“To Be Right Means That You Oppose Diversity Equality and Democracy (D.E.a.D.)” & Other Wisdoms of The Honorable Resistance


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    *   Forward: The Human Extinction Movement (T.H.E.M.), aka the hive mind collective of diversity and equality. Diversity is dress rehearsal for class/race war. Equality does not exist. To impose this illusion of total BS you ultimately require … Continue reading

False Flag Op: You Can’t Get Anymore Obvious Than This: Christ Church, White European Man, Guns, Dead Musloids: Next Stop Race/Religious War


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  Seriously. You can’t get any more obvious than that. All the false and fake narratives, the hot button talking points about white fascism and supremacy, racial bigotry, religious persecution, you name it, its in here. Gun rights, self determinism, … Continue reading

What Me?! Sneaky Wabbits: Let’s Change Up The Original Intent of The 2nd Amendment When No One Is Looking: How They Parse Us: Plausible Deniability As Pure Power To Decieve: A Constitutional Convention By Punctuation and You Ain’t Invited


It matters. Really matters. The 2nd Amendment, a crucial, and the most generally agreed upon Amendment and condition of ratification of The USC, by the individual but separate, (critically important), sovereign states, The Peoples, get that, The People, not the governments, … Continue reading