wars/trolls-tear-down-he-will-not-divide-us-liverpool-flag-after-just-one-day/



The always insightful Robert Gore wrote an excellent piece on the dirt people and having a useful trade or skill:

The Useful and the Useless



john jay over at Summer Patriot, Winter Soldier, has a touching story of Mechanics First Mate Loyce Deen, about his WWII burial at sea in the Grumman Avenger he was killed in during action in the Pacific theater. (3 parts, this is the 3rd)

more on loyce deen …. a very thorough portrait of a quietly brave young man, and the plane he flew in combat ….



Two from the venerable WRSA (Western Rifle Shooters Association). Linked to the PDF file of the Freedom Watch letter to The Permanent Committee on Intellegence and it’s committee members. This is nitroglycerin level Truth. We been had, unimaginably had, Trump is so right about everything, get ready to deal with your cold anger. I garrantee you will not be the same dirt person when you read it. I’m not, and I thought I had at least an idea of how corrupt Congress is and the scale of illegitimacy that is our government. You don’t know squat, trust me. It’s pitchfork and 13 knot time fellow dirt people.

But Clarence, That Would Mean That Everyone Was In On It…


The cherry on top of this Sundae of illegitimacy is this bit of what looks like the beginning of the rats jumping ship. From no less than the FAKE/BULLSHIT media no less, aka Pizzagate:

The MSM Begins To Cover Organized Pedophilia


1 millisecond detonation-over-the-swamp