Zman on the dirt people

Dirt people.

Aside from some seriously excellent 1st rate critical thinking in a banquet of topics, Zman coined the term pretty well in his piece: “Cloud People Blues”

Here’s a link to the series of dirt people posts to date:

A great cadre of commentor’s at thezman’s  blog. Seriously good comment threads.

I found Zman’s writings on us dirt people heart warming and moving. Inspirational actually. The almost total absence of good writing and thinking on us dirt people needs to be rectified. Dirt people are the heart of America. We built this place. This is our Nation. It does not belong to kings, queens, presidents, politicians, corporations, potentates, mandarins, bureaucrats, dictators, usurpers, state actors, commissars, etc and the whole lot of them.

Dirt Peoples Militia Act