DIRT PEOPLE Dirt People Self Determination & Self Reliance BFYTW


I’m a regular dirt person. Trying to figure out this crazy messed up world, a world the elite class has made an absolute unmitigated disaster out of. We had it made in America, totally, there was more riches, prosperity, happiness and just good Ol’ times than could ever be created. We would never run out of the human resources, of industriousness, invention, ingenuity, creativity, and productivity that are the hallmark and acme of Men of The West. But even that splendid remarkable brilliant energy and vivaciousness wasn’t enough. These elites, who are not, they just think they are, killed the Golden Goose for a faustian bargain. They just didn’t kill it, they laid the Goose on the Interstate in high summer, and ran it over with 18 wheelers until it was a red blotch a few thousandths of an in thick.

It’s an ages old story what they are doing to the rest of us. What isn’t an old story is this here great country we have. It is unique for in, the first time in human history, 5000 years plus a number of millenniums more or less, because nobody really knows, people, more dirt people, have lived in Liberty in the 235 plus years of America, than all the people who have lived on Gods green Earth up to the founding of this Republic, including all the time America has existed. Been nothing like it. Because dirt people.

I’m of that noble, humble, dirt people. And I’m pissed off. Let me tell you. This fucking bullshit these fucking elites are pulling is totally unacceptable. That is the crux of it right there. The reasons are manifold. We all got at least an inkling of the shit sandwich being served up by the sonofabitches. And if you got a shred of grit and gumption in you, you understand there is no voting our way out of this. We are gonna have to fight our way out of it. Thats all there is to it. There is no going along to get along, it will all get you if you stand by and give it time. That is how the actors who are running things work. They can’t steal enough, they can’t rule over enough dirt people, they can’t force enough dirt people, with “laws”, regulations, diktat, decrees, and threat of force/use of violence, what have you, to be satisfied.



And here we are at the proverbial fork in the road. Things have gone past the point of gentle peaceful redress, and that is no mistake or coincidence. It is deliberate. The rug of redress has deliberately been pulled out from under us to keep us from employing the avenues of peaceful recourse and legitimate petition against trespasses, and flipped over on its back side, that created what is essentially a big fat nasty Writ of Attainder.

This Writ of Attainder is of such fundamental lawlessness, of such sweeping and all encompassing abridgment of the inalienable primal foundations of freedom of the individual, it has essentially created a lawless system of Administrative tyranny, that provides those of the elite class unlimited jurisdiction and wonton violation of every concept of legitimate governance, that they have granted themselves unrestricted genocide on not just the precepts and catechisms of western civilization, but upon us Men of The West. Yet this Attainder of Writ goes further, it deems us dirt people to suffer this expense and costs whilst suffering this tyranny.

I don’t think so. Not if I have anything to do with it.

Because, Fuck You Thats Why.

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